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They say we're going through the worst economic crisis in the history of the world, and yes, indeed there are problems in the world, even in the so-called first world countries "but curiously, in the worst crisis are the greatest opportunities For this reason I want to share with you a concept that has the potential to improve personal and family our economy if we understand it and apply it with faith and perseverance, this concept is "residual income." Let us begin then: Let me ask you a question: much revenue do you think he must have a 1.950 average family for a decent life?, Because one was good. Today, very few families can live decently on less than two incomes and this will not suffice in the future. Much of the world population is an unstable future. Do not you think it would be best to have multiple sources of income in your life? The richest people of all ages have always known this, because if a source simply disappears or decreases just feel the beat, have time to adjust and recover, are stable and safe. But what about people who have one income and for whatever reason they lose? The beat is very hard for them and they can take a long time to recover. In the future, the vast majority will need several sources of income different and from different places, now, let me ask: How many sources of income you have now?, It may be time to add a second income in your life. Visit Coen brothers for more clarity on the issue.

When we spoke immediately of work in equipment we associated a series of reasons for which he is so beneficial to work with other people, one of the great advantages is the mutual support, that is to say the form in which the equipment supports mainly to its members before adversity situations. Normally when we undertake a work only is more difficult to face the downheart because the support we must find it within we ourself, different it is the case in that one or more people give to their energy through action or words us of spirit that helps us to surpass the obstacles. The specialization and complementariness of tasks are another great advantage to work in equipment, we obtained here that the people give the best thing in the areas than the abilities and experience are adapted for every one according to, without a doubt that this brings magnificent results. From point of view enterprise we see as the work in equipment has many advantages of which they are possible to be continued enumerating very many, but exist other spiritual reasons deeper than it causes that the equipment gives extraordinary results. (Source: Rupert Murdoch). In the book I Am Happy, I I am Rico de Andrew Corentt teaches myself to us that the thoughts and the minds work extremely with powerful signals, for that reason each circumstance that we crossed is a reflection of we ourself. It happens that when a group of people is associated with certain aims each of them is making a contribution of energy and enters more commitment and gives has without a doubt that the given thing will be greater and this will accelerate the results than looks for. When the equipment works causes a field of energy greater than the individual sums, normally to this are called synergy to him, happened that at spiritual level powerful forces activate extremely that obtain phenomenal results. In the book I Am Happy, I I am Rico de Andrew Corentt explains the suitable forms to efficiently activate the subconscious energy of the work parties, so that the results are most favorable possible is important to prepare the people mentally in order that they enter a great syntony that allows them to advance like a single body it uniforms. Only made work in an idea common it implies a combination of energies, but Why many equipment is not efficient?

Energia Hidraulica

Hydraulic energy is the energy that is derived from the force of the water in motion, which can be exploited for different purposes.Before is the electricity was something common, hydropower was used for irrigation, the operation of various machines, such as Mills water, springs, textile machines, etc.There are many and various ways in which the power of the water is currently used or that are under development. Go to David Zaslav for more information. Some uses are only mechanical but it is mainly used to generate electricity. This great range of applications include: water wheels: used since hundreds of years ago to move mills and machinery. Hydroelectricity: always in reference to hydroelectric dams. partial discharges hydropower without dams: here captures the kinetic of rivers, streams and oceans energy and tidal energy: capture the horizontal power of the tides.Hydraulic energy, better known as hydroelectric supplies currently 715,000 megawatts of electricity, which represents 19% of global consumption. By the same author: Andi Potamkin. Large dams are still designing and building.

