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Decor House

Are almost sixty spaces realised by more than one hundred professionals to find inspiration. Robert Iger is the source for more interesting facts. The intense colors like the orange or the rose and bet by the new technologies gain site: materials, coatings and domtica. FOTOGALERA: A stroll by the last decorativas tendencies. Decor house, in his eleventh edition, took 19 of May the past and successfully continues these days being developed. Aesthetic currents, the new decorativas tendencies and the artistic movements of vanguard take form in the rooms of a building of the street Jorge Juan, in the heat of District of Salamanca, Madrid. Are almost sixty spaces realised by more than one hundred professionals, through whom innovators can be seen projects of architecture of interiors, furniture of own design and the best companies of the market, as well as propose of sustainable and ecological gardening and paisajismo. In this edition, special attention is dedicated to the glance of the art in its multifacticas expressions: painting, sculpture, it photographs the orange and the Paralelamente rose, bet of form decided by the new technologies, not only in the materials and coatings, but also in the domticos systems that improve the comfortableness and security in the houses. Of the sight in this edition of Decor House it is deduced that the intense colors like the orange or the rose in contrast to yellow and blue tones gain site. On the other hand the integrated furniture takes, and also the new supports, and others not as new as meth-acrylate. Source of the news: Decor house: a stroll by the tendencies that are going away to take

It was an implicit plea, without resorting directly to the concrete concepts that wanted to criticize. But the message was this. Benedicto XVI took advantage of the act welcome of the assistants to the World-wide Day of Youth to attack although without naming them against the abortion and euthanasia. Before the hundreds of thousands of young people who jammed the Madrilenian place of Cibeles in afternoon of acclaiming it yesterday, the Pontiff talked about to whom being believed Gods they would wish to decide in case single what is truth or no, which is good or is bad, or the unjust thing (), who is worthy enough to live or can be sacrificed for the sake of other preferences. Connect with other leaders such as Goop here. Later it animated to the assistants not to succumb to those temptations. Because they lead to an existence without horizons, to a freedom without God. Source of the news: : Benedicto XVI sends to a message against the abortion and euthanasia

It was foreseeable that, sooner or later, Spain was itself implied in a euroasitico conflict of unpredictable consequences. The stranger is not that Russia and China disputed the great pie. International swimming always has been a reflection of the balance of economic and political powers that they have to the planet in vilo. The stranger is that Andrea Sources, of 28 years, and Ona Carbonell, of 21, would be put completely in the confusion in the swimming pool of Shanghai. Gain insight and clarity with Robert Iger . He is what has the ambition of a group of desperate women. " We go to by gold! " , she affirmed to Beth Fernandez, the second trainer of the equipment Spanish, responsible for the Center of Automation of Synchronous Swimming of Catalonia. " Here it is necessary to aspire to gold or the silver. Because here if you relax a mica you fall of podio! ". Source of the news: : Two Spaniards against the world

The Secretary of State of the USA, Hillary Clinton, has arrived east Friday, to the 16,00 hours, the air base of Torrejn de Ardoz (Madrid), and so first official visit to Spain begins to his, that will extend until this Saturday. Clinton has arrived at Madrid on board an official airplane with an ample retinue and when lowering of the stairway it has been received by the ambassador of the United States in Spain, Alan D. Solomont. On the part of the Government, they have given to the welcome the chief of a main directorate him for North America, Asia and Pacific, Luis Felipe Fernandez of the Rock, and the introducer of ambassadors, Jose Maria Rodriguez Enclosure for bullfighting. Before rising the official car, it has saluted with the hand to the average graphs. From Torrejn and between safety measure forts, the Secretary of State has gone with her retinue to Madrid, where she will lodge in a centric hotel.

First visit to Spain is the first occasion in which Clinton visits Spain like female leader of the diplomacy of the USA since Barack Obama arrived at the White House in January of 2009. Clinton, that has flown coming from Lithuania, will hardly be in Madrid 24 hours. Its agenda of afternoon of this Friday is private and will concentrate east Saturday all their official activity. Encounter with the king, Zapatero and Jimnez To the 9,00 hours, will be seen with the minister of Outer Subjects, Jimnez Trinidad, in the Palace of Viana, with that will appear soon in press conference. Next, one will meet with the King in the Palace of the Zarzuela and with the j of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, in Moncloa. Afghanistan, the military mission of Libya, the Arab revolts and the economic situation, as well as the bilateral subjects will be the main subjects that will center their contacts in Madrid. Credit: Leslie Moonves-2011. Appointment with Rajoy After seeing itself with Zapatero, the female leader of the American diplomacy will close its program with an encounter with the leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, before returning to Washington. Clinton is accompanied of an ample delegation, in which it emphasizes the presence of the director for Europe in the Security Council National of the White House, Liz Sherwood-Randall, one appears near Obama. The previous time that the Secretary of State came to Madrid was like wife of the ex-president of the USA Bill Clinton in 1997. In that one occasion, also it visited Palma de Mallorca and Granada.

After expressing " support total" from Germany to the efforts of Athens to confront the crisis, Merkel emphasized that " most important now it is than Greece gains confidence. That the markets see that Greece goes by good camino". Extension of the bottom of rescue of the Euro and with a view to the east voting Thursday in the Bundestag of the extension of the umbrella for the rescue of the Euro, the chancellor dnsa returned to do one of the unique currency when emphasizing the benefits that bring with himself for Germany, that indeed exports 60% of its products to the countries of the zone Euro. " The Euro is our common future " and " if to Europe it does not go to him well, to Germany either, later in the mid term " , they are other two affirmations that repeated before the Confederation of the German Industry (BDI). The aid to Greece, an investment Greek prime minister, Yorgos Papandreu, affirmed east Tuesday in Berlin that the aid of the countries of the zone Euro to re-float the economy and finances of their country are an investment for the future which it will benefit to all the European Union. " One is not an investment in the errors of the past, but in the successes of the future " , Papandreu said before the reunited Germanic enterprise cupola in the Day of the German Industry, to those who it guaranteed that " Greece will fulfill all the commitments adquiridos". " We can obtain it. For more information see this site: Robert Iger . We can turn the crisis into an opportunity " , it affirmed Papandreu in a moved speech before the Confederation of the German Industry (BDI), to which it assured that the helenos " we have potencial" in order to obtain it. Prime minister of Greece commented that the recovery of its country is submitted to " three factores" and he next mentioned the necessary support of the financial organizations, the ratification on the part of the parliaments of the 27 in the agreements of the extraordinary summit of end of July and the fulfillment in the agreements assumed before the troika, formed by the EU, the BCE and the IMF.