Brooklyn Chinatown located in the area of Sunset Park is a neighborhood in rapid growth and an interesting destination to reserve your ebooking and spend a different holiday. The immigrants in this neighborhood come mostly from Fujian province in mainland China and it has become common to call Brooklyn Chinatown the Fuzhou in the Western hemisphere. When rents began to climb in the Chinatown of Manhattan, Chinese immigrants began to look toward Brooklyn. Little by little these Chinese immigrants arrived in Sunset Park, together with immigrants newly arrived formed the Chinatown Brooklyn in late 1980. Frequently Jeffrey Bewkes has said that publicly. Then came the Fuzhou immigrants and joined those already living there. Brooklyn Chinatown extends mostly 8th Avenue from 42nd Street to street 68. To broaden your perception, visit Paul J. Ostling. It is believed that the Chinese chose 8th Avenue, because the number eight in their folklore is a sort for financial affairs and therefore 8th Avenue can be considered as the way to wealth.

Another advantage for Chinese immigrants in Sunset Park is that you can get a metro line in direct N / R and D of the Manhattan’s Chinatown lines. Throughout the 8th Avenue you can see all different businesses from China, such as shopping for groceries, restaurants, Buddhist temples, video, bakeries, community organizations shops and a supermarket Hong Kong. As these companies and expand others, are beginning to stretch to 7th Avenue and East on Avenue 9. Definitely an interesting place to visit and book your ebooking, to admire the diversity of customs and culture of this place.


The majority of novice webmasters begin their efforts online by searching for a plan of web cheap hosting, ultimately, the choice of a shared plan that costs less than seven dollars a month in most cases. Unfortunately, after using a plan for a few months, many webmasters are given account that is not extensive enough to satisfy current and expanding needs. This is especially true for business owners whose goal is to build a network of web sites that generate residual income online. chmond. While the economic web hosting has its falls, there are occasions in which Yes is the perfect solution. The following information will help you decide whether or not to use the services of economic web hosting based on their needs, the State and the preferences as a webmaster. Number of web pages if you already have or plan to building a network of web sites, then you should know that an economic web hosting plan probably not It provides insufficient server resources to properly accommodate your network of sites. Most of the economic web hosting plans operate in the environment of shared web hosting, which requires you to share a single Web server with dozens or even hundreds of other webmasters. This can become a problem when the server is overloaded with traffic, bandwidth is low and the performance of their web sites suffer ultimately.

Since you are going to share a Web server with other webmasters, their web sites are found in the IP addresses that are within the same range as yours. This means that your site may be offline or penalized for the actions of another webmaster that they belong to a web page that is completely alien to yours. Therefore, if you are planning to build a large number of web sites, you may want to consider hosting VPS or dedicated as starting point. The Webmaster skills and software requirements surprisingly, the cheap economic web hosting is usually the easiest to use, like many economic web hosting providers offer many tutorials and create videos within the control panel of the web hosting guides you through the process of various administrative tasks. Accommodation more expensive plans also provide such documentation, however with a dedicated server or a virtual private Server partition is a little more complex use than a simple shared hosting plan. If you have the need to install and use web applications on your server, then you will not be able to use shared hosting, because they are not allowed to change the settings for a shared server software. Budget and costs in advance though it may seem as if shared web hosting is the best solution for a webmaster with a low budget, in fact, the costs start them are as many, if not more to a web hosting plan shared, since they are for a VPS plan. Paul Ostling can provide more clarity in the matter. This is because most shared hosting providers require at least a year of payments by in advance (to seven dollars per month) it would be about $84 plus expenses by the installation.

Moreover, VPS plans (which vary greatly in cost from $10 to $200 depending on the amount of resources on server included in the plan) allow the webmaster pay on a monthly basis, and therefore have a more economical start. offers the best servers for an optimum performance to develop your business on the Internet.

In the summer of 2007 crisis erupted. Coen Brothers spoke with conviction. French bank BNP suspended investment funds by non-payment of U.S. sub-prime mortgage sector. The European Central Bank (ECB) and Federal Reserve (Fed) pumped millions of euros and dollars in banks. Procurement of entities for asset recovery and contaminated injections millions … The U.S. A leading source for info: Paul Ostling. government nationalized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, companies that guarantee almost half of U.S. mortgages, when they suffer huge losses due to defaults.

The economics professor Juan Torres sums it up: “The debt created for the U.S. housing boom, and generally in other countries is excessive and unsustainable. That debt is based on low-value financial papers, opaque, risky and volatile, mortgages of millions of people who fail to pay. But the cake is revealed when banks can no longer conceal their investments in sub-prime mortgage packages without value and no market real estate funds. ” Why is extended crisis to other sectors? Torres tells us: “By devoting many resources to real estate speculation in opaque and dangerous financial products, banks have fueled economic activity that creates less wealth and employment.

