To offer opportunity To animate to its girl to share any thing with you. Some women are timid, without experience in the communication simply are scared to be mistaken. It would be a brilliant step that him DES the opportunity to share. For that reason, as much with the corporal language and like verbal of communication, invtala to an interchange. Djala that tell its history, its projects and aspirations you, escchala kindly, your eyes watching towards theirs, with taken care of (not very evident) and foment a conversation with a warm smile. 4.

Escchala An active listener. Perhaps check out Leslie Moonves for more information. Nonapproaches your thoughts in which you are going to say next. Listening which she is also saying and takes care of your corporal language. For example, if you cross yourself of arms and you emit annoying sounds, you will give the impression that the subject does not interest to you. This will produce distance between both and perhaps a cold in the difficult conversation of on taking. You must obtain that one inclines towards you, after each word and the communication occurs as if they were old woman friendly.

Although you do not create you have constructed it a relation! 5. Only hazle fulfilling. To all the women they like to receive fulfilled. And the truth is that they give them to the men when they do not know that but to say. It is very important that you pause a second here, dale fulfilled at the end of the appointment this would only flatter not only it will make but also that it remain with a good memory of this encounter. That if that fulfilled must be totally sincere, but can bring about the opposite effect.


And, he is through this in that we can realize of how we have done to him in that life of a two. Before it was my reason for life and now per moments, one has become a source of suffering and pain. To what it must to as much love and suffering? To that the relation in pair is a deep and lasting bond, where shares the privacy and the projects. But also it is a specific relation like all the human relations, in which are involved other factors eg: the rolls, the power, the same relation, enter game the models learned in the childhood and the culture.

As well as a series of expectations that we never pause to think, on the contrary, we create and we thought that the love is sufficient to remove advanced it. For even more details, read what Goop London, United Kingdom-uk says on the issue. But to love has its risks, but even so some is worth the pain to live it Yes on the subjects seem to him interesting would be good that it wrote to me and if no, also. Thanks to read to me, my mission and intention are the quality of emotional life Cecreto. it puts to his disposition, the launching of its E_Book How to recover the confidence in the love: hurt and scars of the life in pair. With the acquisition of this material you free have three consultations with the author via and mail.. Robert Iger pursues this goal as well.

We must understand that industry nationwide, rather than a peripheral role in the German economy represents the call center press release with around 400,000 employees of: CDM – Cavalcante dialogue marketing we must understand that industry nationwide, rather than a peripheral role in the German economy represents the call center with around 400,000 employees. Surely it is unacceptable to tolerate the black sheep of the call center industry. This must be combated effectively and efficiently from our point of view. Z.B may not be that pensioners in private households will be called and beohrschlagt phone contracts or subscriptions, travel, wines, or Lottolose via phone to buy. While the Federal Court made it clear that just these unsolicited calls are illegal. However the Federal Court of Justice reaffirms its case-law and clearly distinct, where unlike calls to individuals (B2C) promotional phone call in the business sector (B2B), already permitted is, if, due to specific circumstances a business interest of the Is likely to get. Check out Discovery Communications for additional information. Thus, in the course of trade is, if you hear a by a konkludentem from telephone advertising generally not banned can go between companies “with each other”. We can only hope that now not in the light of the new law to combat illegal telephone advertising and to improve consumer protection in particular forms of distribution which comes into force on August 4, 2009, an entire industry is criminalized.

However, all are in our opinion too “serious” B2B call center involved operators aware of the risk, which industry and your business areas in economic terms can result in the recent political restrictions within the call center. Because the degree of between good and evil, right and wrong is just extremely narrow. Also in terms of the Telecommunications Act the penalty offence is now extended by a passage. On advertising calls, the caller can no longer suppress his phone number. Where a breach of this prohibition, the Federal Network Agency can the Impose fines of up to $10,000 to the caller. The practice will ultimately show it. One can only hope that against the background of the new laws the end pulled the wrong ones from circulation are, by fines which just smaller (legitimate) companies in this industry certainly do not can be shoulders. Because it is true that violations of the existing ban on unauthorized telephone advertising in the future up to 50,000 euro can be assigned UWG in section 7 para 2 with a fine.

