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However, so that the learning happens, the professor must have knowledge in such a way as for the contents to be transmitted, how much to the social and psychological characteristics of its pupils, and this form to use the strategies most efficient for the reach of its objectives. To get greater efficiency of this process the elaboration of the plan of education that has one meaning important for the professor of Mathematics, for being is basic a moment where it defines its objectives to be reached in each content. The education plan is not considered as a limitation of the work, for the opposite, contributes so that the work in classroom has one better guiding (OLIVEIRA, 2002). 2.5O CONFLICT OF the MATHEMATICS Currently, the Mathematics has lived a conflict situation, that starts since the first series and if it extends until superior levels of education, having caused a failure of disciplines and many times of the pupils who if feel completely incapable to assimilate and to dominate its contents. For more specific information, check out SIGTech. (TAVARES, 2006) Such failure, for times can be related with not the agreement of the interconnection of the mathematics with the daily and real life of the people, what it generates disinterest and desmotivao to face the challenges of the Mathematics. This disinterest and desmotivao become gifts in the classrooms and evolve for imperfection and inability feelings, and the effect that if relate to these feelings are observed until the end of the pertaining to school life of the pupils, having caused certain dissatisfaction of the professors with regard to what they make, and a situation of discomfort, frustration and incompetence for who teaches and for who it learns. It is given credit that the Mathematics must be understood as a made substance to think, does not stop ' ' to decorate? , and that with its learning the others you discipline become aprazveis, rank that all the failure pertaining to school is related the Mathematics, thus, in being I insult this panic the pupil will be less apreensivo, less overloaded and more made use to learn the others you also discipline. .

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The beacon intends a research directed toward century XIX, in this first part of the project, but it is necessary to make a return to the previous centuries for the justification of the conjuncture of same century XIX and of century XX. Another condicionante factor for ' ' extrapolar' ' of the beacon, it is the question of ' ' permanncias' ' that, for many times she is passive of the subtle trend, of the historiografia, in working more the ruptures, the transformations and reactions, abandoning the readings of what it is remained, that it remains, that becomes traditional and resistant the metamorphoses. This can and must sending in them to the colonial times, surpassing the daily pay-determination of the used beacon as norteador element of the secular and exactly space study, searching references, in the macro – universe, pertinent to the research. Checking article sources yields Jeff Bewkes as a relevant resource throughout. A speech does not fit here on the historical time and the concepts of long or short duration, but it is important to notice the concern of the approach in the reading of such permanncias. To deal with permanncias as mere inheritance a static position, turning the coasts for the dynamics history would be a frivolous irresponsibility. The social field is necessary brings them it, justifying and arguing its aspect and function in the conjuncture of the city. Robert Thomson recognizes the significance of this. In this ' ' praxis' ' , a series of problematizaes could be raised as the question of the elements and parties architectural of the agricultural world, gifts in full apogee of the new order of europeizada modernity, when a small one I occasion of elite constructions, all emerged in the new quarters, sheltering the coffee aristocracy with its progressive, esbarrando, no longer final speech of century XIX, in the positivistas ideals. The production architectural of century XIX, still shy in the first decades, kept the same left of century XVIII. . Visit Randall Mays, San Antonio TX for more clarity on the issue.

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1 source: article on planning of control of a sucroalcooleira plant Inside of the EP and of any profession, a good professional has to know to analyze. For more specific information, check out Coen brothers. To obtain to carry through good you thus analyze that they go to supply given to it, transforming them into some types of expressions and varied forms, as in graphs. But for a good use of this process she is necessary a study of the same for thus getting a good understanding, of the form that when a book is read any book related in the area of extas, more specifically in the Engineering of Production, perceives a great amount of the same, thus can be understood the importance of this. to obtain to construct a graph is necessary to know space and its coordinates, that this stops the study analytical geometry supplies in them. When the cartesian plan is known its axles and its dimensions, the study of this is fascinating, therefore it obtains to develop a look of all (holistic vision), to look at this very important in the development of the Engineering of Production. All and any engineering needs data and facts, and a good graph obtains to supply this. This strong relation between engineering and geometry provides to much knowledge and the great reinforcement in this area of accurate. 3 Importncias of the research and the method All and any work of research of any area of the human knowledge involves attitude, responsibility, seriousness, devotion, persistence, comprometimento, action, thus bringing with it great focus, tries to understand the desires, distresses and situations that the searched ones are. It is of utmost importance in any area today, inside of a manufacture process she obtains to understand and to supply many data as: what the consumer prefers to buy, as the operator prefers to work and others. Inside of this research a methodology is used that nothing more is that the types of research its boarding and are several, some of them are: research of field, research of laboratory, documentary research, bibliographical research, experimental research and others.