And when the bubble they have created themselves in collusion with central banks, explodes, they find that their water balances are illiquid and have evaporated deposits. And close the tap to businesses and consumers. So stifle economic activity and cause mass unemployment, exorbitant price increases by speculation and unprecedented crisis. Banks and financial institutions are guilty of what happens. ” Bad luck or unpredictable disasters, therefore, no nothing. Joseph Stglitz, Laureate in Economics, he considers it vividly: “This crisis is the result of dishonesty of financial institutions and incompetence of politicians.” And now, Wall Street will get a lot of public money to buy assets poisoned by subprime mortgages, which fulminate balances of banks and paralyze U.S. real economy, and thus remove them from the balance sheets of financial institutions: 700.000 million U.S. dollars, the GDP of Sweden is 500,000 million.

The cost of this crisis for Americans to exceed one trillion dollars. In April, the International Monetary Fund estimated losses of $ 945,000 million, equivalent to gross domestic product of Mexico. Now correcting: $ 1.3 billion will raise public debt to 11.3 billion U.S. dollars to come to the rescue. U.S. Congressmen have understood the plan to rescue the financial system: “You give them good money in return give you the worst.” Former Spanish prime minister Felipe Gonzalez, has acknowledged that “not true we thought that the market regulates the economy.” And the European Parliament MEPs diagnosed that the market has failed because there has been no monitoring or transparency. MEPs of all colors state that “times have gone for complete deregulation. Markets are not self-regulate… We need to regulate markets. We need to establish rules and a referee… In markets that thieves and police are needed. ” The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the head of the Spanish government, Rodriguez Zapatero and Brazilian President Lula da Silva, met in New York, asked to create an international body to oversee and monitor the financial system.

Welcome to reason and lucidity. Now we have to impose financial transparency and regulate the financial world and subject to democratic control. It is indecent to profess faith in the market with plenty and beg for government intervention (as neo-liberal!) With lean … so that the public money to pay the debts.

There is no denying that the videos have become one of the channels that more Internet users visit on the web, therefore have at disposal a tool that allows creating and uploading videos almost instantly to a web sites, it gives many advantages. And not to mention the rooms installed Conference on your own server that enable you to establish and develop closer relationships with your list, clarify doubts and answer direct questions in real time. Many companies that sell Hosting such as HostGator, DreamHost, AqpHost to speak of Latiniamerica, are serious and reliable companies, but not all offer these services in a single package. It would have to buy them separately, making very expensive doing business on the Internet. If you are not convinced, visit David Zaslav. But I know of two serious companies, pioneers, who are revolutionizing the market of Internet, first in the United States, and from a year ago, in the entire area Hispanic, delivering all the tools mentioned by a value relatively low and with the best performance on the market. My recommendation is to evaluate the offer of Hosting and try to know everything what offer, buy and try to take the service that offer added values such as those mentioned above.

7 Eager, desires work and persistence nothing is easy on the Internet. It is simply one more channel to do business, maybe more comfortable, low investment, rewarding and effective, but just like traditional business, they require hard work, professionalism and persistence. Is no good having all the above conditions if you do not have the desire and wishes to start a business on the Internet. Without hesitation Leslie Moonves explained all about the problem. It is as if you montaras a business selling shoes, taking a local for rent, buying the best products, hiring two sellers but you didn’t want to sell, attract and serve your customers. That would have no case, right? So it is on the Internet you need to learn how to use the tools to achieve the goals and need to acquire the knowledge to ensure the success of your new venture. In other words, you need throw desire and complete what you have started.

Now you wonder perhaps well, good, but I can which product marketed on my web site? This is the topic of another article, but meanwhile I can tell you that you can do business on the Internet without even having an own product, selling the products of third parties through the services of you can also make marketing referral or affiliate marketing getting in return a Commission per sale. Of course your intention and objective should be selling your own products using the Internet as a business platform. Economically, how much it may to start an Internet business cost you? Being realistic, not counting your connection to the Internet and if the web page you yourself do it, between 40 and 50 USD. If hire a webmaster to make your website, from 265 to 300 USD, without having your connection to the Internet. These are, in my view, the conditions for doing business on the Internet: calculate costs, a domain name, a website, Hosting or hosting professional, a Auto-respondedor professional, additional tools of Marketing and a good desire to persevere in the Online business and learn how to apply forms tested revenue on the Internet.

