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Strategic realignment of the ZAIN Group on high-growth businesses with effect from December 1, 2013 Mathias Schmidt was appointed as the CEO of the ZAIN group. He succeeds Dr. Matthias Dammig, which will be a new professional challenge. The qualified economist Schmidt will use his many years of experience in the development of systematic growth in the country and abroad, the ZAIN group through a consistent further development yet powerfully to the market place. In the Centre a strict approach of the product portfolio to specific customer needs, is associated with more flexibility to rapidly changing market requirements. Also move the faster transmission of its own innovation in new products, as well as the expansion of existing or the establishment of new communication and sales channels more into focus.

Customers will benefit more from an attractive product range and flexible, reliable customer service. We glad to Mr Schmidt as CEO of the ZAIN win group”, which manifests itself Advisory Board Chairman of ZAIN group, Willi Mannheims (partner at VMCap). The ZAIN group is system provider for all areas of indoor and outdoor lighting, and serves a wide variety of customer needs with a multi-brand strategy. Whereas the traditional brands Hel Lux and LITELICHT for high-quality outdoor / indoor light in the commercial sector, the brand StarLicht brings modern lighting design in the private living area.

In recent weeks, much has been reported that in Germany more and more senior citizens no longer can deny their lives unassisted. Nationals or the infirm even try to help them attract migrants, mostly from Eastern Europe, for the domestic supply and deal with. Often this is done through the so-called posting, in which mostly through a private agency a support force is hired by the family signs a service agreement with a foreign company. The care force itself is sent then by this company in the family”. The House Angel GmbH, Germany’s largest franchisor in the field of domestic supply and round-the-clock care”by Manager – and infirm people, dissociates itself expressly from this business model, since a legal application is very difficult to implement.

Insights into the underbelly of a seemingly functioning system succeeded the German journalists John Pennekamp with his article Shops in the gray zone”, which was released on June 29, 2012, in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (…), an impressive insight into this system to provide: the posting is usually part of a controversial business concept where a German and a typically Eastern European companies earn. A design which is typical for this grey market, which has grown behind closed doors. If agencies are involved in the process, that is not automatically that will infringe any laws. In most cases, it means but that someone that makes a good deal. For example, Renate Fory from Seniocare24. The Director resides with their agency on the ground floor of their spacious, White House. Upper class limousines Park in front of the House, when she turns around in their Office looks the women on the sparkling surface of their swimming pools. The Lady is fine visually. But what is with the support forces, the actual Do work, namely the supply of seniors? And around the clock? These ladies a life similar to glamorous?

By its location halfway between Europe and Asia, Istambul is a very rich city at artistic and cultural level, with an immensity of own characteristics that are born from the conjuncture of so diverse forms of life. Its past like Constantinople, one of the most important cities of the Byzantine Empire, turns into a usual destiny for the lovers of history and the cultural tourism. When we took a walk by its old streets we have the sensation of estara viajajando in the time, to times military, of artistic development and religions with fort root in the society. successful. In this article I am going to concentrate mainly in the old district, where they emphasize the well-known church of Santa Sofia and the rest of the old district, or also denominated Sultanahmet, that conferred as much pride to the present city of Istambul. Here we found already mentioned Topkapi Palace, that to turn out to be one of the most popular attractions of the city and which only can be realised by means of guided trips.

