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Concepts and basic principles of science are free of the human spirit inventions. Albert Einstein one of the great weaknesses of many companies is the little attention to the scope and impact generated by identifying with the senior of the continuous improvement, aspect that should not be decuidado in the present, especially given the reality of the current scenarios, where triumph the companies which have been fully identified with total quality and continuous improvement offers. It is known, continuous improvement is a philosophy that transcends all aspects of life, not just the enterprise level because of itself, the men have a need to evolve toward the self-improvement. This philosophical base makes continuous improvement become a culture to be better that he goes beyond economic and in this sense is almost an ethical issue that mingles with the veteran theories of Maslow. Jeffrey L. Bewkes spoke with conviction. Also, that is said to carry out this process of continuous improvement both in a Department determined as in the entire company, should take into consideration that that process should be: economic, i.e., should require less effort than the benefit that brings; and cumulative, allow the improvement that will make open possibilities for successive improvements and to ensure the full exploitation of the new level of performance achieved.

Through the continuous improvement is achieved to be more productive and competitive in the market to which belongs the Organization, moreover organizations should analyze the processes used, in a manner such that if there is any drawback can be improved or corrected; as a result of the application of this technique it can organizations to grow within the market and to become leaders who understand by enhancement with tinuo be? L.P. Sullivan (1CC 994), defined it as an effort to implement improvements in every area of the Organization to what is delivered to customers. Eduardo Deming (1996), the point of view of this author, total quality management requires a process constant, which will be called continuous improvement, where perfection is never achieved, but always looks for.

A typical patch of four square miles in any part of the Amazon is home to more than 1500 species of plants with flowers, 750 species of trees, 125 species of mammals, 400 birds, 100 reptiles, amphibians 60 and 150 of butterflies. Surprisingly, the Crown of a single tree, perhaps of more than 15 metres, may invoke more than five thousand species of insects. This is a region marked by diversity biological, geological, economic and social; documented for centuries by explorers. For example, many will recall the well-known legend of the Amazons, a myth created when the first man to travel from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, Francisco de Orellana, supposedly He found en1542 to these women who were ferocious fighters. Since then, other adventurers, scientists and visionaries have traveled, studied, and occupied the region, albeit with varying degrees of success.

Among these, the most notable include: Alexander von Humboldt, whom mapping a passage that connects the basin of the Orinoco River in Venezuela with the Amazon basin, the Casiquiare Canal 300 miles long, available today but only for the most adventurous travelers. Henry Walter Bates and Alfred Russell Wallace, who together made one of the most productive discoveries in the Natural History category. Later, Alfred discovered, along with Darwin, the theory of evolution. Jacques Cousteau, the scientist and bold modern adventurer who, from what I know, is the only person with enough courage to have swum within a school of piranhas. When you visit the Amazon one cannot but appreciate the difficulties that these browsers they faced and the wonders that they found. From the airplane, the green carpet seems endless and peaceful; on the ground is precisely the opposite of input, the traveler will receive gurgles, squeals, Caws, chirps and a plethora of other strange sounds coming from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Immediately, the scent of freshness of flowering plants mixed with the rancid smell of those in breakdown, which mark the incessant cycle of life and death in this jungle.

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Here are six sources exponena fundamental reasons that support and argue with full strength and in all aspects, the high level of importance, operational need and urgency, public nature inherent to the Government Councillor for approval when deemed appropriate, as soon as possible, by order or decree, Ma ALL Ark "N AS THE OFFICIAL Andalusian SYSTEM UNITS FOR RESCUE DOGS, completed and approved by the Parliament of Andalusia by PnL: a 1) The Andalusian Ombudsman Tip broadcasts officially made that the competent bodies of the Ministry of the Interior, be adopted as soon as possible legislative initiative proposed for processing and approval in due form, for the approval of Chest method. The extract in this regard, and emitidoa officially published by the Andalusian Ombudsman Institution is reproduced below in ELA parrafoa: After studying the report submitted by the Directorate General on the matter and the allegations raised by the interested party recently, and coinciding with the preparation of this Annual Report, in accordance with Art. 29.1 of the Act 9 / 1983 of December 1, the Ombudsman of Andalusia, we decided to make the one to "Tip administrative organ in the sense of having the competent organs of the Ministry, be adopted as soon as possible legislative initiative proposed for processing and approval in due form, for the approval referred to in the proceedings. This as stated in Art. 37. j) k) of the Law 2 / 2002 of November 11, Emergency Management of Andalusia and the Statute of Autonomy for Andalusia.

