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However, so that the learning happens, the professor must have knowledge in such a way as for the contents to be transmitted, how much to the social and psychological characteristics of its pupils, and this form to use the strategies most efficient for the reach of its objectives. To get greater efficiency of this process the elaboration of the plan of education that has one meaning important for the professor of Mathematics, for being is basic a moment where it defines its objectives to be reached in each content. The education plan is not considered as a limitation of the work, for the opposite, contributes so that the work in classroom has one better guiding (OLIVEIRA, 2002). 2.5O CONFLICT OF the MATHEMATICS Currently, the Mathematics has lived a conflict situation, that starts since the first series and if it extends until superior levels of education, having caused a failure of disciplines and many times of the pupils who if feel completely incapable to assimilate and to dominate its contents. For more specific information, check out SIGTech. (TAVARES, 2006) Such failure, for times can be related with not the agreement of the interconnection of the mathematics with the daily and real life of the people, what it generates disinterest and desmotivao to face the challenges of the Mathematics. This disinterest and desmotivao become gifts in the classrooms and evolve for imperfection and inability feelings, and the effect that if relate to these feelings are observed until the end of the pertaining to school life of the pupils, having caused certain dissatisfaction of the professors with regard to what they make, and a situation of discomfort, frustration and incompetence for who teaches and for who it learns. It is given credit that the Mathematics must be understood as a made substance to think, does not stop ' ' to decorate? , and that with its learning the others you discipline become aprazveis, rank that all the failure pertaining to school is related the Mathematics, thus, in being I insult this panic the pupil will be less apreensivo, less overloaded and more made use to learn the others you also discipline. .

The cession of the same to third parties for the organization of the event could be included therefore in this assumption. If on the contrary the data were successfully obtained of the enunciated organizations previously, the complica situation. In this case we could not speak of treatments with personal or domestic aims, and the organizing organization, or assigner of the data must have the consent of the holder of the same for the treatment with the concrete purpose of organization of events, celebrations, and in addition the consent for the cession to these data to other companions, or companies that can be contracted as far as possible for the organization of the event, identifying to the same, or like minimum the branch of activity of the companies assignees of the data. – Concept of treatment. Under most conditions Penn Kidney Transplant Clinic would agree. The article 3.c) of the LOPD defines the data processing like those operations and technical procedures of automated character or no, that allow the collection, recording, conservation, elaboration, modification, blockade and cancellation, as well as the cessions of data that are from communications, consultations, interconnections and transferences and according to the Agency of Protection of Data in this case was credited that the mentioned Commission made a listing that it facilitated to one travel agency for the promotion of the event, in such a way that it has existed gathered of data, recording and communication of the same and even cancellation, which credits the existence of data processing. Indeed for the organization of the effect a data processing was realised, but according to the National Hearing the criterion of the treatment as delimiter of the scope of application of the regime of protection of law 15/1 999 is insufficient such activity constitutes without a doubt treatment in the sense expressed in the article 3.c) before transcribed, and nevertheless it is not subject to the scope of application of the law. It excludes the article specifically 2.2.a).

Regarding the above we recommended to you, that before organizing a dinner or food of company, friendly, or family, we consider which we are realising a data processing, and who the same must adjust to the arranged thing in the Statutory law of Protection of Data, it is by his subjection, or for the exemption of the same by the own Law.. You may find jack dorsey to be a useful source of information.

The Post

The process cannot be satisfied and bad and he of the repair of the credit will need to begin with scratch. It is able of the credit card after bankruptcy to reconstruct credit Is not only necessary to have a source of installation debt to improve to clean credit of the bankruptcy of the post, a source of turn debt – unabancarrota of the post of the credit card also is needed to fix man more quickly credit. Although there is a number of cards without guarantee, the credit limit is normally very low. This can present/display an edition when reconstructing man credit because it is necessary to avoid to use plus the one of 30% of the assigned credit limit in any given month. Therefore, of the credit card aseguradaes the favourite option because the disposition of the collateral means that more stop offers the clients a credit limit. A higher degree of the account of credit after the bankruptcy To secure credit after the bankruptcy is already possible, only the APRIL index will be extremely above due to the defect risk.