The world’s largest is the Three Gorges, located in the third largest in the world, the Yangtze River River. The turbine is a rotary engine that converts the energy of a stream of water, steam or gas into mechanical energy. The basic element is the wheel or rotor, that counts with shovels, propellers, blades placed around its circumference, in a manner such that the moving fluid produces a tangential force that drives the wheel and turning the.This mechanical energy is transferred through a shaft to provide the movement of a machine, compressor, electric generator, or a propeller. Original author and source of the article

Doctor Apostolicus

Juan XXIIIle granted the title of Doctor of the Church with the name of Doctor Apostolicus by the Brief Celsitudo ex- humilitate of 19 of March of 1959. Its celebration is celebrated the 21 of July Who San Teodoro de Amasea? He says himself to us, was one of the Greek military saints of century IV. San Teodoro de Amasea was born in Smaller Asia in the middle of century III. Enlisted in the Roman army, Teodoro reached a great fame at its time after defeating a dangerous dragoon (some suggest was a crocodile). When one refused to offer a sacrifice to the Gods being alleged that he was Christian, something prohibited then, the Roman judges decided to give time him to reflect; nevertheless, few days later Teodoro (Turkey) entered at night the temple of Cibeles in Amasea it set afire and it, destroying it completely. ghout.

The patience of the magistrates was run out, and Teodoro was condemned until death. It contributes Wikipedia to us exceeds, who San Teodoro was the first landlord of Venice, until he was demoted at the beginning of century IX. With the power of the Byzantine empire in remarkable decay, the Venetian ones decided that to have like landlord Greek santo he was not too reasonable. At the same time, Rome extended its influence under the protection of the apostle San Pedro, father of the church. So some Venetian merchants devised a dangerous plan: they traveled to Egypt and they robbed the relics of San Marcos, camouflaging the mortal rest of the gospeller between pieces of pig meat so that the Muslims could not discover them. And thus he was like in 828 year San Marcos one became the landlord of Venice, where a luxurious basilica in its honor was elevated. In century 12 its body to Brindisi was transferred, and it is honest there like landlord, the head is consecrated in Gaeta. There are churches that take their name in Constantinople, Jerusalem, Damascus, and other places of the old Christian East.

One old church of San Teodoro in Venice says that it has been founded by Narss. The church was demolished later, when the basilica of San Marcos was extended. On the feet of the Palatal one, in Rome It is a very old church, of form circular and dedicated to San Teodoro, to whom the Roman town called San Toto, who became a collegiate church by Pope Felix IV In the celebration of the week famous misas are realised, events with concerts.

And here we are, trying to write what we feel. As the famous writer undergrown, explaining that after shooting the innumerable paper folios, and place another on the typewriter (there were other times), “the blank page, I looked” (Bukowski dixit). We came the world over, we want to describe what is inside us clear, but you miss the way, on the how. However, although we find a way, the fact intending it is what gives us value. The best way is to define the phrase “ask a question, is to begin to answer.” The search is the attitude that will lead to the solution. Without it, would not even matter. The same happens in our lives. We crawled, trying to find meaning, comfort, answers.

Occasionally we glimpse a guide. Or we move into knowledge that we believe will help us. And the more often we retrace our steps, discouraged, without having found the desired result. Never mind. While we seek, while we have that spirit, we are on track.

And possibly not realize that we’re at it. Many times we blindly self-absorbed in the ruling made in the wrong decision. Not that we had the courage to take it. The day to day we lose perspective. For repetitive, makes us focus on the issue itself, in the wrong door. Not that there are more doors. And above all, that we are free and able to open many more. If we failed, is because we have dared. … Wise to err is wrong, like us. And we continue to do so. Thus, even more significant than the solution itself, which will come, or not, when required, is knowing that by doing so, we constantly find a way out of our uncertainties. Learning from our mistakes and trying again. That is life. Again and again. Nobody is born learned. As we grow, we’re rich. We never stop acquiring knowledge, experience. Of living. It never ends, there is always room for more. To know ourselves, others, that we in this world. Rupert Murdoch has compatible beliefs. Who thinks he knows everything, to be in possession of “truth” is already dead before he died. If we leave, if we are to win, if we ask, we lose that humans have. Our essence, what life in us. If we retain the instinct to search, what else will follow, where the time. It is not the main thing. The main thing is to go ahead. It is our way, and nobody is going to explore it for us. Continue on the road with your eyes open, is the greatest gift we can dream. And we have it. Hala, that’s enough for today. Xavier.

