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Berlin PR Agency since March 2010 responsible for new brand SunDock Berlin, communication opts for April 13, 2010 – press and marketing Sun shipyard GmbH, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of solar collectors and systems, the Berlin PR agency NEGSTPRODUCTION, which oversees companies operating in the area of solar thermal and solar-based energy systems since 2007. The Sun shipyard GmbH’s core products are offered under the brand SunDock international and distributed. With the brand SunDock we extend our range of topics in the area of solar power and glad to once again prove to our competence in communication of solar-related topics”, so Sophia Stolze, Managing Director of NEGSTPRODUCTION. PR team in Berlin supports since 2007 in the area of solar thermal manufacturers for brand building and international product communication. The product portfolio of Samuel shipyard GmbH combines high quality collectors and components for solar energy systems and offers system solutions for the areas of solar heating, cooling and solar based seawater desalination.

The focus on international business for marketing the brand SunDock. Germany is the main destination for us although currently, medium to long term, we want to create a balance between domestic and foreign business with the expansion of the export business, “explains Stefan Dammann, Managing Director of Sun shipyard GmbH, its plans for the brand SunDock. With NEGSTPRODUCTION, we have an agency that suits us. The team has the international B2B experience in marketing and communications, as well as the experience and expertise in the field of solar energy, we need”, so Dammann next.

We believe that it is cheaper: banner, participation on electronic trading platforms or advertising in the media. The basic formula of the economy: lower costs = higher incomes, acquires special importance today. The question is how to save without negative implications for the business that occupied the minds of management personnel. Save for the promotion of goods – it's like that curtail the activities, but funds are limited. Calculate the possible options: Option 1 – the banner of Internet. The effectiveness of banner ads is determined by rate CTR (click / through ratio) – ratio of clicks and impressions. According to statistics, the average CTR = 2%.

This means that 2 out of a hundred clicked on the banner. But in practice, can get even smaller. Get more background information with materials from Joel and Ethan Coen. Creating a good banner at an average cost of 50 – $ 75. By the size of banners can be different, but common standards are: 468×60, 120×60, 100×100, 88×31. Banner placement (depending on the site and size) can vary between 60 thousand rubles (regional web-site) to 60 thousand dollars (home Yandex) per month.

Costs are serious. And the target audience can be 'no go' if it is wrong to choose a site. Bright advertising banners see 80% of website visitors. If you are a manufacturer of metal, for example, even two people from a hundred to attract entertainment portal will not work. Option 2 – Registration for the ETP (electronic trading platform) You can register for free. For example, on the site. The main plus ETP – the target audience. Ie those who are really interested in buying steel, water filters, medical equipment, etc. The obvious pluses ETP include reducing time and costs for document management, online customer service, effective sales channel. As an effective option to promote the goods can be placed banner on ETP. This banner has a significant advantage over the other – all the same target audience at low cost accommodation. Option 3 – advertising in the media. First priority – right choice of publication. Consider options placement in three editions: 'Business Journal', 'Chief Financial Officer "and" Goods and Prices. " 'Business Journal' – a publication for small and medium-sized businesses. Moscow edition of 50,000 copies., A federal circulation 200-250.000 copies. placement on the first, second and third lane would cost an average of 500,000 rubles without VAT. 1 / 4 page – at 70,000 rubles (without VAT). 'CFO' – a monthly journal of practical financial management company. Circulation 18,000 copies., The structure of the subscription: Moscow – 29%, regions – 71%. The cost of accommodation in top positions is about 400,000 rubles, 1 / 4 page will cost 92,000 rubles (without VAT). Journal 'products and prices' – International advertising and information weekly. Circulation 130,000 copies. Price reversal of 110,000 rubles, 1 / 4 – 36.000 rubles (add 18% VAT). The choice is yours. About B2B club was founded in 2007 by Star Clubs Group. The purpose of creating a global Internet project – the development of international economic relations for small and medium business. Today, the site presents manufacturers from 60 countries. Convenient functionality facilitates the search procedure for goods and services. B2B-Club will be a reliable partner for your business.

