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Would wish for money, because they can buy everything. How to handle that kind of money? No, maybe a house? And what kind of house? Maybe happiness and health? What is happiness? How to make a choice, so you do not feel sorry for? But just decide it is not easy. No desire to do something, we generally do not do anything. We go to work – want to earn money to live on. Paying the bills – we wish to live in comfort. All around is based on our desires.

So, me and surprised that some people do not want to imagine a better life. They live a life that is free of desires. Can not afford to even dream about. Then how to achieve a better life? If even this does not want? Have you ever met a successful real estate agent or insurance broker, dealer or just behind the counter, who does not desire to succeed? I think not. If they would not have the desire, they would not have succeeded, and would be sitting somewhere in a corner and do not represent themselves. The bottom line is that the first on the road to a better life that desire. People such as Robert Iger would likely agree. To get started simply Wish, that you necessary. Credit: CBS-2011.

Allow yourself to dream. Let it be a pipe, but this would be your dream. Believe me, you will not lose anything, but only get the opportunity to implement it. For example: I once had to go to one bus with a little girl and her mother. The girl told her mother that her dream is chocolate on the trees. My mother tried to convince her daughter that it was impossible and that is not always as you want it. The girl was angry and crying. And then said, ‘Mom, I want it so! “. After spending some time, I caught the eye of the transfer, describing the technology of preparation of chocolate. And what I saw there, I was so amazed. Cocoa beans, from which the produced chocolate actually grow on trees! And then the bus and no one thought about it. It turns out that the little girl’s dream is feasible, even though my mother and tried to convince her otherwise. Of course this is not, then which wanted a girl, but because now no one will say that chocolate does not grow on trees, is not it? What appears to be unattainable, it could well happen, you just can not guess, under any circumstances. Is not it silly to deny themselves of the opportunity to dream, just because it seems unreal? To say that a dream is something unrecognizable and unattainable, I will not undertake. In life anything can happen. It all depends on which side to watch. Ask yourself where does the desire to do something or have something? If there is a desire, then obviously we have a certain predisposition to it is, and chances to reach us is much higher than the rest. If you really like football and you dream to become a football player, who quickly learn to play well you or your friend who dreams of becoming a chess player? You know what I mean? Beautiful words said about it.

Can you imagine afford the initial costs? Homework – a kind of business, and start a business without at least a minimal amount of training and materials possible. Of course, employers can not provide them for everyone free, and this should take it easy, but consider some points. In particular, understanding that for various reasons, to work, you may not all take shape smoothly, do not put it in large amounts, and the more borrowed funds. If you do not have spare money that could pay for tuition without damage to itself, better look for a job where initial investment is required.

The real cost. This follows from the preceding paragraph. In considering proposals for out-work, mentally measure of the cost. If you offer to pay a few thousand, for example, a study of manufacturing technology of candles – compare this price with the cost of training courses in your area. This takes into account the duration of such courses, guarantee of employment after their passage and other details. In the case of the requirement for collateral materials reflect, whether they are those money that they ask for. If the company has nothing to hide, you rush to pay no one will, but any unhealthy excitement should alert you.

Can we just try? It is often difficult to immediately determine Do you fit this job. It is not excluded that the technology is too complicated for you. If an employer is decent, then the contract probably provides for the manufacture of test batch of goods, so you can assess their capabilities, and the employer – the quality of your work. For even more opinions, read materials from Hugh Naylor. For example, it could be a few candles and ceramic tiles. But when you buy a large batch at once the source material and do not take it Conversely, it should make you think. Will your product in demand? Often, organizations that offer domestic work, engaged in the production of goods is not entirely conventional. If this employer does not he is going to buy you the finished product, it makes sense to ask in advance about the possibilities of future product sales. Try to assess their products – would you buy it yourself, and how many were willing to pay? Ask The same question for potential buyers. If you do not have the firm conviction that your product will sell well, it makes little sense to risk their money and free time.

There, as Typically, on the basis of interviews can not distinguish the amateur from the professional, but for 2-3 months, assessing the practical results of their work, understand that the value of such an employee is zero. Therefore, a prerequisite of such Specialists in the interview – a high salary for a probationary period. A few months later they are placed in a new ad network for a job, providing it with new lines of "valuable" hands-on experience gained your new job. In this case, because of the huge demand in the labor market for specialists in the field of Internet marketing, they are almost idle and can easily find a new job. We have attempted to systematize all Internet experts in the Moscow market of labor, summarizing our experience in hundreds of interviews. That's what we have.

Now in the labor market, there are four types of potential experts on Internet technology: 1. Employees worked at a firm specializing in creating websites and promoting them, who want more pay and peace of mind, without ambition. As a rule, they know a little of everything. Such candidates in the labor market in Moscow, about 20% 2. Freelancers, former employees of Internet companies who work from home on private orders or tried to create my own business, but they did not work. They are tired of the uncertainty, I wanted to guaranteed wage and tranquility.

They will continue to continue to work on projects "on the side" even after the device for a permanent job in the office, naturally at the expense of the working time for a new job. Such specialists at least 15% of the total number of applicants. 3. Employees who worked on the support site for commercial organizations. They usually have a great track record of employment (from three to seven) for 3-12 months at each location. They could go all the way before the first and second groups. At the interviews they say that they frequently change jobs, because we have achieved the maximum result, there is no room for growth or link to inappropriate management. When asked what results they have achieved, begin to describe what they did. Ie confuse the result and the process. However, even at leading questions can not somehow be formulated, as a result of these actions. They just never thought about it. Most of these candidates – about 60% of proposals to Moscow in the labor market. 4. Employees of the previous three groups who are really interested in professional growth, interest work in a successful Internet company, working with skilled professionals who have what to learn. They are interested in participating in large and complex projects, are interested in getting involved in actual results from these projects. Unfortunately these professionals in the labor market is not more than 5%. We very much hope that your company will be able to find a specialist type 4, although our experience shows that the probability of this is extremely small. Alex Sobolev Commercial Director of Internet Agency Artus This material was first published on the Internet site of the agency Artus. At full or partial quoting reference to reserved.

How to approach this issue, says Alexander Gavrin, Director General of Science and Technology Center "Russian technology business": Reasons for increase in salary may be several, but separate they can be in two groups: formal and informal. First, we discuss formal reasons. In a question-answer forum Leslie Moonves was the first to reply. When you get a job, then the stipulations that have considered it acceptable. Russian legislation provides that the employer and employee must sign a contract – it is there spelled out conditions under which the possible administrative growth, as well as the payment system of your work. If done correctly, the conversation about salary increase becomes meaningless. You own an instrument of calculation, according to which themselves can be considered as you have earned in the current period. That is, the more clearly spelled out your evaluation forms labor, the more likely to avoid conflict or ambiguous interpretations in the future. But if you work and can not see its growth, before the authorities blame, try to objectively evaluate yourself by answering simple questions: I am engaged in self-education? Is my education office, and whether it is time to think about such things is not quite pleasant as distance learning on the profile or professional training? Do I understand from does the money for my salary? How is the salary of the total flow of money flowing to the account of the organization? Do I think an organization where I work, my? Do all program development Personnel, adopted by the company? And it is not worth it to join? Interesting for me all the events happening in the company? Do I know the strategic prospects of the organization? Try to check prices on currently in the labor market. nt Partners).