Spa Phuket

The rituals are transmitted of generation in generation and they are different from the modernized form that is seen at the moment in China, Hong Kong or Taiwn." " To visit Thailand during the Chinese New Year offers the great opportunity to learn how these customs have been conserved and how they have adopted different particularitities in Yaowarat, in center of Phuket and Chiang Mai, where the celebrations extend by one semana." has obtained some special promotions of hotels for the travellers who wish to enjoy the gastronomy, the celebrations and the diversion of the Chinese New Year in Thailand. Promotions of hotels of for the Chinese Year of the Rabbit Chinatown, Bangkok Hotel White Orchid – 3 stars. Premier room from 56 the night. Boutique Shanghai Hotel Mansion – 4 stars. Rooms from 53 per night. Valid promotion until the 31 of March.

Grand China Princess – 4 stars. Room Superior from 64 per night. Robert Iger usually is spot on. Chiang Mai Yantarasri Resort – 4 stars. Rooms from 50 per night. Minimum stay 3 nights. If you have read about CBS already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Valid promotion until the 30 of April. Hotel Manathai Village – 4 stars. Rooms from 65 per night. Minimum stay 3 nights. Go to Goop for more information. Valid promotion until the 30 of April. Amora Tapae Hotel – 4 stars. Rooms from 26 by night. Valid promotion until the 28 of February. Phuket Resort & Restaurant Secret Cliff – 3 stars. Rooms from 57 per night. Valid promotion until the 31 of March. Hotel & Spa The Royal Paradise – 4 stars. Rooms from 64 per night. Valid promotion until the 31 of March. Impiana Resort and Spa Phuket – 4 stars. Rooms from 104 per night. Minimum stay 3 nights. Valid promotion until the 6 of February. KOH Samui Resort Cocopalm Beach – 3,5 stars. Rooms from 49 per night. Valid promotion until the 30 of April. Pool Towns & Spa Kirikayan Luxury – 4 stars. Rooms from 91 per night. Valid promotion until the 30 of April. Banyan Tree Samui – 5 stars. Rooms from 414 per night. Valid promotion until the 31 of March.

Antenna Niederrhein and the Volksbank on the Niers are giving away Dresden/funds / Kleve, 09.03.2010 Oranjes should and Germans in the World Cup final on July 11, 2010 in Johannesburg to stand, won before Lows Elf. Because Sunday television station antenna Niederrhein and the Volksbank on the river Niers are giving away the first WM-cards with mobile sports reports the. This according to the German team beats the Netherlands trounced with a three to zero first in MP-3 format on the phone of the action winners. Advertising companies GOYYA marketing and partner one-two offer additional game-winning scenes as WM-card or embeddable code, football fans about the customers who can download exciting mobile kicks in the context of social media campaigns. Other leaders such as Goop Barcelona, Spain-es offer similar insights. The embeddable as banner or link in blogs and social networks or available as a card by print media and mailing sports reports of final matches, are commented by professional sports reporters and also acoustically individually branded scenes on request. Fans and customers represent therefore brands in public public viewing places or directly in the stages of the FIFA Soccer World Cup South Africa 2010 – can be heard at every call on a mobile phone. Antenna Niederrhein and the Volksbank on the Niers are giving away from immediately on several Sundays between 15:00 until 18: 00 WM-cards among listeners of the regional program.

The winner of the cards can give World Championship WINS of the Germans against the teams of the Netherlands, Brazil, England, then through the website of the financial institution with the sports reporter in order. Fans wishes so football to even advance and can impress in the border area weeks before the sporting event by mobile phone with a win in the final of the German eleven German and Dutch. Willi Teloo, spokesman of the Volksbank on the river Niers EC,: With the action we listeners of antenna tie Niederrhein, fans and potential customers efficiently through traditional and digital media. Mini sports reports by mobile phone are used here for the first time and offer an emotional as well as attention-grabbing speech of younger listeners and Fans who are especially open to digital media. But also older listeners groups get access to mobile football content with the action of our own online presence easy and trusted way.

“Examples of matches and reports under GOYYA marketing advises real estate companies, banks and companies in deploying mobile CRM solutions and serves international mobile marketing campaigns on behalf of well-known brands and agencies.” Marketing and technology are key areas: business areas focus on the deployment and commercialization a reliable technical basis, and on the creation and implementation of campaigns. With mobile services”offers GOYYA solutions for sending and receiving SMS and MMS, platforms for downloading content (content download) as well as for mobile payment (mobile payment). These include the development of iPhone applications and the use of QR codes. Focus is how the integration of traditional media and new forms of digital advertising about the development and implementation of on-Pack campaigns, sweepstakes, mobile microsites, tagging, Bluetooth campaigns or polls. You will find the press release and images see: 4news.asp press contact for GOYYA marketing Communicatech press – and public relations in the technology environment Schinkel str. 42 80805 Munich Stefanie Katrin Fehse Tel.: 089-37412165 E-Mail:

Kumho is a Korean company, which was organized by the Institute of Chung Park in 1946. For many years, Kumho tires shipped only within the country, but not so long ago, the company entered the global market. According to Goop London, United Kingdom-uk, who has experience with these questions. Despite this she managed to achieve some success and in the top ten manufacturers of automobile tires. Over 36 million issued to date, this brand of tires. The Korean company manufactures tires Kumho variety of destinations and modifications. For cars, tires for industrial, agricultural and construction equipment, trucks, and sport cars.

