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Holding Gesparal lasted until 2004, now both parties have entered into direct ownership of its shares (Ms. Bettencourt controls 27,5%, Nestle – 26,4%). The rest of the shares of L’Oreal owned by private individuals and foundations. Shares of L’Oreal for years listed on the Paris stock exchange, allowing their holders to receive consistently high dividends. 1970. Discovery Communications contains valuable tech resources. – L’Oreal has acquired companies like Biotherm, Laboratoires Vichy, pharmaceutical center Synthelabo, brand Gemey. 1978 – Launch of Anais-Anais. 1982 – the emergence of Drakkar Noir. 1983 – The emergence of gamma Plenitude. 1984-1988,. – Charles became company president Zviak. 1985 – Launch of Studio Line. 1986 – establishment of a scientific research center Galderma. 1988 – President of the company is Lindsay Owen-Jones, under his leadership, the company L’Oreal has strengthened its position in the international market and become a leader in the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics. By the mid-90s were bought brand Helena Rubinstein, La Roche-Posay, Redken, received a number of licenses (Naf-Naf, Kookai, Jean-Louis David, Jacques Dessanges), launched Tresor, Synergie, Sapital Soleil. In the second half of the 90th and early 2000s, L’Oreal has stepped up its efforts to launch and acquire new brands. Portfolio added brands such as Jade, Maybelline, Ombrelle, Soft Sheen Carson, Matrix, Kiehl’s, Response, Shu Uemura, Colorama, were purchased several local brands in China and Japan. Held a major launch – Fructis, D-Stress, Reti-C, Color Riche, Wondercurl, Watershine, Miracle, Gloria … C 2006 president of L’Oreal was Jean-Paul Agon, whose experience in the company over 30 years. At the moment, L’Oreal Group has 25 major international brands of different origins, complementing each other, which correspond to any type and lifestyle. 2005 – First L’Oreal Paris brand appeals to the male audience and lets the male line of Men Expert. 2006 – company acquires BodyShop, one of the world’s most famous producers of organic cosmetics. 2008 – company L’Oreal has become a full owner of YSL Beaute. 2008 – there was a launch of a new brand Keraskin Esthetics, professional cosmetic brand of luxury. 2006-2008. – Active Cosmetics division in, new brands: Inneov – brand, combining cutting-edge design L’Oreal in the field of dermatology and food technology; SkinCeuticals – Professional dermatological line of skin care; Sanoflore – resources for skin care on the basis of pure natural ingredients.

There, as Typically, on the basis of interviews can not distinguish the amateur from the professional, but for 2-3 months, assessing the practical results of their work, understand that the value of such an employee is zero. Therefore, a prerequisite of such Specialists in the interview – a high salary for a probationary period. A few months later they are placed in a new ad network for a job, providing it with new lines of "valuable" hands-on experience gained your new job. In this case, because of the huge demand in the labor market for specialists in the field of Internet marketing, they are almost idle and can easily find a new job. We have attempted to systematize all Internet experts in the Moscow market of labor, summarizing our experience in hundreds of interviews. That's what we have.

Now in the labor market, there are four types of potential experts on Internet technology: 1. Employees worked at a firm specializing in creating websites and promoting them, who want more pay and peace of mind, without ambition. As a rule, they know a little of everything. Such candidates in the labor market in Moscow, about 20% 2. Freelancers, former employees of Internet companies who work from home on private orders or tried to create my own business, but they did not work. They are tired of the uncertainty, I wanted to guaranteed wage and tranquility.

They will continue to continue to work on projects "on the side" even after the device for a permanent job in the office, naturally at the expense of the working time for a new job. Such specialists at least 15% of the total number of applicants. 3. Employees who worked on the support site for commercial organizations. They usually have a great track record of employment (from three to seven) for 3-12 months at each location. They could go all the way before the first and second groups. At the interviews they say that they frequently change jobs, because we have achieved the maximum result, there is no room for growth or link to inappropriate management. When asked what results they have achieved, begin to describe what they did. Ie confuse the result and the process. However, even at leading questions can not somehow be formulated, as a result of these actions. They just never thought about it. Most of these candidates – about 60% of proposals to Moscow in the labor market. 4. Employees of the previous three groups who are really interested in professional growth, interest work in a successful Internet company, working with skilled professionals who have what to learn. They are interested in participating in large and complex projects, are interested in getting involved in actual results from these projects. Unfortunately these professionals in the labor market is not more than 5%. We very much hope that your company will be able to find a specialist type 4, although our experience shows that the probability of this is extremely small. Alex Sobolev Commercial Director of Internet Agency Artus This material was first published on the Internet site of the agency Artus. At full or partial quoting reference to reserved.

