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Imagine, take a hiking vacation in a distant land. They are equipped with backpack and lunch and go an unknown path. The Guide gives 5 hours and remember after the first break, you get to have miscalculated and certainly longer. The weather is fine though but the Sun the horizon tilts ominously. %A8%D7%A0%D7%98-%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>Ilan Ben Dov already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Now it would be good to know how long it will be light, because no place is far and wide, and it will be pitch black. Really have reason to panic? Need to seek alternatives or you can create the tour but still loose in the light? A twilight calculator provides the answer. You didn’t so something but in the luggage, a mobile phone, that Luckily just a network has found.

You are actually perfectly equipped. You just need to know how to get to your information. Ex: Natura, the free portal to nature and environmental education provides exactly the right service for you. It is that you want to move, planning a garden party the times, as a photographer for need the sunrise and the sunset, or as scientists to evaluate data against the twilight times. There are plenty of applications for this completely free service. If you have set the computer on a site, you can monatweise reflected the times.

Here you can set very easy the calendar on any place. You can print out at home the calendar sheets in preparation for a holiday. And if you are on vacation, but only facing the problem, how it looks with the twilight times, simply find out about the current times with the browser of your mobile phone. Guido Gerding ex: Natura, the free portal to nature and environmental education

Barcelona is a world’s exceptionally popular holiday destination for families, mainly because of its beautiful weather, its great beaches and its great leisure and entertainment offer. The Barcelona Aquarium In the district Maremagnum is located on the Moll D’espanya (Spain-mole) the Aquarium. Learn more at this site: Leslie Moonves. Around 11,000 copies of the underwater world of 450 unterschiedlichenTierarten live in over 35 aquaria of plant. The underwater tunnel is 80 metres long, more than 100 people work here. There is also a unique Aquarium. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has firm opinions on the matter. The Barcelona Aquarium is an important recreational and educational centre and contains more species than the Mediterranean. The Aquarium offers a great recreational facilities for the whole family.

If your trip to Barcelona on a weekend, remember in any case, to visit the Aquarium, because on weekends, there are guided tours and workshops for children here. If you want to give a distinctive touch to your holiday in Barcelona, you can swim in addition to sharks in the Aquarium. You can a round of diving with them Book “Kings of the seas” for 300. Who dares not, can look at the sharks from the outside. The tickets cost 17.50 for adults 12.50 for children from 4-12 years and 14.50 for persons over 60 years old. The Aquarium is well connected to public transport of Barcelona. Nearby there are: * buses 14, 17, 19, 36, 38, 40, 45, 57, 59, 64, 91, 157 and tourist bus (South route, blue) * Metro of Drassanes (L3) and Barceloneta (L4). There are more details and information on the official website of the Barcelona Aquarium. -Century of 19th art in the NAC if you go for a walk during your stay in Barcelona, the Park of Montjuic, you should necessarily visit MNAC (National Museum of art of Catalonia). The Museum is located in the Palau Nacional (National Palace), which was built for the world exhibition of 1929.

So long we enjoyed on the holiday. But what to do if this dream spot bursts and everything isn’t as anyone could have imagined it? The alarm is set and early in the morning to go to the airport. Sleep only a few hours and then it’s time, the so long-awaited summer holiday is around the corner. Source: Jeff Bewkes. How long have we been waiting for? How many days have we counted? How many day dreams have we dreamed of, which turned on the turquoise-blue sea, the beautiful sandy beach and the sweet cocktails at the pool bar. Filed under: Coen brothers. But what to do if this dream spot bursts and everything isn’t as anyone could have imagined it? The pool is dirty, the rooms are too small and the food is unfit for human consumption. The operation is unfriendly and not as nice as the picture in the travel brochure Beach? In this case, there are only two ways: first, change the hotel as soon as possible and file a complaint or two, eyes down and. Since the latter neither passport nor beautiful holiday memories with brings the first variant would be arguably the more correct. But what do you do if there are personal differences with fellow travelers? You want to do sports? I thought we wanted to relax together?” Want to experience an adventure and action in the form of paragliding, mountain biking or Jet Ski.

