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United States purchases about access United States who goods in the United States buys a can save despite all extra costs compared to Germany EUR several hundred. An electric guitar fender VG Stratocaster are, for example, more than 380 euros, in a Blazer from Donna Karan at least 219 euro. But such savings are not always possible. Especially for large and expensive products consumers should calculate exactly, whether be worth spending the extra for customs, taxes, and in particular for the transport. Connect with other leaders such as Jeffrey L. Bewkes here. Who in this country compares the calculated total cost of the imported item with the price Finally, experienced a surprise sometimes. Shows a sample of the online price agency contrary to popular belief, sports shoes as, for example, the well-known American brand of Nike are cheaper to have air Jordan as in the United States with a German provider. Expensive ladies and gents watches in North America although cheaper are to acquire than in this country, including import costs the buyer but a negative business. A Levis 501 18,46 is just Euro cheaper if you ordered it from an American online provider and can be delivered to Germany.

The invoice is different of course for United States travelers. The transport costs, and for goods up to 175 euros either customs or taxes are due upon entry. Therefore it is advisable to compare the prices in the Internet: universal retailers there are like and special provider like for musical instruments and accessories,, watches and for electronics. These companies which organize also dispatch to Germany, exhibit original prices and free shipping. Customs fees, taxes and costs for credit card payment, the price increased another 20 to 40 percent. Security, buyer should complete a transport insurance policy. Who wants to buy a large goods in the United States, is often disappointed by the extra costs.

It was foreseeable that, sooner or later, Spain was itself implied in a euroasitico conflict of unpredictable consequences. The stranger is not that Russia and China disputed the great pie. International swimming always has been a reflection of the balance of economic and political powers that they have to the planet in vilo. The stranger is that Andrea Sources, of 28 years, and Ona Carbonell, of 21, would be put completely in the confusion in the swimming pool of Shanghai. Gain insight and clarity with Robert Iger . He is what has the ambition of a group of desperate women. " We go to by gold! " , she affirmed to Beth Fernandez, the second trainer of the equipment Spanish, responsible for the Center of Automation of Synchronous Swimming of Catalonia. " Here it is necessary to aspire to gold or the silver. Because here if you relax a mica you fall of podio! ". Source of the news: : Two Spaniards against the world

Mancini Associates: As uncertainty about the future of quantitative easing increases, gold demonstrated itself as a safe haven. The world’s economies are hopeless at trying to maintain their competitiveness in the export sectors, which is the key to reducing the debt,. To achieve this goal, all try their currencies as much as possible, to verschwachen. ‘Mancini Associates’ customers who have paid attention to create company’s endless recommendations gold and silver, a reason may have safe, to feel, because the price of two Edelmatalle, last week, record-high peak reaches a little relieved. The price of an ounce of the yellow metal has $1320.05, while meeting, reached the innertages action on Friday, during a same amount of silver, proposed a thirty-years high point of $22.14. A spokeswoman from “Mancini Associates” has said that the worsening of tension between America and China, about the manipulation of currencies, as well as the messages that Ireland decides has to invest more billion euros in its angeschlagten banking sector, has forced investors to accept that, “the worldwide Bank ship has more holes in the sleeve as finger central banks have to clog the.” “The fact is that the economies of the world are hopelessly most try to maintain their competitiveness in the export sectors, which is the key to reducing the debt,.” To achieve this goal, all try their currencies as much as possible, to verschwachen.

