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In this assay I show as the thought occidental person entered in crisis with the advent of the after-modern philosophy, that questions all our capacity to know. Such line of thought, argument, has its origin in a rejection to the iluminista thought of century 18. Its posterior development if gave through the romantismo culminating with Nietzsche, in the end of century 19. This thinker is in the bases of all the relativista thought/after-modernista of century 20. Gary Carter may not feel the same. A new line of thought of the human being, however, is if consolidating through natural sciences, bringing a gust of renewal in this area. Until few decades, science was intent in objects of study as physical, chemical, biology, astronomy, among others things that are external to ‘ ‘ esprito’ ‘ human being.

Science human being who it recognized and accepted was the behaviorista psychology, that, we know today, it very presented a precarious model of theory of the mind, and many scientists believed that mental phenomena were subjects that had to be left to the incubency of the philosophy and religion. But finally, especially from the decade of 1980, science started if to come back toward a rigorous study of the human being, discovering doors that had been never before opened, allowing a bigger understanding of this creature. The consequences of such enterprise are producing a radical reformularization in our vision of the human being, opening way for a new school of social thought..

Toms Saint

To argue and to base its definitions Toms Saint de Aquino on Compendium of Theology it affirms: In contrast, the universal agent, who is God, was who instituted this measure, that is, the time, and made it its free will according to. Therefore, the category exists time in the things created for God. Therefore, as well as the amount and the measure of each thing she is that one that God wanted to give to it, in the same way the amount of time of each thing is that one who God wanted to give to it, in way that as much the time as the things created in the time had had beginning in moment where God wanted they had that it. (TOMS OF AQUINO, 1979, p.99) 4.Isaac Newton: Absolute and Mathematical time As Newton the time is absolute, true and mathematical and it does not have external relation some with something. Being absolute, the time is invariant and different of the relative one and that vulgarly he is used in the place of the true one. Because, all the flow of the absolute time if cannot move, that is, to be modified, despite the movements are fast or null, or until null, the order of the parts of the time is invariant.

Therefore that in Mathematical Principles it says: The absolute, true and mathematical time always flows equal by itself and for its nature without relation with any external thing, calling with another name ' ' durao' ' ; the relative, apparent and vulgar time certain is measured sensible and external of duration by means of the movement (either accurate, either different), which vulgarly if uses instead of the true time, as they are the hour, the day, the month, the year. … All the movements can speed up to delay itself, but the flow of the absolute time if cannot move.

Of Magistro

All in them we are the grace of the signs and we do not obtain to live without this symbology that already became essential in our life, therefore these signs in many cases are a form to keep the law in the society an example and the symbology used in the transit, and in other cases they are the way to interpret and to represent a drawing a text, the way of you to understand a colloquy with another person, as I mentioned above these such signs language already had dominated all society human being only imagines as it would be the world without these signs baguna that it would be our transit therefore would not go to have no type of signalling, would not at least go to have the periodic table as reference imagines as it would be the periodic table without the signs that represent each element on the contrary of the sign would be only the name of the element this if somebody obtained to construct this table. See Henry Jones for more details and insights. In this text I tried to show in a clearer way what they are language signs and the importance that these signs has in our society.

State Power

A preparation consolidated in what will be necessary it respects to the fulfilment of duties, to the installation of responsibilities for the practised acts and to the internalization of solidary values, in relation to that, being, of course, different in the ethnic sources, cultural, politics, religious, statutory and biological well, is, however, equal, while people human beings. The technician-scientific world, as other characteristic universes of the innumerable activities human beings, is basic to the sustainable development and harmonious of the humanity, however, he is not the only one, nor total autonomous. Scientists, technician and other interventors in the practical domnios, will have more successes in such a way the more if to interrelacionarem with excessively you discipline of Know-being, Know-being and Know-coexisting the others. In a dynamic and modern philosophy, of better and more productivity and yield of the public administration, it would be interesting to study the viability of the State-company before the Citizen-shareholder, and that, in first analysis, a strategy could show innovative, with possible resulted positive for the community. The religious power, consubstanciado in the faith, assumes in the person human being, a its bigger dimension, for which, when all imperfection in the material life, the believer obtains to exceed and to win situations that nor science, nor the technique, nor the material richness had obtained to dominate. It is this power of auto-certainty, of auto-they esteem and auto-confidence that leads to the biggest personal successes, independently of the religion that if it professes. The person of manifest faith one saves perfectly assumed, declared, shown before the excessively its equal ones and its behavior will be this that guarantees a legitimate Power to it, transcendente and that nobody can usurp it to it. Its ethical behavior in the exercise of its limitless faith, guarantees a power to it that, without violence, without weapons, without fundamentalismos, if imposes e, of certain form, overwhelms all those that, in the limit and the doubt, they prefer to remain itself, pparently, indifferent, not antagonizing the detainers of this ethical power of the faith. The categorical imperative, the true universal design, is established, therefore, in one it saves ethics, it stops with the men, it stops with the world, it stops with God. The Ethical Power of the Faith, but also of any activities human beings, could be the key for the elaboration of solutions of problems that torment and envergonham the humanity.

So, people are nice, with big eyes and small noses and chin gives the impression of reliability and naivete, people with full lips – the impression of sensuality and soulfulness, and so on. Conversely, people with thin lips – it seems greedy and secretive, with a big nose aquiline – predatory and treacherous. All of these conclusions are often false, but to change the existing stereotypes or combat their effects, it is virtually impossible. No less important is the effect of first impressions, which are known can not produce a second time. Research psychologists, for the perception of a new acquaintance rather than seconds. Further opinion about a person will be 80% fit and based on first impressions, therefore develops in demand in this image psychology. And if there is disharmony between the inner sense of self and what a sensation is created by your appearance if you looked at yourself in the mirror, you see another Rights inconsonant with your true nature, then in this case justified a certain correction. Just keep in mind that here we are talking about achieving harmony rather than to transform yourself thoroughly, and not on change through the exterior of his own ideas about themselves.