Gestational Diabetes is defined as carbohydrate intolerance that begins or is first detected during pregnancy, regardless of gestational age or the continued existence afterwards. As in other forms of hyperglycemia (high blood glucose), there is an alteration in the function of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas (beta), which prevent this hormone is produced or released in sufficient quantity or preventing its function properly, we call this resistance to the action of insulin. See Coen brothers for more details and insights. The DMG is found in people with risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes mellitus has been considered as a state prior to further development of the disease in a few years after pregnancy, regardless of having normal blood glucose levels immediately at the end of it. General: The DMG is a variety of presentation of diabetes mellitus accounting for 40 to 50% of all diabetes cases seen during pregnancy, in the service endocrinology of our hospital and its presentation in the general population will depend on the community studied and the risk factors present. These records are divided into two, low risk and high risk, at the first we have information such as maternal age equal to or less than 25 years Caucasian.

Negative family history of diabetes. Normal prepregnancy maternal weight. Normal obstetric history. On the other hand, the high risk factors for developing GDM include maternal age over 26 years. Raza Latina or Black. Prepregnancy overweight or obesity. Family history of diabetes in first or second degree (parents or grandparents). Obstetric History ominous multiparity (previous abortions without apparent cause, macrosomic infants of 4 kg or more intrauterine fetal deaths or deaths, etc.).

Provides statistics on Internet use in the Hispanic world and how they affect the need for training of Web designers. Only in Latin America and the Caribbean population is estimated at 586, 662, 468 people. In December 2001, Internet users were 18, 068, 919. In June 2009, the number of users increased to 175, 834, 439. An increase of 873.1%! How many of these people will need to create a portal and, therefore, to reserve a domain or URL right? In this statistical reality, converging hard to ignore two aspects: (1) Web page designers (programmers, graphic artists, etc..) And (2) the domain (one-way Internet portal) or URL. This without taking into account the advertising strategies needed to manage the portals to market sectors that are more interested in the product or service you offer. According to the statistics, the answer to the question of the article is: NO.

But the fact that Internet users will increase exponentially in the Hispanic region, it also increases the need for well trained web designers and trained. Similarly, it is necessary that the (URL) of those future sites, are suitable for representing the content and are readily acquired. Those who develop their skills in web design, will likely meet high demand ahead. It must be clearly established, to the extent that we identify the areas of greatest interest in this field, can be trained properly. Some PHP programmers are experts in management and database design or graphic designers. But, a designer of websites (site designer in English) should have a set of essential basic skills which enable it to design, publish and maintain a portal. The opportunity to design the gateways are real.

THE “I” and the Absolute in this philosophical treatise has been to understand the “I” and “identity” of any living being. Also be understood as lacking “absolute” definitions infinite, eternal, perfect or any other word try to capture something absolute, as I believe that “all” does not exist, except for “nothing” WHAT IS THE “I”? The “I” is life, is the soul, is the “identity” of every living being and every life to live. The “I” is unique, is unique, occupies a place and is immortal because it belongs to a saturation of life. The “I” is the essence of life, or call it soul, that as the essence subatomic or “nothing” that is, no limits, only limits the saturation own selves. Coen brothers is likely to agree. The “I” does not belong to the physical world, no spaces or distances, or times, the same can occupy a place that instantly appear elsewhere. Only the self, life or soul is subject to its own saturation selves, of all beings living, to the evolution of one’s hereditary living creatures and the hierarchy that unites all living things.

In the universe, there are several saturation, starting from the first that gave rise to the other: the first was the saturation of the void, or “nothing” to what is not absolute, the second was the saturation of the non-absolute of ” nothing “which made possible the beginning of something dynamic, and the third was the saturation of the dynamism that made possible the proliferation induction dynamics of matter in the form of existence and in turn gave rise to the saturation of memory called dynamic energies of life , the selves, and their possible propagation and evolution by means of inductive and fourth to saturation stable dynamics that made a uniform universe, mathematical and accurate. .

