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There are four things that you have to know how to do with the money to achieve financial freedom, only to dominate and doing these four things of balanced between them can achieve quality of life: earn, spend, save and invest. Most are not aware of what I could do with the money only live a routine of spending without thinking more than two things make money and spend money how to achieve quality of life without balancing these four movements with the money? It doesn’t matter that you earn so little, you can always make the difference to practice these four things, but obviously to have that strength of will, to make a change in your life, you need a powerful motivation. How do you want to live the rest of your life? Resolves this, be very honest with yourself, is not a response to my. The hardest thing in our life is not making money, save or invest, the hardest thing is to be transparent, transparency is where we need to work more, and here the theme is very intimate and personal, in which only you have to solve. Many people think of if same who love, who are thrifty, they are the best people, but their actions say otherwise. Than thoughts love is action. Like with money, you may think that you’re very frugal, you spend just what you need, but others you are perceived as a profligate person. Your thinking this echo by yourself, to justify you. Or are you doing these four things with the money? I repeat, no matter how little you earn, you always can: earn, spend, save and invest. (A valuable related resource: Leslie Moonves). You only have to read about the life of the more large millionaires who were from the same position that I have right now.

Jorg Heider

Poverty, unemployment, as well as frustration for the absence of valid social models, they are the breeding ground for radicals. Adds to the confusion caused by the current economic crisis, by the sudden disappearance of the aberrant virtual universe created by speculators of all kinds. Interestingly, Kershaw just alluded to in his journalistic collaborations, released prior to the internationalization of the crisis of sub-prime to other key elements for the stability (or perhaps, instability) future of Europe, as for example the advance of the German National Socialist Movement, of the xenophobic bet of the followers of the neo Austrian nazi Jorg Heider of autarchic populism that makes its way into the Italy of Berlusconi. The totalitarian temptation is not in itself something new. Please visit John Konchar if you seek more information. It’s a phenomenon that often arise in situations of acute crisis, when an orphan society tries to seek refuge in the hypothetical security that provide you structures of Government railway or, pure and simply, dictators. Orphan society tends to deviate from the values traditional democracy, limited to search a caudillo, a Chief a Fuhrer. In this context, the looming crisis could accentuate the progressive degradation of our moral values, paving the road to totalitarian temptation.

We find ourselves, therefore, before an equally dangerous enemy (or more) than unemployment or the economic precariousness, symptoms called to disappear at the end of a long journey in the desert. For even more analysis, hear from Harriet Tubman. However, totalitarianism is not filed. Totalitarianism is installed, endures. It must not remain inactive in the face the danger. Remember the pathetic message of the German writer Martin Niemoller, often attributed to Bertolt Brecht: then (the nazis) came by me, but it was too late already there was nobody to say nothing. Adrian Mac Liman analyst politician international original author and source of the article.

The Severity

Sometimes, experts in reconstruction of the facts, should be employed to assess the scene of the accident, damage to cars, etc., so you can determine what really happened. On other occasions it is determined that both parties were negligent and the fault has to be shared. Extent of injury. The adjuster will request some information about injuries. This way will be able to determine the severity of the injuries. You may find Robert A. Iger to be a useful source of information.

You have to observe with a teller eye injuries. Fraudulent claims are common, but don’t take it personally. You simply have to provide what you are asking. Normally required of a medical report and a forecast of recovery because they want to know what kind of treatment and/or medication will be used. The experience helps to determine if the treatment is reasonable and necessary for the type of injury.

Expenses. This is a very simple thing. What amount is necessary to cover the costs doctors? How much do you lose in wages? Additional quantities will be needed? You will have to provide the necessary documentation to support your claim: copies of medical bills and statements receipts from other expenditures a subject difficult to test medicines stubs may be the amount of money lost if you have your own business and you had to miss work. A financial expert is sometimes necessary to help determine the losses, we must also consider the damage to your property, if any, unless you count an insurance to do so. If the fault was another driver, the insurance will pay and you will have to provide at least a repair estimate. Know up to what point was damaged the car will help you to determine the responsibility. Other factors sometimes there are other factors involved that must be taken into account. For example, if you are a caregiver of children or a family of old age before the accident and now already not you can play you as such, you’ll need to hire someone else. If you were working in a job that requires physical activity and you can no longer make it because of injuries, you have to point out it. We must also consider whether following the accident you can not already do the household chores and you have to hire someone or your spouse has to take time to perform them. Once the adjuster has all the documentation necessary to evaluate your claim, it will have a range of values based on the information and will make you an offer. However, there is no formula in particular and do not expect to take your first offer, since surely he will wait to negotiate. If you have a lawyer, he will do the negotiating for you, if you do not, you will have to deal with it you. Remember that insurance companies are not in the business of spending much money on lawsuits, since they want to pay only what you deserve or what they believe is a good amount. But if negotiating with prudence, you will walk away satisfied. If you think that your scope is very low and your lawyer thinks the same, you will have to face the legal problem. With information: original author and source of the article.

