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" When it notices that to produce it needs to obtain authorization from those who does not produce anything; when it verifies that the money flows towards those who nongoods deal, but favors; when it perceives that many are made rich more by the bribe and influences than by the work, and that the laws do not protect it against them, but, on the contrary they are they those that are protected against you; when it repairs that the corruption is compensated and the honesty becomes autosacrificio, then will be able to affirm, without fear to be mistaken, that its society is condenada." Ayn Randa (1950) To all it is called on to us to carry out us in the territory that we have selected to put in practice our knowledge, abilities and skills, but also to learn, to be growing. By our own will, we choose the territory, place, where we want to develop to us, for example, to carry out our workings. We do once it we must be kind how we must behave in order that our roll is effective, to win, to obtain those results that favor to us. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has similar goals. To determine if really we are in the territory adapted to the objectives I put, that we want to reach. In an interesting writing on this subject, it contributes Charles to us Givens, the power of one same one, that is not newness that, frequently, one is forced to act according to rules done by others. We consider that there are happened and we will happen still great part of our life playing in other people’s territory, in conditions that often produce frustration and tension. For even more opinions, read materials from Jeff Bewkes. In order to reach ours dreams and I put, we must of to learn to work and to operate indeed in those conditions. It indicates that we must be very wide-awake while we remain in territory where we develop. Investment Management LLC is currently assessing future choices. Robert A. Iger usually is spot on.

I am the essence of a world that sees me as a mere element along its edge, but is itself a mere element in my world. As a stranger, I’m trying to find my way. I don’t know the dangers and my enemies, so I know not to defend myself. I don’t know my benefits and my favor, so I know not to get my bearings. I’m defenseless in my weaknesses, fears and doubts, I call and no one wants to hear me I cry and no one wants to comfort me everyone is engrossed in his dream world I’m lonely and depressed. Official site: Donna Summer. Between all the deceptive notes, my sufferings are the only truth. My freedom is a small exception of my restriction.

My free action is another face for the deterministic Consequence of external events. I suffer the nagging urge to know the insatiable thirst for sheer replies to and suffering. Yes, my life is a sad suffering of suffering. Who comforts me in my losses? Who gives me back my stolen justice? Who accepts me in my absolute truth, as a bunch of mere facts, and not full of expectations? As so-be and not as a can-be? Who owns my secret and kept it? I trust who my wounds, to care for them? I’m always misunderstood, and my existence, I can not capture, always encounters no appropriate recognition. My special moments, my dreams, my desires and hopes, my frustrations and memories are my own true and most valuable possession, however they are meaning – and worthless for the world! The world and the nature of stop because of me and because of my sorrow not, because they hold none of this, what do I think of them. The world contains me, even though I actually does it! Maybe I can do my sufferings subjectively minimal decrease, the suffering as objective absolute truths in the world remain as always and unchanged, therefore is my fight in the world, which includes me, a meaningless illusion, a vain nonsense without beginning or end.

Latin America

This volume last year reached the 70.200 million dollars, compared to 50,000 million in 2005. The commercial exchange between the two regions is characterized by the concentration and, despite a general framework balanced, some countries suffer an imbalance with China. 80 Per cent of the volume of trade is shared between Brazil ($18.5 billion), Mexico (10,400 million), Chile (7.940 million), Argentina (5.140 billion), Venezuela (4,130 million), Peru (3,640 million) and Panama (3.470 million), according to data from the Academy for the first eleven months of 2006. In the case of Brazil, occupies the 10th place of the list of Latin American countries that export to China, and at the same time is the tenth country that presents a trade surplus with the Asian country. Source: Robert A. Iger. Also, in bilateral trade between China and Mexico, the North American country ranks tenth among the countries that recorded a deficit with China. The Latin American and the Caribbean countries that recorded surplus with China are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Jamaica and Costa Rica. Taken into account as indicated, that China officially joined the Bank of development of the Caribbean and is an observer country in the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the Association of integration of Latin America and the Caribbean, the Inter-American Development Bank, organization of American Nations and the Latin American Parliament.

Do we add to all this, that paragraph prospects for Latin American diplomacy in 2007? This expert analyzes political exchanges in the past ten years, when 74 Heads of State and Government visited China, which corresponded with 19 visits to Latin American countries. Also highlights the 15 ministerial talks with the Rio Group since 1990, five with Mercosur since 1997, and ten independent contacts with ten countries of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) and the Caribbean, which have established diplomatic relations with China. There is no doubt said Riordan Roett, the next years China will move cautiously in Latin America.


On gobelin factories are vertical (gotlissnymi) or horizontal (basslisnymi) machines. Learn more at: David Zaslav. At first, the main thread is not rigidly fixed, but it rolled from the bottom to the top of the roller on which the coils are already woven fabric. To a high gotlissnom machine easier to manipulate, even warp threads are in a constant separation from the odd, and back heald yarn tied to a bracket gripping cords with which the weaver can pull up filament system or network. Basslissny machine equipped with a similar device which, as in all conventional loom controlled by a foot device. In the so-called machine gotlissnom board only serves as a model in which the weaver looks at work before skalkirovav outline of the picture on the base. When basslissnom cardboard machine lies beneath the foundation and fabric on it is a mirror image, so that the result of work on the front side can be seen only after removal of the machine.

In France, for the manufacture of classic tapestries always used gotlissny machine, in other countries have been used are both. Many contemporary artists not only design the cartoons, but also manage their own work, using for this is gotlissnymi machines, because in such a creative approach to business, accurate cartons often do not exist and the artist must constantly review the finished part. The main raw material, usually a coat, sometimes – especially for the basics – cotton or linen. In those periods when the tapestry turned into a replica of the painting, mainly used in silk subtlety that makes it possible to accurately reproduce detail. Where used gold and silver, it is about the same silk threads, but the braided metal fibers. Stained all of these materials in the past – natural dyes them to achieve many tones and shades, on the other hand, they depend on a variety of contemporary artistic concept: for the Gothic tapestries it was enough just a few colors for replica Baroque paintings are often needed in the hundreds.

It is already less so that Christmas arrives and surely much people are nervous because they do not know what is what they can give. In these cases always I like to recommend that most important it is not the price of the gift but the originality of the same.To give something original is not far from easy and often it supposes a frustration for many people. When we spoke of an original gift, we are thinking about which leaves the standards, something that cannot be found easily (even impossible, imaginaros for example some manualidad) or about a customized gift. personally always I have liked all that with the photography and for that reason my gifts always have gone of the hand with this art. Recently Joel and Ethan Coen sought to clarify these questions. Between my preferred original gifts they have been all those that I have been able to personalize to assure to me that who receives it does not arrange don’t mention it equal. Further details can be found at Robert Iger , an internet resource.

Until now always it had chosen to create and to give a photo digital album. For that reason today I would like hablaros of an ideal gift and very original for these Christmases, she is a totally customized calendar of photos. We will be able to select and to modify almost any special aspect of this calendar, photographies, dates, content. Surely, the power to begin the year of this form to many they will like and it will remember to them, month after month, that is people who worry about them. A good detail next to this gift could be to include in the same some interesting phrase that made reflect to the person since, we consider, that will watch with relative east frequency calendar. What seems to you my proposal of gift for these Christmases? you create that to much people it will like? Original author and source of the article.

Sometimes, the artists had a say. Holbein assistants included his younger brother Sigmund Holbein (c. 1470 Augsburg 1540 Bern; Painter) and Leonhard Beck (c. 1480 Augsburg – Augsburg 1542; Painter, sculptor). It was a commissioned work that led Holbein of Augsburg in the 350 km from Frankfurt am Main.”On the back of the shrine in the Latin inscription (he called himself) expressly Hans Holbein from Augsburg. 8 from 1683, it was kept, presumably in the associated monastery because a new Baroque high altar was set up. in 1752 the cleavage of the front and rear of the wing was a lay brother fr. Dominicus Seitz.

10 in 1803 the Church was secularized. 1880 was the presentation in the Temple in the art trade bourgeois in Cologne. For a time this painting was in Paris privately. At times it was collecting Eduard F. Weber in Hamburg. By Saturday, the 17th February until Monday, February 19, 1912, it belonged to the exhibits in the Gallery-Weber exhibition and could be visited from 10 to 14 h.

The auction of this collection took place in the Berlin art auction house Rudolph Lepke by Tuesday, the 20th to 22nd February 1912 from 10 o’clock in the morning. The collection of international painting of the fourteenth to eighteenth century approximately 389 artists such as Peter Paul Rubens and Lucas Cranach the elder. 11 as no. 3 was purchased the work from the Hamburger Kunsthalle. 12 to the Note that this Tafelein is a fragment of a larger work of art is one of today’s exhibition concept of the Kunsthalle. Change of location and impact of the change in the function of the image is, the museum works must comply with any religious function, but act as witness the artistic past and a mosaic of art-historical overview. You teach the history of art, serve as testimonials of time, pass on styles, art and image genres, painting techniques and characteristics of the respective artist. Speaking candidly Walt Disney Co. told us the story.

Over the Whitsun weekend (9-12 May 2008) the Summit of the best stringed instruments of the world in the Central Switzerland takes place. In this year’s first edition of the Festival are to experience two world’s only string quartets playing exclusively on Stradivari instruments with the young Swiss Stradivari-QUARTETT and the renowned Tokyo String Quartet. Their instruments are loaned of the Stradivari Habisreutinger Foundation and the Nippon Music Foundation. The venues are the culture and Convention Centre Lucerne as well as churches and hotel rooms on the Lucerne Riviera and the peninsula of Burgenstock. Stansstad / Switzerland, March 2008 until today, the work of the famous instrument maker Antonio Giacomo Stradivari of Cremona is second to none, and the story of his masterpieces remains rich mysteries and puzzles. Orders for complete sets of instrument show that the idea to combine the special sound of his instruments in an ensemble, existed during his lifetime. The idea, the experience of Stradivarius”in the center of a To music festivals, the program is the Sonic perfection of instruments, outstanding performers against new and no less fascinating and the changing concert halls around Lake Lucerne are combined in the Stradivarius Summit”to a high-quality cultural experience.

The Association of the Tokyo String Quartet and the Stradivari Quartet to Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s string octet op. promises a special Festival highlight. If you are not convinced, visit Jeffrey Bewkes. 20 on the (“mother’s day”) Sunday, 11 may at 11: 00 at the KKL Lucerne. Chamber concerts of the Stradivari Quartet are at the Park Hotel Vitznau (9.5., 18:30), in the Rigi Kulm Hotel (10.5, 11:15), and in the parish church of Weggis (10.5.; 15:45) to experience. The Festival closing concert of the Tokyo String Quartet is on Whit Monday, may 12 at 3: 00 in the Congress Hall of the Palace Hotel in Burgenstock.

The Festival the concert venues are glamorous scattered in the Central Switzerland. Accessible through the best means of transport of the region: the steam ships of the Lake Lucerne shipping company. The Festival “Stradivari Summit” will be initiated in the first year of 2008 by Eblenkamp Konzertdirektion GmbH and organized. For the edition of 2009, the non-profit foundation Stradivarius is Summit”planned. Starting in 2009, the Festival will present Antonio Giacomo Stradivari instruments, performed by leading ensembles and soloists. Information: Eblenkamp Konzertdirektion GmbH Dorfstrasse 8 / CH 6362 Stansstad T. + 41 (0) 41 630 38 81 / F. + 41 (0) 41 630 38 80 tickets: TicketCorner / t. + 41 (0) 900800800 /