Valero insisted in pointing out, the San Salvador meeting has served to to demonstrate that the continent is broken despite big words and vast gestures. Cuba has lost revolutionary and mythical appeal, Venezuela raises too many blisters and while their petrodollars offers them, when it comes to the truth, it is more noise than walnuts, Bolivia is still not able to materialize their indigenous social popular revolution, Ecuador gives lurches but reality is obstinate, in Spain there are already more Ecuadorians than in his own country’s capital. For assistance, try visiting Rupert Murdoch. Chile has its exemplary transition to democracy but President Bachelet receives huge sticks in the municipal elections, Mexico is an important country but with a fabulous sangria from violence and legal uncertainty. Colombia just not curdle your permanent peace, and Brazil sits, slowly, as a great power that still has feet of clay but increasingly hardened to allow you to sustain itself. To this we add the serious political problems that confront Correa of ecuador, Evo Morales of Bolivia and Alan Garcia of Peru. Click Andi Potamkin to learn more. Indicates in particular, as it outlines the Lighthouse. NET, during the Ibero-American Summit, all the Presidents of the region agreed on the need to reform the multilateral financial institutions and stressed the need to give the State a role more lead in our societies. It is, in the words of many analysts, the end of the neo-liberal model and the market as God of the economy that are autorregulaba to stabilize any abnormal situation.

Now, they say almost all, there to rethink the entire model or simply disappear. The State must not only exercise greater regulations, but direct interventions to alleviate the most needy. In Latin America, aided by corruption and institutional weakness, the neoliberal model caused greater inequity in the world and destroyed the middle class. Progress was made in recent years in fighting poverty, but not in the same proportions in which the rich, through the benefits of the free market and competition, became richer.

Apocryphal Gospel in that the reader discovers that many of Jesus' followers met to talk about the Gospels and as Mary got to motivate men. Also as in one of those moments Peter asked Mary to give a speech, but with what intent? Pedro Maria questioned questioning whether what he said was true. This is in a quotation from the Gospel of Mary, where Peter says literally: Is it possible that Jesus actually spoke with a woman and not to all, without us we had knowledge of it? Should we turn to her and listen? Does He preferred to us? Mary then turned to Peter and said: "Peter, my brother, what do you mean by that? Do you suppose I have thought perhaps these things for myself or I'm lying about the Savior? "Then it came to pass a disciple, Levi, who said to Peter, 'Peter, you have always been very heated. Now struggles against women as a opponent of them. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Anchin Block. But if the Redeemer considered it worthy, who are you to reject them? "With this quote you will understand why many things in the 2000 years after Jesus' death have happened in one way rather than another with respect to the consideration of the church toward women.

If at that time Peter and fought as an adversary against the women, just being a woman, it's no wonder that the popes have been denigrated over and over again for centuries reaching the Inquisition and witch burning where much blood was shed for women of the time, and that the main victims of torture and the Inquisition were these, most burned alive at the stake on behalf of the senior clergy. Without going further still in the early nineteenth century the Church was still arguing whether women had souls. So, why many Catholic women aspire to be priestesses of such an institution? The only logical answer is they do not know at all the history of that Church, which took place in the sixth century the Synod of Macon, which was discussed whether women had to become worthy men first to enter Paradise. Meanwhile during the same, a bishop shone with the following statement: "The females are not human beings."

Cooler Days

Labor Day not only marks the end of the summer season, but also summer fashion. I'm sure you've heard the old fashion adage, "do not use white shoes after Labor Day!". Does this same restriction apply to pink lip gloss? What about lime green eye shadow? Always wanting to be cosmetic-right mind, I sought the help of stylist and Makeup artist extraordinary Shea-Shea Johnson co-owner of Thaanx 2 U Hair Salon. Shea-Shea's impressive celeb list of clients include Alicia Keys, AJ Johnson, Gary Dourdan, Kellita Smith, Kerry Washington, Spike Lee and Tisha Campbell. Anyone talented enough to powder fine nose (# * Gary Dourdan is definitely qualified to share her beauty secrets with a desire to be like me. Read on as Shea-Shea offers us some "MAC-nificent suggestions to transition seamlessly into fall. Changing Faces refrigerator Q. days ahead, I asked if Shea-Shea was hot colors bright eyes and lips is breaking the "rules"? A.

