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Promotional unrivalled transport your message. Promotional products are a perennial favorite in marketing and advertising. You work with guaranteed success for decades and have opened up almost all areas of life. Whether business, household, leisure, sports, education, event, there is also the appropriate promotional gifts or seasonal highlights for every occasion and for every target group. It is today of over 100,000 products, which can be defined as promotional items. You can reach 88% of all German households. What makes promotional items so popular? Promotional items are not just popular, but doubly popular: the customers and advertisers.

Some enjoy a little gift, the others reach new customers with little effort and give a new impetus to existing relationships. Because the effect of small gifts is an above-average high: they have a similar range as radio advertisements and a twice as high sentimental value like TV commercials. Moreover, the long-term nature of their effect. 75% of all advertising articles retain customers longer than half a year in use and this ratio will decrease until the period of 2 years not less than 50%. The specified are taken from values Europe-wide study on the use of promotional gifts, 2012 presented on the PSI. See Walt Disney for more details and insights. The leading European trade fair for promotional products in Dusseldorf in addition again celebrated a new record number of exhibitors. Promotional products have a low CPM while the thousand contact price of promotional products is only partly applicable, but this is solely and exclusively on the unique multiple impact of the advertisement. An individually tailored advertising article deepens the advertising message daily, others are constantly visible to others.

Quality bags such as bring it due to its long use on 238 eye contacts, as a study of the Industrial Association of paper and foil packaging e.V. has found out. Whether as an advertising medium in the public space or as a continuous individual reminder, whether with practical value or as a friendly gesture the manufacturing costs for large quantities are pro Pieces typically only in terms of cents, but the positive response for each customer brings continuous sales with hundreds of euros. Promotional unrivalled transport the message In contrast to public space or the promotional items for the attention of the customers must not share the media with other advertising messages. The appearance of advertisers is exclusive and bound to a special item which ends up in the paper bin or perish in the flood of information in the media. Excellent long term effects are achieved with proper design and exact alignment of an advertisement on the target group. Of print of an advertiser on the year Planner, a whole year in a home office or in a hanging Office of a company, makes the contact address to the customer’s first choice, and arises a need in the relevant industry. Small helpers are promotional items promotional items are always welcome as a small aid for the household, for the Office equipment, or for leisure activities. For travel, game and sports or, they prove to be often considered essential for specific hobbies. They seem particularly intense in the run-up to Christmas. If people for weeks are busy, to buy the gifts for the Festival, they are pleased, if they even get a gift. The surprise effect and the good feeling making promotional items so extraordinarily popular with the customers.

Antenna Niederrhein and the Volksbank on the Niers are giving away Dresden/funds / Kleve, 09.03.2010 Oranjes should and Germans in the World Cup final on July 11, 2010 in Johannesburg to stand, won before Lows Elf. Because Sunday television station antenna Niederrhein and the Volksbank on the river Niers are giving away the first WM-cards with mobile sports reports the. This according to the German team beats the Netherlands trounced with a three to zero first in MP-3 format on the phone of the action winners. Advertising companies GOYYA marketing and partner one-two offer additional game-winning scenes as WM-card or embeddable code, football fans about the customers who can download exciting mobile kicks in the context of social media campaigns. The embeddable as banner or link in blogs and social networks or available as a card by print media and mailing sports reports of final matches, are commented by professional sports reporters and also acoustically individually branded scenes on request. Fans and customers represent therefore brands in public public viewing places or directly in the stages of the FIFA Soccer World Cup South Africa 2010 – can be heard at every call on a mobile phone. Antenna Niederrhein and the Volksbank on the Niers are giving away from immediately on several Sundays between 15:00 until 18: 00 WM-cards among listeners of the regional program.

The winner of the cards can give World Championship WINS of the Germans against the teams of the Netherlands, Brazil, England, then through the website of the financial institution with the sports reporter in order. Fans wishes so football to even advance and can impress in the border area weeks before the sporting event by mobile phone with a win in the final of the German eleven German and Dutch. Willi Teloo, spokesman of the Volksbank on the river Niers EC,: With the action we listeners of antenna tie Niederrhein, fans and potential customers efficiently through traditional and digital media. Mini sports reports by mobile phone are used here for the first time and offer an emotional as well as attention-grabbing speech of younger listeners and Fans who are especially open to digital media. But also older listeners groups get access to mobile football content with the action of our own online presence easy and trusted way.

“Examples of matches and reports under GOYYA marketing advises real estate companies, banks and companies in deploying mobile CRM solutions and serves international mobile marketing campaigns on behalf of well-known brands and agencies.” Marketing and technology are key areas: business areas focus on the deployment and commercialization a reliable technical basis, and on the creation and implementation of campaigns. With mobile services”offers GOYYA solutions for sending and receiving SMS and MMS, platforms for downloading content (content download) as well as for mobile payment (mobile payment). These include the development of iPhone applications and the use of QR codes. Focus is how the integration of traditional media and new forms of digital advertising about the development and implementation of on-Pack campaigns, sweepstakes, mobile microsites, tagging, Bluetooth campaigns or polls. You will find the press release and images see: 4news.asp press contact for GOYYA marketing Communicatech press – and public relations in the technology environment Schinkel str. 42 80805 Munich Stefanie Katrin Fehse Tel.: 089-37412165 E-Mail:

Finally new partners in the downline who become active and course of your potential customers/partners not to duplicate, but make sure that they come to you!” If you have a tool, with which it is possible, in which everything changes suddenly. Suddenly, rejection, this huge problem of all network marketing is more people, of all people, not an issue. Because you only talk to people you want to talk. The entire dynamics of the transaction will be changed at a stroke. The setting, the results simply everything. And when people come to one, which is win (sponsor) new partners and clients no special difficulty. It is part of the business and to the simple, everyday routine.

Now it is fit in the modern”network marketing. Already after a few months you can: an own network marketing business with 10-20 new people operate (50 or more are possible) quick to ascend to the TOP partner. So many contacts get that you don’t know what you should do. Thousands of people who want information about the business. One can imagine what will happen in a business. Daily 10-20 talks.

Also sponsored people will imitate what is presented to them. And the partner not to do so, because they were motivated with pictures of Porsches and palm trees or have a great sponsor. No, they do it of their own accord because they have a marketing system, with which they catch high super valuable people in the business. Now starts a business to do fun and exciting. To get the free information about this system on the website and to rejoice, it is now because what happens in a few months.

Why Anne M. Schuller recommends the best growth strategy of all time trend of future referral marketing: why the best growth strategy of all time Anne M. Schuller recommends future trend referral marketing the best growth strategy of all time \”is a series of lectures of renowned loyalty marketing expert Anne M. Schuller. In around three hours she explains how to win new customers with the innovative instrument called referral marketing and better to bind existing and how this just in times of crisis entrepreneurial success secure and expand can be entrepreneurs, freelancers, and Vertrieblern. Contact information is here: David Zaslav. Demonstrates the very positive response to this seminar series: referral marketing works best, beats classic marketing to lengths and can be therefore just for smaller companies of great benefit. Munich. Anne Schuller is pleased when she shakes the hand of the young man at the reception: already for the tenth time you hear today my lecture? And new Have listeners also again brought you? I find that really class!\” No doubt, the buzz about as much loyalty is genuine however, charmingly packaged rhetoric should be the question in itself: of course you can always back the man.

Of course he’s bringing new listeners. Finally Anne Schuller is not in vain in the reputation of being the leading loyalty marketing expert in the German-speaking and the young man is the living proof that the gifted speaker dominated this marketing instrument itself with sovereign perfection. Referral marketing is the future trend for the seasoned marketing specialist. \”Even more: the best growth strategy of all time\”. Just as it promises the PowerPoint slide thrown on the canvas, the visitors at the Seminar Hall of the Cologne Marriott \”hotels already when coming in still makes time so really curious on the topic. Many are correct it again, which settle there expectantly on the seats. As well as \”always, when Anne Safak event partner SemiGator\” aligns such evening events routinely and professionally: in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich.

So will your newsletter to a successful tool for the customer loyalty 2011 is the marketing world new and exciting. Facebook 600 million and 150 million Twitter users worldwide show that social networks sustainable change the rules of the game of online marketing. But even though Alfonso Breu, rises the role the newsletter are constantly changing in the face of emerging media and changing customer preferences to identify clear trends, CEO of b2b coach, out. Customers communicate with companies and with each other in new ways. Online marketer and especially email marketer must recognize and respond to it. Just so you can customize their Newsletterkampagnen according to and remain relevant.

5 b2b tips: 1. Jeffrey L. Bewkes is often mentioned in discussions such as these. use social networks, to increasing the number of Newsletteranmeldungen: social networks attract a new group of interested customers. Place you in XING and on the Facebook page of your company, as well as in other major networks are interested in your target group, a sign-up form or a link to your Newsletter programs. Ask for information such as name and email address and offer some basic options, such as to content, format, and frequency, to send directly from the outset on relevant E-Mails. 2.

make the newsletter relevant if you really deliver the customers what they want, you minimize the reporting rate. Consumers take advantage of increasingly different types of communications in the face of new digital communication channels and platforms. So, a customer for short messages such as appointment confirmations might prefer a SMS and want to receive a newsletter for announcements about the status of his buy-back value of the LV. Your customers again give the opportunity to update his preferences: frequency channel: newsletter, SMS, RRS feed or unaddressed interests to the content format for the newsletter: text versions, HTML 3. minimize you the the notification rates the first 30 days after registration are particularly critical.

In addition to an SMS gateway, bulk SMS, various reception solutions and individual tailor-made according to customer requirements, Spryng offers its customers now also SMS marketing to. Spryng is known as a reliable supplier of mobile services in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Germany. The company offers its business partners as well as an SMS gateway also different reception solutions and premium SMS service. In addition to the SMS gateway, bulk SMS, various reception solutions and individual tailor-made according to customer requirements, Spryng has expanded its product range and offers now also SMS marketing. SMS marketing is a relatively new form of marketing and can boast of already impressive results despite its short life span. It is a direct and effective way of communicating. Small as well as large target groups can be reached personally, cost effective, and within a very short time. In addition, many customers appreciate SMS marketing as opposed to email marketing as a personal approach.

Studies show that around 70% of all received SMS in about 10 minutes to read. SMS marketing thus offers the opportunity to reach audiences in a timely manner and mobilize. Spryng has extensive experience in the area of SMS marketing. Spryng help the customers with these experiences, technical knowledge, and creativity, to realize SMS marketing campaigns and targeted marketing messages to communicate. offers Spryng SMS marketing, as well as other mobile services via the Internet platform in Germany. Worldwide SMS marketing is about. In addition to these, Spryng operates also Internet platforms in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium. In the near future, an expansion of the company is planned after South Africa and Spain.