Here I work soothes of government until 1855 and lived hundreds on civil servants and women who comprised of harem. The church of Santa Sofia, who today has been reconverted museum, emphasizes by its surprising cupola and the ceilings recorded with verses of the Corn. It is dedicated to the third person of the Trinidad and is one of the most representative works of the Byzantine art. Architects Antemio de Tralles and Isidoro de Mileto were the one who constructed one of the most important works, not only of the architecture, but also of the art generally, with details including in columns, ceilings, windows and in almost all corner of the construction.

macmon secure study: no protection before connecting external devices in the production networks security measures despite large fears of industrial espionage are often realized only restrained Berlin, July 9, 2012 in the production halls of the companies, there is often fear of data espionage, but a sufficient protection against unauthorized access on the production systems is often absent. This result is a study of the security specialists of macmon secure gmbh in Berlin. It also determined that in the last three years, mostly a restrained commitment in terms of security management was laid on the day. In principle it is possible that internal staff as well as guests can silently connect devices in production networks or on digital production systems and thus gain access to the often very secret product data in the most production companies”, refers to macmon secure Managing Director Christian Bucker the problem identified in the study. Because only in 37 percent of over 200 Companies surveyed is technically excluded from such a threat, all the risks others are partial (23 percent) or on a large scale (12 percent). At the same time striking that a quarter of the managers have no accurate assessment to how the relevant security status.

A clear majority of two-thirds of companies specifying a very high demand for protective measures prior to data espionage in its production facilities. However, this topic less than each tenth enterprise has no importance, all others give it a medium relevance. On the other hand, usually no large-scale activities to increase the protection of data espionage have been made in the last three years. Only three of four manufacturing companies have carried out extensive security measures during this period. The problem is apparently often still completely misjudged and underestimated”Bucker says. It refers to the same exposure that the production networks are IP-oriented and there rule as in the networks to support business processes. In both areas a digital flow of data from the Internet is, for example, the PC in principle up to the device possible, also via detours, in one case and in the other case of the robot of a production line. Therefore also the production networks should similarly be secured and attain the same level of protection.” More about macmon secure gmbh macmon secure a German software manufacturer specializes in network security.

The own developed, vendor-independent, modular NAC solution macmon protects the network from unauthorized, non-secure devices and internal attacks. Customers benefit technologies the coupling of macmon with other leading security products and the permanent extension of the function profile according to the latest developments and standards of the security know-how, predictable costs and a very high level of safety of software for easy handling and operation, the use of smarter. macmon secure employs about 20 people in Germany. Europe more than 300 companies in different industries the customer base includes ministries, among others, Volkswagen, Muller dairy, ZF, RWE Power, SWR, Vivantes, HALTER, KfW Kreditanstalt for reconstruction, Sparkassen and Volksbanken. Office of macmon secure gmbh is Berlin. macmon secure is member of the BITKOM and the trusted computing group.

VinoVinci – the wine accessories online shop is here today for its customers. On, wine accessories that complement their product range optimally find winemakers, wine merchants and wine shop design. Morfelden-Walldorf, February 17, 2010 – is a business-to-business-online-shop, aimed exclusively at wineries, wine shops, wine shops, hotels and restaurants. The online shop of the da Vinci Group GmbH”is here today for its customers and prospects. VinoVinci offers its resellers products that with wine in relation and thus improve their offerings and promote sales.

The online shop presents design products of the brand VinoVinci as well as brand-name products of leading European producers, such as Schott Zwiesel glassware. Visitors to the site information in the VinoVinci news from the wine industry, national and international wine fairs as well as news of the brand VinoVinci. At the same time the customers of the VinoVinci online shop can your events, news and much more to announce. In the future, as the leading communication platform of the wine merchant is to see wine growers and customers. Among them is to understand that winemakers can introduce their vineyard, just like their wines and wine shops feedback and reviews. The VinoVinci sommeliers questions and evaluate the products independently.

VinoVinci North, stand E13 entrance this year is also for the first time at ProWein in Dusseldorf, 21-23 March 2010 in Hall 7. There, VinoVinci inform all interested parties about the VinoVinci products and the online platform. About VinoVinci the VinoVinci wine accessories online store is a division of the da Vinci Group GmbH”. The da Vinci Group GmbH”was founded in 2009 and is now with your wine accessories shop online. Its four owners share both more than 15 years of experience and proven success in the development and production of promotional products, marketing advice as well as logistics and merchandise management system, as well as their passion for the wine.