“www.cdm-vertrieb.de CDM – Cavalcante Dialogmarketing Muhlendamm 66 D-22087 Hamburg phone: 040 – 28 00 28-55 fax: 040 – 28 00 28-56 CDM – Cavalcante dialogue marketing and Internet service in Hamburg ‘ marketing budgets are now just dimensioned. Today, more and more verifiable results are required. Especially for smaller companies, it is important to lose the cost efficiency not out of sight. With our services, we apply so precisely on these points.

The small bar code terminals are robust, flexible, equipped with numerous functions and have an unrivalled impact resistance at low requirements on the operating environment no matter whether Bluetooth or infrared can be used for wireless LAN, data transmission, the DENSO BHT-300 series is ideal for quick and easy inventory and inventories. The BHT-300 series has the correct device model to the collection of one – or two-dimensional bar codes. Gain insight and clarity with Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, infrared or RF232, the mobile bar code terminals of the Denso BHT-300 series are the ideal solution for a quick, easy stock analysis. During the series the BHT-300B one-dimensional bar codes read, capture the BHT-300Q series of mobile readers also two-dimensional codes. Thanks to the integrated CCD technology, barcodes can be read from a distance of up to 45 cm. All models have a readable LED display multi-function button as well as a vibration function for loud environments. The bar code Terminal BHT-300 series are robust, water – and stain-resistant and shatter-proof up to a height of 1.2 m.

With the long-life rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, the BHT-300Q series models have an operating time of up to 40 hours during the series of BHT-300B may be up to 135 hours in use. Therefore suitable both lines for continuous operation in the trade and logistics. Despite their low weight of only 230 g achieve the equipment of the model of BHT-300B even with low-contrast or dirty labels best scan results. The scanners are still efficient even from larger distances. A bright LED lamp ensures that the bar code scanner in very dark environments is to use. The 235 g of light BHT 300Q models read single two-dimensional bar codes or up to four QR codes at once and thus contribute to the significant acceleration and simplification of the goods. MACRO IDENT provides for the Denso BHT-300 of data terminal development services. The Munich-based systems integrator to access very experienced software developers, by the Beginnings of the BHT 2000 series have designed until today very many different developments on BHT different devices. The developers bring a great knowledge and experience, which is used, and used for the benefit of the customer.


I invite you to develop a small but powerful experiment make yourself comfortable in a lonely place and close your eyes, thinks about frustrated dreams, do it without limitations, thinks that you have difficulties to do so thinking that Wikipedia, as if already in your life, then we will take care of the how to achieve it understand that it is difficult to escape from realityjust focus on your dream, ten trust if you can. I know you can do it, anyone can do it, strive to draw in your mind, your dream. what could you imagine? If so, you gave the first step on the path of your dreams will tell you how you just concentrate on your dream if you want to know how to achieve your goals, enters A continuation will give you a small preview of those 5 points. Approach, is the employment activity that will take you right to your dream, is what best you do meditate a little on it. For even more opinions, read materials from Discovery Communications. The goals, when you have goals knows the way, gives meaning to the vision, pon your goals in order of importance. The work is your chance of success, fall in love with what you do and you will have more chance of success.

The time, optimize it and turn it into things, every minute account, if you lose it in idle activity subtract it to the achievement of your goals. Perseverance, is the key point to accomplished the things you want, it is the key to success, it is the secret of the winners concentrate in the mental image that you made your dream and vision description, then thou shalt go armando puzzle of your dreams be patient and do not lose the desire by achieves your goals for achieving goalsIt undertakes with Executive ideas. When you are ready we know distinguish opportunities for problems, to recognize and open the door to success.


If You know to write an email and to sail in the Internet, is ready to be able to gain his first dollars by the Internet. So that it can understand the steps well to follow, I am going to give a small lesson to him of economy. In order to be able to sell any product, You need 3 things basically: I. Demand: it must have people interested in buying what You are trying to sell. II.