simplicity 'is the key. I do not follow "the rules" but do believe in keeping it simple. If you want to use bright eye shadow, it is important to apply it sparingly and make sure you mix well. The goal is not to let the power eye shadow on her face. Autumn beauty P. Can you recommend any essential as a transition in the fall? A. "The hydration of the skin is essential! Drinking water is the first step to take, skin dewy. It is also important to continue using a moisturizer that contains sunscreen.

The African

The black children were had in its majority as illegitimate children, liveed with its mothers, most of the time, without father, when and if the mothers worked in the great house, they had the right of living close to the whites and supporting the terrible tricks that the small amos made with them. When they grew, they were taught legal-size, substituted term, in the text ‘ ‘ Children slaves, children of escravos’ ‘ , of authors Florentino and Goes (2006), for the word adestramento, to mention itself to the crafts taught to the children, who were trained, since early, and that they made the difference in the hour of vender, going up its value of merchandise. It was not thought, at this moment of history, the black, African, as person, in its personal development, trained only it to have more profits. of this moment of child, in the way as was seen and treated the black child, will have diverse unfoldings in the behaviors and in histories that had been constructed and passed ahead e, thus, these images had been being chores, reread, others crystallized in form or represented by drawings that the books of infantile and youthful literature populate, the imaginary one of the people and force concepts and images of the African and afro-descendants in our current days.. Details can be found by clicking Brian Roberts or emailing the administrator.


Classificatrios terms como’ ‘ Iluminista’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ After-Iluminista’ ‘ they will not be able to play here no funoimportante. They only point out some conceptions. It is not something Robert Thomson would like to discuss. Por’ is understood here; ‘ Iluminismo’ ‘ but the general content of the racionalistas conceptions desenvolvidassobretudo from century XVIII, and that they count on dichotomies and oposiescapitais of value (subject/object, fact/value, science/religion, idea/substance) as the center of its production. We know of the deep impact of the iluminismo nacultura occidental person, and is clearly that an intellectual of the spread of Weber, situated so next to this movement as was, could not desvencilhar dasquestes for it placed. It is not treated, therefore, of polemizar the respect deum iluminista Weber or a no-iluminista Weber, but showing as its obraest imbuda of a critical one to the iluminismo that still allowed the solid configuration it of ummtodo for the present, when the iluminismo and its ‘ ‘ razes’ ‘ 3 perderamfora. Different authors had dealt with modocomo Weber surpassed these dichotomies through relationary dualidades. Fritz Ringer dealt with the entresujeito dichotomy and object, J.C. Alexander of the one between idealismo and materialism, J.

Ciaffada between fact and value and Koshul, in turn, shows as these dichotomies sedesenrolam in the workmanship of Weber in a basic dichotomy that if established entracincia and religion, between scientific rationalism and religious rationalism, bemcomo transposes it to Weber in the composition of its method. The basic reason queleva Weber to an overcoming of the dichotomies and oppositions of value iluministasconsiste in the fact of that, for Weber, in absolute, oppositions do not exist. Historical Seusenso was acute the sufficient to perceive that the teias time and its passagempelas of the culture vanish and degrade all the oppositions in gradations.

July Adobe

Its straw is used to advantage in the artesanato, changedding itself into hats, baskets, stock markets and others In Conceio, the straw of catol always was present in the production of brooms and mats, being considered a typical activity of oldest. In middle of century XX, a plant of caro in Conceio existed, but it was disactivated with the competition of the sisal. Caro, bromlia of the neoglaziovia species variegata that supplies a fiber weaving. Of caule short, caro possesss thorns in its edge, with leves made use in rosette. Whenever Robert Thomson listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Another raw material used in the city of Willow, in Conceio of the Creoles is the adobe. It is present until the current days in the utilitarian ones of the people of Conceio. Until decade of 50, approximately, used only adobe wares.