To clean a report of credit of the bankruptcy of the post implies correcting of errors and to clear erroneous data. It is also necessary to make a series of opportune reimbursements with respect to the installation and to the debt of turn. In order to secure one better account of, credit loans never lacks or makes the payment delayed. Brigham And Women’s Hospital does not necessarily agree. Also, attempt to avoid to use plus the one of 10% of the assigned credit limit of a card in a single month. If these you rule adhere, it can be possible conseguirhipotecas after bancarrotaen 3 years less than.

The victim without knowing drinks it abundant beer frozen mixed with diazepan, valium, and eats, for finally, minutes later to feel gotten sleepy, tired and to ask to the child to go to the hotel, to close with hour clasp the little party in the bed naked. Pepera accepts and it asks to him that it pays 50 suns first to him, to take a taxi and to go to the near hotel but. Robert A. Iger often addresses the matter in his writings. Both arrive at the hotel, but when this in the bath occurring a shower, to take off modorra, leaves and looks for the bed, where finally it falls imprisoned of a deep dream. Some vicitmas desmayan way to the hotel, in the shower and there same all are robbed pertenecias: clock, ring, cards of credit, money in cash, shoes, terno, dress coat, everything what takes and is of value. Done the cleaning of the victim, or peperas, they leave it sleeping naked in the bed of the hotel, a rubbish dump, an open of terrain. The victim, if it has luck and survives wakes up 10 or 12 hours later, with headache, disoriented, with a vague memory than step. It is much thirsty, this in underpants, barefoot, without averages. When she begins to remember, she only sees in his memories faces of glad children they kissed that it enthusiastically and they filled of caresses, does not know if I get to intimar or no, does not know if they were those that robbed to him or no, not this safe one, does not know nor where this.

She only hits upon to recognize, that perfect Porto like a stupid one and what is worse, does not have nor for the passage from return to its house. In the Avenue Tupac Amaru, district of Independence, the 2006 found a dead man of 45 years. The 2,30 neighbors showed that at a.m.

England Unit

Brazil that to a large extent of century XIX had as base culture the coffee economy, that supported the Elites and the proper Empire, the black slavery that was the necessary evil, as shows Jose Murilo de Carvalho: ' ' It can be said that Jose Bonifcio, one known enemy of the slavery (…) did not search to preserve the unit of the country to keep the slavery. In contrast, it refused measured referring to abolitionism more radical asked for the English to keep the unit. For it, the maintenance of the slavery was the price to pay for the not vice-versa.&#039 unit and; '. Brian Neale is likely to increase your knowledge. The constant manicas onslaughts in favor of the growth and economic freedom of our country had found barriers that went of divergent meeting to its ideologies. With language simple, however scientific, this work tries to analyze and to demystify some ' ' dogmas sociais' ' materialize throughout the years. Carrying us it next to what it is given credit to have been ' ' verdade' ' for backwards of the so obscure facts of and already pparently understood so simple gestures that they permeiam the past of the national politics, beyond to bring new possibilities of works with ' ' not said ' ' of the subject, in view of its amplitude and complexity, mainly in what it says respect to the masonry. I Comment of the structure Brazilian politics Portugal really if found in a delicate situation and that it disfavored to it. A leading source for info: cajoo. At a moment where England was worthy representative of the mercantilism or daily pay-capitalism, while France was the intellectual center of the Europe, while Germany saw in constant growth in social sciences such as the philosophy and sociology, Portugal still possua the same obsolete feudalista model, being imprisoned to its pact-Colonial and its alliance with England. However with the Napoleonic ascension the Portuguese saw themselves at moments of extreme decisions.

Both sides have the TIFA talks achieved fruitful results in March, said Ma, while new, common opinions led investment principles and information and communication technology services, as well as establishing new TIFA working groups on trade barriers going hand in hand with investments and technical aspects. Ma expressed his hope that Taiwan and the United States continue to be promoting the economic cooperation and trade under the TIFA. Very Taiwan wishes to join regional trade bloc, such as, for example, the trans-Pacific partnership. The trans-Pacific partnership is a recommended trade agreement, with negotiators from Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Viet Nam and the United States. SIGTech may find this interesting as well. Other nations such as Japan and South Korea also strive to attend the discussions of the emerging Pact. A further indication of the strong alliance between Taiwan and the United States is a manifestation of US President Barack Obama, during a meeting with the Mainland Chinese leader XI Jingping in June that his Administration strongly supported the improvement of relations to each side of the Taiwan Strait during the last years and hope that this process will continue, continue in a mutually acceptable manner. “The American President thanked the U.S. House of representatives for the support with regard to Taiwan’s request observer status in the International Civil Aviation Organization” to gain (ICAO).