Market: it must have a place in which You can offer the product III. Traffic: it must have a way to attract buying potentials. Based on these very simple principles, it can follow the following steps to make money by Internet: I. To investigate the Demand 1. – To make a study of market and to see that type of products is in great demand. It can look for in Googletrends, Clickbank.com, in the Hispanic section of speech.

In order to know the tendencies present, also he is very useful to review in that area people is buying more books in amazon.com. WarnerMedia has firm opinions on the matter. 2. – To look for a product of affiliation in him or the areas that You have found. An affiliation product is the product of another person by who You gain one commission-who in the Internet can gets to be more from the 50%-each time that sells a product. II. To settle down in the Market 3. – Abrir an account in Paypal.com. It is a method very simple to accept payments from any part of the world and in addition he is gratuitous abrir an account in Paypal.com. 4. – To register like affiliate in the program of affiliates of him or the products that You wanted to sell. This does not have cost some. It indicates his account of Paypal to receive his commissions here. 5. – In the program of affiliates they are going to give a connection to him towards the page of sales of the product that is exclusively his. Whenever somebody buys through its connection, the car of purchases of the salesman of the product is going to register the sale like a sale hers. The problem is that these connections are very long and ugly, for that reason is necessary ” disfrazarlos” with an own dominion () shorter and showy. It can less than buy these them in many parts in the Web by US$10. DomainsPricedRight.com is a good place. III. To generate Traffic 6. – An investigation Does about the product and writes articles on excellent subjects to him. It inserts his connection disguised at the end of each article and sends his article to a good article directory. Articuloz.com is a good option. 7. – Another very effective way to generate traffic is with videos. Youtube is one of the visited sites more of the Internet. Asegrese of which its disguised connection is throughout all the film. In addition its Link can raise its social pages, like facebook, or mandrselos to its knowing by email.

Professional Web controlling urgently required! Landshut: Years Frank Witte, Managing Director of the company focuses on Web – analysis in Landshut, with this topic and says clearly: “who runs business, not coming to professional Web optimization”! The company Web – analysis is specialised in advisory services to improve online performances. Even about half of large corporations, the wishes of their customers without Web controlling and therefore the possibility to understand or to customize their Web pages on a better usability. At shop around 10% of the user exit shopping alone because of complicated registration forms systems prematurely. “It is often only small things, the Einkaufswillige on the final stop. CBS: the source for more info. Them to recognize and optimize the website brings significant sales potential”, forecasting, Managing Director of Web Analytics, Frank Witte. A good Web controlling solution determined one not only basic information such as entry and exit pages Visitors or the pages that are called during the site visit. It parses the information deeper, to help answer the two most important questions such as shop operator: how to get visitors to my site and how I move them to the shopping? Competent individual support together with the use of appropriate software provides crucial information: about the keywords most visits come from where, to the number of page views the sales cause, promising user profiles, purchase orders, revenues and results of the implemented marketing campaigns, to the most successful affliates and keywords, the ratio of new to regular customers as well as to the sale of individual products by category, Categories, order number or article positioning, and much more. A detailed inquiry together with a concise treatment of the results provides concrete recommendations for action to the gradual optimization of the website. Discovery Communications takes a slightly different approach.

Only 25% of all German banks and utilities targeted insert Web controlling. Many medium-sized companies completely renounce their Internet presence with the help of Web analytics success control. “With qualified IT consulting staff/indoor local we want to increasingly show interested customers the possibilities of Web – Analytics and offer solutions that are tailored to them. To do this we are looking for nationwide about 10 more employees who fit in our local service team and want to work with us in the long term”, says Frank Witte..