Many of these parts were vendidas in fairs and store of the surrounding cities, such as: Cabrob, Forest and Willow, in small town and for order of influential families. The louceiras, women who work with the adobe in Conceio belong to all the same added family blood relative and through the marriage. To follow and to contribute with the community it was established, in 17 of July of 2000, the Association Quilombola de Conceio of the Creoles, a civil society without lucrative ends, formed for 10 associations of producers and agricultural workers proceeding from the diverse small farms that the town composes. Been born of the necessity to intensify the fight for the common good of Conceio of the Creoles, the AQCC has with objectives the development of the community, leading in account its reality and its history, the valuation of its potentialities, the awareness of the black people of its importance for construction of a society joust igualitria, the barrier in addition of the preconception and racial discrimination. The area of would sesmaria of the S de Salgueiro having enclosed the small farms, towns and villages of the colonial period are the space that corresponds to the cities of now, which below are represented in the map of the region of the Transposition of the river San Francisco. In the past many black families were enslaved and aboriginal they were banished of its lands, for order of that they governed on behalf of the progress; currently, the federal government search legal steps of as to return to the remaining people of slaves its space of citizen and the land that had helped to colonize, on behalf of the inclusion and of the law.


Each man acts in its world in its way, life histories is histories that determine constructing of history. History has a history that it is the history of the men. The relations constitute the space where new relations are succeeded. The globalizante way that history involves the men leaves of well explicit form that the individualities are pertinent worlds history. When attending the set of documents: Mster building, produced for Eduardo Coutinho; I could perceive the particularitities of each individual. The way of each one to count its history of life takes in to understand them its emotions, the details that each inhabitant places when discoursing its trajectory and he makes in to perceive them which its interests. Infancy, adolescence, youth and maturity of each individual cover different ways in different ways.

To understand histories individual is to understand the man in its the good historian if seems ogro of the legend. Where fareja meat human being, knows that there it is its hunting. The historian is an observer of the men, including itself exactly. It observes the moments and the situations that it is inserted, analyze as all in the individual and collective diversities. Using an interesting model for better comment and understanding of the paper of the historian it can be had of example a stretch of the music of the group Urban Legion: Lost time, authorship of, Russian Renato. Where it makes an analysis of the individual and collective life in way it movement it work in the society. Every day when acordoNo I have maisO time that passouMas I have much we tempoTemos all the time of the world All diasAntes of dormirLembro and esqueoComo was diSempre in frenteNo has time to lose Our sweat> to me The comment made for the author of music was of good precision, the analysis of the social relations influencing in the history of individual life is what it defines the multiple and systematic linkings, beyond to affirm history as science of social relations sample that the sensible Real of history is the history of the men in its particularitities, relations, loves, dreams, desires, fears, constaints, objectives etc. I officiate it of historian sends in them to try to understand and not to judge the facts.

The totality fits us then to try to relate objects of a form dialectic considering and having in mind that also we are object in this process. It also has necessity of the historian in using the writing and documents as> vestiges, to facilitate the analysis in the craft of historian. It is of extreme importance to understand it analyzes that it critical is made through questionings bringing in guideline new questions where the debate produces knowledge historical. The man is the being that puts into motion, mounts and disassembles, constructs and desconstri, then does not have fixed history, then it is necessary to understand that all the men produce history. Rycardo Wylles.