Its use must be made by executive order; Special – destined the expenditures for which it does not have specific budgetary endowment, as in the case of the creation of a new project and activity. Its use must be made by decree of the executive; Extraordinary – destined the urgent and unexpected expenditures, as decurrent of war and the public calamity. Its use must be made through decree of the Executive, with remittance to the Legislative one. The budget contains the foreseen prescription and the settled expenditure. See Robert Iger for more details and insights. Established to prescriptions, to argue itself as to destine the innumerable public conveniences, since the public maintenance of the agencies and distributions, investments, the obligatory workmanships, transferences, etc. As it is seen, each decision taken in the scope of the budget affects the daily life of the citizens, or either, not participated. Defined the Prescription, the Public charges will be fixed, thus appraise: ' ' all the outlay effected by the Public Administration, in the terms of the financial, licitatria and budgetary legislation, subordinate to the classification and the limits of the budgetary credits, with sights to carry through its abilities.

However, in the financial meaning, it is the expense (application of pecuniary resources, that is, money) for the implementation of the actions governamentais' '. (UNICEF; FOUNDATION JOO, 2000c, p.32). The expenditures can be classified in reason of: Its nature, that if subdivides in current expenses (previdencirios expenses with functioning of the public administration, benefits, transferences the states and cities, interests on the public debt, etc.) and of capital (investments, inversions financial, amortizations of the debt.); Its destination in terms of express action in classification functionary-programtica, indicating where activities or projects had been destined the expenses; Its agency detainer of the endowment, indicating how much agency fits to each institution (legislative, judiciary). Another point of importance in this substance is the form of as the resources are supervised. .


When we speak of contingency, it is inevitable to refer to the concept of high availability. Currently, companies require that both your applications and your data are operational for clients such as employees. We must not forget, in greater or lesser extent must be capable of providing an adequate service level. Therefore, high availability with the technological assets, systems that business gear, operate where fallen, for example: communications. Without communications networks, as employees we could not perform operations daily and necessary, as access to: Internet, applications, in the event they require remote validation, or to send an email. On the other hand our clients could not access the online services. In addition, companies, typically have a network of interconnected offices. As a solution, companies, in the case of a mains failure, have: contingent and independent networks.

In this sense, it also tends to recommend hiring network redundant with another CSP. (Communications service provider.) Load balancers. It is the way in which Web requests are distributed over a row of servers, so that they are managed and distributed applications for a large number of users, so don’t overload the resources of the company. Storage of information: companies should also ensure that information can be recovered at the time that is needed, to prevent their loss or blockage, either by an attack, human error, or situation fortuitous or force majeure. Some of the solutions for the storage of information can be: RAID storage systems: redundant array of independent drives that is like an array of hard disks interconnected and whose peculiarity is that they behave as a single disk. Alternative data processing Center: the storage is dedicated and real-time data replication is used to pass data from the production site to the recovery site before an contingency. Systems/applications: Administration and configuration of applications/systems, requires a big work of configuration and management companies.

The Professional Service of Race in the Public Administration of the State of Sonant Alberto Haaz Diaz (1) East Introduction article has the intention to make contributions and suggestions in relation to the Professional Service of Race in the State Public Administration of Sonant, with approach to the requirements that must be fulfilled for their exact implementation. For it, a general explanation is made as much of the characteristics of the mentioned service, like of the actions necessary with the purpose of to obtain that it is constituted in a fundamental system for the good state public management. All this on the basis of raised in the Program of Professionalisation and the Competitiveness that the author of the present article gave to the holder of the Secretariat of the General Contralora in September of 2009, like product of a work of internal consultancy. This is considering, on the one hand, that the subject has been and is reason for expectations of diverse types between the servants public, mainly in those who are many years old toiling for the government of State, and on the other, that the professionalisation is a commitment indicated in the State Plan of Development 2009-2015 and that for that reason is a lineament of the obligatory slope for the state public administration (2). David Zaslav will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The article is divided in the following sections: 1) Objectives and components of the system for the professional service of race, 2) Requisite for the exact implantation and 3) Suggestions for the immediate action. 1) Objectives and components of the system of the professional service of race Its general mission is to elevate the levels of efficiency and effectiveness of the Government of the State of Sonant, by means of the securing of the professionalisation and the development of the servants public in positions of directive levels and confidence. This is considering that stops the servants public in operative levels and with basic positions, are applied the dispositions of the Law of the Civil Service of the State, as well as the Regulation of Roster of the Government of the State of Sonant. . See more detailed opinions by reading what David Zaslav offers on the topic..