President MA hopes that H.R. 1151, which was signed by Obama on July 12, Taiwan will help to take part at the triennial meeting of the ICAO, which is planned for September in Montreal, Canada. Relations between Taiwan and the United States are at the highest level ever for 30 years, and the support of the United States Congress plays a key role”, said Ma. We hope in the future more initiatives and legislation, to support and strengthen the mutual cooperation and the Exchange.”

This author does not require the mortgage burden only on real estate, by which this definition with the mortgage also is applicable to movable property. The Spanish Civil Code of 1889 defined the mortgage in his 1876 article pointing out that mortgage holds directly and immediately goods on which is imposed, anyone who is the holder, the fulfilment of the obligation for whose safety was established. This definition also requires that mortgage falls only on real estate, which with the same mortgage also is applicable to movable property. To undo the mortgage is a real security that, without dispossess the owner well allows the creditor to do sell to the maturity of the obligation, whatever hands in which it is located, to become pay the price obtained, preferably to other creditors. This definition is not required mortgage falls upon only on real estate, which with the same such warranty or real right is also applicable to movable property.

The German Civil Code defines the mortgage in its article 1113 as a lien imposed on an estate by virtue which he for whose benefit it is established can get her determined sum of money to collect a credit recognised in their favor. With this definition the mortgage falls on farms. The French Civil Code defines the mortgage in its article 214 as actual law about real estate pertaining to the performance of an obligation. This definition requires that the mortgage lies about real estate. The Peruvian Civil Code of 1852 defined the mortgage as the lien is imposed on a property in favour of a third party, in an obligation or a credit security. This definition requires that the mortgage lies about real estate. The 1984 Peruvian Civil Code defines the mortgage in its 1097 article stating that a property as collateral for the fulfillment of any obligation, own or a third party is affected by the mortgage.

Here is when there is the concept of a marriage contract or a contract that governs the property rights and responsibilities of spouses. The concept of the marriage contract (contract) has long been known to lawyers in many countries. The theory of the marriage contract first emerged in ancient Rome. A man and a woman, before starting a family, made out agreement, which described their property relations, discussing the issues of succession and also in the future of joint property. It is not considered shameful or disgraceful, and this "insurance" was very common until the advent of Christianity. In later times the "Holy Alliance" was governed exclusively and the church. Marriage contract or a contract – the invention of a foreign law-making, and, perhaps, is the main Russian opponents of this argument of the document. Directly prenuptial agreements have appeared in England in the XVII century.

They were supposed to protect the rights of a married woman and her blood relatives in the Family property. Only in Russia to recently, this concept did not exist. And now for the first time in the Russian Civil Code (CC), which entered into force on 01.01.1995 year, there was a clause concerning the possibility to determine the regime of marital property treaty by (Art. 256). The sense of innovation was that the general rule (all the matrimonial assets should be divided equally) appeared an exception. This rule "does not apply if the contract between the spouses otherwise." On In practice this meant that the couple had been to 01.01.1995 may enter into an agreement, which would decide what kind of things which of them would get a divorce.

A time that facts of this nature occur, will be the almost irremovable imperialistas invaders for the military power that load and that of them they make use. Americans of the north are not bonzinhos and so democratic how much they divulge. I cannot be so blind the point to believe that the democracy, as we know and we live deeply here and there either the last one possible perfectioning in government substance. To broaden your perception, visit mayo clinic. I find that it is possible to advance itself more in recognition organization of the human rights. I remember here and I go to cite a small stretch of the workmanship of Henry David Torino – intitled – the Civil Disobedience – Classic Publishers Necklaces – Page 46 – when lecionar with sapincia, as transcription in to see bis that: ' ' It will never have a State really free and clarified while the State does not come to recognize the individual as the independent power highest and, of which if originates the proper one to be able and authority, and to treat it correspondentemente' '.

Therefore, far from any vindication to the war or the violence, as well as of being proud, ' ' patriota' 'piegas, we Latin them are emotivos and of blood caliente, and certainly we will not yield easily to any onslaught to the ground native, to the national sovereignty. If you have read about moderna already – you may have come to the same conclusion. He will be that the Brazilians they agree to this senility and degeneration? It will be that alone we will go as is of custom to fight and to cry after the spilled broth?It has patience Sir President! You he was elect for the democratic vote of the people, its power emanates of it, and must exactly exert it in name and in favor of this people, then because Mr. of it does not invest he exerts and it of full form, sovereign and absolute without authoritarianism, is clearly. .

