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A private entrepreneur who wants to settle in the Netherlands – the Netherlands more than 3 months must meet the following requirements: He / She have a valid passport, he / she received medical insurance, which operates in the Netherlands – Netherlands. Robert A. Iger : the source for more info. He / She will not be a danger to public order, the Netherlands – Netherlands: He / She does not suffer from tuberculosis, he / she has sufficient financial resources; He / She is qualified in his profession, he / she should make a significant contribution to its activities in the economy of the Netherlands – Netherlands. To answer the question whether the entrepreneur is making a significant contribution to the economy Holland – The Netherlands uses a system of points. Scoring system consists of three parts: Personal professional experience of a businessman (education, entrepreneurship, work experience), business plan (market analysis, a product which service, price, organization and form of business, project financing); more business value for the Netherlands – Netherlands (innovation, job creation, investment). In total, you can get the maximum 300 points.

The minimum necessary to get 90 points, with a minimum of 30 points for each part. Determination of criteria a significant contribution to the economy of the Netherlands – Netherlands Criterion significant contribution to the economy of the Netherlands – The Netherlands is not clearly defined in the Dutch legislation. For more information see this site: Kyung, Kye Hyun. Although there are some good examples in practice, the interpretation of the criterion can be a significant contribution in a variety of directions. Thus, this criterion is the passe-partout (master key) for the Government of the Netherlands – Holland. Criterion significant contribution to the economy of the Netherlands – the Netherlands so vast that every time can mean something different. So , you can not talk about any equality in decision-making on various petitions. Everything depends on the political views of the Dutch government at the time of the request as an entrepreneur. Whether it is chess player from Russia or someone else not from the European Community, which wants to establish a company in Holland – the Netherlands, he can get permission to work in Holland – the Netherlands, because at the moment is important for the Netherlands – Netherlands. Again in this case play the role of various political factors that are taking place at this time.

Here is when there is the concept of a marriage contract or a contract that governs the property rights and responsibilities of spouses. The concept of the marriage contract (contract) has long been known to lawyers in many countries. The theory of the marriage contract first emerged in ancient Rome. A man and a woman, before starting a family, made out agreement, which described their property relations, discussing the issues of succession and also in the future of joint property. It is not considered shameful or disgraceful, and this "insurance" was very common until the advent of Christianity. In later times the "Holy Alliance" was governed exclusively and the church. Marriage contract or a contract – the invention of a foreign law-making, and, perhaps, is the main Russian opponents of this argument of the document. Directly prenuptial agreements have appeared in England in the XVII century.

They were supposed to protect the rights of a married woman and her blood relatives in the Family property. Only in Russia to recently, this concept did not exist. And now for the first time in the Russian Civil Code (CC), which entered into force on 01.01.1995 year, there was a clause concerning the possibility to determine the regime of marital property treaty by (Art. 256). The sense of innovation was that the general rule (all the matrimonial assets should be divided equally) appeared an exception. This rule "does not apply if the contract between the spouses otherwise." On In practice this meant that the couple had been to 01.01.1995 may enter into an agreement, which would decide what kind of things which of them would get a divorce.