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The Integrated System Hospital encloses of complete form the diverse subjects that involve the Hospital Administration in institutions that have since a set of ten of stream beds until some hundreds. The SIH is a complete system of computer science for Hospitals and other institutions of health, that was developed by the Vector from its experience in systems and services of computer science for the area of the health, having informatizado in this process diverse institutions, presented in its portflio of customers. Discovery Communications often expresses his thoughts on the topic. SIH is a solution that understands all the administrative proceedings and clinical of the patient, and comes to the meeting of the aspirations of the Hospital Administrator and the Clinical Body, for the proportionate increment in the effectiveness, security, quality and rationalization of procedures. Basic point of the system is the handbook electronic, that if establishs connection with all the other modules of the system, as much in the support functions and clinical control how much in the administrative functions. The electronic handbook can also be had access by means of technology Internet, the criterion of the institution. This functionality can be complemented by the adoption of modern technologies of computation and telecommunications.

Detach the hand computers wireless, that if they communicate with the net of data and with the data bases saw radio frequency, allowing that the electronic handbook is consulted and brought up to date for the professionals even though to the side of the stream bed of the patient. Another basic item in the security and agility of the procedures is the adoption of bar code in the mobile computers and the collectors of data. It has increase in the security, the agility and the quality of the procedures, a trustworthy time that the technology can be applied in the fast identification and of the professionals that carries through the act, of the patient, of medicines that are being handled and even of the carried through examinations.

It’s no secret that many people experience this moment is not the best of times. Unemployment has hit many can afford, and if the person and work, the employer, under the cover of crisis, does not pay tribute to the salary for all “Sauces.” What you can find a way out of this situation? You can find shabashku and do part-and it is possible as is the case with me to turn a hobby into a decent income at home. By the way so many beginners, and many secretly do not slowly turned his hobby into basic pay at home. You’re just you have any inclinations. And I assure you, if you to them, with due attention, then it may turn out, not a bad company. Someone he likes cars, someone nice knits, someone versed in the radio, someone knows how to repair clocks, all areas not uchtesh because their set. Maybe you possess any skills that need other people. For example, do you know foreign languages. In turn, I myself love to draw and I have it pretty well. As a child, he graduated from art school, which gave the knowledge of the fine arts.

And now When I “pressed”, I did what he could not come up with better, you start to paint and do modeling. But due to the fact that my inquiring mind would not let me rest, and I wanted to put on stream creating works of art (various copies and reproductions), I had to learn all the secrets of creating these items in large quantities at home. Opening the front of this knowledge, I own to form a step at their job, their business. And what you I wish, if you are, of course, is you want to earn at home Where to start? Zadash you quite a fair question. The answer may strike you with one hand, its ease of understanding and on the other side of its complexity in its performance. The main thing for a living at home, as well as everywhere is the desire, as well as setting a goal to which you must move systematically, stage by stage. To move in stages to prepare a small business plan. Try to take into account all moments of their earnings home. If possible pick a team or attract members of the family. Take over not only the organizational and managerial problems, but if you can financially, legally. This you cut costs. Constantly lead creative research in the decision to improve and increase productivity. Naturally, without detriment to the final product and labor law violations. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Iger . Sought out resources that will allow you to replace this as a financial resource. Replaces it with a resource: time, personal relationships, creativity, autonomy, etc. It increases their skills constantly. Know all the technological aspects of your home earnings Explore related aspects associated with the production of your product. Study your competitors, study market your products. Answer the question. What can you offer the consumer more in the implementation of its product than your nearest competitors. The general idea of all above stated such. On the site you sit as does not have, and will not work if you want to create a successful home income. Movement and work, work and movement will become your second “I”, but you’ll be a free man, and your freedom will be envied by many. Success. Regards Roman.