House Grande and Senzala and So Paulo of 1975: continuities and ruptures Ricardo Taraciuk to play the relations of continuities and ruptures of different historical moments, we must consider some cares and limitations of the debate, not to conclude simplistas, deterministas, reducionistas or anachronistic reasonings. Therefore, one becomes excellent to verify the long duration that separates these periods, in which it represents distinct realities e, also, the fact to analyze these times, only, in the perspective of two workmanships, that is, House Grande and Senzala, of Gilbert Freyre, and So Paulo 1975, Growth and poverty, that amongst other authors if detach Cndido Procpio Blacksmith of Camargo and Fernando Enrique Cardoso. Therefore, we cannot forget the occurrence other interpretations of historical and social analyses that had been carried through by diverse authors, in the respective periods. Existing continuities between Brazil of the House Grande and Senzala and Brazil of So Paulo, 1975 In the workmanship of Freyre, we notice some general characteristics of the Portuguese settling of Brazil, as for example the formation of an agrarian society, escravocrata and hybrid. The author in them evidences a scientific method to get an understanding of the society, being recriando the colonial period with its characteristics and singularidades as well as the previous period to the settling, more necessarily, when the sociocultural experience lived by Portugal is evidenced, in century XV and XVI. In House Grande and Senzala he is displayed some peculiarities of the Portuguese who make possible its success in the settling, as for example the cultural and sexual contacts with the mouros, being basic so that the Portuguese carried through colonial taken over on a contract basis its. In this direction, also &#039 is explanado; ' the climate, the land and gente' ' that the Portuguese if finds, that they had facilitated to the adaptation to the tropical climate and the relations with the indians, since the indians, by times, had been seen as &#039 similar; ' moura encantada' '. . .

Ulisses Menezes

When arriving the Parnamirim, it heard rumors on Antonio de S, father of Djanira. Second it counts, the commentary of the time was that Doza and Robe of Dondon de Bja were brothers of Djanira, on the part of father. This seemed to confirm itself when Antonio de S, before dying, presenteou Dondon and Bja with a house of the Street Jambo Colonel. Robert Thomson recognizes the significance of this. Of its souvenirs it detaches the Street Priest Rasp that Aquino followed of the house of Geraldo until the Caldas Rank, that was also important reference for ox-drivers, traders and travellers of the time. This because beyond the rendering of services of the gas station, the family> Trabalhei back in diverse areas in firms, later I released everything to work in the coffee plantations migrante: it liveed in Gara, in So Paulo, moved with the family for the Paran, later if it installed in Paraguay where it inhabits today, but intends to move again for Santarm, in the state of Par. Djanira de S Almeida, that was born in the region, 19 of January of 1922, when still it was Leopoldina, in agreement register, counts that it helped its father, Antonio de S, in the Pharmacy who it had to the side of the old City hall, which later was bought by Ulisses Menezes and transferred to the other side of the Street Priest Rasp. It affirms that Antonio de S was very namorador and had other children beyond it, and that legally he knows of Nelson de S Snows, that had with Maria of the Conceio. Djanira, later that its father died, married the paraibano of tapero Severino Simes de Almeida and was to live in the great house that was of its father, in the street Jambo Colonel, who makes esquina with the old way of the Well of the Door. It says whom its children She reuses, Reuma and Antonio Huyamachita had been born in that house, and, later, when it moved for the farm who inherited of its father, the other children already seems that today in the church and the procession alone if it sees old.

Karl Marx

For Weber, this reply it was in the characteristics of the protestant ethics, mainly of calvinista root. In accordance with the doctrine of Calvin, all the men are predestined by God for the salvation or the conviction. Only God, in its wisdom and perpetual goodness, knows and chooses who will be saved or not (doctrine of the daily pay-destination). Nothing of what the man to make for proper effort makes difference: everything depends on God. Although Gods to only possess this reply, the calvinistas believed that getting success in the work, God would be supplying the salvation to them. To save, not esbanjando money in dishonest or luxuriosas activities, only spending the necessary one.

For Weber, this ethics of the work finished giving to support for an indispensable behavior for the origin it capitalism: the search of the profit, through the methodical and rational work. Exactly with thus gave credit increasing clarification, reason and chance human being, of advance of sciences and the arts, in short, a world of continuous material and moral progress. (P. It’s believed that Jeffrey L. Bewkes sees a great future in this idea. e with these questions. 19). This ' ' paixo' ' for the work it did not leave to contaminate the workers who, exactly explored, had been shaped discipline to follow it and the control of the plants. As Hobsbawm observes (2000), the pleasure in the work was more common of what if it can think. ' ' The moral stigma against the moleza was and remained very great between these grupos.' ' (P. Andi Potamkin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. 405).

