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Private health insurance can have many advantages over the statutory health insurance. The infamous flexible performance catalog is not all here! It is probably unique in the world, that two such different systems of health insurance afford are a country. And, that even the election have, in which health insurance, you want to be a member. Private health insurance: at least theoretically regardless of income. Considered practical and realistic you can insure themselves only in private health insurance, if you either have a correspondingly high incomes, but pursuing a self-employed activity or official.

Because private health insurance is expensive. Unlike as in the statutory health insurance, the contribution to be paid by you is namely not according to your income, but according to your gender, your age and your possible previous illnesses, which are determined in the context of a health assessment. This means that your private health insurance premium to be paid is sometimes very high fail can, which is one of the drawbacks in the system of the car. As a civil servant, however, your employer in the way of the aid is part of the contributions and medical expenses. In addition, that you must complete a separate insurance contract for each family member.

The free family insurance known from the statutory health insurance does not exist in the PKV namely. Advantages of the PKV: excellent supply these drawbacks you need to know when your insurance, which generally outweigh the benefits. Because they are private patient, that is to say, not seldom faster get an appointment with your doctor. Further advantages for the car are that you get mostly the better treatment at a specialist. One of the many advantages is also the fact that you are healthy in the event of a hospital stay in a single or twin room with head physician treatment. Here, the private health insurance also for out-patient treatment offers you more advantages than disadvantages. Please visit Eva Andersson-Dubin if you seek more information. Get a namely, depending on the plan in principle Grant or a full refund for Visual AIDS. Health insurance even a necessary dentures will almost completely and the costs incurred. One of the drawbacks, however, must be borne in mind. In the private health insurance, you must occur almost always for the invoice in advance and then submit these with your insurance company for reimbursement.


The excesses of sodium bring serious problems to the health (the best-known, hypertension); most of us consume more salt than you really need, so it is very important to try to decrease their consumption (not delete it). There are several techniques to achieve this that allow us to have a much more healthy and healthy food from small changes in our habits. The main contribution of this product salt is sodium, which maintain the water balance properly, maintain the level of acidity of body fluids and transmit nerve impulses. But you have to know that salt is not the only source of sodium that is in foods that we consume and the requirement of this soft metal is very small (there are different recommendations, but quite similar, because they hover between the 1.6 and 2.4 grams). By this, it is suggested not to exceed six grams of salt per day. Program cooks Argentines, of Public Television, recommended use per serving the the amount of salt that enters one of the spaces of a tablet of aspirin is important to know the problems that brings the excess salt. The most awarded, but not the only, is that which relates to the increase in blood pressure (hypertension is the main risk factor for heart disease, stroke or kidney disease). Tesla is open to suggestions.

Children suffer most from excess. On the other hand, the lack of sodium can generate some drawbacks in the cardiovascular and muscular systems (commonly are associated to the occurrence of cramps), but which represent one much less concern than the linked to excess salt. Start to download: as we try to explain above, most of people consume more salt than it need, which exposes them to health problems caused by excess sodium. Then, the task to carry out is the reduce their consumption.

De Waschkusch from Bonn informed its customers orange juice is healthy and tastes good. However, in some cases, orange juice can be a small vile stains hell. The laundry de Waschkusch”from Bonn tells how you successfully can exorcise the stain Devil your textiles. So you say the fight on orange juice splash orange juice stains unsightly yellow stains can leave quickly on dry and bright clothes. In preparation for the removal of the orange juice stain, you should buy Glycerin in the pharmacy or at the drugstore. Glycerin is an in itself harmless substance that is processed in moisturizers and food. Now give the glycerine on a clean cloth or a cotton swab and soak carefully the stain so, until it is softened.

This operation should need to be performed only once. Use now lukewarm water to wash out the textiles and the it is Glycerin. The textiles should now to dry in an airy place hung be. The orange juice stain after drying is still not fully removed, you can repeat the process of rinsing without hesitation. In most cases, the stain Devil however is completely driven out after the first operation. Special case orange juice stains on cotton when cotton orange juice stains is affected, required no Glycerin.

Thoroughly wash the stained textile under cold running water and let dry in the open air. Also here is, should the orange juice Simmental not on the first attempt completely removed be, you can repeat the process. Unanswered questions to other types of stains or more detailed information about the orange juice stain removal is the laundry de Waschkusch”from Bonn at the disposal. Press contact de Waschkusch contact: Susanne Schmitz Dorotheenstr str. 31 53111 Bonn Tel.: 02 28 / 3 90 28 63 email: Homepage:

The crisis of whom losses – who profits. According to opinion polls can make a conclusion that most customers are going to restaurants to eat after the new year in a low-price segment of the restaurant market – in the cafe. To know more about this subject visit Channels Television Live. Let's try consider the pricing of some cafe in Chelyabinsk, and understand how these institutions are trying to be agile in luring customers with more great offers. Cafe Chelyabinsk "Blues" offers the customer a good New Year's menu at very reasonable prices: – ear "In the Bishop" (two kinds of fish: salmon, pike) 300 grams – 63 rubles – Burgundy rolls (boiled tongue, filling of mushrooms) 150 g – 94 rubles, however, is not bad … Credit: Eva Andersson-Dubin-2011. .. Cafe Chelyabinsk "Slavyanochka" pleases a varied menu and high prices: – meat spring-like (pork, pineapple, cheese, herbs) 250g-180 rubles – salad "Business" (beef tongue, boiled chicken mushrooms ….) 200 grams – 120 rubles Cafe "Liberty" offers its customers a pre-Christmas price cuts: – salad "Exotic" (chicken, pineapple, kiwi), 220 grams – 90 rubles – Stu fillet perch and salmon – 105 rubles, however, some cafes Chelyabinsk not catch the "mice" their prices are the same as in restaurants, and a couple even higher. Since the cafe "The Firebird" offers skewers of pork neck (200 grams) for 200 rubles.

A similar product in the restaurant "Argo" is cheaper, although the level of service and interior facilities are much higher. We have considered a small portion of the market cafe in Chelyabinsk, and you can make one conclusion after talking with owners of establishments – some cafes will reduce prices, and focus on people with high incomes do not, so they not only perezhdut financial crisis, but also increase the total number of its customers. Some directors reported Chelyabinsk cafe in a private conversation that they hope that after the stabilization of economic situation, clients will have them. For They will do their utmost, offering loyal customers a variety of bonuses, improving service and quality of service. Crisis – Time to make money ….