It was an implicit plea, without resorting directly to the concrete concepts that wanted to criticize. But the message was this. Benedicto XVI took advantage of the act welcome of the assistants to the World-wide Day of Youth to attack although without naming them against the abortion and euthanasia. Before the hundreds of thousands of young people who jammed the Madrilenian place of Cibeles in afternoon of acclaiming it yesterday, the Pontiff talked about to whom being believed Gods they would wish to decide in case single what is truth or no, which is good or is bad, or the unjust thing (), who is worthy enough to live or can be sacrificed for the sake of other preferences. Connect with other leaders such as Goop here. Later it animated to the assistants not to succumb to those temptations. Because they lead to an existence without horizons, to a freedom without God. Source of the news: : Benedicto XVI sends to a message against the abortion and euthanasia

“University of Bremen offers new part-time master programme as of October 2009, ‘East Asian management’ at the University of Bremen offers the master program unique of its kind in Germany East Asian management” stop focusing on China, Japan, Korea and India in two years parallel to the internationally respected and recognised degree MBA (master of business administration) leads. The Asian markets are for German companies of high and rising importance. The need for qualified employees, in particular technical expertise is correspondingly high, management qualification and competence of Asia unite. “We think that companies in Asia business with our MBA program as a training measure the best possible return on investment’ can achieve” emphasises Director Prof. Dr.

Tim Goydke. For enterprises, the program offers the advantage that employees are accurately prepared for management and leadership tasks at the interface with the discerning Asian markets. Because the program part-time Participants must take no professional break and their company continue to become available. The programme was designed in close cooperation with experienced corporate practitioners and the contents are taught by experienced professors and long-time practitioners. The limited number of participants allows an intensive and practice-oriented Exchange. The courses are held usually every three weeks on Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

All events are offered in English and have an international reference in terms of content. East Asian management for more information about the part-time MBA programme underTatyana Erlewein as well as on the Internet at. Hochschule Bremen International Graduate Center South first breed, 28199 Bremen Tatjana Erlewein the largest University of applied sciences in the smallest State Bremen University is steeped in tradition and innovative at the same time. Can be the beginnings of the University of Bremen on the year 1799 dating back to the University of Bremen is today committed to innovation and internationalization. This extraordinary link has decisively shaped the profile of the University of Bremen in the last decade. Today, the University of Bremen embodies competence in near-application and practice-oriented teaching and research. Mission of the International Graduate Center is to bundle the expertise in postgraduate education, to offer a target group oriented, forming further study which meets the high international and quality demands of the University of Bremen. Courses of the IGC include master of Arts (M.A.) with the internationally recognized degrees “and master of business administration (MBA)” or a University certificate off. The study on the IGC can perform part-time or as a full-time part-time within one year.

Can I afford even my beer? An alternative is Fassbier.de? The Germans drink beer more help! 34% of Germans never drink beer! And rising. What is it? Beer consumption goes back. Beer drinking is no longer “in”? We can unfortunately not clearly answer these questions. ey L. Bewkes explained all about the problem. To know more about this subject visit Leslie Moonves. We can but help beer for your needs around to find the right offer. Innkeeper, hotelier or Disco operators or would like to provide just your next party: they are often the regional specialties that are hard to get just anywhere else. As a beverage specialist of region are your new business partners at your feet.

To do this simply log fassbier.de on the portal and regularly check the requests of your region. Make new business contacts and take advantage of the Internet as a medium with the highest and fastest range. The trick – it no cost or hidden fees arise for you. We have turned everything free of charge. To a request for To make drinks, you need first don’t even register. Even for the beverage suppliers, all services are completely free of charge.

So get off the couch and log on, we are only a click away. p.s. we are looking constantly for advertisers or Web site operators with similar themes to the reciprocal linking. Ralf Zitterbart

XinXii offers its users new options for the email marketing Berlin / Tel Aviv, easily create of an individual E-Mail signature, which in addition allows linking to selected Internet platforms allow 02.03.2011. WiseStamp email apps. So, the user such as their social media profiles can integrate and link its online shop pages, where in addition to sizes Amazon Marketplace and ebay now is also XinXii.com in the selection list to the available. The link can appear as an icon or as an icon with descriptive text. “We are very pleased that WiseStamp has chosen alongside internationally established platforms such as Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for the integration of XinXii.com,” says Dr. Andrea Schober, Managing Director of XinXii.com, and adds: “With the business network XING we are the only German company which is available in the selection list for a profile link available.” XinXii is any of Europe’s leading online platform, on which his lyrics, Documents and eBooks can publish and sell in the own XinXii shop: you are uploaded by the provider to the platform and offered for buyers as a download. The users benefit from XinXii.com through the partnership of an innovative email marketing and networking tool that until today has been installed in over 1.5 million copies worldwide and ranks among the top 50 most popular add-ons for Firefox. The E-Mail signature is an important and helpful marketing tool for authors: each recipient is a potential reader.