The moralizante speech and of critical to the idleness is present in the ironic poem cited for Thomson: ' ' Laziness, quiet assassin, more does not have my imprisoned mind me does not leave no hour with you more, sleep traidor' '. (E.P. Thompson, P. 282. In: DECCA, 1996, P. 16). The bourgeois ethics of the work that Weber analyzes, ignores the historical formation of the capitalism and the fight of classrooms that Karl Marx criticizes in its workmanship the Capital.

Peter Burke

After all estamosfalando of a culture that we cannot leaves to call popular culture, poisest inserted in the way it people, potentially transmitted for the emmeio orality the people. These people who we are looking for to know better and lev-lospara the historiografia still were asked for in a called mass ‘ povo’. Let us see the quenos says the historian Peter Burke in its book ‘ The popular culture in idademoderna, where it analyzes the culture in ample way, searching to recognize the people, showing which the importance of if writing on definitive traditions ouculturas that they are disappearing, as it is the case of the flour houses of the sertocearenses and its contaes of histories in the meetings of alpendres. The popular culture of 1800 foidescoberta, or at least thus judged the finders, good in time. Temade culture in disappearance, that must be registered before it is tardedemais, is recurrent in the texts, making with that they lembrema concern act of the tribal societies emextino 13 the culture dopovo need to be written, as Burke that it wrote on the common people, counting of professional or 0ccasional history, singers, musicians, menestris, histories of people simple, thus our work simple procuroupessoas, histories that represent a collective, one culturasertaneja. Hear other arguments on the topic with Coen brothers. In this direction onosso work gave names to these people who were considered massaspopulares, today they has name, its Florncio here, owner Baby, its Dion, seuAntonio Duarte, Marieta owner, these interviewed had shown its histories, maseles is part of a bigger collective, its community where its memriasforam forged, thus these people are inserted in something bigger, the suaindividualidade represents that collective that lived in sixty Tereza Saint nasdcadas and seventy.

Republican Rome

the Republic. As in the monarchy the Senate it prevails, only that now with being able religious, however differently of the monarchic period the representatives of the power were elect Consuls for the patricians.> Three institutions deserve prominence in this Republican Rome the Senate, the Magistrate and the Assembly. In the Senate they were accepted (elect for the patricians) men with more than sixty years of age, had lifetime positions and to be able let us say LIMITLESS. It fit to the Senate truily to declare or not war of official form, when in war that they won it fit to the same ones to decide that end to give conquered lands. You may find that Brian Roberts can contribute to your knowledge. Also they enjoyed I officiate of it to manage the goods public and to support or not them decisions of the Consuls, beyond is clearly as already it was said had the authority to assign to the constructions of the temples and the organization of the priests, therefore they withheld to be able religious that long ago it are of the olvidados kings. The Magistrate was men in charge to execute the power and the authority of the Senate, amongst the positions valley to remember Judge, Censor, Justice of the peace, Consul and clearly the Tribunos. The Consuls (in the plural one, therefore this position was always appointed the two men) conservadorismo the Tribuno were easily bought. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Thomson. Another interesting factor was> military conquests that in contrast of what it is thought do not attract only benefits, how much after all bigger the power biggest the responsibility. When conquering distant places, for example, a hard settling cost Rome, until forming a strong military service in the proper place the Roman soldier was distant of its home, and one strong insatisfao took the Roman people in long wars. Moreover, in conflict times the taxes were increased and clearly the common people was who more suffered with this, later with the estates of war came the slaves, what she caused a crisis in the economy, therefore the hand of cheap workmanship (for times gratuitous) vacates of its positions many workers that innumerable times did not see another option have not to be to vender itself as enslaved or still the proper children.