Raul I castrate arrived at Brazil, specifically at the I Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean on Integracin and Desarrollo.Expuso, as it exhibits Latin press, Considered companion Luiz Inacio Lula, President of the Federal Republic of Brazil; Distinguished Government and Chiefs of State; Distinguished Guests: Permtanme, first of all, to transmit a message of friendship from my compatriots to the fraternal Brazilian town. When saluting to the leaders of our region, I ratify the gratefulness to them of all the Cuban by the received aid and solidarity, before the numerous damages caused by the three hurricanes that recently whipped to our country. Considered friendly: The up to here crossed way has been long and difficult. To reunite for the first time to the agent chief executives of Latin America and the Caribbean in a noble forum and jousts pretensions, without exclusions, nor the presence of extra-r3egional countries, has unquestionable importance. We appreciate that the conditions are propitious so that this great appointment is the beginning of a process of extraordinary strategic meaning for the destinies of our region, in a world with little possibilities driving isolated, other people’s to the common challenges that it imposes to us, of decisive way, the globalisation. I do not talk about to the neoliberal model of this one, that really sets out a globe colonization, but the construction of the essential globalisation of solidarity. Read more from Robert Iger to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

The main challenge turns out to happen gradually of the words to the facts. The integrating actions that are adopted in this Summit, besides their practical sense, must be guided by the cooperation between our towns. It is essential that this Summit has pursuit, that this promissory initiative is not reduced to the opportunity to see us and to interchange in this occasion. Before declaring the global economic crisis in course, our towns already were accumulated the historical experience of the expressed operation and under-development, briefly, in the inequality of the entrance, social injustice, hunger, illiteracy, uncertainty in the health attention, pillage of the natural resources and the consequences of an insufficient economic and social infrastructure.

Special oils that are present in large quantities, one must be careful. Speaking candidly Leslie Moonves told us the story. In certain oils were used as sealant or internal impregnation, special caution is recommended. Without an oil analysis, with which one can quantify the precise disposal costs, goes to the principal on thin ice and can be surprised by strongly increased disposal costs. Check therefore you existing substances with care! But what brings the best information culture, if the work even amateurish or poorly implemented by the service provider? Any damage to material is at this point only of minor importance. Here, rather, it concerns a clean and safe dismantling in regard to personal safety. In terms of the dismantling work, every day many dangerous steps be undertaken to act effectively and purposefully. This is inter alia a precise coordination of Processes an important if not vital role in certain situations.

Only highly trained and experienced staff who are also constantly medically monitored, can perform the implementation satisfactory for all involved. Last but not least, a corresponding business liability insurance of provider is mandatory! Unfortunately occur more dubious providers on the German market over the last two years. These come increasingly from abroad and do not necessarily work with the standards that you can expect for a smooth running of all the work. Because in such projects it’s not about the coffee Fund of the workforce here can be also large amounts of money in the game. Here, one should build on safety under all circumstances! Of course the review for the layman not very easy but this small Guide to take once the main pitfalls to the language. Service providers that offer all services from a single source are generally preferable. Because if it should come to problems or further questions occur, it makes more sense to have a single point of contact for all issues. So the thing open for you and you must not deal with five or ten contacts.

You also have an address in legal matters since this very rarely is the case with regard to the decommissioning. Because here everything in advance is thought through and discussed, so are very many imponderables of course only for good advice! Last but not least it also applies to recycle the raw materials used for the construction and accessible again to do the recycling. Because the raw materials are scarce and therefore also more expensive. And for the future, already very sharply of many raw materials will be visible. The counteract not least also due to the support of our local economy should be the goal of all efforts. A well planned and carried out the clean dismantling has many pleasant side effects for you as our client: safety and Mitigation professional and effective implementation of relief their employees, since research accounts for sound advice based on mutual trust and sincere cooperation decisions legally correct processing you therefore for the right service provider in the areas of industrial dismantling, demolition or dismantling. This saves them a lot of uncertainty and may be too much trouble. Also receive a detailed consultation and have a single point of contact on all issues. Further information is available at the German dismantling service.

The Portuguese Conservative Government, by its part, it was upset by cuts and Moody s reproached not having taken into account the adjustments announced extraordinary this year to lower the deficit and meet the commitments of the bailout of 78,000 million euros granted by the EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Problems in Italy Italy is another European country which shares moments of uncertainty with Portugal. In this case, is the banking of the country that is in trouble before the new European solvency tests and by the apparent weakness of the figure of the economy Minister, Giulio Tremonti. These reasons put this Friday on the pipeline to the sovereign debt of Italy, whose risk premium returned to mark records. Thus, Italy, country in which public debt stands at levels higher than 120% of GDP, seems to have become the new focus of attention to the possibility that the Greek crisis will spread by more so-called peripheral European countries.