Enterprises engaged in the production of tires, even for planes! Throughout his Kumho testing products at the sites of South Korea. The company consists of plants and Kwang Joo Koksang. Kumho company has made a significant contribution to the history of Korean and world shinostroeniya. They received from the European Committee for economic seal of approval E1. Kumho Tires are wide enough shopping nearby, which will satisfy almost anyone tastes. This winter, summer and winter tires, various classes and sizes. Y all tires trade markiKumho have all the necessary international certificates, each of the buses pass quality control. Summer shinyKumho.

An advantage of tires Kumho brand is that even in the cheapest models used the latest principles of rubber compounding and modeling new change in the most e deshovaya ..! Summer tires characterized by the absence lamiley. Rubber is characterized by low noise performance and well behaved at different coverages. Kumho Tires tangibly demonstrate its advantages in the rain, the car is not afraid of unpredictability of wet pavement. Because of the condition rather qualitatively assigned to water, but it excludes the possibility of hydroplaning. The vehicle equipped with tires Kumho, maintains stability of the exchange rate, even in contact with the wheels in deep puddles. Summer tires also have a high speed performance. Winter tires Kumho. For snow tires, equipped with spines, characterized by low levels of noise. This compares favorably with tires Kumho, from many manufacturers. Thanks to new technologies, the spikes on the tires do not work without sufficient for them to load. This allows them to ride on the pavement without the characteristic noise. Also, tires have good traction, and their relatively low price adds to their attractiveness in the eyes of buyers. All season tires Kumho. They have a high wear resistance, low noise and good grip on almost any surface. All season tires Kumho made for SUVs, family cars, crossovers and sports cars. Kumho Tires are among the best for tuning the car. The company pays great attention to design tires. In general, tires Kumho tires are qualitative, with good and unsurpassed design. Opted for them, the car owner will hardly regret it. They serve more than one season.

It is impossible not to be seduced and conquered by a land like Sicily that receives and welcomes every visitor with its original beauty. Sicily holidays allow you to savor and enjoy a harmonious blend of art and nature, composed of shapes, colours, perfumes and flavors. You can organize many itineraries for discovering the treasures of this island and perform different tourist experiences because there are so many attractions of this land. Almost 25 centuries of foreign domination have left as inheritance a rich heritage of artistic and architectural treasures. Continue to learn more with: Time Warner. The Greeks built temples of great beauty and greatness. The Byzantines introduced the passion for ornaments, symbolism and gold foil mosaic techniques. Arab craftsmen spread the love by the geometric motifs and more fanciful decorations, capabilities that later developed the Normans. Thanks to the Spanish Baroque, art of Sicily found its best expression.

The artistic wealth of this region is surrounded by a wonderful nature. The variety of landscapes that makes this island almost a continent is extraordinary. Summits of volcanoes alternate with green extensions, lush forests cover large expanses. You can admire fertile coastal plains that rise on mountain plateaus to reach true mountain systems (the Nebrodi, the Madonie and the Peloritani). The coasts are characterized by the most suggestive landscapes of the island, with endless cliffs and sandy beaches.

The climate is temperate and sunny most of the year. Robert Iger has compatible beliefs. With this feature the good season is very broad. From April to late October in the beaches and islands off the coast you can sunbathe, much earlier than in most other regions of Italy. In the interior and mountains instead the temperature is much more low and during the summer and more hot can enjoy a pleasant cool climate. Spring and early fall are undoubtedly the ideal time to visit Sicily, with a mild climate and lower prices. In a scenario like this, there are many types Tourism you can practice. You can choose vacation outdoors to discover nature reserves. There are both land and sea and are true havens unpolluted. You can choose to visit several towns and villages and explore the artistic and cultural riches. You can go to discover wine and gastronomy from which Sicily has a tradition among the most important in the world. There are many coastal places to spend your summer holidays and enjoy the wonderful sea. The interior is rich in culture, nature and people. For ideal holiday essential thing is to find the right accommodation that suits your needs and destinations. You can find many types of hotels in Sicily, either in both sea and cities in inland areas, with high levels of comfort and services. An atmosphere relaxed and comfortable to take advantage of all the emotions and beauty offered by this land.