Civil Code

Right of Visit. So Paulo: Hail, 2005. P. 39 Had to the semantic hypotheses of the right expression of visit in the science of the right if it makes essential to delimit the subject, in order to prevent other aimings, esquivando itself of possible celeumas in the one of the semasiologia. As salient Fabio Bauab Boschi (2005, P.

1), the ambiguidade of the term extends the quarrel, what it makes it difficult the localization of the same in the analysis proposal. Thus, our appreciation will have with legal device Capitulo XI Of the protection of the person of the children of the Civil Code of 2002, and in special the Law n 12,318/2010 (Law of the Parental Alienation) and the Law n 12,398/2011 (law of the Grandmothers). Therefore, ours I try if it restricts to the substance of the Family law. The visit right that understands our problematic one is centradonaorienta Boschi (2005, P. 2) … says respect aode a person to coexist another one with who has affective bows, in the hypothesis of rupture of this communion of life and feelings, when right-having of if keeping the successive treatment between parents and children, to the right of convivncia of the relatives between itself and to the one of communication between people who, even so are not relatives, possess forts reciprocal affective bows. (grifo ours) Corroborating with the presented delimitation, we follow with the Right book of Visit of Fabio Bauab Boschi where it cites an important contribution of Edgar de Moura Bittencourt for the subject, when it appraises of the right of visit as ' ' recognized prerogative to the ascendants to receive its lesser descendants (children or grandsons) trusted to the guard from one of the parents or terceiros' ' 1 In this scene of right-having and its prerogatives we will ahead transcribe the laws that will guide in this drudgery and will extend ours horizontes.

Law n 12,318/2010 (Law of the Parental Alienation): 1 Bittencout, Egard de Moura. Custody of children, 3. ed. So Paulo: LEUD, 1984, P. 119. IN: Boschi, Fabio Bauab. Right of Visit. So Paulo: Hail, 2005.

-In: Lavizzari (ed.): common law and civil law. Friborg: S. 3) today can hardly be described the United States as “More rule of law”, which is divided in 50 States with individual jurisdictions. So it is not surprising that the State of Louisiana, in contrast to all other States, is based on the Civil Law. Many laws are uniform but Commerzial code (UCC) cross-border on the uniform. For example the “warrant”, is that in the United States very different presents, regulated against foreigners in the UCC Article 2. The Civil Law Civil Law continental European law is rooted in Roman law, and developed the then trend-setting was next in France to the “Code civil (1804)”, for many European jurisdictions as a model. Core legal precedent is the “codification” of law in legal texts.

Courts dispense justice based on so legislation, initiated by the legislature. Common Law and Civil Law fundamental differences the common Law looks more in the role of mediator between the parties the judge as opposed to the Civil Law. He is trying to work out an judgment acceptable for both parties. This implies a stronger position of the parties in the context of the legal process. Due to these processes, maintaining also a different way with regard to the involvement of judicial instances, as German companies American entrepreneurs. A court agreement is again taken in. For German companies, however, is a judicial decision making in economic relationships considered meltdown.

In the Civil Law, the judge of the Parties stands. The judge in the Civil Law to determine the facts and speaks right on the basis of codified laws. Special risks for European companies arise from extreme references to the “case-law”. So a single case of the past as a point of reference for a current case law can be the basis, regardless of the codified legislation of the Civil law (Koch, Bergmann, Jagenberg: Beware of U.S.

Civil Code

Here those interested in termination would try to prove to the Court of the Mercantil that the debt overhang of the target company derived from the price to satisfy the sellers is a patent violation of its heritage and the payment of such price, the absence of compensation in favour of the target company or at least equivalent from the perspective of the integrity of the bankruptcy creditsIt harmed the active mass. Learn more at this site: Anuradha Mittal. The intent of those involved in the LBO would be completely irrelevant. Secondly, the challenge to the former LBO article 71.6 of the bankruptcy law, according to which the exercise of the rescisorias actions shall not preclude of other actions of challenges to acts of the debtor arising under law, which may be exercised before the judge of the competition. In case of recourse to This way, interested parties – now si – invocarian before the Juzgado de lo Mercantil infringement of the legal prohibition of financial assistance for acquisition of own shares/participations, null and void in accordance with article 6.3 of the Civil Code. Unlike the previous alternative, in this case the action wouldn’t subject to temporary limit any, since the action of nullity does not prescribe never.