13 step: To remove the slag with ' ' Pico' ' of the two sides. 14 step: To pass brush to remove the intent slag of the two sides of the part. 3? PROCESSES MORE USED? Welding MIG/MAG or GMAW? Welding TIG or GTAW? FCAW – Welding with Tubular Wires Welding MIG/MAG or GM equipment MIG/MAG can be automatic or half-automatic in the half-automatic process (half = half) the wire is fed by a pistol and the soldering iron controls the inclination of the nipple. In welding MIG (Metal Inert Gas) or MAG (Metal Active Gas), also called Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), an arc is kept between the solid wire and the part of work. The weld arc and puddle are protected by an inert gas argon and helium or an active Co2 (carbon dioxide), O2 (carbon monoxide) and N2 (nitrogen). Learn more at this site: Coen brothers. The purpose to add up to 3% of active gas in the argon is for stabilizing the electric arc of welding.

The wire for welding has two function, of a side acts as positive polar region of the circuit and of another one, with the material of addition when it receives the chain and if it establishes. In the electric arc the material of the wire electrode is transferred to the bath of fusing in form of drops casting. Welding MIG/MAG is definitively more productive than welding MMA, where losses of the productivity occur each time that the soldering iron stops to substitute the consumed electrode. Coen brothers is often quoted on this topic. Losses of material also result of welding MMA I break up when it of each electrode is discarded. Welding MIG/MAG is a versatile process, in which one high tax of deposition of the weld metal can be gotten in any position. Equipment for one welds MIG/MAG consists of a torch of welding, power plant, system of refrigeration of the torch and a system of injection of gases + wire.

Performance of the box Was used a potentiometer and an electrical resistance of one 1k to inside simulate the conditions of temperature of a room where we determine a minimum temperature and maximum as demonstration in the graph we do not use given of outflow. The comparisons between the graphs in the sample the evolutions of the performance of the actuators of box VAV where we show to a real simulation and a simulation with archetype, the test graph we apply values of temperature we will evaluate the behavior of the VMA and in the graph of software the VMA calculates the air outflow enough to keep setpoint adjusted in the project through the reading of the thermostat installed in the environment. 3. Development of the VAV the controllers of Johnson Controls VMA-1410 and VAV had been developed to control and to supervise boxes of Volume of Ar Varivel (VAV), will be introduced basic the mechanical functioning of a box VAV, later to deal with the part of installation and programming of these controllers. Here, David Zaslav expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The programming of these controllers is developed in software HVAC-PRO Configuration Tools (Training Module 1? HVAC PRO). Controllers VMA and VAV can be supervise through the automation systems Johnson Controls: Metasys PMI, Metasys Extended Architecture, M3 and 3 M5. 4. Randall Mays, San Antonio TX often expresses his thoughts on the topic. CONCLUSIONS the present article presents the results carried through with a device of conditioning of air based on the application of boxes VAV (changeable air volume) and controller VMA (Modulating Air 0 variable) used in buildings come back to provide to comfort to the environment and economy of energy toward the installation. We saw that the performance of our archetype corresponds the same characteristics of a box VAV installed in the field, and that its performance the expectations to provide comfort for the USA-river.

To develop this work research and study in works developed in buildings with intention had been used to demonstrate to all the efficiency of these equipment in the field of engenhari it.