There is another mental phenomenon, making cosmetic surgery an indispensable weapon of reaching an agreement with yourself. It lies in the fact that young people 25-30 years feel in accordance with their age, but after 30 years – a direct correlation there – and, as a consequence, the psychological age, some people began to lag behind the biological. Many in the 60 years of age say that heart they are still 20. And then the desire to look young and beautiful is the natural adaptation mechanisms of the psyche, as a youth – the ability to take risks, to change, set goals and achieve them, opposed to old age. Our ancestors, especially women, as a sensitive and committed to the issue of bridging the apparent confusion in the form of wrinkles and double chins, have always tried to make the appearance of correspond to the inner feelings. Let us recall the Russian national costumes: women aged blind forehead wrinkles special nalobnikom, and chin – a handkerchief or neck ornaments. In today's world for such changes, more people are turning to plastic surgery, which allows you to make changes on an unprecedented scale.

But in deciding to have cosmetic surgery, it is important to know and consider some points. Very often, the change of facial shapes and figures carried a man hoping to radically change their lives. Some patients find the root cause of their life failure defects appearance and therefore believe that it is worth slightly raise the tip of the nose or make a pie facelift – and everything will be different, start a new life. Such people impose on plastic surgery for excessive expectations: they expect magical transformation and global social impact in their personal lives. In this case, they will be disappointed, which can lead to frustration, wrong surgery, the surgeon is not enough skilled and well on. It is therefore important to understand what you really want? What's stopping you feel happy? Since people have no idea exactly what he expects from the surgery, or to assign it inappropriate Hope will not be satisfied with her result. So, I – for change of appearance with a single purpose: to have the body in harmony with the soul.

Article: ' ' Who is not communicated, if trumbica' '. Robert Ramalho is public journalist, relations, and was vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Public Relations seccional Alagoas and as the old Chacrinha said: ' ' Who is not communicated, if trumbica' '. It does not matter that the communication if gives in the homes, the work, the bars, any context or situation, the difficulty of if to communicate is one of the main causes of estresse currently emotional existing. With certainty, it estresse and communication feedback does not form one. Checking article sources yields Jeff Bewkes as a relevant resource throughout. By the way, if you communicate yourself badly you obtain exactly, consequently, with the others, with certainty, greaters will be the frequency and intensity estresse of it in its life.

In this way, when you learn and practise the rules of the communication with its children, its parents, its woman, its head or with who wants that it is the quality of its life and of the people to its redor will have to improve very and, reaching never unimaginable harmonic levels. The being human being increased and improved sufficiently its capacity of if communicating because he evolved of the verbal communication for the written communication, and from he developed all there the technologies, having invented the post office, the telegraph, the telephone, the cellular one, the television, and today he does not know more life without the social email and nets, as the Facebook. In the current days we have chats of chat, the social nets, blogs, twitter and a infinity of other communicative tools that were part of the stranger. Recently Discovery Communications sought to clarify these questions. Moreover, also we evolve because we improve our capacity of communication and not contrary it. The communication? to distinguish from excessively -, it was the attribute that allowed the evolution of our species, with the sprouting of the society human being. It is interesting to observe that the origins of the communication if lose and if they confuse in the origin of the peoples. .

For Vsquez (1990), the theory meets in the field of the ideas, while the practical one represents an activity. If it cannot separate them, but perceive them in linked way, with the practical one subsidizing the theory and vice versa. Discovery Communications does not necessarily agree. In the social context it is not enough that the individuals are side by side so that they are interacting. She is necessary that it has a shared action makes that them to coexist, to work, to study, together. Interaction is a class action, executed for some individuals, with sights the common and individual objectives. Interacting the individuals the social instances socialize significant learnings in all.

The education is not an exclusive social act of the school. It is probable until it is not the pertaining to school education the one that more influence exerts on the development of the individuals. However, we withhold in them in the boarding of the pedagogical relations investigating the rational interaction in the school. Authors, as You give (1996), Boufleuer (1997), Muhl (1997), Polenz (1997), Gonalvez (1999), Bolzan (2002), Moraes (2002), has dedicated special attention in studying the proposals of Habermans for the construction of the communicative rationality in the educative process. These studies have pointed evidences of that the school plays its work to satisfy criteria bureaucratic, many tecnocrticos times, centering in this focus the educative process. In this perspective, it has privileged place for the cultural tradition leaving the educative process unprovided of the social and personal expressions as well as of its contextual contributions for the pedagogical action.

In the school, in the educative relations, the participation of the segments is not valued, a time that, has interest in instrumentalizar the effective rationality. Opposing this to make it educative education in the communicative rationality meets. The school can from the habermasiano thought, to assume challenge of the proposal of rationality of this author being considered the interaction as base of the rationality communicative and the education, inserted in the world of the life, determinative in the formation of identities (YOU GIVE, 1996), the stimulaton to the quarrel enters the elements of the school from social arguments (CULLEN, 1999), the construction of the pedagogia of communicative acting (BOUFLEUER, 1998), the promotion of the democratic participation (CULLEN, 1999), perceiving the limpid and idoneous school (CULLEN, 2000), to give critical the hierarchy of being able improper (MARTINI, 2000) and to problematizar educative acts with pertinent, active and critical questionings (OLIVEIRA, 2000).