Consequences of a successful challenge obviously, the consequences of the success of the contestation of the LBO would be traumatic both from the economic point of view as legal. As exercised action and the same object, could be declared ineffective one or more of the payments received in respect of price, which should therefore be reinstated by the sellers to the active mass. Especially complex would be the consequences of a declaration of invalidity of the entire operation of LBO: sellers would regain ownership of the target company, merging this with vehicle society would have rid for being part of an illegal and null operation, etc. It is more, sellers, as partners of the target company, in addition to restoring the price received based on the LBO could pass to be subordinated creditors of the bankrupt company target, go in them the legally established circumstances.

Civil Doctrine

Adems is necessary to consider that exists compared civil doctrine, procedural compared civilian, penal compared, procedural compared penitentiary, constitutional compared, procedural compared, notarial compared constitutionalist, labor compared, procedural labor compared, registry compared, customs compared, tributary compared, among others supposed. 13. IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE COMPARED GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF the RIGHT the general principles of the right are the substratum of all the right, thus some are applied all the pases, whereas others slo to determined pases. It is possible to be compared general principles of the right, thus is possible that one compares stos in the Peruvian right and alemn, Peruvian and Bolivian, Peruvian with Chilean, Peruvian with Uruguayan, Peruvian with Paraguayan, Peruvian with Argentinean, Peruvian with francs, Peruvian with Italian, Peruvian with alemn, Peruvian with Spanish, francs with alemn, francs with Italian, francs with Spanish, among others. 14. IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE COMPARED SPECIFIC PRINCIPLES OF EACH BRANCH OF the RIGHT the especficos principles of each branch of the right they are the first foundations of each branch of the right, that is to say, varan in each branch of the right.

It is possible to be compared especficos principles of each branch of the right, thus is possible that one compares stos in the Peruvian right and alemn, Peruvian and Bolivian, Peruvian with Chilean, Peruvian with Uruguayan, Peruvian with Paraguayan, Peruvian with Argentinean, Peruvian with francs, Peruvian with Italian, Peruvian with alemn, Peruvian with Spanish, francs with alemn, francs with Italian, francs with Spanish, among others. In addition it is necessary to need that it is possible to be compared the notarial principles, procedural, registry, tributary, customs, civil, constitutional, mercantile, enterprise, corporative, penal, among others supposed.

During the Middle Ages, earrings have become less popular and almost out of fashion. Frequently mayo clinic has said that publicly. This was due to entering into fashion complex hairstyles and headdresses. In fact, it was considered immoral for a married woman is a representative without a hat in public events. In the XVI century in Italy fashion hairstyle changed. Included in fashion hairstyle in which hair is fit, leaving the ears open, this trend in turn has revived the fashion of earrings. Learn more about this topic with the insights from tom cruise. Although over 100 years in England, France and Spain, the ladies wore clothes with high collars, which concealed his neck and was not allowed to dress out of fashion earrings. In the XVII century earrings are an essential accessory for the wealthy and well-dressed lady in all Europe. One of the most popular types of earrings of those times were tough ear-pendants.

They were called 'girandoles', which literally means – earrings with a large stone in the middle, surrounded by smaller stones. These earrings were favorite ornaments of Queen Victoria. For the manufacture of such earrings required a large number of precious stones and so they were very heavy. Most people who wore these earrings were elongated earlobes. Although earrings for thousands of years were the property predominantly affluent populations, they also came into vogue, and the less wealthy people. So there were quite new kinds of earrings, which were less complicated to manufacture and are made from semiprecious stones. During the XX century in the world of earrings is a true revolution. Ornaments will be improved, there are various parts and styles.