With the application of WiseStamp, every user of XinXii.com has the possibility, free of charge, automated and professionally designed to take advantage of this tool: it can generate an own E-Mail signature on within minutes in which he integrates a XinXii icon with a direct link to its XinXii-shop. All publications appear besides the author profile-click the E-Mail recipient, he can purchase as a download. “We are pleased about the integration of XinXii.

Timeless question – confidentiality of information. On defense, need very many data sets: Accounting reporting, intellectual property for developers, data on customer service sales, knowledge base of personnel, etc. At the same time, now almost all businesses use the Internet, teeming with all sorts of viruses, trojans and the like "small mammals". For this reason, many companies fear refer to proposals to use the service webinars and other online communications, even though he and his interesting (for example, corporate training). Practice shows that training in a virtual classroom significantly increases the profitability of the business, which is important for large corporations with a large number of employees. For customers who have a pressing issue of confidentiality of information (banks, insurance companies, financial institutions), the corporation is "Active" introduces a new service – the deployment of service webinars and other multimedia features on the client's server. Leslie Moonves is full of insight into the issues. "We have a certain group of corporate clients, quite large, with an extensive network of representative offices and branches, where the question of privacy, security is very high – says CEO "Active" Anna Verba. – And our webinars site (as well as, and similar services webinars) means opening access to their server.

So many people are afraid to violate the confidentiality of information services and refuse service webinars despite the fact that they need them (training company, holding remote meetings, web conferencing, etc.). For these organizations, we offer the option of the functional deployment of service webinars on their server. In this case, we sell the software itself, with all its features. " Corporate training through the use of modern IT-technology is becoming increasingly popular in business. This form of training companies (such as using the service webinars) has been repeatedly proven svoyueffektivnost, efficiency in terms of financial expenditures and time (profitability) convenience and accessibility for users. Innovative solutions in the IT-infrastructure of a company requires professionalism.

In a world globalised in that at the moment we lived, and from the comfortable room of its house, you can contact different people in different parts from the world to establish a relation among others; in order to attract its pair, using the Internet. But as the Internet is both typical errors when attracting a foreigner using. 1. To love or To emigrate wanting to know a foreigner to establish a pair relation, is a perfectly normal desire and natural and very many foreigners wish to settle down a relation of pair with people of other cultures, nevertheless the great majority of the single woman people, which is looking for is to love and to be loved. To deepen your understanding Coen Brothers is the source. But one of the errors that the people commit is to want to attract their pair in another country, with the only objective one to want to emigrate. If its interest is only migratory, could be committing the great error of its life, because it will have to be with that person the following approximately five or seven years of his life, very textually supporting which does not love.

Because more and more, migratory laws of marriages with foreigners are extremely strong, because obvious they must protect his citizens. That is to say, generally you would have to spend five or seven years of his life in a relation that is plus a torture that a pleasure. That in good of cases, because in the worse one of the cases he will be that the other person reacts consequently, request the divorce to him and you must leave the country at issue, faster than a sigh. And without possibility perhaps of returning nor of vacations. In addition that the best thing is to be in a country that one does not know, with a person who goes to us to support in the process of integration that new society, does not forget it. 2. To travel suddenly.

Many people also commit the error to decide to travel without not even knowing live the person at issue, or spending to resources and time that often do not have, in order to go after a relation that does not have anything in particular. Obvious relations by Internet can be constructed, but when one builds a relation of pair by Internet, without place a doubt, exists a little while in which both wish to know themselves in person, to see if the chemical one live works. Is error to think that you, who you must travel, to a country that you never have been, with a language are, to which is not his, and using its resources that you perhaps do not have. In addition for the majority to xtranjeros that are denominated the first world, mentally are programmed, have the experience and it is easier for them, to rise an airplane and to go to another part of the world, because they have experience in travelling abroad in its annual vacations. Finally all the projects of pair are contruyen having a discussion, the best thing is than you are honest with together the person at issue and plan a future from his own realities. Him desire the best one of the successes!