When we are born all we are sleepy, which we thought that they haran reality with the years, but when we began to grow we give account of which these dreams simply are that, dreams that would desvanesen with passing of the time. the espectativa of socio-economic life of all black in this country this governed by the few opportunities that to him our society grants, where a minister of black race is an event without preseated, where the priests give misa him to a hybrid society nourished of a minority blanca.yo sometimes I ask sera that these Colombians who as much discriminate my brothers seran children of the true God, or are simplemete children of alive Satan. The great truth is that if exists a God, these abominable racists do not podran to go before to the sky and on the contrary Iran to a flaming place, where they deberian to bleed all the crimes committed by the black. loa black of the world is like birds that have learned to fly without wings and to run with chains in the feet, after as much time I even am almost certainly are many, of these human predators desearian to return to enslave. the governments of the world are person in charge of which in its countries it is continued badly treating the black man. Latin American friendly in our continent the meztizos and hybrid black Indians are the majority the ethnic minority is the one of the targets, which are the damn inheritance of the globalisation, if you do not like of the black that his problem but she does not mistreat to us, persecute and hunt as if they were animal. because behind schedule that early, the life received it the American brothers Latin never sadran of the oppression of white Capitalism by their own racism enfermiso that I inherit to him the racist Eapaa of before today and siempre.este world would change when all these racists die.


The SOUTH REGION PARAN the Paran at the beginning was colonized by the Spanish Jesuits. Sunday Martinez de Irala, Governor of Paraguay, established Ontiveros, in 1554, to one lgua of the Jump of the Seven Falls. Later, three lguas of Ontiveros, established the Real Ciudad del Guayra, in the confluence of the River Piquiri, and in 1576, it was established to the left edge of the river Paran, the Rich Village of the Espirito Santo. With three diverse cities and ' ' redues' ' or ' ' pueblos' ' the region was promoted to the status of Real Province del Guara. In century XVII, the So Paulo bandeirantes made incursions for the territory, capturing indians for slavery, and, in 1629, the Jesuit establishments had devastado, except Loreto and Santo Incio.

Rich village, the last redoubt capable to offer resistance, was besieged and devastado for Antonio Raposo Tavares, in 1632, but only in 1820, the Paran passed definitively to the domain of the Portuguese Crown, integrating the province of known So Paulo and as ' ' Judicial district of Curitiba' '. In century XVII, an auriferous, responsible region was discovered for the immediate povoamento of the Paran. With the discovery of the Minas Gerais, the gold lost the importance and the farmers if they had dedicated to the cattle one. In the end of century XIX, the grass kills created a new source of wealth for the region with the railroads that had bound the region of the araucria the So Paulo occurred new growth. From 1850, the provincial government of So Paulo undertook an ample program of settling, especially of Germans, Italians, Poles and ucranianos, that had contributed decisively for the expansion of the paranaense economy and for the renewal of its social structure. SANTA CATARINA the State of Santa Catarina, was baptized in 1514, of Island of the Ducks for the Portuguese Nuno Manuel and Cristvo de Haro.

China has much more to offer than Communism even though China has succeeded, to allow many prejudices of Westerners out of the way, there is still an amazing number of misconceptions about the most populous country, which undoubtedly require a correction. If you are considering a trip to China, you will determine that the country as one of the world’s largest economic powers has more to offer than just dragons and Kung Fu. Probably notice at home more similarities with the life, than you expected. It seems like many of the preconceived notions about China have changed hardly since the cold war, otherwise as the land itself, which has become the fastest growing economies in the world. Contrary to many prejudices, China is in itself not a dangerous country for visitors. Furthermore, not all government officials are corrupt and Chinese women are not submissive men.