The others however wants to would rather relax by the pool, read a book, go shopping, or pamper yourself in the wellness area really. Yes then it could be properly thick air. No matter if you fly with a boyfriend, a girlfriend or the own partners in the long-awaited vacation, when different interests are suddenly collide without having known this in advance, it can often come to squabbling. Here, communication is the magic word. Also in the holiday time, where mostly much work and you have to be additionally the triple substitute for colleagues should discuss wishes, interests and ideas of a perfect holiday and found a common ground.

This is important especially for couples. You hope in the Holiday again more time spend together can repeat after so everything has come in everyday life too short to. So, many men see a joint trip to the South as ideal gifts for women. Summer, Sun, beach, sea and countless hours for two are available here on the daily schedule. But be careful: too much pre holiday stress and the unusual fact, suddenly to be daily, 24 hours may also negative sentiment provide as those already described inter food. Through the permanent stress, we have to get us nowadays sometimes only back to the relaxation, peace and the togetherness. Small Tip: A few days of vacation before the big trip can do wonders. Together already more relaxed atmosphere that Pack bags, relax together at home and bring in the holiday mood and the negative pre holiday stress in positive first day into.

A few decades ago it was impossible to speak of the formed area in the geography of tourism, such as sports tourism. Before travel, for example, to skiing, were not so massive, and yes equipping ski areas left much to be desired. Today we might call the sports tourism event held. Of particular interest to tourists often travel in the winter to ski resorts. The extensive geography of tourism and has special sporting events. Winter and Summer Olympic Games, the IOC Session and the world championships in soccer and hockey are the biggest sporting events, so they have an important place in international tourism. Add to your understanding with Jeff Bewkes.

In addition, there are other championships, Europe, America and Asia in various sports. Fans of these sports are ready to lay out thousands of dollars on trips to places of events. Given type of tourism encompasses two main categories of travel: the participants of events – athletes and officials, spectators. The first group generates relatively little tourist traffic, the second group includes Numerous tourists are able to multiply the normal for this time of arrivals in a particular country. Particularly clearly expressed by an increase in tourist traffic in Olympic years, as well as during for the world championships in soccer and hockey. Hotbox by Wiz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The most significant sporting events – the Olympic Games. Fans of these events sometimes travel thousands of miles to enjoy the performance of their favorite team or athlete. Practice shows that tourism has a significant impact on the choice of venue for the Olympic Games.

Rambla street in every city of Catalonia. Arabic Rambla stands – a dry river bed. To read more click here: David Zaslav. There Rambla in Barcelona. Today, it is one of the most famous streets in the city. And it begins Ramblas from Plaza Catalunya, the area where the old meets the new city. At Plaza Catalunya train station, metro station, stores, and office buildings.

On this area are often held demonstrations and folk festivals. Also on the square Catalonia FC Barcelona fans love to celebrate the victory of their team. Right near the exit of the subway is a modern monument to Francesc Masia, who proclaimed on the eve of civil war once again independence of Catalonia. The author of the monument is the famous sculptor losep Subiraks Maria, who is also the author of the famous angular shapes on the facade of the Sagrada Familia. In the southwestern part of the area to be vintage cafe Zurich, which appears in George Orwell's novel about the Civil War "Monuments in Catalonia '. However, the coffee in this cafe is quite expensive.

Cafe was built in 1929, and it immediately became popular among writers and players. During the recent renovation of this part of the area of the building was rebuilt, but its interior remains unchanged. Rambla itself is not a street, but five, which merge into a unified whole. Each of the five sections of this prospectus has its own unique atmosphere that gives the whole Rambla charm. Kagalel river that flowed through this place, and dry up in summer, have entered into an underground pipe back to the 14th century, when they were built the city walls on the north side Rambla. In the 16th century, on the opposite wall of the Rambla was built monasteries and churches, which gave its name to the Ramblas: Rambla Santa Monica, Rambla Sant losep, Rambla Del Kapuchinas.