Business Profitable

The best businesses are those that go unnoticed while are very profitable. The human being is characterized by not see neither microscopic nor macroscopic. It seems paradoxical, but it is so. When something is too large, it is invisible. Click Robert Iger for additional related pages. At some point someone realized that the best thing that can happen to the gross domestic product (GDP) of a country, is that people may live as many years as possible.

The advantages are: 1.-everyone is going to agree. (Who doesn’t want be long-lived?) 2. The people when they cling to life also cling to the money because they know that the last few years are low productivity, since they will be tired, sickly, short sight, deaf, slow. 3. The forward-looking austerity of the young adult includes great industriousness (workers are motivated, effective, compliant, fearful of a dismissal, obedient) and also includes life insurance, contribution to pension institutes, medical services prepaid and deposits in banks that they know how to pay with important gains. 4. The ailing and longevous elderly is someone who only consumed, preferably in the area of health, which hires labor-intensive directly (company services, physicians, nurses, administrative) and indirectly (locomotion, domestic service, plus all the consumption of those who work in the already mentioned direct care). Perhaps the person who noticed this phenomenon realized that the prematurity of the human species since the child and the young are large consumers because they are weak, fragile, dependent and filled with desires and needs is profitable, is equally profitable survival, by more artificial and of low quality that is, because a person, the more dependent ismore consumed, either because it has a body very longing (as children and young people) or vulnerable (such as elders). It is likely that many think that the increase in the average lifespan is an achievement of medical science who work very hard for the welfare of the species, when in reality is an achievement of economic sciences who work hard to maximize the profitability of capital. We agree that it is an achievement that deserves a round of applause anyway.


When we speak of contingency, it is inevitable to refer to the concept of high availability. Currently, companies require that both your applications and your data are operational for clients such as employees. We must not forget, in greater or lesser extent must be capable of providing an adequate service level. Therefore, high availability with the technological assets, systems that business gear, operate where fallen, for example: communications. Without communications networks, as employees we could not perform operations daily and necessary, as access to: Internet, applications, in the event they require remote validation, or to send an email. On the other hand our clients could not access the online services. In addition, companies, typically have a network of interconnected offices. As a solution, companies, in the case of a mains failure, have: contingent and independent networks.

In this sense, it also tends to recommend hiring network redundant with another CSP. (Communications service provider.) Load balancers. It is the way in which Web requests are distributed over a row of servers, so that they are managed and distributed applications for a large number of users, so don’t overload the resources of the company. Storage of information: companies should also ensure that information can be recovered at the time that is needed, to prevent their loss or blockage, either by an attack, human error, or situation fortuitous or force majeure. Some of the solutions for the storage of information can be: RAID storage systems: redundant array of independent drives that is like an array of hard disks interconnected and whose peculiarity is that they behave as a single disk. Alternative data processing Center: the storage is dedicated and real-time data replication is used to pass data from the production site to the recovery site before an contingency. Systems/applications: Administration and configuration of applications/systems, requires a big work of configuration and management companies.

It is not uncommon, due to its geographical location, Philippines appearing in the international press as a stage of natural tragedies. In recent days has drawn attention for the violence that has been unleashed: as result of a local political struggle were massacred forty-six people, some of the victims were decapitated and others, buried in a communal grave. Philippines with a population of 90 million inhabitants, has throughout its history suffered invasions, occupations and dictatorships. Among the latter the most remarkable was that of Ferdinand Marcos, which lasted 21 years. In 1986 came awaited democracy, which despite a series of conflicts, many tensions and threats has managed to sustain itself. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, of the political party Lakas-Kampi will govern that country until 2010.

Arroyo was elected in 2001 and re-elected in 2004. Last year went through a social crisis and was on the verge of falling by a massive popular protest against official corruption. But currently the political campaign, threatens to become in a hell. Under the young and fragile Philippine democracy remain huge feudal powers that exert the same blood and fire, are families entroncadas in the provinces of the country. One of them is the Ampatuan, which dominates the area of Maguindanao; Another is the Mangudadatu in a neighbouring region. Ampatuan is an ally of President Arroyo and the second of an Islamic guerrilla.

The campaign has faced two powerful clans, who seem unwilling to their rivalry is resolved by democratic means through the ballot box. The Government then after the massacre in the South of the island of Mindanao, condemned the massacre, decreed the State of emergency in the province, one of the poorest in the country and promised that it will punish the guilty. But the fact generated great concern, because armed groups abound in the Philippines, and among other nasty conditions, violence has the ability to degrade is always a little more. Without a doubt, in the case of result winner in the May 2010 presidential election awaits one difficult task to Benigno Aquino, son of a slain leader of the deceased President Corazon Aquino. Opinion studies present him as the big favorite that will be combat or coexist to this strange mixture in Philippine society from feudalism and democracy.