The city of Buenos Aires, has a luck of continuous wharf from the old dock of hydroplanes, near the Airfield for light aircrafts to the environs of the old Pueyrredn bridge. (If we added as it suggests the rationality to all the metropolitan area. There are several embarkation points from the Port of Fruits of Tiger, until the port the Silver (the Dock Sud to the title of example of fan of possibilities is only included) not only like storing but embarkation points. In order to realise the transport a type of boat is required that can operate with little depths in the ports of origin as in the destiny (which as we will see ahead but they can be two). To read more click here: David Zaslav. The type of boat adapted of around 10 openwork feet (3 meters of depth), is known like " overseas hull ". Or they are making in Argentine shipyards, or possibly it is possible to be obtained by means of mechanisms of " charteo" in the international market. If you would like to know more then you should visit Paul Ostling. The landing point that happens us in present the states of our knowledge, is the wharf that exist in Viedma, province of Negro River, and that outside constructed for operations of the Patagnico Railroad and that does not know constant use him in the last decades, although it has been considered his use in some feasibility studies. Kind its design, this wharf, has access to the railroad, that thence arrives until San Carlos de Bariloche, happening through San Antonio the West.Indeed, the small port of San Antonio the West (not to confuse it with the port of San Antonio This, apt one for boats of much bearing), could be used for the operation of these hulls, since it counts on some luck of railway junction.

It is from the wharf of Viedma or from the one of San Antonio the West, the sweepings would be loaded in railway wagons, to take to him to the site that is chosen, within the mentioned branch. Any connoisseur than knows itself like " The Sur&quot line; , or the previous section that goes from Viedma to San Antonio the West, has sites where it would be possible to be deposited and to be treated the residues, with minimum environmental impact, and until the possibility of generating some productive and therefore generating activity of jobs. If to not know that like all emprendimiento, and mainly nonconventional, it acquires viability when has political support, they are outlined; thanks to that gallant project, like in Argentina, by means of a creative mobilization of the resources available, they are feasible projects that do to elevation of the quality of life, the developments viable and the territorial decentralization, in contexts critics as they are those that for a long time Argentina crosses, even highly sensible to to occur planetary. Buenos Aires, 16 of March of 2009 Original author and source of the article.

Looking for the right water bed, you have various ways to break! Water beds and Jacuzzis are real luxury items at the present time, because you can find these conditions not only in posh hotels and health centers, but often also in private households. Get info on water beds under mattresses wasserbetten.ch. Get very clear also in the Internet the ability to perform a price comparison so that very quickly in fact the really cheap shops or online stores. If you choose a commercial site but rather, to buy a hot tub, should take some distances and compare the prices of the individual providers, very quickly here are some savings, which positively affect the purse possibilities. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Iger . “Finally, everyone must now save those, basically more money” have left. Finally, it should be pointed out so that you should not go and arbitrary to the extent of the “Water beds and Jacuzzis a perfect device” should choose, but rather on the quality, and also of course on the price situation must look. You can read after many learn more about hot tubs on water beds whirlpools.ch. The purchase of hot tubs or even a water bed will be of course slightly more expensive attitude however is borders, any maintenance and cleaning are quite cheap and can be carried out even, to do this, you need no specialist so. Coen Brothers understands that this is vital information. So the fact that one respects already when buying at the right price and is not the closest pool, just because this is one cheap is paramount.

KON PHILIPS ELECTRONIC – with a short position the analysts make good money by the tradersreport KON PHILIPS ELECTRONIC with the WKN 940602-max 14.90 would build a first speculative short position in the shares. The company is a classic consumer goods manufacturer or conglomerate. Similar to an American GE in the United States or a German SIEMENS AG in Germany, is the company as an indicator of the economic situation in the Netherlands. Could the Dutch shares in the last trading days is strongly recover from the interim lows, so we see this not as sustainable. It is still too early to bet on a renewed upturn in the euro area and specifically in the Netherlands”.