Warned by Moody s and Standard & Poor s risk score (S & P) on a possible downgrade in its credit rating, Silvio Berlusconi’s Government fails to generate confidence, despite the recent approval in Council of Ministers of a plan of adjustment of 48,000 million euros, which has not been without controversy. In the midst of all this controversy has been wrapped precisely its artifice, Tremonti, whom Berlusconi has indicated directly as a promoter of a rule that could have favored the interests of his business group, Fininvest, and finally had to be withdrawn from the austerity plan by the uproar generated. All this joins that last Wednesday, an open mic allowed to hear how Tremonti called unlikable to the Minister of public administration, Renato Brunetta, during the presentation of the austerity plan to the media and that in an interview published Friday Berlusconi indicated that the Minister of economy was not able to work in team. The uncertainty surrounding the figure of Tremonti joined also this Friday rumors that circulated in the bag of Milan about the possibility that the five Italian banks subjected to the new European solvency tests may not be able to overcome them successfully, something that will just within a week. Bad day in Spain do not live best moments, as it demonstrates that the Ibex 35 dropped this Friday a 2.53% and lose 10,000 points dragged by rumors about the Italian banking and by the increase in the rate of U.S. unemployment during the month of June. The Ibex 35 closed so its worst week since November with a 5.28% fall.

To make the most out of your visit to Lopburi, has compiled a list of hotels provide all affordable rates on the occasion of the monkey festival. Singapore (October 9th, 2013) has compiled on the occasion of one of the “thorniest”, but at least the most strangest treats of Thailand, the annual Lopburi monkey festival, a series of hotel specials. By the same author: CBS. The Festival will be held on November 25 this year. The provincial capital Lopburi is located about 140 km north of Bangkok and looks back on a history of approximately 1,000 due to its strategic location. Nowadays, but mostly due to their large number of wild, but freely running around long-tailed Macaque, a kind of monkey, Lopburi is famous. You have become the mascot of Lopburi and can be observed in the climbing of temples, in the river or in the search after things Baden. In 1989, a local businessman had the idea to organize a celebration to the monkey around to attract as tourists. The Lopburi Monkey festival was born and evolved in the 23 years since its inception to an annual event.

It is not the people who are gutlich at the Festival of food and drink, but solely the monkeys, which presented a lavish buffet. This year more than four tons of feasts should be raised for the macaque population of Lopburi with about 3,000 heads! The Festival centered itself in the immediate perimeter of the ancient Khmer Temple Phra Prang Sam Yot in the heart of the city. There to set up long tables, where a huge and colourful selection of fruit, rice and Thai desserts is then applied. The monkeys watching from treetops and the temple towers in curious, until they finally realize, that the whole delicacies for her intended and quickly climb down. Then begins as each year is a true food battle, because human table manners illiterate each of macaque greedy about the buffet here and stuffs is so much of the treats in the mouth as possible. Furs drinking is also provided, because there also large blocks of ice provided, more culinary feasts are frozen in the Center. Of course almost by itself, that the Festival offers incredible opportunities for photography, because you can get very close to the macaque. However, a degree of caution is required.

The monkeys look pretty friendly though, but you should be aware, that they are wild animals. They are lightning fast and have bear forces can be at times somewhat mischievous. Who are not careful, the expensive single-lens reflex camera, the noble Smartphone, the purse or also the handbag from the hands is torn once the, what the thieving macaque monkeys in the trees or tall buildings to flee. Enter so well eight on your valuables and you may bring your own food. Even if only a few metres away cave in the tables under the fruit, that does not mean that your ice cream on a stick from the monkey bunch is safe. To make the most out of your visit to Lopburi, has compiled a list of hotels provide all affordable rates on the occasion of the monkey festival.

