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The amazing story of Pinocchio may have been invented for a long time, but probably never will lose its popularity. Since then, though, and created a lot of other great stories, but Pinocchio has been raised most generations. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robert Thomson. Alexei Tolstoy himself author of a work conceived to work on this story yet in nineteen twenty-third year. He was in exile and from which borrowed a wonderful idea to experience adventures Pinocchio fairy tale Pinocchio. Because of a heart attack a little bit had to postpone work on a fairy tale somewhere around 10 years, but in the thirty-fourth year, the author decided to continue the tale, ending in 1935. Simple and fresh translation is not inspired by the writer, and then Alex Tolstoy made the story more interesting and adventurous, has added colorful strokes and kindness, and walked away from the simple moralistic. His heroes were created fun and active. The writer was originally going to risk, because in those Soviet times of the genre like a fairytale not so that was a priority. And in the thirty-sixth year of Tolstoy came up with the idea to write a play based on Pinocchio, and in 1939 founded the first screenplay for the film Pinocchio. Maybe that first film was not colored, but at the expense of music and lyrics movie was popular and was bright. And in 1975, this film was shot on a new another new director, and the truth has become fashionable. In addition to the rapidly developing story and add color and novelty, but still one of the main differences from the foreign character Pinocchio is always himself, and did not change until late in the whole story. As foreign as the product of the hero is always amenable to moralizing, and in the end transformed into an obedient boy, just look Pinocchio lied when he has always extended nose. Like any movie, a film about Pinocchio starts with the selection of the actors. In this film involved remarkable actors, such as Vladimir Basov, Yuri Katin-Yartsev. And the role of Pinocchio director Nechaev picked up the usual boy whom he saw in the subway passage, and just offered to do a film on which this boy Dima Joseph was happy to agree. Dime was all very new, but that’s not that one, Dima, even feared, for example Barobasa boy was afraid that in the role, and in life. The story turned out colorful and joyful. Despite the children’s discipline, all played just fine. For the heroes of fairy tales, and especially for small characters, it was absolutely wonderful effort which is useful to them in ordinary life. Generally it is desirable to see all this story, because it will be cognitive, not only children but also their parents.