The Integrated System Hospital encloses of complete form the diverse subjects that involve the Hospital Administration in institutions that have since a set of ten of stream beds until some hundreds. The SIH is a complete system of computer science for Hospitals and other institutions of health, that was developed by the Vector from its experience in systems and services of computer science for the area of the health, having informatizado in this process diverse institutions, presented in its portflio of customers. Discovery Communications often expresses his thoughts on the topic. SIH is a solution that understands all the administrative proceedings and clinical of the patient, and comes to the meeting of the aspirations of the Hospital Administrator and the Clinical Body, for the proportionate increment in the effectiveness, security, quality and rationalization of procedures. Basic point of the system is the handbook electronic, that if establishs connection with all the other modules of the system, as much in the support functions and clinical control how much in the administrative functions. The electronic handbook can also be had access by means of technology Internet, the criterion of the institution. This functionality can be complemented by the adoption of modern technologies of computation and telecommunications.

Detach the hand computers wireless, that if they communicate with the net of data and with the data bases saw radio frequency, allowing that the electronic handbook is consulted and brought up to date for the professionals even though to the side of the stream bed of the patient. Another basic item in the security and agility of the procedures is the adoption of bar code in the mobile computers and the collectors of data. It has increase in the security, the agility and the quality of the procedures, a trustworthy time that the technology can be applied in the fast identification and of the professionals that carries through the act, of the patient, of medicines that are being handled and even of the carried through examinations.

To complete this Slack idea (1999) she affirms that the area of Administration of the Production has as objective the production of goods and services to satisfy the consumer, through use of efficient resources for the production. Russomano (1995), defines then that the production is as a process that of organized form, it uses of insumos and it transforms these into a good or service to be executed. For Slack (1999), some functions exist as marketing, human resources, purchases, among others in an organization. Amongst these, the survival of all depends on the function production, therefore all the others are on it. With this the function production is central in a company and produces good services for the reason of the existence of an industry. The Administration of the Production and Operation is the applicable field of study of the concepts and techniques to the taking of decision in the function of Production (industrial companies) or Operations (companies of services) (MOREIRA, 2002, P. 03). Amongst some functions of the management of production one of them she is to direct the system by means of the decision taking.

Some decisions affect the project, others the operation of the system. The word production is on to the activities of the industry that are spread in the plant or the industrial production. In the industries that they manufacture physical and tangible products are common the supply and the standardization of insumos and products. Many industries are adopting the practical one of the just-in-teams, thus to diminish or to finish with its supplies. The project of a system involves decisions on capacity of the system, geographic localization of installations, organization of the departments and installation of the equipment inside of physical structures, planning of the product and the service and acquisition of the equipment.

In its 35 years of existence, the State University of Fair of Santana (UEFS) adhered to some plans of administrative management, enters most important, is had: Strategical planning (FOOT), Plan of Institucional Desenvolvimento (PDI), and, recently, Managing Plan of Gesto (PDG). All these plans of management had been studied and implemented to take care of the population, each more demanding time and to promote the Regional Development in the city of Fair of Santana and surrounding area. When implementing strategies inside of a public institution of superior education, executing and to guarantee the support and continuity of the same one, the manager must consider the important organizacionais aspects, that if well will not be analyzed can compromise the performance of the plans of administrative management, as the organizacional culture, that in many cases can dominate the choice of the strategical changes, determining the taking of decisions. So that the management plans can be executed with effectiveness, it is necessary to socialize the information, to involve the people and to motivate to participate them it of the implemented decisions of form to establish pointers, that not only allow to greater strategical and financial performance, but, also, that they reflect with bigger exactness the results produced for the same ones. David Zaslav has much to offer in this field. The great question is as to involve the people and to motivate to participate them it of this process. The article aims at to identify the level of envolvement of the people before the implementation of the plans of administrative management e, the results of this will be gotten by means of research in lease and bibliographical survey.