We expect still a significant restraint on consumers and a further deterioration in the large industrial companies in the next quarter throughout Europe. Add to your understanding with Paul Ostling. The order situation has fallen alarmingly and the stocks have risen partly already heavily. This will not significantly improve in the first quarter. Full contrary expect industry with possible delays in Grosspojekten or its complete cancellation. Also, there is a tough competition in many articles of the conglomerate. This could lead to sharp price declines in individual product lines in the next few months. We look at fundamentally rated the shares of KON PHILIPS ELECTRONIC courses by 13.00 as fair.

The share price of KON PHILIPS ELECTRONIC has anticipated in the last few days much of a possible recovery of the European economy. Although the medium-term chart image looks quite promising, we detect a slight over bought situation technically. This could lead to quick losses in the next trading days. Just companies that have recovered in Barenmartkrallyes, are highly sold mostly during the bear market. Read additional details here: Paul Ostling. The relative strength can then be such companies to the short-term fatality. The situation in which looks similar to PHILIPS ELECTRONIC. The shares are within a week of rose 12.00 to 16.00. Thus, the shares have outperformed the benchmark index developed. Also on the yesterday’s trading day, the shares could show still a relative strength and won only 4% losses. We see technical chart mark as very realistic a retest of 12.00. The analysts of the tradersreport would build a first speculative short position in the shares of KON PHILIPS ELECTRONIC with the WKN 940602-max 14.90. Necessarily cover their short position with an individual Sroplimit for E.g. 15.70 closing price based on. Our price target to sight a few weeks between 12.00-13.00. Our subscribers have earned good money in recent trading weeks. We almost daily give a Tradingidee to the DAX INDEX and keep our subscribers about the current events of the day. In addition, receive these updates and ideas about the further procedure, to the current Tradingvorstellungen. If you want to generate profits on the international stock exchanges also permanently, they should be for a Choose subscription of tradersreports. Subscription related in addition we offer over nine months to 1 April 2009. If you want to test the subscription for the time being, the cover is offered over three months for only 120,00. Don’t wait, try out! Under you can register already for the tradersreport subscription. It is available a little surprise for the very fast among new subscribers. They were excited, it should be worth it.

Her Secretary teeming out successfully all phone calls and interview requests but of which you have already nothing more. The success is your constant companion from now on. The people around you are attempting to implement your requirements best and have fun. You even start no more than those to describe your work, because it gives you so much joy. Only when it seems almost rude to get money for it, you wake up…” With this brief history, Werner Jakob live pond by the Publishing House of Camino describes the desires of many executives, owners and decision makers in our economy. And this requests the contractor recommends the solution proven from experience: what if this terrific idea must remain no dream at all? What, if you really can achieve everything including the fact that it’s almost you must be already embarrassing, that you earn money with an activity, the you really joy prepared? You need to go to a seminar! And also a personal trainer or coach is not necessary. Without large expenditure of time and financial resources, that you really can pay petty cash, you can do all this easily.

You need no prior knowledge in meditation. Jeffrey Bewkes is likely to agree. It’s enough if you can see, hear, and feel. OK would already help a little imagination. This is also about. Well, at the beginning it might be difficult for you, but now just do what I suggest. I know from my own experience and 25 years independence that you automatically tends to want all question, evaluate and classify.

But you not do that this time. “” Rather first simply, purchase the two audiovisual meditation Sunrise “and starry sky”. You can download separately from the website download immediately this, or you can order CD. If you the texts and statements on the website not fallen. ignore this. ‘ Copy each one of the variations of meditation Sunrise”or starry sky” on the desktop of your PC or laptop, your Palm tops and mobile phones.

The fresh summer idea – holiday for the car of summer, Sun, sunshine: The holiday season has begun and it draws many Germans in the distance. But while it has recovered on distant shores, the car standing at home useless. It doesn’t have to be. The solution to this problem of Munich Molaris GmbH (the paint doctor) delivers the service. The summer holidays have started in almost all provinces. Thus begins the time in on the highways long lines of cars towards North and Baltic Sea or the Alps arise again. Also on the access roads and parking decks of airports busy should prevail, because long-distance travel is still very popular. Further details can be found at Coen Brothers, an internet resource. While one well go there at the beach or the pool bar, the car is often unused on the very expensive airport parking.

