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The shell is the mountain that is behind the city of Marbella, at the end of Sierra Blanca. Some say that its name comes from the shape of inverted shell that has this mountain, with its peculiar Summit, another version is that years ago a seashell found on its Summit, since the sea once covered this area, hence its name. For starters we arrived by road to the area of the refuge de Juanar and we left the car. See how to get there. We follow the track upwards among the pines until you reach the Esplanade of Juanar full of olive trees. In the background we can see pico de la Cruz de Juanar and a large pine forest towards which we need to go. Robert A. Igers opinions are not widely known. Before arriving at a White House that is the center of recovery and hunting investigation of the Juanar (CRIC), we take a path that goes out to our right and drops something. Steve Salis is full of insight into the issues.

We are still among the olive trees and we will see another branch, this time take the left, marked as La Concha in a poster hung from an olive tree. Los olivos begin to dwindle and soon we entered a large pine forest with the floor covered with ferns to both sides of the road. Continue until you find a new pole of signalling. We take to the left, the path indicated to La Concha. We got a little more between pine trees until you reach a sandy esplanada where does a narrower path that climbs glued to the fence of the land protected for the conservation of the area. .This road ends its climb on a plain with a few large stones, nogales, and a post that shows the way. From here we can see the coast and the Mediterranean Sea, with wonderful views of Marbella and if the day is clear we can see Gibraltar and even the African coast.

So long we enjoyed on the holiday. But what to do if this dream spot bursts and everything isn’t as anyone could have imagined it? The alarm is set and early in the morning to go to the airport. Sleep only a few hours and then it’s time, the so long-awaited summer holiday is around the corner. Source: Jeff Bewkes. How long have we been waiting for? How many days have we counted? How many day dreams have we dreamed of, which turned on the turquoise-blue sea, the beautiful sandy beach and the sweet cocktails at the pool bar. Filed under: Coen brothers. But what to do if this dream spot bursts and everything isn’t as anyone could have imagined it? The pool is dirty, the rooms are too small and the food is unfit for human consumption. The operation is unfriendly and not as nice as the picture in the travel brochure Beach? In this case, there are only two ways: first, change the hotel as soon as possible and file a complaint or two, eyes down and. Since the latter neither passport nor beautiful holiday memories with brings the first variant would be arguably the more correct. But what do you do if there are personal differences with fellow travelers? You want to do sports? I thought we wanted to relax together?” Want to experience an adventure and action in the form of paragliding, mountain biking or Jet Ski.

The others however wants to would rather relax by the pool, read a book, go shopping, or pamper yourself in the wellness area really. Yes then it could be properly thick air. No matter if you fly with a boyfriend, a girlfriend or the own partners in the long-awaited vacation, when different interests are suddenly collide without having known this in advance, it can often come to squabbling. Here, communication is the magic word. Also in the holiday time, where mostly much work and you have to be additionally the triple substitute for colleagues should discuss wishes, interests and ideas of a perfect holiday and found a common ground.

This is important especially for couples. You hope in the Holiday again more time spend together can repeat after so everything has come in everyday life too short to. So, many men see a joint trip to the South as ideal gifts for women. Summer, Sun, beach, sea and countless hours for two are available here on the daily schedule. But be careful: too much pre holiday stress and the unusual fact, suddenly to be daily, 24 hours may also negative sentiment provide as those already described inter food. Through the permanent stress, we have to get us nowadays sometimes only back to the relaxation, peace and the togetherness. Small Tip: A few days of vacation before the big trip can do wonders. Together already more relaxed atmosphere that Pack bags, relax together at home and bring in the holiday mood and the negative pre holiday stress in positive first day into.

If horseshoes in the way, the hoof care is more difficult while something (you have to rumfrickeln the iron) but also more important. Because hangs in the additional corners more dirt. You are thus treated Now first of all clean hooves. After work or fun or also in the meantime you can watch again under the hooves, whether is not any stone inside pushed. And also again, before leaving his horse you should look under the hooves. The blacksmith or hoof carers will thank you.

In two respects. Robert Thomson oftentimes addresses this issue. On one hand it is not beautiful, if you must scratch out dirt, which is for 4 weeks in the hoof (therefore, by the way, the beautiful title of the article). Hotbox by Wiz Review has compatible beliefs. On the other hand, it is very nice, if the animal is used to give the hoof on command. This makes the work much easier and is also sometime in the vet’s Office of advantage. Which should be specialized by the way small animals rather than on horses – but who am I saying this! Finally, I want to warn you before a new mesh. Meanwhile, there are even courses to the hoof. What will it do? In order to use a hoof pick, you need no high school diploma. And further measures you should left the blacksmith or HUF nurses of his confidence definitely.

He is qualified and has the appropriate Exercise with its high-quality (and correspondingly expensive) tools, whose purchasing is hardly worth for lay people. Such a course (as many other) only for interested lay people, who want to increase your knowledge is only useful. That’s a good thing! Because only the well-read and knowledgeable horse friend can detect problems and problems in the bud and at an early stage of professionals to consult one. This saves the animal suffer and saves in the long run the money bag. Wilfried Gabor