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So, you're hired to work. You do not like what you do, do not like the wage level, or you have long outgrown the level of wage worker. This is not important. The important thing: to live by the old you can not, and the new do not know how. It is so, is not it? And in this situation, some people quit their jobs and trying to create something of their own, often in tandem with other such neudovletvoronschikami their work. But in this case, neither you nor your buddies in the business know nothing about.

You are going together in the evening and is compiling an action plan. You say: this is now interesting little business, a great demand here, and you can weld a lot. And I parse this a bit. You have sat so pogutarili and decided to start acting. After all, anyone is understandable that it is beneficial. But it's only you understand, but Market to your opinions do not care.

The more your opinion of 99% will be wrong, since you hired his reasoning mind, who does not know what is really happening in the business world. Section, you will continue with all available amount of money in half. Half invested in office and office equipment. And the other half in advertising. And sit, sipping tea, waiting to pour the same stream of clients. Day of waiting, second, third. And customers are not coming. And you're starting a sinful deed think that the advertisers your money is simply stolen. In a cold sweat you grab a newspaper, then another, looking into the Internet.

You have decided to register a company, but do not know where to start, then this article is for you. In accordance with Federal Law "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs" to register the company in registering body: statement on Form R110001, charter, minutes of the meeting of the founders (or the decision if a parent) to establish a company, a payment document confirming payment of state duty for registration of legal person; extract from the register of foreign legal entities of the country of origin (if the founder is a foreign entity), in the said law states that "the registration authority has no right to demand provision of other documents, "but in practice it is necessary to confirm the payment of the authorized capital, the right to use the legal address, order a copy of the charter, the original of which will be the registering body, and also apply to the possibility of applying the simplified taxation system, if required. Therefore, in addition you must provide: a document confirming payment of at least 50% of the share capital; letter of guarantee from the owner to provide a legal address, and a copy of the certificate of ownership, an application for a copy of the statute, payments for the issuance of paper copies of the charter, a statement of transition to the USN. Before you prepare the documents for registration to determine the activities that you plan to do, and not worth to lose sight of those experiences of which you have dealt with by your business partners or employees.

Business Goals

A lot of people, often in the put some goals, make a lot of mistakes, which are then simply demotiviruyut and destroy their desire to go to the goal. As if this was not the inspiration, but most people in the put their purposes of committing five common mistakes that are very negative impact on their lives. 1. The first mistake is something that just is not your goal. Very often I see people who set goals taken from other people do not understand that these goals fundamentally inconsistent with their real wishes.

Also, often we find ourselves under pressure of people around us, a society which presents us with certain goals in life are the goals that we do not want reach. Or when our parents put us in front of any goal without even asking whether we them or not, for example when you want to become a successful entrepreneur, postorit your business and your parents make to become a simple worker. In these cases, I just used your advise, do not listen to other people, do not let them put you in front of their goal, the only person who has every right to run your life is yourself. Set those goals you want to, but not those who imposed to you by others. 2. The second mistake, there is no specific goal. Goals I want to go to a decent income is not a goal, a goal I want to buy a BMW is not the goal, the goal to pay all the debts is not the goal.