Medical Expenses

Nobody believed to him, in fact the majority of their friendly made fun of, nevertheless knew very clearly what wanted to do, after that one great tragedy Then of his life it finished losing use, and they tried to make matters worse it to assault and in the struggle it left hurt the spine, was the day that turned 40 years. The tragedy had touched the doors of its life. By all means it lost the use. It was a long year where it fought to recover the health and it obtained finally it. Others who may share this opinion include Coen Brothers. Within this tragedy it had the calmness of the insurance of medical expenses that paid its recovery. Her wife maintained the house with many sacrifices and making miracles with little that won translating documents to the English. Exactly in the date of to its they registered it birthday, already it was 41 years old, it was without income and use, paresis the beginning of another tragedy.

One went away days to the house of the grandparents in a small pueblito to 100 km of the city. In those days time occurred to meditate. The possibility of obtaining a work was very remote, since their age and the great amount of profesioncistas young people looked for work did not allow to contemplate that possibility him. It looked for a product representation was put to work of independent salesman, prepared day to day, in few years obtained the exclusive feature in that region, becoming the best salesman of that industry. At the moment it is 72 years old and it follows worked like when it began but with the enormous advantage to have a great amount of clients and salesmen. It has managed to knead a great fortune, it has lands, houses and offices of rent and a farm with a small lake where it enjoys the ends week in company of his grandsons. It always counts history where it blesses that one thief who changed the life to him, since but for him, he would follow worked by whichever currencies, in the slavery legalized by a pay. Reflection: The attitude that is taken before the catastrophic events determines the future of the people.

The movement on the part of the Council tax call is something that may bother. However, it is part of their parafiscal obligations as citizens we have to pay. Depending on truck that you have, you may pay more or less for this assessment, and some people wield impressive arguments for paying less than what they owed. On the other hand, we can not be so safe or safe quantity we must indeed pay for this reason. Best thing is to go to the respective authorities so that they can clarify us everything that we need in this respect and not confuse us. It is annually a payment that may be stationary, i.e., that it is only done once in the season but anyway gives you the right of bearing. However, we can say that with any breach of this payment, we will obviously be in direct trouble with the law.

Because it is a rule that has been approved in the referents of control, and that supposedly helps that we have a better awareness of how pay road arrangements and other situations that require some things change or items that we use on public roads. This not seldom been raised a discussion of how the categorization of a tax of this magnitude can be made with more deductible plans. It is true that somehow we as a society have right and obligation to contribute something to the public expenditure, but this tax precisely does not help that the credibility of the owners and the owners of motor vehicles will increase toward greater State. For this reason, it is that there should be more information in this regard when it comes to precisely define classed shape and the steps that lead to the collection of this tax. No less important is the fact that can solve all the problems and doubts quite rightly have citizenship in this regard. City Hall is clear to comply with State orders, and in some cases may be that the cost of the tax is not the real with regard to the situation of a vehicle. Then, it’s having a good support base terms and of course is firm with the passage of time, but is not understood by all persons.

This of course has more value to the extent that we can survive with the help of the programmed idea. Then, in the best sense of the word, road tax is a measure that we have as citizens entitled to demand its effective explanation of why is paid, in addition to the fact that we can circulate freely with a vehicle. Do this, of course, increases the good influence that authorities should have across the population. It is also an invitation to review the way in which we are carried out our tax with the State processes, so that we have more knowledge of the subject.

Bad credit loans, Australia are short term loans which are to be repaid within 2 to 4 weeks. The Australian people tagged with bad credit history have been benefitted by this kid of loan programs. People of Australia have no reason to be upset if they are tagged with bad credit history. The global economy is presently in a state where it is not surprising that thousands of men and women borrow from several sources and that they fail to honor the loan agreement. Sometimes, they fail to repay the borrowed amount of loan in time. They are tagged with defaults, arrears, late payment, less payment, and even bankruptcies.