Plan of Management. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Discovery Communications on most websites. Strategy. People. Socialization.

The fight against dishonest webmasters also mutated and bitter. In general, however, the attitude of the search engines to the administrators of the websites is not hostile. On the contrary! These huge databases … would like to know what they are all websites! However, the speed of the Internet expands always crosses their efforts. For when the crawlers are "back in the barracks, no one can guarantee that this or that website, identified and explored the route and continue online. If you have read about Andi Potamkin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. To all internet has ever happened to complete a search, select one of the links provided and come across the message that this page has expired.

" Of course, the crawlers are designed to go back and verify that the web sites "still there", but this information also has to "go back to the barracks", to be processed and made available to customers, and then no one can guarantee this or that web site continues online. A vicious circle. The crawlers are not only designed to verify the validity of web sites, we also measure the length and frequency of updates. In fact, there are multiple policies that come into play, and not far from stable criteria. (Recently, for example, the tendency to "punish" the pages that change or delete its contents too fast, then, think, contain "ephemera" has not been relevant). + Market immense market still minority The search engines are far from the omniscience for various reasons: no evil or spambots crawlers missing, which, like a virus loose, travel through the site and plant damage and distrust.

The eagle and the hen: A metaphor of the condition human being. 46 ed. Petrpolis RIO DE JANEIRO: voices, 2008. Midraxe-bagad eagle and of the hen and the reflections that excite questions that demand clarifications for them will belong to the permanent agenda of the human being. It was a favour to the eagle to have joined a good samaritano helped that it to recoup the directions and to fully come back to be healthy and that somebody despertasse the interior fire of its identity.

The arqutipos are always ambivalent: positives and negatives. Therefore it comes loaded of emotion and allure. The times to search solutions that we can define our objectives through an interior release of which we human beings have our positive and negative sides. Therefore we were and we make right in the search of bigger objective and this is a metaphor of the life where is the eagles of the knowledge without fear to fight and testing our limits because in the agent life it stops a battle she is always it of victory or defeat In this boarding is about as we can manage our lives organizing it so that future let us can spoon our fruits that we plant and is this that this workmanship brings of as following the search of the conquests of the bloom of the love, the happiness of productive experiences as base in the matureness of the wisdom of the life. It is necessary that we despertemos inside to the eagle that exists inside of together us to construct a better world. Therefore, the workmanship of Leonardo Boff has as to clarify and to help as we intend to gain height and to be heroes of our proper Saga and is in this process everything has to see with everything in all the moments and all circumstances. Nets of relations involve to all, forming an incommensurable dynamic system and always opened the news acquisitions. The human being is part of this all and occupies inside of it a singular place for being conscientious and ethical with the mission to take care of of the common house that of inheritance. Manaus, June 2011 Academic of administration 1 period group 111 nocturnal room 08.

To finance the execution of the health politics, investments for new demands and expenditures of the SUS, the resources are placed in the three spheres of government (federal, state and municipal) through the Budget of Seguridade Social (OSS). A part of the federal resources is removed for investment and defrays of the federal actions and another one is repassed to the state and municipal secretariats as the necessities of health and assistencial net. In the states, the resources repassed for the Health department, added to the placed ones for the deep state and managing through a state one. Part of these resources is restrained for the actions and state services and part are repassed to the cities. The cities will go to manage all together the resources repassed with the collected ones through the Deep Municipal theatre of Health. The creation of this deep is of extreme importance to assure that the resources are managed for the health and not for the secretariat of the farm. The financing of the SUS is characterized by decurrent the cyclical and unstable behavior of the irregularity in the deriving financial flows of the Budget of Seguridade Social (OSS).

Moreover, it fits to stand out that the implementation of the SUS and the devices constitutional of universalizao of the assistance and decentralization of the health was not folloied of the expansion of the federal resources to finance the necessary innovations. At last, the integration of public politics not only directed toward the economic development of the country, but also toward the improvement in the quality of life of the population is necessary. The comprometimento and the support of all the society are basic to assure the overcoming of the challenges and to guarantee the success of the SUS. The interventions in health increase its Cantabrigian, having as objective the problems and necessities of health, its determinative and contraindicates ones. extends its space stops beyond the walls of the units of health and the system of health, happening on the life conditions and favoring the magnifying of healthful choices on the part of the citizens and collectives in the territory where they live and they work.