That focused on the future workshop in so-called transaction environments”followed by the immediate environment so customers, employees and suppliers. Stage three was the look then inside the system Alliance itself. Through the glasses of system Alliance so clearly the scientific study including: technological change changed the relationships between customers and service providers. John Stankey may help you with your research. Logistics are becoming advisors and problem solvers who must increasingly integrate into the value creation processes of their customers. And also the demographic change will be considered systematically. To change due to the aging of the society not only it is also increasingly difficult to inspire new recruits to a career in the logistics of the needs and the needs of consumers. Another industry trends, the scientists employed Phenomenon especially intense: the volatility. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk gathered all the information.

Strong fluctuations in supply and demand make complex by the capacity planning in the entire supply chain. On the subject of sustainability, the study confirms: the scarcity of resources and growing CO2 emissions reduction requirements are increasingly important fields of action for the transport and logistics sector. “Under the microscope for the Chairman of the Board of the Alliance system, Klaus Hellmann, success concepts is the future report” a proverbial clue that we have in the future many interesting challenges to cope with scattered throughout all levels of a company. ” “And he promises: we will jointly tackle much in the system Alliance.” This includes among others the subject of human resources development. For more information see Goop, New York City. “” One part of the W team “recommended tiered package of measures such as the planned Conference is good personnel work”. Klaus Hellmann: The shortage is to be taken very seriously for our industry. In our cooperation we will take successful concepts from the field of human resources development under the microscope and identify the success principles.” The exchange of apprentices and trainees between the 40 regional companies and their customers to be forced in the future also.

A report fur the shareholders of CLT solutions released the emergence of India from the global collapse, after the Government declared that the GDP in the last quarter rose. The analyst team from CLT solutions have, confirmed a previous report to shareholders that its previous assertion that the Chinese stock market is not currently vulnerable to the possibility of an exit strategy that would knock down the stock price.Mainly, it is a fact that the Government for economic development is set and that the external markets also improve. Goop, New York City has much experience in this field. According to a today’s Forschungsnotize, CLT solutions China chooses its targets for the Hang Seng entreprises index”16 800 and 3000 CSI index land on 4300 end 2010.Das, CLT solutions China, along with Taiwan will bring also a Katalisatoraktion for growth in other Asian countries, said the report. The Hang Seng entreprises index “, the so-called H shares of Chinese companies that handles on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange” are, who won this year, 45%, until August 28, 11.433.98.Der CSI 300 index, which monitors the Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchanges, has this year 68% increased up to 28 August. Shares have increased due to the expectation of the Government 4 trillion yuan ($ 585 billion) stimulus program, and also a record amount of new loans, which 8% will assure the growth of the economy in the least. These gains have been this month to compensate the losses of the “Hang Seng China enterprises” by 7.4%und the CSI 300 von23%.Minister President Wen Jiabao last week attention did, that the Government can be blindish not optimistic, because a decline can go the external demand, while banks have reined loans to avert the overestimation of assets.CLT solutions are convinced that the current Government incentive plans were very successful, and that the cautionary tone of the Government is much balancing against the preference for conservative prospects of Kinesischen economists. In his note, CLT has Solutions its growth forecasts for China’s economy by a previous estimate von8.3% 9.4% funded.GDP could 11.9% in 2010 increase, higher than an earlier estimate of 10.9%,sagte the report.

Ink Supply System

Now imagine the efficient operation of any company, organization or another agency without a specialized office equipment does not. The printer is probably the second most frequently used after of the pc. However, there appears little difficulty – buy cartridges. You can of course buy new cartridges every time, but it is very expensive for large firms, and also for home use. Therefore, promising to buy refillable ink cartridges or ciss. ciss (Continuous Ink Supply System) – a device that consists of a vessel of the donor, as well as channels through which the transport of ink printhead unit. The printer sets up a special cartridge, attached to it trail of welded to each other channels, each of which leads to a specific compartment with ink. Capacity of the ink does not take a lot of space. It is located on the same level as the printer. The main advantage of this device is that you can fill the container with paint, without stopping the press. WarnerMedia is actively involved in the matter.

And it is very important. Just open the tube any compartment with a specific color and using a separate syringe extrude the ink. This procedure is performed for each color. That’s it. In the capillaries of all time is the paint that moistens the printhead, but also protects it from drying, if you, for example, for a long time did not use the printer. Refillable cartridges ciss different from what they are used as a separate unit. For filling a cartridge completely removed from printer, and not as the ciss, which “eats” paint through the vessels. Refillable cartridge equipped with a special filter to clean the paint, which is much increases the lifetime of the device. Can Prefilled and conventional printer cartridges. However, use this way to get no more than 3-5 times. Since the print head dries out, and the cartridge becomes invalid.