What does the Internet and how changed itself in Internet marketing or online marketing the marketing mix you a comprehensive mix of various components that can take advantage of a company, to increase its sales doing it does not matter whether the company is exclusively online or play are only a part of the business activities on the Internet. Even companies that work exclusively offline, can effectively be advertised over the Internet. If you are not convinced, visit David Zaslav. In this respect, Internet marketing is a part of your overall marketing strategy today for most businesses and the importance is increasing rapidly in the entire marketing mix. Internet marketing objectives essentially is one of the following goals companies: information about the company, the products or services to disseminate research on demographic factors, preferences and needs of existing and potential customers the sale of products, services, or advertising Internet marketing components To achieve these goals be any one or more of the following Internet marketing components available: set up a Web page consisting of professionally designed, informative sales text, product and company photos and graphics, more recently audio and video elements, which are particularly suitable for the explanation of complex products and topics and of course to transport your own image. Depending on the objective of the own website can serve image and advertising purposes or to use them for direct sale. Read more from Hotbox by Wiz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. A website is a good value and richer in many ways equivalent to the classic catalog and a great way to carry your corporate identity. Blog or guestbook marketing all in the spirit of Web 2.0 can send a company via blog or guestbook marketing its customers to Word. In the blog, the company posts current trends and developments and the customers can comment this blog posts. The guestbook is used basically to, to give the customer a room, where they their opinions and Sensitivities can express.

Your individual and unique notebook from my notebook since March 2011 my revolutionized the notebook market: both companies and agencies, as the normal consumer can immediately see my the new online Configurator use, to make the tailored to individual and distinctive notebook. Today, in times of iPad & co., the notebook has a very high priority. For the a mnemonic device or idea Advisor, the constant companion to the other may be a recipes – diary, project -, diet – or financial planner. To read more click here: Leslie Moonves. The IT service provider Imaginaro has recognized this and meets with his notebook Portal exactly the pulse of time. Customized with your company logo or corporate design, the notebook is a perfect gift that can be presented to customers or business partners. Source: Randall Mays. In addition, the service my includes also the normal consumer target group. Already from 1 piece, the customer can create his individual notebook online at the specially developed design program.

In the first step, the customer chooses the desired design and the desired format in his personal notebook. The size DIN A5 and DIN A6 he can receive in two different versions: the flexi-note distinguished his flexible and yet stable 300 g box on front and back and has character College block. An ideal companion in school or study for homework, class notes, thoughts and ideas. The classic touch exudes elegance. Because its cover is reinforced with a high-quality, timeless black leather fibre material. In addition, a black souvenir sheet protects the contents and a stable Pocket offers space in the annex for important papers, business cards or similar. A perfect gift for friends, relatives, customers or business partners who love the special.

The various design options in ease of use of the online Configurator give the customers the ability to customize the notebook all his wishes and needs. About the function of the Freely can be uploaded both logos, your own envelope designs, such as photos. The practical templates, which can charge the customer a download link download help in the design of the own envelope. A combination of fresh, integrated in the design program design, private text and the photos is also possible and the notebook is still unmistakable. Depending on requirements, also the contents are freely selectable. In addition to the standard layouts Plaid, lined, plain, spotted and top5, which are available in four colors, expanding my notebook its subject content continuously. The content of “Cooking”, “Diet”, “Love” and “Outfit” the customers are currently available. According to customer opinions, the notebook Portal my with its fresh design, the uncomplicated ease of use and the many customization features equally attracts each target group. The notebook of my is the innovative trend product 2011, by his family and their various models both Normal consumers, thrilled as companies and agencies as personal and at the same time perfect gift.

“DigitalAgentur mpm offers again in 2010 free workshops and for the first time own Roadshow under the motto creativity meets media process management” the Mainzer DigitalAgentur offers mpm again in 2010 five free workshops on current topics of corporate and investor publishing. While the range of the usage from the media database via Web-to-print to work with content management systems. The offer of a free Roadshow in seven German cities, including Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich is also new this year. This interested can inform themselves extensively to process automation, workflow optimization, and sales support using an online-based fire and Publishing Portal. The efficiency will be an ever-increasing role in corporate communications. Tagged as marketing process optimization (MPO), marketing efficiency, as well as the topics of fire and publishing management are medially more present than ever. With corresponding systems can not only optimally managed, but also faster.

