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Each of us sometimes terrible situations occur, we are hurt, and we often moved to tears hurt, especially when the cheating, not wanting to give money for work done, and done by you in good faith. Translators – Zone risk, these people often deceive would-be customers, to make it easy … but if the specialist does not resort to tricks to protect their work from being stolen, and myself from crying. Want to know what these tricks? Read below. When people need to translate the text and it comes in the translation, the translators office offered him a mandatory contract for services. Proceed with your customer as well. Robert Thomson is the source for more interesting facts.

The customer actively refuses? It is worth considering likely that he simply wanted to get work done and the abyss, without paying for the work. Translation agency almost always starts cooperation with the client only after the conclusion of the contract. The documents prescribed terms the product works, says the amount of work conditions, the cost, time limits for payment for the work. In case you do not trust the customer and wish to enter into a contract with him, but the client reports that he lives in another city – it does not matter, and here will act as the employee had made a translation agency – an agreement with the client via e-mail and send him a contract in the mail. The customer must sign a contract in two copies, one copy to send back to you. In the case of violation of client agreement to work, you can protect your rights in court. Employees of the translation are interesting and useful trick: divide all the work for a certain number of parts. Customer is offered pay for the translation in several stages.

If, after you send the client the first part of the translation, he does not pay, it is strongly suggested to complete the work. It turns out that the customer will steal a full translation of the text, but you are not so very upset. Sharing the work into sections, the following tips: stages that require low-skilled interpreter should be at the beginning of the work, it will not allow the customer to suspend work with you and not pass it on such a qualified person. Another option: make the whole translation of the text, but that the customer could not use the text to make payment for resort to a trick: delete every even-numbered paragraph of the work. Customer understand that the work is done, will be able to understand its quality, but take away the full version is only able to work after payment. This is only part way to protect the labor of an interpreter, with excellent sharpness, you can think of a few do not less effective. We wish you did not meet the irresponsible people, but remember that care does not hurt. Learn how to protect your translation, to avoid frustration of knowing that you cheated.

Energia Hidraulica

Hydraulic energy is the energy that is derived from the force of the water in motion, which can be exploited for different purposes.Before is the electricity was something common, hydropower was used for irrigation, the operation of various machines, such as Mills water, springs, textile machines, etc.There are many and various ways in which the power of the water is currently used or that are under development. Go to David Zaslav for more information. Some uses are only mechanical but it is mainly used to generate electricity. This great range of applications include: water wheels: used since hundreds of years ago to move mills and machinery. Hydroelectricity: always in reference to hydroelectric dams. partial discharges hydropower without dams: here captures the kinetic of rivers, streams and oceans energy and tidal energy: capture the horizontal power of the tides.Hydraulic energy, better known as hydroelectric supplies currently 715,000 megawatts of electricity, which represents 19% of global consumption. By the same author: Andi Potamkin. Large dams are still designing and building.

The world’s largest is the Three Gorges, located in the third largest in the world, the Yangtze River River. The turbine is a rotary engine that converts the energy of a stream of water, steam or gas into mechanical energy. The basic element is the wheel or rotor, that counts with shovels, propellers, blades placed around its circumference, in a manner such that the moving fluid produces a tangential force that drives the wheel and turning the.This mechanical energy is transferred through a shaft to provide the movement of a machine, compressor, electric generator, or a propeller. Original author and source of the article

Before buying bed linen, measure and record the size of the mattress, pillows and blankets. This will help you navigate the store. Foreign manufacturers often use when specifying the size of the symbols: king size (For a very large bed, it is also called “three-bedroom”), 2-bed (for a double bed); 1,5-bed (respectively, for twin bed), 1-bed (for single bed). Of course, you will be able to distinguish a single bed of double, but the performance of different countries vary for ten to fifteen centimeters. Therefore it is better to focus on the dimensions shown in inches and millimeters. The packaging density of the weave quality bedding you are sure to find a density weave. This characteristic indicates the number of threads used per square centimeter of tissue. With this information, you can assess the wear resistance Bed linen and guess how many it will serve you. A leading source for info: Discovery Communications.

Note: Underwear is characterized by a qualitative density of not less than sixty weaves per square centimeter. Other measures of density weave: low density – about twenty-five strings. For tissues with a low density case, for example, lawn and a density of below average – about forty yarns (cotton, linen), with an average density – not less than fifty threads. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robert Iger and gain more knowledge.. Cotton and linen can relate to this category, the density of higher than average – about eighty threads. Such a density can have a weave synthetic fabrics and Turkish silk, high density – up to a hundred twenty threads (Chinese silk, satin, synthetic fabric, percale), very high density – nearly three hundred threads. The most dense and can be satin Japanese silk. The color is bright and beautiful colors – it certainly attracts attention. But how practical would this fabric? Take a look at the inside of the package.

If linen is clearly expressed in the difference of color front and inner side, it is likely that it will fade in time washing. Buying colored linens, look for tips on caring, written on the label. If allowed to wash clothes at 60 degrees, then in its manufacture was used qualitative and stable dye. And one more thing If you purchase do not hesitate to smell the cloth. Bedding should not smell or dampness or chemistry. It should have a slight odor of textiles. Sutures are always high-quality bed linen treated with a special stitch underwear. In the suites, designed for large beds, may consist of five items. Additional item Headset – another quilt. It is used by couples who prefer to sleep under a variety of quilts. Guided by considerations of hygiene, be sure to wash your new bed linen prior to use by removing the duvet cover and pillow case inside out.

Spain is the most popular European holiday destination for Europeans. This is the conclusion of the web of comparison of travel Zoover, who conducted a study between 15 million visitors to its website in 19 European countries. Italy stays in the second set, followed by France, Greece and Turkey, which together form the top five. The study data is observed that Spain is the country of holiday favorite for the vast majority of European countries, in countries such as Holland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Czech Republic and Great Britain, the country preferred holiday is Spain. The majority of Spaniards also choose Spain for their holidays, followed by Portugal, France and Italy.

The Nordic countries are clear that they prefer to travel to countries with good weather and beach in Spain, especially Canary tourism is the big favorite. The own country a favorite destination for some countries in some countries such as France, the country itself is the favorite for the holidays but Spain also here is preferred since it is in second place. The inhabitants of countries such as Portugal and Turkey also prefer in first place for a holiday in their own country. The language a language factor remains a factor taken into consideration for travel. Especially for the Spanish and Portuguese, but also like the Germans spend their holidays in their own country (3rd place) or a German, such as Switzerland and Austria speaking country. The same applies to the Swiss that although first they prefer a hot country, then your preferences are for countries where the same language is spoken. Transportation used to go to the destination of holiday the majority of Europeans arrive at their vacation destinations in plane (45%). Car travel is also popular, with 33 percent. Only 2.7% of Europeans traveling by train made their holiday destination.