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The eagle and the hen: A metaphor of the condition human being. 46 ed. Petrpolis RIO DE JANEIRO: voices, 2008. Midraxe-bagad eagle and of the hen and the reflections that excite questions that demand clarifications for them will belong to the permanent agenda of the human being. It was a favour to the eagle to have joined a good samaritano helped that it to recoup the directions and to fully come back to be healthy and that somebody despertasse the interior fire of its identity.

The arqutipos are always ambivalent: positives and negatives. Therefore it comes loaded of emotion and allure. The times to search solutions that we can define our objectives through an interior release of which we human beings have our positive and negative sides. Therefore we were and we make right in the search of bigger objective and this is a metaphor of the life where is the eagles of the knowledge without fear to fight and testing our limits because in the agent life it stops a battle she is always it of victory or defeat In this boarding is about as we can manage our lives organizing it so that future let us can spoon our fruits that we plant and is this that this workmanship brings of as following the search of the conquests of the bloom of the love, the happiness of productive experiences as base in the matureness of the wisdom of the life. It is necessary that we despertemos inside to the eagle that exists inside of together us to construct a better world. Therefore, the workmanship of Leonardo Boff has as to clarify and to help as we intend to gain height and to be heroes of our proper Saga and is in this process everything has to see with everything in all the moments and all circumstances. Nets of relations involve to all, forming an incommensurable dynamic system and always opened the news acquisitions. The human being is part of this all and occupies inside of it a singular place for being conscientious and ethical with the mission to take care of of the common house that of inheritance. Manaus, June 2011 Academic of administration 1 period group 111 nocturnal room 08.