more flexible and less expensively produced. The DigitalAgentur mpm offers in addition to the software and process know-how even ten years production experience as financial and corporate publishing Agency, as well as the entire creative power of graphics and text. All the information about the individual workshops and a login template workshops are available directly on the Internet under. Mpm on the DigitalAgentur: the communications specialist DigitalAgentur mpm linked media process management with appropriate creative performance. Background of this business model is the guiding philosophy of the Agency, that time and costs of communication are as crucial as the message itself. Marketing effectiveness and marketing process optimization are thus understood as a basis for more effective marketing and corporate communications. This approach based, managing partner of Frank Bockius founded the DigitalAgentur mpm GmbH in the year 2000. Today the Agency headquartered in Mainz serves a growing customer base in three business segments: mpm finance investor relations activities for companies, especially financial services, such as business and annual reports, mpm digital Web solutions by fire and Publishing Portal (mpm digital marketing Center) on implementation of sites up to the creation of online annual reports, mpm corporate development and implementation of corporate publications such as customer and staff magazines. For more information see contact: Frank Bockius of managing partner DigitalAgentur mpm media process management GmbH lower Zahlbacher Street 13 55131 Mainz Tel.: + 49 (0) 6131 / 95 69-20 fax: + 49 (0) 6131 / 95 69-77 E-Mail:

Contacts for a Media target group be optimized under Tradinggesichtspunkten. The Trackingergebnisse suggests that this approach generates many cheap purchased difficult-building effect, partially ineffective contacts. Effective media planning must include in the future the product-specific subject and emotional system of the consumer, at the right time at the right place in the relevant motivational Constitution to speak to him pull strategy. Just then, he is willing to put up with the advertising message apart and only then the campaign will achieve the desired success. The central message of the approach to an effective pull strategy is: first, determine time and place, where the message for the consumer is relevant, then optimize reach and contacts. “How the inclusion of the relevant dimension affects the media planning, has the consumer Office” demonstrated in a comprehensive study for a FMCG product group and on behalf of awk outdoor advertising, out-of-home analyzes the contribution of the medium and evaluated. II the Study in a first step the motivational drivers of product category were raised. In a second step, it was worked out, when and where the motivational drivers at the consumer impact.

The result is a clearly defined number of relevant points of contact with high probability of perception. In addition, the unaided advertising awareness was raised. Methodology: Survey (INNOFACT) field time 09-12/2008 product users (mind. to), 14-65, n 540. III the results at a glance = it identified three key motivational drivers determine the consumption and thus the relevance of the product group at the consumer. When and where are these effective? Relevance and time relevant time point of view are the early morning and the afternoon the most effective response periods. Relevance and place in 85% (net) at least a place out the very high proportion of cognitive relevance of out-of-home offers from psychological point of view very good effect conditions! Trackingergebnisse despite high advertising spending of the product group (over 70 million gross during the period, 150 million in 2008, source: Nielsen Media Research) the memory performance of the advertising is inadequate.


In other words, regardless of the surge in the number of incoming calls and outgoing calls within the company Outsourcing call center has to cope with the flow, is guaranteed to provide care and handling of all calls in the shortest possible period of time. Visit Robert Iger for more clarity on the issue. Second, the call-center professionals need to quickly provide relevant information for each call, and correctly handle outbound calls. In this case, it is understood that no matter what the question refers to a consumer call-center operator must not only immediately respond to call, but also to provide the required amount of reliable current information in the field or on the company. When an outgoing call, regardless of the type of project, whether it's questioning, telemarketing or telephone calls for information, call-center operator must in a certain order to convey information to the consumer and capture responses in a database for further processing by the call-center operator or a third party subdivision. Way to achieve quality How outsourced call-center to provide a level of service quality and service? The answer to this question lies in the implementation of the infrastructure of the call-center technology solutions.

Again, on the one hand, such a solution will be a telecommunications platform that satisfies the rather stringent requirements. The first is the high fault tolerance. Typically, the architecture platform designed to address such problems, it is possible to 'hot' backup of key services, Responsible for connections to subscriber call-center operator. The next criterion is the ability to switching capacity to scale call-center, since it is obvious that at some point require an increase in the number of call-center operators, and, as a rule, as quickly as possible.

Thus not only the emotional key message is transported to the brand, but the customers get a consistently more positive image of the company itself in ordering processes or complaint assumptions. In a question-answer forum Jeffrey Bewkes was the first to reply. Customer service can be complex as professional, the approach he comevis clearly shows. Here is to analyse exactly, how the company can focus a smart sound system, to the caller a positive feeling to convey or to put him in a perfect mood’, explains Christiane Nagler, Managing Director of the trade fair be.connected. The proper design of a solution for a perfect phone image the difference do it, whether a customer after a few seconds hangs up the phone or guided by a pleasantly designed service menu and at the end remains a positive memory.” About the comevis GmbH & co. KG: The comevis GmbH & co.