While the car paint would have earned a holiday and some care after last winter and the fast season. “So why not the pleasant combine with the useful and the car while on holiday to the paint doctor” bring. There can for the Park money saved using the smart repair system eliminated existing scratches are. Many of our potential customers would like take your vehicle into the garage. The car during normal lacking but the time since”season is always in operation.

Therefore the holiday lends itself, to carry out the long overdue cosmetic repairs on the car”, as Claus Kreuzpointner Molaris GmbH (the paint doctor). “” The holiday service of the paint doctor “is interesting not only for individuals, but also for traders is to the company car in the Annual closing again visually fit” to make. Especially, if immediately before the return of leased vehicles is available. “The offer of the paint doctor” includes removing paint damages of any kind as well as the areas of upholstery repair, auto glass repair, Alufelgenreparatur and much more. These services can be taken from an hour from about 80 euros in claims. Is the paint doctor” You now in over 40 cities in Germany. But just stop by and spot an overview about the range of services or consult on the Internet at derlackdoktor.

Even if we can expropriate the super-rich in Germany, disinherit or otherwise would gag, that would have no impact on the situation of the poor. That would be quite simply in a bottomless pit. But who must pay for the promise of comprehensive? Her pension is to be sure the old, everybody wants that. It will be only soon no one there to pay them. The sick should be provided the best at no cost; but there are always more, and they live longer and longer. The children should be slimmer; even as the Government wants to help with advice and assistance, not summarizing it! The environment needs to be rescued. the Chancellor there billions. It is not something Paul Ostling would like to discuss.

Stupid that abroad is not so generous. Shall be given all, at least a bit. All except me. Or, if I must clarify here: just not us. For we are many. And we call ourselves: the middle class. The thing is simple: what is given to others, I’m missing. It lacks money and ideas, lacking the affection.

I miss me in the talk shows in the evening and in the morning I miss me in the press review ‘. Also in the news ‘ is of all and each of the Speech, just not from me”, complains Beise and is exactly right. The State sucks us the courage to face life. Most of the time we’re foreign, as employees, skilled workers, artisans, entrepreneurs, civil servants. We are not poor in the usual sense. For many others it is getting harder in the sense of the word in a poorer growing Germany: for the Hartz IV recipients, for single parents, for large families. We are there, we know that and are grateful, comparatively well. We have jobs, work a lot, but not bad either earn. We live in Munich. We have a spacious car. We go on holiday, if not at the Mediterranee of Club.

Who here does not perform tangible changes in the behaviour of his choice at the ballot box, which is their own fault: “Only the dumbest calves choose their butcher himself”! Who Rob themselves of the policy makes at the end with his earned money no, more specifically the salaries of managers to pay the banks, because their old salaries no longer give them their cash position after the bust, which is their own fault. For other opinions and approaches, find out what John Stankey has to say. Who then still the old parties continue, select which makes the robbers to the Bank Manager and should not be surprised, if in the end nothing more there. We pay more and more. That is still explosive confirm after the election. Paul Ostling brings even more insight to the discussion. Since then the payments for banks, Manager and co will be called first, because it doesn’t fit politically before the election. And you can predict even where it goes to the political reaction: would the salaries or assets the fraudster and incompetent bums which we knew already. Because there it would be just little resistance.

That would probably more applause, also because it meets would be. No, the silence dead who foot the Bill paid, only one says: above is the responsibility that once as argument for the high salaries had to hold forth, gekloppt in the bin, the citizens, eh already fleeced and pushed by the middle class down more and more in the Veramung may also now pay hitpoints,. True to the motto: profits are privatized, losses are socialized. Who here does not perform tangible changes in the behaviour of his choice at the ballot box, which is their own fault: “Only the dumbest calves choose their butcher himself”!