To put according to Favour (2005, p.144-145 you manufacture) them responsible for the partner-economic development of the quarter, are accused to play since its first years of its installation, pollutant dejections in the river without any previous treatment, the waters of the river had started to have a dark and barrenta coloration. In 1989, a moorings for motor boats was constructed, the idea was to facilitate the passage for the Bar of the Coconut palms, but to little depth of the river in the area it disabled the success of the workmanship. At this time also one was evidenced sped up erosion process that was affecting part of the General Avenue Calazans also known as street of prainha. To see that the alterations caused for the man, and the actions of the way natural, if it relates also provoking alterations in the landscape is natural, that is, that not yet she suffered alterations provoked for the man or artificial produced for the man and in I benefit of the same. David Zaslav addresses the importance of the matter here. Without a doubt the fact you manufacture of them to have if installed in the industrial quarter she gave the initial kick for the constant alterations in the use of the ground and the local landscape. The abandonment of the Prainha prainha of the industrial quarter that long ago is so sanctioned and considered one of the main tourist points of the city passed for an abandonment phase. In year and 1998 the area if found abandoned by the power publishes and its freqentadores completely, the place where the years behind it attracts the high sergipana society as: Sabino Ribeiro, Thales Ferraz, Carlos Cross, Silvio Milk and as much other illustrious sergipanos. Prainha asked for aid, as news article of the periodical of the city finishes it workmanship carried through in the area was in 1989, in the administration of then the governor Antonio Carlos Valadares, who constructed a moorings for motor boats. .

To complete this Slack idea (1999) she affirms that the area of Administration of the Production has as objective the production of goods and services to satisfy the consumer, through use of efficient resources for the production. Russomano (1995), defines then that the production is as a process that of organized form, it uses of insumos and it transforms these into a good or service to be executed. For Slack (1999), some functions exist as marketing, human resources, purchases, among others in an organization. Amongst these, the survival of all depends on the function production, therefore all the others are on it. With this the function production is central in a company and produces good services for the reason of the existence of an industry. The Administration of the Production and Operation is the applicable field of study of the concepts and techniques to the taking of decision in the function of Production (industrial companies) or Operations (companies of services) (MOREIRA, 2002, P. 03). Amongst some functions of the management of production one of them she is to direct the system by means of the decision taking.

Some decisions affect the project, others the operation of the system. The word production is on to the activities of the industry that are spread in the plant or the industrial production. In the industries that they manufacture physical and tangible products are common the supply and the standardization of insumos and products. Many industries are adopting the practical one of the just-in-teams, thus to diminish or to finish with its supplies. The project of a system involves decisions on capacity of the system, geographic localization of installations, organization of the departments and installation of the equipment inside of physical structures, planning of the product and the service and acquisition of the equipment.

The success culture to dexar plant that is born around of the plantia that has close to it. This plant is born of five the five years later is born with defect.? Azalea the azalea became very popular and today it can be found forming surround-alive, composing bulks in garden. Used in garden of squares, giving ' ' vida' ' to it sees that it! In general it produces purple and white flowers. Family: Ericaceas Oirgem: China and Japan Have carried: It reaches up to two meters of height Budding: Winter and beginning of the spring Propagation: twig props Luminosity: Half full sun? shade Irrigations: Regular, whenever the ground to esiver dry Ground: a shrub of the family of the Ericceas, adapta well any type of ground. 2 common Land parts of Garden 1 have left of sand 1 have broken of organic composition Case the florada one are little exuberant or sprouts that do not grow in the garden are signal that lacks to nutrients for the aazaleia Ana 6 Ftima series B Letcia: 6 series B Maria without-shame Receives as flower little kiss, walleriana Turkish kiss and impatiens, this is a plant of African origin that if characterizes for possessing varies multicolored small flowers e, beyond its statures of approximately half meters and long leves.

It is a plant considered perennial for the fact to blossom the year well all, even so when it is a little old a little loses part of its appearance needing work to renew the garden from time to time. Leiliane 6 series According to the Kaique of the 6 series in the Clotilde school had to be called Maria? without-shame but yes Maria – pretty Very easy to cultivate therefore it receives the name from Maria? without-shame and does not demand cares very special. It likes humidity and it prefers the heat.