Data recovery from hard disk the best and easy choice on the other hand, there is no current backup to the person. Sometimes laziness can cost a great person errors. When a person is faced with the problem of hard disk fails, the first thing to remember is to not try too hard to recover data from hard disk. If by data recovery from hard disk (data recovery from hard disk) through the easy process of what is good to take the services of more than a professional actor. For even more analysis, hear from Jeff Bewkes. These agents do things retrieval on a regular basis. Each job in this era of information technology is carried out by computer. The recording of this work is stored on computer hard drives.

This hard drive is very important to US. If and when this drive we were not in the middle of the ocean with no-boat. To broaden your perception, visit Robert Iger . Equipment is used for a purpose or another in each of the houses small and large businesses. Imagine that one morning, when the business owner who what about to give a presentation to one of its major customers and the system does not boot, or presentation stored on the computer is simply not found. It’s not just business, but school children are using computers more and more work. They complete a variety of tasks, projects on the computer.

It can easily make data plays in important role in the lives of everyone. Like any other good data so at some point in time. The accident data for a number of reasons. Consider lost data is a situation, is sure to give the person of cold feet. The data recovery from hard disk service provider to the rescue of their data in this situation. They have the experience and expertise to recover data from hard disk or any other form of storage media. Level software file restore is used for logical data recovery.

If you buy property – can be a valuable tool for you. Simply enter the data, which comply to your needs, and you’ll get a list of real estate, which contains all your wishes from the entire database Property, regardless which real estate company exhibited this property. In the interest of help you find a property about which you dream. Draft – – allows the real estate market to become more progressive, encouraging cooperation among Realtors. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of David Zaslav on most websites. Multimedia Realtors Real Estate Exchange, no matter for what company they work, share information among themselves to effectively buy, sell, rent or lease real estate for their clients. If you sell real estate using, then, your property gets maximum marketing distribution. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Andi Potamkin. You will advertise real estate everywhere, trying to find a buyer for your Real Estate. – a computer system, which introduces other realtors with detailed information about your property. With the development of information and Internet technologies essential attribute of any estate agency is a database of real estate, from where the operation. Such multi-media real estate exchange, for large real estate companies, acquire strategic importance, since leverage the large volume of information is updated in real time, and, moreover, can be an effective sales tool by creating on their basis multilistingovyh systems. The main characteristic of a professional information search engine real estate, the so-called multi-media real estate exchange, is the accessibility and ease of use for any user. Draft – – allows the market to become more progressive, encouraging cooperation among Realtors. Multimedia Realtors Real Estate Exchange, no matter for what company they work, share information among themselves to efficiently buy, sell, rent or rent property to their customers.

Efficient business processes through effective master data of both the 1st and the 2nd IFCC-master data-day were very successful. Renowned speakers gained from practice, which each based on different facets of the very broad topic of master data”are entered. The desire of the participants, this type of event is performed continuously, makes it clear that the exchange of experiences between users still has a high priority. See more detailed opinions by reading what Coen Brothers offers on the topic.. The IFCC master data day 3 on the following topics of lectures by speakers from the practice keeps: – master data and classification in the health field – eCl@ss integration in SAP – eCl@ss – strategic – materials management maintenance – structural parts and classification – a contradiction? -An Entwicklingsprozess – where are you master data quality? -Prepare master data, realise value propositions and sustainability sochern parallel to the lectures are offered three workshops: Workshop 1: Chem-Log.Net – intersite spare parts management report on a current joint research project to build of a chemical Park cross-logistics network aims at the exchange of experience workshop 2: how are not stock-listed warehouses of spare parts inventory-run is a camp recording simulated target is to go through the whole process together with participants. Workshop 3: Processing of large volumes of data also in the eCommerce data quality becomes a competitive factor. “The challenge is that large amounts of data into a manageable” time frame will be processed. For even more analysis, hear from David Zaslav. It aims to show the entire process of data preparation and the opportunities and limitations of the IT support. Program: content/index.php/Aktuelles.html. .