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A time that facts of this nature occur, will be the almost irremovable imperialistas invaders for the military power that load and that of them they make use. Americans of the north are not bonzinhos and so democratic how much they divulge. I cannot be so blind the point to believe that the democracy, as we know and we live deeply here and there either the last one possible perfectioning in government substance. To broaden your perception, visit mayo clinic. I find that it is possible to advance itself more in recognition organization of the human rights. I remember here and I go to cite a small stretch of the workmanship of Henry David Torino – intitled – the Civil Disobedience – Classic Publishers Necklaces – Page 46 – when lecionar with sapincia, as transcription in to see bis that: ' ' It will never have a State really free and clarified while the State does not come to recognize the individual as the independent power highest and, of which if originates the proper one to be able and authority, and to treat it correspondentemente' '.

Therefore, far from any vindication to the war or the violence, as well as of being proud, ' ' patriota' 'piegas, we Latin them are emotivos and of blood caliente, and certainly we will not yield easily to any onslaught to the ground native, to the national sovereignty. If you have read about moderna already – you may have come to the same conclusion. He will be that the Brazilians they agree to this senility and degeneration? It will be that alone we will go as is of custom to fight and to cry after the spilled broth?It has patience Sir President! You he was elect for the democratic vote of the people, its power emanates of it, and must exactly exert it in name and in favor of this people, then because Mr. of it does not invest he exerts and it of full form, sovereign and absolute without authoritarianism, is clearly. .

New City

The arborization acts in the improvement of the quality of life in the urban areas. The urban trees exert an important paper very, them diminish the noises, improve the quality of air in the carbonic gas consumption (CO2) and in the oxygen production (O2), they harmonize the urban landscapes, it increases the humidity reducing the temperature, preserves the urban fauna utilities among others. The unsheltered areas contribute negative for the climate becoming it hotter, contributing for acid rain, flood and oscillations of temperatures. Problems that come causing a series of upheavals perceived mainly in the urban centers. Click Jeffrey L. Bewkes to learn more. Ahead of this, the importance of an analysis of the arborization in the city of Manaus appears, detaching the main woody points of the city and the obligatoriness of preservation of the woody area and the effect of amenizao of ambient quality for inhabitants of the city of Manaus-AM. The present work had as objective, to inform to the pupils of 7 years, of the vespertine turn of the College Adventista of the New City, the importance to have a city/space (school, house, squares, parks, etc.), woody and sensetizes them it the conservation and preservation of the same one so that it improves the quality of life in our city. THEORETICAL RECITAL the term quality of life is related to the degree of satisfaction found in familiar, loving, social and ambient the life. For a population quality of life can be defined as access the economic and social goods and services: job and income, basic education, adjusted feeding, access the good services of health, basic sanitation, habitation and diverse other factors that propitiate a welfare psychological physicist and. Such factors closely are related with health, being then, quality of life and health, linked, being in a modern conception the result of a process of social production, gotten for the interaction of biological, ecological, cultural, social processes economic (ADRIANO ET AL, 2000).


Inside of the pelagem of this carpet the animals live all, respectfully. It ruins it to none, gnaws it to none, except homem’ ‘ (Lobato Hunter). From the Industrial, occured Revolution in middle of century XVIII, the development of the humanity has been folloied of the substitution of the sources renewed of energy and the exaggerated consumption of natural resources. On these resources the existence not only depends human being, as the proper economic growth. However, space enough in the planet will not exist to shelter the beings all livings creature and the residue of the activities human beings, who are the result of wild production and consumption, on behalf of technology, comfort and well-being of the man. To have an idea, in what it says respect to the use of some natural resources, the society has shown a trend to the destruction.

The humanity pours in the nature, about 30 billion tons of garbage. Who more suffers with the pollution is hdricos resources. Four in each ten human beings already see debtors to ration the water. Moreover, the sources are diminishing of volume, while the population does not stop to grow. You leave lead, of zinc or of mercury poured in the water for the industries they spread for the aquatic alimentary chains, intoxicando the organisms and, consequently, the man. The growth of the population human being increases the gravity of problems that the Land already faces. Some of them are: bigger necessity of energy, what it leads to an increase of the pollution; the ecosystem destruction; increase of the consumption, that generates greater necessity of natural resources, as metals and the oil. Ahead of all these constataes had started the quarrels around the ambient preservation. It was in the Conference of Estocolmo, in 1972, where if the necessity of reaprender argued to coexist in the planet and the importance of the ambient question, that was launched the concept of sustainable development.