Travel in November to the Salsafestival in Havana Salsa”means translated from Spanish into German” sauce. Sauce? For what? The Cubans see the dance Salsa always as an expression of the feeling of being alive. Listen to the music and the Sung words and makes itself felt the need to move. Filed under: David Zaslav. So it have arguably the dancers and dancers from all over the world felt, which situated in recent years in Havana Festival Baila en Cuba”with Cuban like-minded people in the country of origin this dance have made. Because these celebrations were analysed by all stakeholders as a success and many participants have already become permanent guests, promises the repetition of the 21 26 November 2010 unforgettable encounters with hot Caribbean music and dance days. For single travellers, a dance partner can be engaged this year for the workshops.

The Cuba specialist Dieter Spath journey joyful salseras and salseros offers different tours: the participation is possible from 398 euros. The first time this year offer 15 days of salsa & more”is an opportunity to meet Havana in addition to the participation in the Festival and includes a tour through Western and Central Cuba, accompanied by the Cuba specialists Dieter Spath. And certainly many Festival participants are again in 2010 the opportunity to recover after the eventful days on the Caribbean Dream beach of Varadero. The individual travel preferences can be realized either by an early arrival or the extension of the stay in Cuba. So for example participation in the marathon in Havana and to the Festival is the participation in the International Jazz Festival possible. For early bookings early will receive a discount of 3%. For more information on the Internet at.

on foot, you can discover a lot what remains hidden on tour buses. Spring invites you to voyages of discovery in the city of Hamburg. In addition to the usual offerings of port and city tours, a number of tours available is the interested visitors. Two servants represent the Hamburger Gassenhauer are one”, two actresses, with them seen in small, humorous episodes between 1842 and 1946 old hamburger songs from different decades are presented live and a-cappella. Refreshing, it has seldom experienced history.

The audience is addressed directly and without fear. Are at once we are in the middle of the alley quarter at the time of the cholera epidemic, experience the ingenuity of two women on the topic of money earning and many men must be his fiancee test here”. The whole thing is presented with loving joke. Along the way it passes through small winding alleys, canals and still existing historical places. After one and a half hours can be reached Speicherstadt and determines the time just flew by in the flight. A well-deserved coffee for example in the coffee roasters still completes this trip.

Hamburg was again worth a trip. Data: Hamburg Gassenhauer meeting place: SA 14:00 at the St. Michaelis Church main entrance contact: 0163 15 33 823, caution: participation only with prior registration. Price: 18,00 P.p.. Manuela Stange

To make the most out of your visit to Lopburi, has compiled a list of hotels provide all affordable rates on the occasion of the monkey festival. Singapore (October 9th, 2013) has compiled on the occasion of one of the “thorniest”, but at least the most strangest treats of Thailand, the annual Lopburi monkey festival, a series of hotel specials. By the same author: CBS. The Festival will be held on November 25 this year. The provincial capital Lopburi is located about 140 km north of Bangkok and looks back on a history of approximately 1,000 due to its strategic location. Nowadays, but mostly due to their large number of wild, but freely running around long-tailed Macaque, a kind of monkey, Lopburi is famous. You have become the mascot of Lopburi and can be observed in the climbing of temples, in the river or in the search after things Baden. In 1989, a local businessman had the idea to organize a celebration to the monkey around to attract as tourists. The Lopburi Monkey festival was born and evolved in the 23 years since its inception to an annual event.

It is not the people who are gutlich at the Festival of food and drink, but solely the monkeys, which presented a lavish buffet. This year more than four tons of feasts should be raised for the macaque population of Lopburi with about 3,000 heads! The Festival centered itself in the immediate perimeter of the ancient Khmer Temple Phra Prang Sam Yot in the heart of the city. There to set up long tables, where a huge and colourful selection of fruit, rice and Thai desserts is then applied. The monkeys watching from treetops and the temple towers in curious, until they finally realize, that the whole delicacies for her intended and quickly climb down. Then begins as each year is a true food battle, because human table manners illiterate each of macaque greedy about the buffet here and stuffs is so much of the treats in the mouth as possible. Furs drinking is also provided, because there also large blocks of ice provided, more culinary feasts are frozen in the Center. Of course almost by itself, that the Festival offers incredible opportunities for photography, because you can get very close to the macaque. However, a degree of caution is required.

