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You want independence, you got married or got married, and live under the same roof with their parents, are not very comfortable, or did you move to another city and their homes are still there. One solution – rent an apartment. But how to find that search needs to be done, and how not to get on speculators? Here are those questions we will try to find answers. First, decide what you need to Housing, in which area, in what condition. Will depend on its price. You understand that large one bedroom apartment with a good repair, in the quiet city center will cost a lot more expensive one-bedroom apartment in "Khrushchev" in the outskirts of the city. Next, ask the price. To do this, take the paper on real estate, choose 3.4 largest and best known real estate agencies and call them, explain what you want, let them orient you on price.

I assume that the answer is price you will not be happy, but at least you'll know the real situation. Believe me, there are no miracles. People who rent apartments, most of them are doing it professionally – it is their business. And according to dumping on the market no one will come out. There are, of course, Category landlords who are just beginning, someone is vacant apartment, received an inheritance, someone bought a child (for growth), but in the meantime decided posdavat, the other has a new, better housing, and the old rents, not to empty, and they are willing to let tenants for minimum money, but that people were good.

Commercial real estate market Sum, in particular – the trade continues in the growth stage, although for the past few years, there is a shortage of retail space, the cost of renting and purchasing commercial real estate continues to grow. Most of the retail space is reconstructed old objects. Businesspeople by redesigning trade more or less suitable accommodation. For these purposes, mainly used the first floors of homes and various agencies. Most of the old Soviet department stores renovated and redeveloped in supermarkets. When choosing a room for a shop, an entrepreneur starts from the specialization of its outlet, but width of the facade and the presence of at least two front windows showcase are prerequisites. The most popular are the premises with area of about 60-250 square meters.

m. clothing stores, cosmetics or jewelry preferred areas closer to downtown – on the streets Cooperative, Red Square, Cathedral, Resurrection, Theatre Square. In particular, for the premises for the clothing stores characterized by the following parameters 3.4 display windows, a wide space of species, the possibility of placing signs, parking for several cars. The rooms in which planned to build a supermarket, building materials store, consumer electronics, the critical parameter is the presence of access roads and interchanges, as well as parking that can accommodate a large number of vehicles that can directly affect the number of visitors. The price of the same object mainly affected by its location, infrastructure, planning and state of repair and, again, parking. Large shopping centers are profitable to place a 'sleeping areas', although some employers believe that a competent advertising company, location does not play a key role.