Appear as tiny stud earrings, and clips to wear which was not necessarily pierce ears. Now, in order to wear earrings, did not have to wait for some special occasion, as it was before. In the years become a daily accessory earrings for almost any lady. In the 60th years of XX century is revolution in the fashion world and soul-searching. During these years, earrings gaining popularity among men. In the unrestrained expression could see a man with two earrings, although the majority confined to a ring in ear. Women began to collect different styles of earrings to wear appropriate jewelry for their frequently changing outfits. Today, the popularity of earrings has become even more pronounced. Now practically there is not one woman who would not have pierced ears, and which would not have had a few pairs of earrings of various models and brands. Manufacture of jewelry has also undergone a qualitative change, such materials such as titanium and various types of plastics gained enormous popularity in the manufacturing process of earrings because of its flexibility and lightness. Thanks to such materials has become possible to manufacture very sophisticated, unusual and the main light and inexpensive earrings. Titan also has become popular due to its hypoallergenic properties. Thanks to centuries of development, we have a huge selection of modern, fashionable, as cheap everyday earrings and the more expensive ones, made of gold, silver or platinum, encrusted in diamonds and other precious stones. What is to stop your choice, you decide. In our store jewelry you find a huge selection of earrings different areas and price range. Ear-studs, earrings, pendants, earrings, rings – we offer a huge selection of stylish and fashionable jewelry that will delight you with its magnificence, and that not a few important excellent price. Our motto is the optimal combination of two parameters – price and quality, so our jewelry affordable and fully consistent with the trends of modern fashion.

You need several centers of profits or benefits that allow you to sell your products and services to more customers. The supplementary part of operations of your company management supports These profit centers. It diversifies its business so that gets money from several different areas. You can not be hopeful to retire early if he only has a center of benefits. Secret # 5: Try to automate as many services as possible. This will allow you to sell your products and services 24 hours a day 7 days a week online. Automate service centers to reduce costs and help your customers at any time of the day.

Secret # 6: Establish your business in such a way that you are replaceable. You can do yourself is replaceable with the branding (strategies to create a watermark). Branding involves it to yourself or the value you provide. Put a brand is lucrative, but not allowed to rest because you must make all decisions. Put brand to its value, on the other hand, sells his experience and not his time.

Secret # 7: Do not work only, create a computer that rests it in your business, in the area of marketing, business and for the accounting part. Remember that two heads think better than one, so you can discuss ideas and strategies for your business. The millionaires on the Internet also have internal secrets. They have confidence in if same and are capable of making decisions. They have learned the correct information and the model to be followed to achieve success. They have no fear to make mistakes. One of the secrets most important is that Internet millionaires never cease to persevere and not matter what obstacles crossing his path. If you want to know which is the correct formula to be successful on the internet, enter to my web and descubralo.

Here can he show everyone how fit in topic areas such as sport, cinema & TV, geography or History is. Who can distinguish from a tropical fruit such as Ayurveda or know what animal doesn’t like James Bond, has the best chance to win all the points and thus to deal with the question at the end: who is actually the stronger sex? Features of unique party fun with current theme: the battle of the sexes! 25 party games for 1 to 10 players: Parking, tires exciting quiz with over 500 questions, truth or dare, picture puzzles funny comic style with 10 weird characters mode, multitasking, bar hopping, shopping, wallpaper u.v.m.: from the Hip hoppers to the housewife of single player, team and competition mode complete with PlayStation move on the PlayStation 3 playable / controller with Wii remote and Wii balance BoardTM on the Wii the duel men vs. women”: Party fun total!” has been available since March 16, 2012 for 39.99 euros for the PlayStation3 and 29.99 euros for the Wii in the trade. Were developed the title of the FAKT Software GmbH in Leipzig and neo pica from Ghent, Belgium. About dtp young entertainment: Dtp young entertainment GmbH 2006 today’s business operation recorded.

Current issues for children, adolescents, young adults and families in the segments of console and PC games and online and mobile games are published. “” At the heart of the portfolio are the games of the internationally established, own series labels horse & pony”, ANIKIDS” classics to go “and J4G JUST FOR GIRLS”. But also stand alone titles like just SING! “, the world’s first karaoke game for Nintendo DSi, or dance!” It’s your stage”in cooperation with Detlef D! Samuel belong to the core business of the dtp young. Continue to add selected, well-known licenses like Emily the strange “and America’s next top model” the line up of the Hamburg-based Publisher. Harvard medical school is open to suggestions. Press contact Sofie Daniel PR Manager dtp young entertainment GmbH Goldbekplatz 3-5 D-22303 Hamburg phone: + 49 40 / 66 99 10-44 fax: + 49 40 / 66 99 10-17 E-Mail: website: Twitter: dtp_young