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Culture is the basis of organizational performance. The success of the transformation projects largely depends on talent and the ability of management to suit the culture time, operating on some components, which in the medium term, set-up a new set of beliefs more in line with the new reality of the business. Discovery Communications gathered all the information. 1. Internal organization organizational architecture: for processes, functions, teams example: A functional organization that happens to be based on working groups, requires a set of skills and values (work teamwork, cooperation, empowerment, conflict management and communication skills), which hitherto could not be required. In addition to the form of relate, the system of Government must also be seen: the way in which distributes the power, access to information, systems of control and dependence.

2 Systems of evaluation and compensation compensation systems work as stimuli, looking for required behaviors. This It is independent if are applying management by objectives, competencies and similar. There must be consistency with the evaluation and compensation systems. Example of dysfunction: company that is geared towards a structure and compensation based on performance by teams, but maintains a system of evaluation and individual compensation in operation. 3.

Systems of promotions, affiliations and layoffs strong cultures are characterized by their difficult access. Those wishing to enter must pass through by unpleasant rites of initiation. Passed this stage, are recognized as members of the Group and they are introduced in the codes and values of the same. They also have their own mechanisms of exclusion. The more solid is more powerful will be your application. Double-edged weapon? The cohesion of the group, can result in a high level of support. If established values and principles are respected. That is the Status quo. Such cohesion becomes resistance, if it contradicts or does not accept the ways of seeing things in the group. Remember: all change brings with it a questioning, at least partially, of the principles and values existing in the Organization 4.-leadership style and processes address the leaders determine and convey the culture of an organization a careful look at the behaviors of a leader can give us signs of the kind of culture that is managing this. The point is: to observe. I should observe? 4.1.-At which issues lend special attention? 4.2 Who are interested in measuring? 4.3 Control activities? 4.4 As it reacts to critical incidents and business crisis? 4.5 Depending on which criteria recruited, transferred and promoted to its people? In response, we can understand the culture of the Organization, since it reflects the true values and principles with which the leader manages the computers in the organization. It is true that it is a very intangible component, but it is the most effective.

It is not uncommon, due to its geographical location, Philippines appearing in the international press as a stage of natural tragedies. In recent days has drawn attention for the violence that has been unleashed: as result of a local political struggle were massacred forty-six people, some of the victims were decapitated and others, buried in a communal grave. Philippines with a population of 90 million inhabitants, has throughout its history suffered invasions, occupations and dictatorships. Among the latter the most remarkable was that of Ferdinand Marcos, which lasted 21 years. In 1986 came awaited democracy, which despite a series of conflicts, many tensions and threats has managed to sustain itself. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, of the political party Lakas-Kampi will govern that country until 2010.

Arroyo was elected in 2001 and re-elected in 2004. Last year went through a social crisis and was on the verge of falling by a massive popular protest against official corruption. But currently the political campaign, threatens to become in a hell. Under the young and fragile Philippine democracy remain huge feudal powers that exert the same blood and fire, are families entroncadas in the provinces of the country. One of them is the Ampatuan, which dominates the area of Maguindanao; Another is the Mangudadatu in a neighbouring region. Ampatuan is an ally of President Arroyo and the second of an Islamic guerrilla.

The campaign has faced two powerful clans, who seem unwilling to their rivalry is resolved by democratic means through the ballot box. The Government then after the massacre in the South of the island of Mindanao, condemned the massacre, decreed the State of emergency in the province, one of the poorest in the country and promised that it will punish the guilty. But the fact generated great concern, because armed groups abound in the Philippines, and among other nasty conditions, violence has the ability to degrade is always a little more. Without a doubt, in the case of result winner in the May 2010 presidential election awaits one difficult task to Benigno Aquino, son of a slain leader of the deceased President Corazon Aquino. Opinion studies present him as the big favorite that will be combat or coexist to this strange mixture in Philippine society from feudalism and democracy.

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