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Creating Presentations PowerPoint (with the extension ppt) – a convenient and effective way of presenting information about your products and services, the professionalism and your achievements. Printing Presentations – is a modern production, which has exclusive technical capabilities of the printing of posters, brochures, to full-color newspaper printing, high-quality print magazines. It's no secret that high-quality printing products – business card companies and the most favorable view of your work. Brochures, flyers, catalogs, brochures, presentation folders – all this has in its arsenal of advertising information virtually any company. But, promoting its product on the market, you should not forget that the potential customers in the modern world surrounds many advertisements. Specialized exhibitions, targeted mailings, presentation materials and much more – and now potential client is the holder of a package of information materials from various companies, among which somewhere got lost and your offer.

We will help you with high quality and fast print the power point presentation with using digital printing. Digital printing – the most rapid and inexpensive method of printing in low-circulation order. For small print runs operational digital printing allows you to quickly print printing products by equipment is constantly being improved to meet modern standards and technologies. Print a poster from a presentation quickly and easily submit all in a positive, colorful and spectacular form, see your activities or services offered, to get detailed information about the product and its characteristics.

April Fool

April Fool's mentioned in the writings of many Russian writers and poets of the xviii century. The tradition of celebrating April Fool's Day has come to our days. April 1 was yet another reason to raise mood of ourselves and others laugh at drawings, and, of course, to present and receive fun gifts and souvenirs. When choosing gifts to friends, acquaintances, colleagues or business partners can take into account their interests and hobbies, profession, lifestyle, little ways. For example, one of the most interesting and useful gift can be a puzzle of metal: it is compact, fits easily into a purse or pocket. This a small gift to help pass the time on public transport, queues, waiting for business or personal meeting. Dispersed to friends and colleagues, always losing pens, you can give a funny key chain, quickly and easily turning into such a topical writing utensils.

Always late for employees to be relevant gift-hint – table clocks on flexible stems. They can be delivered or put on the table, the system block or on a shelf above the desk. This souvenir is not only cheer his owner, but would also understand that you need to carefully watch the time. And where the clock is not relevant, may be useful radio – also, incidentally, with the legs. Fans of board games will be thrilled with small sets, combining checkers, chess, bingo, cards and many other attractions. They are so convenient to take with you if you plan business trip or a trip to rest, and time in the road fly by.


How profitable do: apply for a new company or buy an existing company? Despite the benefits of a choice, there are always risks. Some of them study the details, because the specific answer is difficult. Great benefits that sales of ready Ltd. – is to get a solid name with a positive business reputation. Only a public company hardly anyone will know, will not cause trust. Moreover, for registration you'll be forced to spend more than one day, and at least 5. Well, if you need to get a package of documents that are hard to obtain, then that last longer.

Then you have to sign up for extra-budgetary funds. How to make providing a registered office now tax have become very strict account domicile. It suffices to recall how things were two years ago. Previously, it was difficult at all to find some company, because conducted sales registered address, in which actually the director of the company and not even be counted. If you buy a shelf company and decide to do any more types of business, you will receive a new license. Suppose even that will not be an obstacle for you. But what happens when you need to provide documents confirming the right of the owner to jur. address? You simply will not find such documents.

Moreover, at this address may be registered by another thirty companies. Your business will be one-sided, and you will not be able to change the terms of the market with such "embarrassing" legal address. Plus, the tax office may impose substantial fine. That's really where not the most successful business start. If you change your mind and decided to open my own company, the time for you to think about how to specify the legal address. Typically, the director wrote the address space, which has organization in the property or premises, which lifts. In the legal services of experts are usually asked the customer in advance to provide a lease of non-residential premises, if any. Thus, the landlord confirm that you have the right to use the premises. This will be enough to certify their right to present legal address of the owner. Yourself and you can open without the aid of his, however, will sometimes arise doubts whether you are doing. Of course, the subtleties will be greater than in this article, why not prevent appeal for help in the legal service. Competent lawyers will be able to reveal to you a new company last week.