Nevertheless, they require finance for sustenance. Where will one approach if one must clear a medical bill immediately? Where else wants one try if one must replace front tiers of the staff cars? The finance market in Australia responds positively to the emergency demands of the people. Bad credit loans Australia have a very good market. The Australian people are entitled to apply for this child of loan program. They applicants must be at least 18 years of age. They must provide documents that they work in any registered organization and that their salary or wages are transferred to their bank accounts. This implies that they must possess checking accounts. The Australian people can apply for bad credit loans, Australia online.

The procedure for application is very simple and it takes about five minutes. They are to provide their name, address, contact number, address proof documents and documents in support of their financial capacity. It is good for the applicants to go through the terms and condition for the loans they are going to secure. The lending agencies have been doing very good business with bad credit loans, Australia. They offer as little as $100 to as much as $1500. The borrowers are to repay the amount of the loan within 2 to 4 weeks. Clear that thus, it is bad credit loans, Australia are similar to short term loans. Therefore, Council are the comparatively high interest. The borrowers must clear the loan amount within the stipulated time, unless which they are sure to be overburdened with debts. Credit history of the applicants is not checked and the loan-seekers are not asked to mortgage their value assets exist. Bad credit loans Australia are hassle-free. Keith Kelly is author of secured Unsecured loans Australia.For more information about bad credit business loans, loans for people with bad credit in australia visit

The global E-Mail marketing service provider Amarok now offers its customers an improved mail-send analysis of the newsletter by heatmaps according to email statistics report 2011-2015 of the Radicati Group is increasing the number of email accounts worldwide in an average of 7% per annum and will brand reach in the next two years the four million. This vast landscape of digital interaction offers companies a platform to communicate with customers on a personal level. Amarok brings more than a decade mobile and email marketing experience and the new heatmapping feature is based on the customized, high-performance product range. While the number of E-Mail accounts around the world continues to rise, needed more than just mass emails to stay relevant to customers and to maintain the dialogue. The analysis of success or even the failure of a campaign was always one of the most important features that ESP’s (email service provider) can offer to their customers. Analysis after the release have more developed than just opening, Zustellungs-and Bounce rates. By heatmapping Amarok marketers now makes it possible to see where exactly in the E-Mail newsletter customers; clicked Pictures included.

The interpretation is similar to when thermal imaging cameras. Walt Disney takes a slightly different approach. While cooler areas (blue and green) indicate that just a few clicks, warmer areas indicate (orange and red) frequent clicks. The possibility of visualizing the click-through rates can be transferred to images, because customers often respond to Visual trigger in marketing campaigns. Thus, companies can analyze exactly how certain images and prompts customers reagieren-provided they are linked. The Radicati report after accounts will be in the next two years that number of companies rise faster to E-Mail accounts than those of customers. This is due to mainly the always more affordable cloud email provider. Amarok will continue with the extension of its product offering and is moving more and more solutions tailored to the needs of companies.

Features such as the heatmapping form the basis on which the Email marketing service provider builds its business relations with its global customer base. Nadja Lasker, country Manager Germany: Thanks to the heatmaps as an extension of our service offering we increase the understanding of our customers to their target groups. This is something the Amarok has always has considered important aspects of marketing.” About Amarok Amarok is a self service email, mobile, and social media marketing provider that offers customized multi-channel solutions in online marketing from one source agencies and companies of any size to the needs. founded in 2001, Amarok has already many years of experience in the field of email marketing and can rely on a comprehensive know-how. With support centres in 22 countries and a software, which is available in 12 languages, Amarok uses worldwide over 40,000 satisfied customers. GraphicMails Web-based email marketing software is characterized by professional and user friendly design, shipping, and analysis tools. Based on over 300 Design templates can successfully make users even without knowledge of HTML email campaigns. See Amarok on Twitter, Facebook and our email marketing blog. Contact: Nadja Lasker. Amarok Germany

Offers more than compression: Chronos by CSP meets compliance requirements for long term archiving Grosskollnbach, November 10, 2009. The database archiving and compression of the database have completely different objectives despite similar approaches. The comparison of various features of the software solution of Chronos indicating CSP GmbH & co. KG and the database 11gR2 Oracle significantly, that both providers put on compression and thus a cost savings in the storage effect. Oracle can reduce the volume of data on one-half to one-quarter according to press reports.