The monkeys look pretty friendly though, but you should be aware, that they are wild animals. They are lightning fast and have bear forces can be at times somewhat mischievous. Who are not careful, the expensive single-lens reflex camera, the noble Smartphone, the purse or also the handbag from the hands is torn once the, what the thieving macaque monkeys in the trees or tall buildings to flee. Enter so well eight on your valuables and you may bring your own food. Even if only a few metres away cave in the tables under the fruit, that does not mean that your ice cream on a stick from the monkey bunch is safe. To make the most out of your visit to Lopburi, has compiled a list of hotels provide all affordable rates on the occasion of the monkey festival.

The Asian continent in recent years has been a discovery, until recently barely we knew to locate it on the map but currently there are many people who have visited this place and even visit it regularly. These visitors are looking for first and foremost learn new traditions, new landscapes to those who are not accustomed. If we want to travel to this continent we have many options, to choose only we have to stop and think a moment that is what we want, beach or mountain, landscapes or culture and we can even choose depending on the landscape that we want to see. For our trips to China we can travel to magical as Hong Kong or Beijing sites, here we find the great wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the modern world and which has more than 8,000 kilometers long. Another place that we have to know in Beijing is the Tian An Men Square, no doubt a symbol for the Chinese and the plaza mas grande del mundo. Another city that we visit is Shanghai, the city most populated of China and of the more populated areas of the world. It is a cosmopolitan city, cradle of the design and culture.

Japan is not less than China, is one of the countries most visited Asia. Osaka is the third city more big in Japan with a population of 2.7 million people. Osaka Aquarium, its Museum, the Museum of Oriental ceramics or the Sumiyoshi Park are its great treasures Tokyo is its capital, is in the Center – East of the island of Honsh. In it are large national parks as Chichimeco-Tamamamamamama, Meiji no Mori Takao, Fuji-Hakone-Izu or that of the cualara, which is a candidate to be heritage. Other very visited Asian countries that we can be replicated for our tours and trips are Thailand, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Maldives, or Laos.

Even who seemingly aimlessly through its holiday cruises, every now and then want to know: where am I? Where could I go? Which alternative routes are there? When comes the nearest large city? Where does me this road? A tip for carefree holidays tours is already before the holidays start at home to get involved in route planning. Not only to make sure that you can see as much as possible but above all to agree beforehand on the holiday. 5. for the eyes would be already annoying, if you didn’t even get half of his vacation, because one has forgotten his glasses at home. Who wears glasses or contact lenses in everyday life is instructed in the holidays it. A good pair of sunglasses is just as important: just who sits longer driving and is on the road in an alien environment, white to the need for good visibility. To make sure no harm in a reminder on the packing list.

6 music radio stations in foreign countries have their charm, relaxed holiday feeling you but rather has its own good feeling music. Therefore better at home tailored to a varied mix of holiday moods, experiences and own music taste assemble, transfer to your MP3 player and go run through the sound system of the holiday cars. There are technical adapter for cassette recorders or CD decks in stores. 7. toys for kids a drive, that’s funny! Nevertheless the young on the back every now and then just needs the favorite cuddly toy.