Visitors are of course substantial differences between life in developed cities such as Beijing or establish Shanghai and backward rural areas. But if city life is more comfortable for you, you will find high-tech electronics, well-stocked stores and amusement parks, which are geared to the needs of travelers from abroad. You will be surprised by the variety of Chinese cuisine that goes far beyond the menus, that you come to expect from local Chinese restaurants. Even the Government of the People’s Republic of China, which is fundamentally communist, represents a kind of communism, which differs considerably from that of the former Soviet Russia. She embodies a distinctive change of course since the times of Mao’s by she has opened up many aspects of capitalism. The Chinese Government among the least centralized in the world, why municipal and other provincial governments are in constant competition, to offer the best quality of life of its inhabitants. Despite all these similarities, a fundamentally different experience awaits visitors to China compared with the remaining Part of the world, but of course only, when she opens the new opportunities of the country and not just upon arrival next visit that McDonalds or Starbucks. The digital revolution has brought China closer to the rest of the world. Means for you, that you stay home just when visiting the country with your contacts in conjunction can this as in any other country in the world also. Because the majority of the country has a good Internet infrastructure, it is now easier than ever, regardless of the place of residence in the world to send emails or cheap call to China.

Lecture by Sebastian Heilmann at the University of Bremen devoted to this topic on Thursday, 6 may, 19:00 a lecture at the University of Bremen. The trier Professor for politics and economy China’s Sebastian Heilmann is known for his standard work on the politics of China (the political system of the People’s Republic of China, 2004) and his website He succeeds it again and again, sound and exciting to present the complex interactions between politics and business in China. The lecture is part of the lecture series of the programme AWS / economy sinology and takes place in the framework of the China-weeks at the University of Bremen. Heilmann will present China’s special procedures the development, implementation and optimization of economic action programs in it, which have made a decisive contribution to the country’s economic rise. He will explain to these for the economic policy instruments in free-market democracies represent what profound challenge.

13 days of active cultural and nature tour of Dortmund, July 13, 2009. If you travel to China the first time, there are some places that have”just be seen: Beijing with its Hutongs and the Imperial Palace, the great wall, Xian and his terracotta army, the Yangtze, and of course the seemingly infinite growing metropolis of Shanghai are included! China joins the two major Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai travel with active character along a route now now long classic. You hike on the great wall, cycling on the historic city walls of Xian, see the terracotta army and have the option to explore the Gorges of the Yangtze, Asia’s longest river, actively walking on little committed paths or but comfortably during a comfortable cruise. The famous three great gorges and the huge five-tier lock on the largest dam in the world belong to the highlights of a journey through China. In addition to other world famous tourist attractions such as the great wall, the terracotta army or the Imperial Palace visit Tongli in Shanghai also tranquil villages such as E.g. the old water village and get an intense insight into the Middle Kingdom”13 days, starting 2.050,-euro P.p. in double room services: flight to/from Germany to Beijing and back from Shanghai by Air China or other airline in economy class incl.

tax Europe and fuel surcharges (as 1.8.08); 2 domestic flights; Overnight train Beijing to Xian in1. Class in the 4-bed compartment; English-speaking tour guide; all rides and transfers in. Vehicles; all tours and entrance fees according to the program; 1 bed in the sleeping car; Travel literature; Option1: 8 exercises in the hotel, 1 u in the sleeping car, 2 u in the guesthouse, meals: 11xF 9xM 4xA; Option 2: 7 u in hotel in double room, 1 bed in the sleeping car, 3 bed in 2-bed outside cabin, meals: 11xF 9xM 4xA not in the services include: entry visa China; not mentioned meals and drinks; Airport fees in the country; Optional excursions; any increases in fees or Fuel surcharges after the 1.8.08; additional excursions and visits; Souvenirs; Tips; Personal details under the bluebird travel offers in the Internet travel for customers seeking alternatives to traditional tourism, who want to be active in their vacation and experience holidays with cultural and social components at the same time. This adventure trips and activity breaks are in the foreground. In addition are also normal”tourist products offered (E.g., vacation packages, hotel rooms, car rental and airline tickets).