CSP also reduces the amount of data compression. Recent tests showed that even a compression ratio of up to 90 percent in the archive be achieved with Chronos. The application thus far exceeds the compression possibilities of database manufacturer. The data stored with Chronos in a vendor-independent long term archive. The software increases the performance of the production database, by the proven high proportion of unused data on low-cost storage media is outsourced. In this way there are several advantages: the data in databases are archived compliance conforming and sustainably reducing costs.

The paged data available in an open format available and can be plugged into a productive database at any time. This is even possible, when in the meantime was updated to a new version of the database or a different database provider. The solution of Chronos and their areas of application are presented on the DOAG Conference from 17 to 19 November 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany. Compressions, which are achieved by the features of the actual database, aimed, however, purely on the cost savings. This as provided by Forrester Research, market studies show that 85 percent of the data in databases only for compliance reasons in the databases are kept. Reduce storage and archive at the same time in conformity with the law which is possible only with a database archiving.

Here I present some ideas and healthy practices to make small business developed in house, a success. The savings. The first lessons that are received in the powers in relation to the economy include the issue of savings. Public and private financial institutions preach and seek to promote the practice of saving. What is pursued with the saving is have money to invest in the future or to make some purchases which are not possible in the immediate term. Jeffrey L. Bewkes has much experience in this field. Therefore, the practice of saving provides a feeling of security to individuals, companies and Governments. Three basic ways to practice saving, are: *.-increasing revenue *-reducing costs and expenses *.-a combination of both (reduce costs and expenses and increase revenues). The address of the business.

Medium and large businesses are led by their directors. The larger ones have, even, a Board of directors or Board of Directors, which are appointed by the shareholders or members of the business. Shareholders or business partners are the owners of the same. A small business on the internet made from home, however, the work of direction, you will be responsible for its owner, who must deal with all the tasks that address the same requires or demands. This is part of the savings of a small business on the internet from home. Among the tasks to perform as a director of a business, we can mention: *.-planning *.-shopping: software, books, educational materials, articles, etc. *.-production: articles, reports, eBooks, courses, seminars, lectures, coaching, consulting, consultancies *.-sales: eBooks, reports, software, videos, seminars, trainings, lectures, consultants, consulting.

Up to the next idea. ** For limited time I willing to give you the wonderful world of Blogging eBook, download it now. It will only be on the network for a limited time, for my readers and subscribers.

You have decided to register a company, but do not know where to start, then this article is for you. In accordance with Federal Law "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs" to register the company in registering body: statement on Form R110001, charter, minutes of the meeting of the founders (or the decision if a parent) to establish a company, a payment document confirming payment of state duty for registration of legal person; extract from the register of foreign legal entities of the country of origin (if the founder is a foreign entity), in the said law states that "the registration authority has no right to demand provision of other documents, "but in practice it is necessary to confirm the payment of the authorized capital, the right to use the legal address, order a copy of the charter, the original of which will be the registering body, and also apply to the possibility of applying the simplified taxation system, if required. Therefore, in addition you must provide: a document confirming payment of at least 50% of the share capital; letter of guarantee from the owner to provide a legal address, and a copy of the certificate of ownership, an application for a copy of the statute, payments for the issuance of paper copies of the charter, a statement of transition to the USN. Before you prepare the documents for registration to determine the activities that you plan to do, and not worth to lose sight of those experiences of which you have dealt with by your business partners or employees.

Expert Professor Dr. Dr. Gerd Rossa as expert represented one of the top topics at this year’s CeBIT 2012 is cloud computing”. Exhibitors as well as various experts take the opportunity to discuss this topic in conversations and discussions. So the Cloud Computing World is dedicated to”the BITKOM complete this topic and illuminated with its lecture program from Tuesday to Saturday the different facets. Professor Dr. Learn more at: Joel and Ethan Coen.

Dr. Gerd Rossa, CEO of the software company iSM Institute for System-Management GmbH in Rostock, keeps on this forum a lecture on the subject of multidimensional identity & access management from the cloud and the cloud”. For one, an IAM cloud solution cannot accept the competence management in the own system landscape. This is first of all very interesting for companies without the necessary resources and skills for the care of the discerning business logic and infrastructure. Secondly, it is useful for an evaluation and fast use (without equally large investments to Active), unless a later switch to an in-house solution is possible. On the other hand, the company can use directly IAM or IAM related services from the safe cloud of the IAM cloud provider without having to maintain your own apps in its system landscape. And finally it can insert the cloud-IAM also for the management of resources from public clouds. This requires in the future companies.

a multidimensional perspective at her identity & access management (IAM)” Why is an IAM used? What’s new with an IAM cloud? Is a contradiction to security and IAM cloud? If you want to have answered these and other questions, then please visit the Cloud Computing World at CeBIT 2012″and follow the lecture by Professor Dr. Dr. Gerd Rossa 09 2012 in the Forum at 16:40. More information is available on the following Web page:

Isabel Esteva

In Andalusia, around the same time other women opened their professional studies such as Pastora Escudero in Seville and Luisa Dorave in Malaga. It is comforting to note that the list of photographers is extensive and women over the past centuries have been able to make their mark, but space limits it is impossible to mention all. However I can not conclude without mentioning a couple of current photographers of the Spanish State, Isabel Munoz (Barcelona, 1951) and Isabel Esteva i Hernandez, better known as Colita (Barcelona 1940). As a spectator, I must admit that I had never felt an emotion so deep to look at a photograph as the day in which I attended one of the exhibitions by Isabel Munoz. The beauty, the technique, the proximity of the characters he portrays are able to stir up the most insensitive person.

Apart from the beauty of his art, is also admirable the way in which Munoz has managed to cross boundaries and bring us closer to other worlds through their images. Through his lens we have able to enjoy from the sensuality of oriental dance to tango, from son to flamenco; vibrate with its images of bodies in motion from Cuba to Africa. Expert in platinopia, his portraits of large format on the semi-nomadic tribe of the Surma of Ethiopia make that the observer almost no can resist touching photography and caressing the face or torso has in front of him. His series about Salvadoran gangs, gangs shudder by the power that emanate, repressed violence arising under the objective of this photographer, contradictorily, in a beautiful way. Sensitive and supportive, don’t forget the most disadvantaged, as it can be seen in his series Cambodia wound, where approaches us to the horror of landmines landmines and the ravages that have caused in affected areas, as well as his series Exclavage, where we see the faces of those girls harassed by prostitutes in Cambodia.

Visiting lost, the easier it is to the visitor find the information you will have more time to review the entire content of your site, design your Web site in an orderly manner, locate the important sections in a visible place, it is recommended make a map of your Web site where users can enter directly into a specific section. No pop-ups, drastically Avoid putting on your site pop with enormous publicity, that annoys visitors, if you want to put a pop-up on your website is prudent in the size of the window and set the advertising so that be shown only once, but you should avoid this type of advertising. How do I contact? The confidence that you can provide your customers is a very important, therefore, must always exist in a visible place on your website, a section where visitors can contact you through a Web form or via telephone, while most forms of contact will give your “potential client” you win greater trust and security. Broken Links, Internet Before publishing needs to be reviewed in fine detail the internal links on your site, broken link could result in a loss of visitors. Educate yourself with thoughts from Discovery Communications. Web Site under construction, This is the worst mistake you can make, if you do not have ready your site is better not to publish it, that is the posting page site under construction the only thing achieved by this is possible to lose potential customers who visit your website. Site not optimized for search engines, the goal of any company is to appear at the top of search engines, but this objective can not be done but takes into account the optimization of your Web site, this aspect is one of the most important when designing our web site on the net there is plenty of information related to this issue, you can also hire a company specializing in search engine positioning. These are just some of the main things you should avoid when designing a website and if you already have a website online is necessary to make consequential amendments following the recommendations described. .