Or the plastic heroes, the firetruck, the Barbie doll, game boy, etc. Something on the road to confide on great ride and feels at home. Before the holiday carefully select what to do. Best in a game bag, which can be space-saving attached behind the driver’s or passenger’s seat, store the favorite toys then at hand. 8 sunscreen on a round trip seems protected in the shade of the roof of the car to spend much time. Car windshields reflect UV rays but, it can not harm to protect the skin against sunburn even while driving. Just in the pharmacy ask, what is recommended. 9. information on road traffic regulations in the country even in the Traffic rules for drivers vary European neighbouring countries frequently from home. Remote locations have often very different rules. Information in advance is therefore essential, because ignorance does not protect against punishment. 10 mobile & co. There will be many occasions where one wants to join with other people in contact by phone. Example, is in the hotel decision to give that they are late. Or to make appointments on the way. In an emergency you can get mobile also an emergency call. Mobile phones are now the standard of living and avoid travelling by no means should comfort reasons. Similarly with other electronic tools such as calendar, address books, Netbooks and co: who is used in everyday life it do without travelling on the practical helpers. And should therefore necessarily place them on his vacation packing list. Booking information: All car hire deals from holiday cars are in the travel office, telephone number 0180 5 17 91 91 (14 cents / min.) or see to book. About holiday cars: holiday cars, a subsidiary of, holiday car hire offers over 100 destinations in more than 5,000 rental stations and the world’s largest broker is with more than one million rentals a year. For more press information: Doris Schinagl holiday cars gmbh phone: + 49 (0) 89 17 92 14 14

China has much more to offer than Communism even though China has succeeded, to allow many prejudices of Westerners out of the way, there is still an amazing number of misconceptions about the most populous country, which undoubtedly require a correction. If you are considering a trip to China, you will determine that the country as one of the world’s largest economic powers has more to offer than just dragons and Kung Fu. Probably notice at home more similarities with the life, than you expected. It seems like many of the preconceived notions about China have changed hardly since the cold war, otherwise as the land itself, which has become the fastest growing economies in the world. Contrary to many prejudices, China is in itself not a dangerous country for visitors. Furthermore, not all government officials are corrupt and Chinese women are not submissive men.

Visitors are of course substantial differences between life in developed cities such as Beijing or establish Shanghai and backward rural areas. But if city life is more comfortable for you, you will find high-tech electronics, well-stocked stores and amusement parks, which are geared to the needs of travelers from abroad. You will be surprised by the variety of Chinese cuisine that goes far beyond the menus, that you come to expect from local Chinese restaurants. Even the Government of the People’s Republic of China, which is fundamentally communist, represents a kind of communism, which differs considerably from that of the former Soviet Russia. She embodies a distinctive change of course since the times of Mao’s by she has opened up many aspects of capitalism. The Chinese Government among the least centralized in the world, why municipal and other provincial governments are in constant competition, to offer the best quality of life of its inhabitants. Despite all these similarities, a fundamentally different experience awaits visitors to China compared with the remaining Part of the world, but of course only, when she opens the new opportunities of the country and not just upon arrival next visit that McDonalds or Starbucks. The digital revolution has brought China closer to the rest of the world. Means for you, that you stay home just when visiting the country with your contacts in conjunction can this as in any other country in the world also. Because the majority of the country has a good Internet infrastructure, it is now easier than ever, regardless of the place of residence in the world to send emails or cheap call to China.

Challenge and chance experience the great wall of China is the only, built man-made object, is to recognize that even from the moon. The gigantic masonry attracts numerous tourists who want to see with my own eyes this highlight. But many pilgrims who wish to may reflect a little hiking over the wall and finding yourself, come here. The travel portal presents the impressive building. Badaling is the wall in the best condition.

In the place visited by many tourists, the wall sections were restored and offer a majestic sight. In more outlying places like Jinshanling or Simatai, the wall is, however, still a little quaint. While Badaling countless tourist guide available, leading along the great wall of China the way away from the souvenir shops are uneven and requires a little skill during the ascent. For every type of trip so the right offer: who in his travels ( offer flat rate) is convenience, can enchant by the hustle and bustle of Chinese merchants Let. Enjoy who wants to explore the Marvel in turn in accordance with nature, can work with a local guide who discover remote routes and the great wall all on its own”.

Basically, China is good all year round travel. May, September and October are recommended but the months. A valid passport and a visa is required for entry. Those who opt for the more remote route between Jinshanling and Simatai, should allow time for the achievement of the other place good four to five hours. Access to this section about four euros. More travel information on China:… / China Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH