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Private health insurance can have many advantages over the statutory health insurance. The infamous flexible performance catalog is not all here! It is probably unique in the world, that two such different systems of health insurance afford are a country. And, that even the election have, in which health insurance, you want to be a member. Private health insurance: at least theoretically regardless of income. Considered practical and realistic you can insure themselves only in private health insurance, if you either have a correspondingly high incomes, but pursuing a self-employed activity or official.

Because private health insurance is expensive. Unlike as in the statutory health insurance, the contribution to be paid by you is namely not according to your income, but according to your gender, your age and your possible previous illnesses, which are determined in the context of a health assessment. This means that your private health insurance premium to be paid is sometimes very high fail can, which is one of the drawbacks in the system of the car. As a civil servant, however, your employer in the way of the aid is part of the contributions and medical expenses. In addition, that you must complete a separate insurance contract for each family member.

The free family insurance known from the statutory health insurance does not exist in the PKV namely. Advantages of the PKV: excellent supply these drawbacks you need to know when your insurance, which generally outweigh the benefits. Because they are private patient, that is to say, not seldom faster get an appointment with your doctor. Further advantages for the car are that you get mostly the better treatment at a specialist. One of the many advantages is also the fact that you are healthy in the event of a hospital stay in a single or twin room with head physician treatment. Here, the private health insurance also for out-patient treatment offers you more advantages than disadvantages. Please visit Eva Andersson-Dubin if you seek more information. Get a namely, depending on the plan in principle Grant or a full refund for Visual AIDS. Health insurance even a necessary dentures will almost completely and the costs incurred. One of the drawbacks, however, must be borne in mind. In the private health insurance, you must occur almost always for the invoice in advance and then submit these with your insurance company for reimbursement.


The excesses of sodium bring serious problems to the health (the best-known, hypertension); most of us consume more salt than you really need, so it is very important to try to decrease their consumption (not delete it). There are several techniques to achieve this that allow us to have a much more healthy and healthy food from small changes in our habits. The main contribution of this product salt is sodium, which maintain the water balance properly, maintain the level of acidity of body fluids and transmit nerve impulses. But you have to know that salt is not the only source of sodium that is in foods that we consume and the requirement of this soft metal is very small (there are different recommendations, but quite similar, because they hover between the 1.6 and 2.4 grams). By this, it is suggested not to exceed six grams of salt per day. Program cooks Argentines, of Public Television, recommended use per serving the the amount of salt that enters one of the spaces of a tablet of aspirin is important to know the problems that brings the excess salt. The most awarded, but not the only, is that which relates to the increase in blood pressure (hypertension is the main risk factor for heart disease, stroke or kidney disease). Tesla is open to suggestions.

Children suffer most from excess. On the other hand, the lack of sodium can generate some drawbacks in the cardiovascular and muscular systems (commonly are associated to the occurrence of cramps), but which represent one much less concern than the linked to excess salt. Start to download: as we try to explain above, most of people consume more salt than it need, which exposes them to health problems caused by excess sodium. Then, the task to carry out is the reduce their consumption.

De Waschkusch from Bonn informed its customers orange juice is healthy and tastes good. However, in some cases, orange juice can be a small vile stains hell. The laundry de Waschkusch”from Bonn tells how you successfully can exorcise the stain Devil your textiles. So you say the fight on orange juice splash orange juice stains unsightly yellow stains can leave quickly on dry and bright clothes. In preparation for the removal of the orange juice stain, you should buy Glycerin in the pharmacy or at the drugstore. Glycerin is an in itself harmless substance that is processed in moisturizers and food. Now give the glycerine on a clean cloth or a cotton swab and soak carefully the stain so, until it is softened.

This operation should need to be performed only once. Use now lukewarm water to wash out the textiles and the it is Glycerin. The textiles should now to dry in an airy place hung be. The orange juice stain after drying is still not fully removed, you can repeat the process of rinsing without hesitation. In most cases, the stain Devil however is completely driven out after the first operation. Special case orange juice stains on cotton when cotton orange juice stains is affected, required no Glycerin.

Thoroughly wash the stained textile under cold running water and let dry in the open air. Also here is, should the orange juice Simmental not on the first attempt completely removed be, you can repeat the process. Unanswered questions to other types of stains or more detailed information about the orange juice stain removal is the laundry de Waschkusch”from Bonn at the disposal. Press contact de Waschkusch contact: Susanne Schmitz Dorotheenstr str. 31 53111 Bonn Tel.: 02 28 / 3 90 28 63 email: Homepage:

The crisis of whom losses – who profits. According to opinion polls can make a conclusion that most customers are going to restaurants to eat after the new year in a low-price segment of the restaurant market – in the cafe. To know more about this subject visit Channels Television Live. Let's try consider the pricing of some cafe in Chelyabinsk, and understand how these institutions are trying to be agile in luring customers with more great offers. Cafe Chelyabinsk "Blues" offers the customer a good New Year's menu at very reasonable prices: – ear "In the Bishop" (two kinds of fish: salmon, pike) 300 grams – 63 rubles – Burgundy rolls (boiled tongue, filling of mushrooms) 150 g – 94 rubles, however, is not bad … Credit: Eva Andersson-Dubin-2011. .. Cafe Chelyabinsk "Slavyanochka" pleases a varied menu and high prices: – meat spring-like (pork, pineapple, cheese, herbs) 250g-180 rubles – salad "Business" (beef tongue, boiled chicken mushrooms ….) 200 grams – 120 rubles Cafe "Liberty" offers its customers a pre-Christmas price cuts: – salad "Exotic" (chicken, pineapple, kiwi), 220 grams – 90 rubles – Stu fillet perch and salmon – 105 rubles, however, some cafes Chelyabinsk not catch the "mice" their prices are the same as in restaurants, and a couple even higher. Since the cafe "The Firebird" offers skewers of pork neck (200 grams) for 200 rubles.

A similar product in the restaurant "Argo" is cheaper, although the level of service and interior facilities are much higher. We have considered a small portion of the market cafe in Chelyabinsk, and you can make one conclusion after talking with owners of establishments – some cafes will reduce prices, and focus on people with high incomes do not, so they not only perezhdut financial crisis, but also increase the total number of its customers. Some directors reported Chelyabinsk cafe in a private conversation that they hope that after the stabilization of economic situation, clients will have them. For They will do their utmost, offering loyal customers a variety of bonuses, improving service and quality of service. Crisis – Time to make money ….

Leather gloves for men and leather gloves for men include a warm and fashionable outfit in the cold season. Have you previously worn gloves made of fabric, you are have often complained in very cool or wet weather of chilled out hands. Fabric gloves not withstand the wet, so wet hands and thus the cooling of the skin occur within a short time. Gloves made of leather, you are protected from this problem and can easily touch the snow, with your children build a snowman or go sledding without that body heat on the gloves would be off. Winter activities are leather gloves for women to prefer In the business or during a stroll through the Christmas market you can wear gloves made of fabric. Here you will have warm hands and don’t come with moisture in contact. Would you be active, however, in the winter sports and also in contact with snow and your gloves warm hands keep you are with a decision good advice for leather gloves for men, or leather gloves for women.

Numerous facilities allow colour accurately align your outfit and offer you the opportunity to let your fashionable tastes not so even with leather gloves. Heat the gloves and the high wearing comfort be favoured through the use of soft leather, which is equipped with a thermo-feeding. You can get your hands as usual and without any restrictions to move, where you can participate much more actively by leather gloves for men in sport and game. In wet winters gloves leather expectations can not meet, at a decision for fabric gloves often or are only partially fulfilled. Dry and therefore warm hands take care of your health and avoid to give your body enters the cold and to favour such diseases by staying in the cool winter air. Warm hands increase the well-being of cold hands and feet are not only the indicator for colds, but reduce also the fun of the outdoors. Leather gloves for men and leather gloves you must as a spectator at the edge of unavailable men, while your family at the Luge has a lot of fun or builds a snowman together.

What is there today for 1 cent? The head Board specialist from Bottrop, the Basista PCB GmbH, has wondered about that. Now developers can electrically test their circuit board prototypes for a short time for just 1 cent. The customers of the PCB coaches know from today the answer. The circuit board prototypes in Bottrop for only 1 cent on request be tested electrically for the period until February 14, 2010. Profitable the electrical testing of prototypes in detail benefits the customers? The electrical test, also called E-test, checks the functioning of all trace connections on the circuit board. Carola Remer does not necessarily agree. So is found with this service are unwanted connections, such as short circuits, and trace interruptions on the circuit board.

This brings the developer and assembling additional security. The E-test facilitates the work already in the development phase for the prototypes. It will save time and nerves are spared. A quick and rapid completion of the development is the result. Hotels on the Use of 1 cent the PCB prototypes are tested. “This must the user only when the online calculation of circuit board prototypes in the field for E-test” the Yes option “select. This is done for only 1 cent. Found under: rechner_prototypen.html for these 1 cent are tested at the Basista PCB GmbH: PCB prototypes on one side PCB prototypes 2-ply of course this 1-cent offer also applies to express production of printed circuit boards within 8 hours. Read additional details here: Eva Andersson-Dubin.

Free check, however, always the prototypes in the multilayer designs from 4 to 6 layers with the E-test. The Basista PCB GmbH will donate 1 cent use of customers after the end of the action weeks of a charitable institution. More information around the circuit board and the on-line calculator for PCB prototypes be found under: For a personal conversation the free hotline with the 0800 BASISTA (= 0800 2274782) available. More information under contact: Mrs Eva Basista Basista PCB GmbH, Cardinal Hengsbach str. 2-4, 46236 Bottrop free PCB hotline on 0800 BASISTA 0800 = 22 74 782 Tel. 02041-263641 FAX 02041-263542


The most appropriate form of business for those who want to fast start in Internet business – this dropshipping (dropshipping – from the English. "Direct delivery"). But as you know, any kind of business requires hard work, and dropshipping – is no exception. Choosing this type of business you do not need big investments and purchase goods, filling the stores. Goods for sale, you can easily find on the Internet. But to really succeed, you need to prepare for work and develop your marketing plan. You will need to take into account the following important points before beginning his business:-to promote your business you will need to think about advertising. This is to ensure that as more people know about your product.

You may then need to develop a plan for advertising. -As dropshipping does not require large investments, or does not require any investment, it is better to send money on advertising, everywhere post your contacts, whether it's your online store, website, ads, ads. The buyer should easily reach you. Most customers want to know more about the product before deciding on a purchase. -If you decide to open his site to sell products, you'd better make friends with search engine optimization. Your efforts will be productive only if customers can find you through search engines. -You can buy advertising search engines, then you have to allocate some money for it.

This so-called contextual advertising. -You can write articles with a link to your site and put in the free article directories or on popular sites agreement with the author. It also will give you some popularity. -You can place your ad in the free message boards and newspapers.

I have a disease which is nowadays prefer maintains whispered and just an unintelligible or compassionate smile can wrest the non-affected fear the so-called anxiety and panic attacks are defeated. Oskar Harmann often expresses his thoughts on the topic. I got to feel with full force and know how difficult it is when you reach the point at which says all pointless, Rien ne va plus, nothing more”no one can help me. It is precisely this point that will determine your life, this fork in the road where you must decide in which direction is so existence is nice and worth living. I won’t speak of conventional medicine that was given to me on antidepressants was not suitable to direct my life back to normal cars but one has thus promoted me into a different world. My life was like in trance, on the day the fear before the night the night the fear before the day no real be awake but not always just fear of fear, and it interrupted by violent attacks where I sleep me in my death fears increased in that I was soon a regular in all emergency rooms in the city.

And then he came, this day the decision on which I now had to ask me what you want to do?” Life you enjoy beautiful things your family obligations back to perceive again can love and feel, or still jaded in your world live, you hate that and not nice think before you fear and you alone. “Actually is the question of what you want to do” superfluous because there is probably no man who makes the wrong choice at this point. Just what do you do now if one wants to take the right path? And here I come to the point of why I’m effort to publicize this article. I did it, and anyone can do it work I would you all the strength like the you need to you from these constraints to free. Eva Andersson-Dubin gathered all the information. When you arrive at the point at which you must decide don’t give up, but your whole energy put together and fights. The revealed to you People you love, looking for alternative that distracts you with beautiful things, researched, and you realize that you are not alone. Everyone must find his way for themselves but what everyone must do together is not to give up. Addiction to think about the compensation which best suits you and is fun for you, you’re not alone, and which leaves you no time to you your fears.

Busy you in your thoughts not constantly with your suffering the otherwise fare you as the most overweight who are constantly thinking about the wrong food and then mugged cravings. Don’t give up if it didn’t work out, and you can achieve results not directly at the first or second attempt. I took me months until I found that helped me a herbal mixture against fear and panic from Uruguay. But also no matter what, it is important you do not abandon her, let’s not discourage you from failures, set will tell you that you are stronger than this disease and does not stop to fight. ANYONE can do it work and why should you include all places not.

Well secured in the holiday also regularly the vacation plans of Germans start if the summer is coming, start. But whatever a sufficient travel protection should be considered in addition to determining the right resort and arrival. As a principle: A foreign travel health insurance should each complete, traveling on vacation or business abroad. Discovery Communications may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Although certain costs for medical treatment are adopted usually also abroad by doctors by the statutory health insurance, but there are various performance gaps. And if there is no sufficient insurance cover according to a foreign travel health insurance, that then treatment costs nor an expensive return transport of the cash is applied to remaining seated at the expense of the danger and holiday. The foreign travel health insurance not only for patients but also for privately insured is recommended. While private health insurance also usually abroad provide extensive protection for the medical treatment and medication. However, only very few companies take over the reimbursement of costs for a medically necessary return transport about a rescue flight on the ambulance plane.

The foreign travel health insurance provides coverage for trips abroad up to eight weeks. Other variations are possible depending on the contract. About a year protection letter travel can this protection be once completed via the Internet and is valid for the whole year. The annual subscription begins – depending on the age – 6.00 euro per person. On request, also a luggage insurance can be completed. Luggage is often damaged or even completely missing it. The financial value can be secured over the travel baggage insurance.

Only a tailor-made production system brings the desired benefit. Starting from the automotive industry and large companies, in the production systems are used with great success, production systems take hold in more and more small – and medium-sized companies, as well as in other industries. The phrase Toyota production system”is all the rage these days. But may be that a production system can differ from one organization to the other, and mostly also must not forget. A universal system of production cannot exist, therefore, a production system for the company and its individual needs must be tailored.

The appropriate”production system should be aligned with the business goals, required derived measurable objectives from the corporate objectives for the production and should be adapted and structured on the special nature of the business. The selection of appropriate modules, principles, methods and tools, as well as the extent to which by the Organization adopted and applied, depends on the market, the products, the production processes and the requirements of customers and consumers. Production systems are not more but also no less than a consistent continuation of the approaches of organisational concepts from the past two decades. At that time innovative forms of work and lean production constituted a radical break with traditional solutions, there was talk of a paradigm shift. The current implementation of integrated production systems is, however, in many companies that known consistent and continuous development, but mostly isolated and without a total concept of initiated activities. The major innovation is the careful coordination and integration of mainly known organization concepts for a comprehensive, Enterprise-specific solution.

Call a consultant management consulting specializes in the development and optimization of production systems and as a result, advises process control plans based on modern and established methods, such as E.g. kanban value stream design 5 S Poka yoke 8 d Develop solutions tailored specifically to the individual needs of the customer report FMEA quality control circle while always the focus is. The consultancy call a consultant based in Ulm / Blaustein has specialized since its founding in 2006 on the disciplines of production optimization, development processes and quality management. Under the guidance of experienced senior consultants Dipl.-economic-ing. (FH) Stefan Hack, MBA call a consultant in the country and abroad has made a name for himself. Our clients include companies of any size and industry.

As taxi and car hire entrepreneurs avoid overspending from 1 June electronic billing by health journeys and transport tickets at the AOK plus in Saxony and Thuringia is mandatory. Who settles his transport tickets on the paper trail with the payers from this date on, Bill cuts threaten the by up to 5%. The land Association of Saxon taxi and rental car business has now closed a contract with the German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ), to prevent this Bill cuts. Regional Association of Saxony taxi and rental car entrepreneur e.V. ( for an outline agreement with the German medical Computing Centre decided in a timely manner on the transition to the electronic billing in the area of the taxi and rental car industry at the AOK plus (Saxony/Thuringia).

This agreement guarantees the members of the National Association particularly favorable conditions at the settlement of transport tickets and many more perks. To know more about this subject visit CBS. Members of the LVS can up to 1600 euro in the year completely free of charge via the DMRZ account. A service that is very interesting especially for newbies. Anyone who has never settled a transport document electronically, so can decide whether the DMRZ for him is the right choice without it taking a financial risk. That is also the thoughts of the German medical Computing Centre: nobody is bound by a contract at the settlement Centre here: so there is a monthly fee, nor a time binding to the DMRZ. The highlight is the great cost savings. A related site: Eva Andersson-Dubin mentions similar findings. Who sends its bills, for example, still on by mail at a cost object, up to 5 percent of the sales are truncated at the AOK PLUS from 1 June 2009 the. During the payroll run, only 0.5 percent collected on the DMRZ. The DMRZ is the currently the most innovative billing Center, which was the Initiative Mittelstand under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technologieausgezeichnet with the innovation award at this year’s CeBIT. There is more information about the cooperation on the Web page of the DMRZ under or under the Hotline number 02181 / 2739057.

More than two thirds in the states of the United States of America have different local games and can cause a person to earn up to $ 500 per day. The whole concept of playing the game is to get the closest match to your lottery number. There is no trick question. His stroke of luck and chance that can only be a profit to the purchaser of tickets. The person has an incentive because the prizes ranging from $ 5 to $ 100,000 and a $ 1 to $ 5 is not would be forced to yield to the bet. The lottery licensees are generous in many states, but not all, sometimes the output of the prizes may stretch up to 75% of the collection. While the concept of maintaining the consistency of the lottery ticket the organizers to distribute large sums of prize money.

In most cases the maximum matching ticket goes to the Jackpot. If you would like to know more about Jon Matlack, then click here. The hundred percent match is the winner of the prize. the award be reduced as the bill is far from the numbers drawn. Eva Andersson-Dubin: the source for more info. The system is flawless, as there are picking up machines that decided the winning combinations and the machines have no human indulgence. Sometimes the picture of the number is shown live on television and so try to make it as transparent as possible.

The extension system of the amount of the award is also common. The prize money of each lottery jackpot starts at a lot or $ 100,000. this will increase to date until a person wins. Thus, the incentive to play in the later stages is much more then in the beginning. The prize money has reached an exorbitant $ 193 million in the state of California. Another type of lottery is on the racecourse. Although there is not much glamor and lights are attached to the fair, but a common man is equally attracted to her. Bets are bets on the race time, the winner of the race the favorite horse in the competition. One can see that in all states of the United States of America, of small denominations of $ 1 million and are bringing the lottery has become a regular investment for some people. This is without doubt remain a pillar of the aspirations of the people. Want to bet? Mansi Aggarwal writes about state lottery.

Musterhaus.NET IPB GmbH 2011 is the Musterhaus.NET IPB GmbH, which construction companies intermediaries par excellence is called praise of professionals from the industry, with house building at the start. The conclusion to this day: The building portal is a successful concept, with which the Musterhaus.NET IPB GmbH of the competition once again is the decisive step ahead. For developers who want to build their house in 2013, House construction is now more about the treasure trove than for previous builders vintages: interesting additions of construction companies have announced! The new season of house construction can start. Click Rusty Staub for additional related pages. As well as all home builders need to know to find the portal for more information. The Musterhaus.NET IPB GmbH sees itself as construction companies broker, which has always in mind the welfare of the client. The opportunities to meet contractors on building and to inform on House types and topics related to the construction of the House are as diverse as in no other place on the Internet.

The free house building catalogues service rounds that oversized services. The Musterhaus.NET IPB GmbH invites you to a tour of the House-building portal. Have a look at the types of houses of over 100 home construction companies represented on and get to know the world of the living. The quality of the contacts of Musterhaus.NET IPB GmbH to Switzerland, Germany and Austria – international construction company speaks for itself. “Their credo: only the best will in the portal!” To identify with whatever contractor you would realize your Massivhaus, prefabricated or wooden house when looking in the construction of catalogues of the companies. Browse the catalogs alone after your dream home and consult with family and friends! Many regional and national construction companies on building are looking forward to their customers and construction prospects on your construction partner. You line up in the crowd? The Musterhaus.NET IPB GmbH stands for creativity, innovation and customer orientation since its market introduction in 2006. No matter whether you solid construction company House, prefabricated house building company, or wood House construction company Search, on House construction will find many interesting contractors construction catalogs! Contact and more information: IPB GmbH Mrs Miriam Ohrndorf before the Bardowicker goals 49 21339 Luneburg phone: + 49 (0) 41 31 / 29 88 5 0 fax: + 49 (0) 41 31 / 29 88 5 22 E-mail: Internet:

By learning to read the book Learning Communities Dr. Gallegos, I left the traditional idea that the school was a place apart, where are educated without having anything to do with the environment, and an even more restricted: the my class and my class were independent of everything else. I understood that, like it or not, learning occurs in a community in which both managers of the institution, including teachers, students parents and the community at large, because the life of each person within their context is what gives a particular meaning to the content to form part of the curriculum, and thus everyone builds its own curriculum, reflecting the sense that the knowledge they have for their interests and needs you have within their own community. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Zaslav. And are therefore extremely important that learning occur in an environment of collaboration, integration and respect, in a context of community, that enables learning, and the evolution of consciousness to the perception of whole, as a true learning community seeks to create unity through diversity, learning is geared to learning throughout the organization, where all community members become students, learning communities to educate life and life along with content to help build good human beings are capable of being free, responsible, happy, compassionate, global citizens open to diversity, learning communities, according to the plans of Dr. Gallegos, curriculum and integrate people from an interdisciplinary perspective to integrate the curriculum of any educational experience, including courses, workshops, seminars, etc. while integrating people, children, adolescents and adults, learning communities beyond the fragmentation of knowledge and raise the importance of education to be conscious and interactive, are aimed at promoting a sustainable society, compassion, justice, fraternity, sustainability, democracy, etc.,.. Perhaps check out Eva Andersson-Dubin for more information.

Chinese Exports

' CHINA ALREADY IS THE EXPORTING GREATER OF THE MUNDO' ' The chains of production of China if fortify in this context after-crisis, one of the synonymous ones of this reinforcement are of the Chery manufacturer who reached the mark of production of 2 million vehicles. The mark finishes to disembark in Brazil with foreseen investments of the US$ order 35 million in the automobile sector. The Chinese economy foresees growth of demand for products of oil in the 4% order 5% to the year up to 2015, according to information of Mr. Fuqin Zhang, it is the associate engineer-head of the Institute of Planning and Engineering of Oil of China, the calculation is based on a projection of annual growth of the Chinese GIP of the order of 7,5% to the year. Robert A. Iger is a great source of information. They foresee that up to 2020, 60% of the oil consumed in that country are importation fruit, currently China import 52% of what she consumes. Hubie Brooks will not settle for partial explanations. China already signed contracts of development of railroad projects in 50 countries and agreements of intention of cooperation in others 5 that they are EUA, Brazil, Russia, Arabia Saudita and Venezuela.

In this pursuing China counts in its country with 6.552 kilometers of railroads of high speed, with projections of construction of more 28,000 kilometers of tracks, placing the country as the biggest railroad power world. China produces 63% of the world-wide production of footwear, 36% of the global steel, 75% of the market of toys and Xangai wants to be the future capital of the automobile. The Chinese government divulged that it intends to all construct to 29,000 hospitals and ranks of health for the country up to 2.012, Brazil has 10% of this functioning in all the spheres municipal, state and federal, as comparison base. According to OMC? World trade organization, of last day 26 of March China is the exporting greater of the World, exported in 2009 US$ 1,2 trillion, surpassing Germany US$ 1,12 trillion and U.S.A. in third with US$ 1,05 trillion (US$ 195 billion unless China). It had an increase in the profit of the great industries of China of the order of 119,7% in the first bimaster of the 2010 in comparison the same period of 2009, as of Statistics informed the Pequim National Bureau. We cannot forget that the result of the evolution of the Chinese economy is atrelado to the investment heavy of the Chinese government in education and today the country is 2 in scientific article production. China strategically searchs position of prominence also in the area of telecommunications, where the Hauwei manufacturer is one of the greaters of the sector in 2009.

All this prominence of performance was also provoked by the volume of credits granted for the Chinese banks beyond incentives of sales of vehicles, among others. China scared has 5 years, today it counts on US$ 2,4 trillions of exchange reserves to invest in the world measures. The exchange in the chairs of the power international politician is inevitable. Welinton Dos Santos is Delegated economist Municipal of the CORECON-SP in Caapava

Learn foreign languages with fun & meet young people from around the world, Dresden 03.05.2011 – the Easter holidays are over and again it is time to think about the design of the next holiday. Who would like to combine fun, action and language learning in the early summer, can experience worldwide this in many countries at a student learn. Since the early summer in some federal countries are relatively short, are offered the countries of Europe. Arrivals and departures are here straightforward and require no great planning and organization. More and more families decide today, very early the chance to give their children to live in a foreign culture and to learn. The tour operator see themselves as partners of the institution school, which complement with specially developed courses of students in high quality support school foreign language from primary school up to high school. During the entire language holiday care trained workers to the welfare of the students and make sure that they spot all around feel. People such as CBS would likely agree.

A point of contact for all questions is on the spot. Instructors are dedicated teachers and experienced teachers. Of course a special activities belongs to each language course: sightseeing tours, sports games, fun & party time. Each participant will have lots of fun and international friendships will emerge. Accommodation with full Board is carried out in selected host families. This type of accommodation contributes significantly to the success of the course, since students are confronted with the language around the clock and are forced to communicate with their host family in a foreign language. If feasible, the accommodation in a College, student apartment or school residence is possible.

Criteria for the choice of the tour operator is important to membership in the ‘professional German language Broadcasters Association’ FDSV. The members meet highest quality criteria. Including the language course programs are reviewed annually by an independent Advisory Board on-site. Children and young people have to be taught by qualified teachers in the language and also of course must be matched to the appropriate grade levels. After course completion are transferred a recognised participation certificate. Warranty according to the German travel law, including insolvency insurance. For the insolvency insurance is obtained together with the confirmation of the organiser the chattel paper. Learn more about student language: schuelersprachreisen.html BildungsMakler24 operates and markets the education portal: a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad, including financing with funding. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and hints. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended.

Inform, check out and save money who want to pay too much for its household insurance, should join the comparison. This resulted in a study that tested at the 134 household insurance and were compared. The finance portal presents the results and pointed out that expensive does not equal better. Stiftung Warentest took 134 insurers for the protection of furniture under the microscope in a financial test and it made amazing discoveries: the price differences from the cheapest to the most expensive provider showed some city five times. Most expensive Modellort was Cologne.

Due to the drastic price differences it is recommended to compare the house insurance (h hausratversicherung.html) and, if necessary, to change. So while all 134 insurance for single book thefts came up, but included thefts of items on the terrace or in the Garden only at 97 Verischerern. Though not the most expensive among them offered this extra performance. They also included any theft of the car. Thefts from Communal areas, where it is to no theft was covered at least 39 of the tested rates. In addition to compare the rates financial test asked his readers to their satisfaction with their household insurance claims in advance. Of the 77 respondents majority 55 readers were sometimes even very satisfied. The newspapers mentioned Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City not as a source, but as a related topic. The other 22 complained inter alia about opaque valuation and information policy and rude customer service representative and misleading insurance conditions. More information: presse.html GmbH Lisa Neumann

Guinea Pigs

Within the large group of animals that exist in the world, may be some that by their physical characteristics and the image offered are very nice for some people, which gives them room to appear as home, a case of this animal are the guinea pigs, or also known in different parts of the world as cuis thanks its appearance are very appreciated by peopleHowever its relationship with man is not only for the fact of being a possible pet homes, since sometimes some peoples or societies applied them as instruments of the medicine. Hows can understand the Guinea Pigs are an animal that is worth worth knowing and so know the different conditions that accompany them and how are presented within the life of the people. The Guinea Pigs are a rodent animal, which is domestic, therefore occurs on many occasions as a pet, but requires certain special conditions in order to have a good life within households, as a diet which excludes certain foods and own to live with good space hygiene. The Guinea Pigs are native to areas of the andes, more exactly from the part of the andes 3800masl, therefore in such areas is where most presence are the guinea pigs. One aspect of the image of the guinea pigs that is very related to the area of origin, is the presence of a slightly long, thick fur, which is presented with the idea of providing heat at low temperatures. Guinea Pigs have spread in different parts of the world, thanks to its characteristics that make them pleasant to people, what has made this animal present different denominations depending on location, so in the area of origin is called cuy, also in all Peru and Bolivia, along with Colombia and Uruguay; common is the use of some variants in various parts of the world, such as curi, whose. The denomination of Guinea pigs is presented in a widespread way in parts of the world such as Argentina and Spain; It is also common that in some activities and at certain points of the world they are called guinea pigs. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City often says this. In relation to their physical characteristics, the guinea pigs for being rodents they have a small size, which accompany a figure with a little round or chubby, he has done that in certain parts of the world will compare them with pigs, its fur can be one color, but mainly occurs with multiple types of stains and various colors, fur is generally long, but there are certain species that have it short. Regarding the use of the guinea pigs as pets, the Guinea pig called Peruvian Guinea Pigs long and smooth, hair or angora, is preferred because they have some similarity with the fur of the angora cat. As for other applications of the guinea pigs, an example is the fact that in countries such as Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, some people wear as part of natural medicine and the Western medicine, used them as a means of experimentation.


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INTRODUCTIONThe present article is made for teachers wishing to enter higher education. To develop a methodology of work they should focus on the study of the different branches of the pedagogy as a science of education having as object of study the learning process of students. It studies the laws of the direction of the training process, determining the theoretical foundations of teaching content and methods to be applied in the classroom. Studying and applying the instruction and teaching experiences in higher education, providing also the domain of the methods and procedures of teaching and the complex art of the pedagogical influence on the pupil; the focus on the study of the activity of the educator and the learner in correspondence with the characteristics of the educational process. If you would like to know more about Jeff Bewkes, then click here. On this basis shall be drawn up the theory and methodology of direction and organization to refine the content, methods, procedures and means, becoming vital problems for the progressive movement of society.Brassilia education means the set of influences exerted all of society in the person, so man is educated throughout life, this process being the result of form in men the values linked also to your instruction and training.In a narrow framework education is characterized by work aimed at the objective qualities of the personality as well as modes of conduct training, organized for educators. Each class to teach is one link in a chain, and the changes that occur in the mental activity of the students, as well as those taking place in the formation of beliefs, are not achieved suddenly, but are the result of the continuous work of the educator, is why they have to meet a scientific and methodological criteria systemi.e. they have to form a harmonious whole from the point of view of the objectives, content, methods and organisational measures necessary for teaching, considering the fundamental role the preparation of teacher development classes, and not should be forgotten that each class is nothing more than an item within the complex process of teaching, so it not is should teach a class isolated since it brings as consequence that the learning and training of students is not properly guaranteed.To achieve the target path should see the class as part of a system that is composed of subject, course and the rest of other subjects, and only when class is properly linked with the anterior and the posterior of the same subject and which are developed in other subjects, you can hope to contribute effectively to the development of the traineescontributing to the development of skills and habits, consolidate and enrich knowledge acquired previously, supporting the formation of convictions and establish the necessary foundation for the development of future work.The class is a directed process with defined objectives which are controlled, so that information and feedback is obtained through the exams in class students, serving to rectify the way.The selection of the contents of the classes, their order and structure, is made from the target paths for the subject, but to comply with the objective, content must be assimilated by the student body with the degree of depth that it requires.The methodological structure of classes has a universal character, since they apply to all subjects and school levels, being essential and determining the form of the same organization, being mandatory compliance with the structure of the classes, considering how should be structured the same.Structure methodological Clases.La structuring of class is a complex process and creator, constituting the Summit stage and fundamental of the work of the teacher, therefore the same manifests itself in the preparation, the sense of responsibility and skills, taking basic demands that must meet the class and is of transcendental importance take into account the characteristics of the Group of students that is It works. . Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City oftentimes addresses this issue.