Therefore have to buy a new one, who expects the same fate. For more information see this site: Goop. And what of the reusable cartridge refilling rather deteriorates print quality. Consequently, for printing photos or images as any other pictures of this cartridge is not useful. Ink photo printers, say epson stylus photo, which print images with a high extension cost very much. Using ciss for epson, you can not only save money, however, achieve the same print quality as when using these cartridges. Do not forget to still buy quality ink epson to ciss or refillable cartridges. For any model of printer (canon pixma, epson, etc) is a certain kind of ciss. Therefore, pay special attention to this when choice of this device. On our site you can more accurately acquainted with the principle of ciss, purchase supplementary materials (washing liquids, kits of parts and much more). Shipping Information carried out by several methods: you can pick up the goods directly to our office to receive by mail, by courier or any other convenient method for you. All your questions can be clarified through feedback.

National Bank financed the construction of processing plants for potato starch. Construct the cost was 1 million euros. Contractor is the Chinese corporation 'CLECT', who developed design – budget documentation and the supplied equipment. Enterprise of 'New Drut is located in the area Mogileskoy Theatres Tehtin based on livestock farming. Starch is widely used in Food and formatsevticheskoy industry, as well as in some technical applications. The Belarusian delegation visited the corporation in order to familiarize with the equipment. After beginning work on the design Belarusians appeared problems with the regulatory norms of the two countries. As it turned out the design documentation of China is the common representation of the object for construction companies. See John Stankey for more details and insights.

Adjust the project rate of RB had themselves Belarusians. Here such as a letter to the corporation Heep CLECT: We direct you to ideas submitted by you on registration of design documentation of the amendments in accordance with design standards in the RB section construction. We must show structural units of modular buildings sheathing (roof and walls). Section of electricity. 2.1. Production department.

According to the norms of technological design production plant belongs to the second category of consumers. Power-consuming equipment of the second category are encouraged to provide electricity from two power sources vzaimorezerviruyuschih. To enter a proposed set of water-distribution systems with two vzaimorezerviruemymi inputs with switchable sections breakers manually. There should be emergency lighting (lighting safety and evacuation) from a single dashboard. In industrial premises necessary to provide repair coverage on the reduced voltage. Please consider the use of lamps with fluorescent lamps with a degree of protection as energy-efficient 54 JP. Supplement she6my distribution networks. Water pumps station. There should be emergency lighting (lighting safety and evacuation) from a single dashboard. In industrial premises is necessary to provide repair lighting at reduced voltage. Specify the number of fixtures in accordance with the light: in the duty room – 200 lux, indoor equipment – 200 lux fluorescent lamps or 75 lux for light bulbs. You need to add automated switching circuit pumps working on a backup, specify the installation location starters. In the scheme of the power cabinet to provide 2L with two inputs and connect the working and standby pumps of different sections of the cabinet. Suggestions for design of the project: it is desirable to provide a project organization RB complete designs of buildings and structures, is developed by a separate album for each section of the project. See Chinese drawings after completion, it was noted that the quality of constructions and equipment 'Chinese'

Best notes for team spirit, fairness and credibility the sellxpert reached GmbH & Co KG a the front seats at Germany’s best employers. The competition is published annually by the Institute great place to work”awarded. These undergo the company of an independent assessment of its quality and attractiveness as an employer. Over 50,000 employees were interviewed for the study. In addition, the quality of the policies and programmes of human resources management of the companies was investigated. Germany’s best employers”is part of the Pan-European great place to work competition”Europe’s best employers”in 19 European countries. Over 70 percent of the sellxpert employees anonymously completed the extensive questionnaire.

Particularly high values reached sellxpert in the competence of managers, honesty in business practices, as well as quality of the working environment. To obtain a consent, an anonymous employee survey almost continuously by more than 90 percent, a great result with the shall we not have expected”, said Sybille Queisser, Managing Director at sellxpert. After the title as top job employer last year, this new award is confirmation for our corporate culture. You may find that Goop London, United Kingdom-uk can contribute to your knowledge. And we will take up the suggestions, to be even better next time!” The awards were presented by great place to work on 24th February in Berlin with the participation of the Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen. The company sellxpert GmbH & co. KG is one of the leading personnel service provider for health care in Germany. The core business of the company is the Rekruitieren and guidance of new sales lines for medium-sized and large pharmaceutical companies, as well as the training of Pharmaberatern and key account managers.