KG was founded in 2002 by Stephan Vincent Nolke. The expert and consultant for audio branding and multisensory marketing is author of the Monograph 1 x 1 audio marketing”. He is Managing Director of comevis GmbH & co. KG and operate nationwide as a lecturer and speaker. He is also a lecturer in the MBA degree courses at the University of applied sciences in Bonn. The comevis GmbH & co. KG acoustically positioned companies, brands and products and gives you a unique sound profile with a high recognition value. As a premium provider developed comevis exceptional sound concepts and their implementation in the areas of audio branding, audio marketing and audio interface design.

The comevis method focuses in particular the daily touch points of the company. It underlined the emotional key message of the brand or campaign effectively. To the customers of the comevis include companies such as Asstel insurance base, Bosch, continental, Deutsche BKK in addition to public facilities.

Antenna Niederrhein and the Volksbank on the Niers are giving away Dresden/funds / Kleve, 09.03.2010 Oranjes should and Germans in the World Cup final on July 11, 2010 in Johannesburg to stand, won before Lows Elf. Because Sunday television station antenna Niederrhein and the Volksbank on the river Niers are giving away the first WM-cards with mobile sports reports the. This according to the German team beats the Netherlands trounced with a three to zero first in MP-3 format on the phone of the action winners. Advertising companies GOYYA marketing and partner one-two offer additional game-winning scenes as WM-card or embeddable code, football fans about the customers who can download exciting mobile kicks in the context of social media campaigns. The embeddable as banner or link in blogs and social networks or available as a card by print media and mailing sports reports of final matches, are commented by professional sports reporters and also acoustically individually branded scenes on request. Fans and customers represent therefore brands in public public viewing places or directly in the stages of the FIFA Soccer World Cup South Africa 2010 – can be heard at every call on a mobile phone. Antenna Niederrhein and the Volksbank on the Niers are giving away from immediately on several Sundays between 15:00 until 18: 00 WM-cards among listeners of the regional program.

The winner of the cards can give World Championship WINS of the Germans against the teams of the Netherlands, Brazil, England, then through the website of the financial institution with the sports reporter in order. Fans wishes so football to even advance and can impress in the border area weeks before the sporting event by mobile phone with a win in the final of the German eleven German and Dutch. Willi Teloo, spokesman of the Volksbank on the river Niers EC,: With the action we listeners of antenna tie Niederrhein, fans and potential customers efficiently through traditional and digital media. Mini sports reports by mobile phone are used here for the first time and offer an emotional as well as attention-grabbing speech of younger listeners and Fans who are especially open to digital media. But also older listeners groups get access to mobile football content with the action of our own online presence easy and trusted way.

“Examples of matches and reports under GOYYA marketing advises real estate companies, banks and companies in deploying mobile CRM solutions and serves international mobile marketing campaigns on behalf of well-known brands and agencies.” Marketing and technology are key areas: business areas focus on the deployment and commercialization a reliable technical basis, and on the creation and implementation of campaigns. With mobile services”offers GOYYA solutions for sending and receiving SMS and MMS, platforms for downloading content (content download) as well as for mobile payment (mobile payment). These include the development of iPhone applications and the use of QR codes. Focus is how the integration of traditional media and new forms of digital advertising about the development and implementation of on-Pack campaigns, sweepstakes, mobile microsites, tagging, Bluetooth campaigns or polls. You will find the press release and images see: 4news.asp press contact for GOYYA marketing Communicatech press – and public relations in the technology environment Schinkel str. 42 80805 Munich Stefanie Katrin Fehse Tel.: 089-37412165 E-Mail:

Finally new partners in the downline who become active and course of your potential customers/partners not to duplicate, but make sure that they come to you!” If you have a tool, with which it is possible, in which everything changes suddenly. Suddenly, rejection, this huge problem of all network marketing is more people, of all people, not an issue. Because you only talk to people you want to talk. The entire dynamics of the transaction will be changed at a stroke. The setting, the results simply everything. And when people come to one, which is win (sponsor) new partners and clients no special difficulty. It is part of the business and to the simple, everyday routine.

Now it is fit in the modern”network marketing. Already after a few months you can: an own network marketing business with 10-20 new people operate (50 or more are possible) quick to ascend to the TOP partner. So many contacts get that you don’t know what you should do. Thousands of people who want information about the business. One can imagine what will happen in a business. Daily 10-20 talks.

Also sponsored people will imitate what is presented to them. And the partner not to do so, because they were motivated with pictures of Porsches and palm trees or have a great sponsor. No, they do it of their own accord because they have a marketing system, with which they catch high super valuable people in the business. Now starts a business to do fun and exciting. To get the free information about this system on the website and to rejoice, it is now because what happens in a few months.