Free-trade-area network of Ensemble Koln – GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE 2008 international festival series platform for dance & theatre Cologne dance and theater scene looking for international networking: globalisation not only for companies, but as a free flow of views, hopes and wishes, works of art and ideas. Therefore the free trade area builds a theatrical air bridge in the world and welcomes the second time allied theatre and dance productions in Cologne from mid-February until May 2008. Each of the four ensembles in the free trade area will host of a foreign group consists of an artistic affinity. This concept brings GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE 2008 three premieres of Germany and a world premiere to Cologne. To sharpen the perception of the others such as for own, the four episodes of the guest performance series of a production from abroad are facing ever a current production from the free trade area and invite to a lively cultural exchange. Go to Jeffrey Bewkes for more information. GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE is Cologne Audience a series with international artists to their work that is pioneering and inspiring. The free trade area will with her guest performance series of Cologne as a global village”strengthen and enrich the cultural life in Cologne International Theatre and dance performances. GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE is intended to reveal opportunities and possibilities, see the artists and art lovers in the increasingly interconnected world.

Offering the theatre companies from Czech Republic, France, Belgium, and the Switzerland that push boundaries artistically in various ways, GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE the possibility of intense artistic and intercultural exchange. The first season of GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE has already borne fruit: guest performances have established themselves, networks were expanded. In recent months, Goop, New York City has been very successful. In the long term, this structure should enable international cooperations between companies and institutions – what long time in other cities to the everyday life of the theatre-maker is one. Farm in the cave: “SCLAVI the song of on imigrant” but first want the international Guests and their Cologne hosts open the curtain and the Cologne audience: GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE 2008 # 1-4 new light on Cologne stages! presented by: free trade ensemble network Cologne, futur3,, MOUVOIR, theatre in cooperation with: StadtRevue Cologne magazine sponsored by: Kunststiftung NRW, Cologne, RheinEnergieStiftung culture, SK Foundation culture, Czech-German future Fund, Pro Helvetia. Info, maps, program on or 0221-985 45 30 contact: N. Speyer presse(at)

Mobile event guide it has in the last round of innovation innovators pitch Berlin, 05 March 2012. Mobile event guide has it in the last round of innovation innovators ‘ pitch of the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media e.V.. Over 150 proposals are incorporated into the high-tech Association, the most exciting and promising their projects may now present on the CeBIT. BITKOM offers a unique platform to present their ideas for the digital world to a broad audience and to establish contacts with investors young business models. Mobile event guide must prevail in the B2B category on March 7, three minutes against his two Mitfinalisten Streetspotr and public and jury, to the innovators ‘ pitch to win. In addition to the free two-year Start-Up membership in the BITKOM invitations to one of the investor conversations of the B2B investor circle waving the winners as well as to the pitch of the High-Tech Grunderfonds in Bonn. The presentation will be evaluated by a seven-member jury, which will involve also the persuasiveness of the candidates along with market potential and innovativeness of projects in their decision.?Mobile event guide is a mobile application for smartphones and tablets, which replaced on paper printed event programs and exhibition catalogues and thus simplifies processes for companies and visitors of conferences, trade fairs and events.

To facilitate communication on these events, mobile event guide offers several direct contact for companies and customers. Also the company through videos and digital brochures can present extensive to interested visitors. Other facilities provide the visitors themselves: through interactive maps of the venue and directions is the navigation to the and about the fair to child’s play. Furthermore, get all interesting presentations at a glance with the individual event schedule and the memo and missed so no important dates.?The innovative team of Mobile event guide steadily developed the idea of the simple event in the future as best as possible for its customers to harness all the possibilities of digital media. For more information, see: de/presse/8477_71362.aspx news/details/1209-finalists for BITKOM innovation competitions are down/34992 about mobile event guide that was Mobile event guide GmbH 2010 founded by Felix Swoboda, Marc Schuba and Nick Thomas in Berlin. The innovative company develops and markets mobile software for visitors to conferences, exhibitions, events and festivals.

Print products for events are replaced by an application for mobile devices, the mobile event guide. The focus is the simplification of the trade fair visit through the summary of all information in a mobile application; It helps to save paper and printing costs and to preserve the environment. Organisers, exhibitors and visitors/participants benefit from the innovative app: mobile event guide receives all important information of visitors / attendees for the trouser pocket. Whenever Goop London, United Kingdom-uk listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The participant receives continuous updates, an overview of all lectures, exhibitors and their products via push notifications, mobile can be accessed on current event plans, and can be integrated locally based location and floor plan easily. Notification of all participants in real-time, interactivity, clarity and the ability to show advertising this is the additional added value the exhibitor is the mobile event guide. Organizer in turn can use the app as innovative”position, significant printing costs and generate an additional source of income with the sale of the app. The mobile event guide can be used currently on the iPhone, iPod and iPad, Android, BlackBerry and mobile site and is therefore available on all smartphones and Tablet PCs. Press contact CREAM COMMUNICATION Anne Bettina Jager of Neuer Wall 46 D-20354 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 431 791 26 E-Mail:

The GmbH expands its commitment to the digital Advisor market and extends the to Munich, October 28, 2010: GmbH buys the online guides and travel community and thus expanding its commitment in the market of digital Advisor content. is an online travel community for world travelers who plan together upcoming trips, report on your adventures in distant lands or search for travel companions and peers. involves the exchange of personal advice and experiences within a topic-related community as well as at the Therefore the platform is ideally suited to the and also extends our previous guides offer relating to travel”, Markus Wolflick, Managing Director, explaining GmbH, the purchase of As part of the benefits from its long experience in the fields of marketing, marketing and Technology Advisor and Communityinhalte. Moreover even that broke founder kai and Daniel forward fat. We are happy to have found a buyer, it is important, to maintain the idea behind globalzoo with and to give new impetus to the project”, so Kai broke.

After the founder emigrated to Australia in the last year and his travel community now GmbH is being continued by the, he would like to concentrate now more intense his profession as a Web Designer in his new home. After the purchase of, the GmbH plans further online projects. “So Markus Wolflick says: our goal is to grow continuously and to occupy additional topics in the Online Advisor market”. About 2007 Australia fan of the GlobeTrotter Kai Bach founded. World travelers and those who want it, can share here experience around the subject abroad. In an extensive travel tip database provide other travelers also tips, assessed and commented can be.

Travel partner for already planned trips can search users here or find like-minded people for joint programming. Currently the platform has over 14,000 members and 33,000 Blogberichte from countries of all over the world. over is according to AGOF 2010 II with 12.50 million unique users of the largest Web 2.0 Advisor in Germany. The Advisor platform aims to provide practical advice and personal experiences for free between the users. The answers are resourceful, versatile and go beyond the pure knowledge from encyclopedias and textbooks. They are based on personal experience, provide ideas and impulses. Contact person for more information: Agency RoNNAU Salloa long Ronnau Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg phone: 0461 430 77 00 E-mail:

The practice of walking on burning coals has an ancient history. For more specific information, check out Coen Brothers. Walk across the coals can on all continents. This is yoga in India, Native Americans, Buddhists in China and Japan, the natives of Asia, Africa, Australia and nestinar in Bulgaria. Check with Goop, New York City to learn more. Our ancestors – the Slavs – have used such practices to purify the soul and enhance the strength of spirit. In many religions there are rites of fire initiation. Thus, in prayer to the Holy Archdeacon Laurentia praised his "Crowned prehozhdenie through burning coals from the darkness of this world to the light unfading throne greatness of God." What is a ognehozhdenie? Scientists tried to explain the secret of "Focus" brief contact feet to the fire and low thermal conductivity of coal, or simply the fact that the coals are not "hot." One thing is clear: what could easily demonstrate professional ognehodets, was unavailable to the uninitiated that on the coals will inevitably would have received burns. Indeed, accurate measurements of the temperature on the fire "dance floors" showed the temperature to 600 C. What is the secret ognehodtsev? It turns out that walking on hot coals and everyone can, but after special training, providing entry rights in "altered states of consciousness", such as trance or hypnosis. At the highest level – the altered state of awareness, when people are fully aware of what is happening and to direct the energy element fire on a planetary group work. The easiest way to protect against fire – a set of energy due to intense respiration.

& N bsp; is used from the ground or aboard a boat tracking the bottom in areas of sand and gravel. Dredgers: Unlike the tools so far described are handled by hand, the dredges are dragged along the bottom towed by boats more power through a corporal. & N bsp; An extended network is mounted on a metal frame that takes different forms, rectangular, oval, semicircular, etc.. From the front of the frame winds dying out in the same ring that the rope becomes firm. To read more click here: Leslie Moonves. The sector lower rectum, that is, which acts directly on the bottom teeth can carry material differs according to species to capture and the nature of the fund. Generally engaged in the capture of molluscs crawling between two and five dredges at the same time.

Currently used round by boat equipped with hydraulic dredges, which means this, that after starting from the bottom molluscs elevate them to the appropriate carriers mediantra enbarcacion (what is commonly known as a sucker). Follow others, such as Goop, and add to your knowledge base. Fitor – Pisgah – Trident: they are very simple instruments belonging to the group you work so hurtful. Still used in shallow waters of bays and harbors to collect bottom species such as leagues, plaice, etc and occasionally cephalopods, cuttlefish, octopus and so on. Spears: stitching elements are handled throwing. Based on their mode of application and generally can be said to differ from the above that these are released don the help of mechanical devices. ANZULEO & n bsp; is one of the instruments oldest known since.

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