The couple has confirmed it in a statement. They ensure that continue preserving for each other a great deal of respect. This same Thursday the singer will reappear in public in Lorca. The singer David Bisbal and its hitherto partner, Elena Tablada, have this Thursday officially announced its breakup through a release sent by a law firm, in which ensures that both have taken the decision by mutual agreement. It has been very difficult, since they have been many years of love and coexistence of which the wonderful fruit is our daughter she, reza said communicated, in allusion to the girl who was born in February of 2010 and which was named at the end of March this year in Miami, one of the last events in which could be seen together to the already expareja.

We want to make it clear we are still retaining a deep respect for the other; We will keep in our hearts the best and most beautiful moments experienced, say Bisbal and Tablada, who began their relationship in 2005. Both were fired by thanking the media support received During these years and also requesting consideration and respect for their decision. This same Thursday Bisbal will reappear before the public following this announcement, in the concert we are all Lorca. Source of the news: David Bisbal and Elena Tablada officially announce their breakup “by mutual agreement”

Something that found me extremely useful, is that everytime I start mentally justify me, he asked me what would think if it was another person that was afirmandolo. To explain it better I allowed me to transcribe the following list of truthful responses I received to my business plan. Do not put their names, but if they have been in the room will know that it is not invention, by more nonsensical resulting I’m writing something that happens often. The following negatives are that I remembered: 5.Comprendo I’m going to make money, but it seems unfair that you and others also earn; 4. Other leaders such as Jeffrey L. Bewkes offer similar insights. does not seem ethical to live the need and work of other people, why I am Professor; 3. If you have to pay your own propaganda and utilities, what live?; feel good earning 800 pesos of Commission, but would have to pay a tax of 15% each time, no I can’t afford paying 120 pesos!; wanna be entrepreneur if so out he would have to get more and more clients, and the people of the world some day would be gone! Receive this kind of answers can sometimes be frustrating, but with time I have understood that it is related to people willing to overcome, I am not referring only to partners, also to clients and colleagues, the first sell them assets, seconds while respecting their beliefs, sell them liabilities; According to what you have decided for their lives, in this way without want to impose my ideas until thank me dan. Another type can be good friends who support you in some way or another, but there are also other friends, commonly companions on a spree, which not only does not support you, and it should be taken care for you up to sabotage. Latter, albeit sometimes very funny people, we must dismiss them, if you really want to succeed it will be almost impossible to do so with people qeu subtracted us points.

But what I say my dog? True, we say that very often did not speak. Well, it should not be given their human feelings. Yet our four-legged friends know very well understood. And, if not through a speech by other means that we must learn to decode in order to be closer to our canine friends. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Discovery Communications. Oh, you dog wags his tail! Oh, you mean he's happy, everybody knows that. Yes, but not all. If the tail is an extension of the topline or higher, and that moves quickly and energetically, then yes he is happy. He feels the walk or to express his joy to see you.

It will also be this attitude if you play with his friend Rover. Even if you complain were scuffles with force is only a game But if your dog is not safe, they do not understand your order, try to capture your attention and stir gently with the tail-down position. It 's also a sign of total submission to God and His Master: Tu. The higher the tail will be low as the emotion will strong and the dog uncomfortable. As fast-moving, twisting shows great emotion and stress. The ears are also … speak.

By their nature, the ears, drooping or sagging seeds will not have the same expressive power. Some breeds are therefore disadvantaged. But in all well-trained ears indicate that the attention that the dog is at attention, he hears, "Huh? Quest do you say? What? What do you want?" E 'on alert.

Fast lane expanded laboratory infrastructure in the data center environment European Cisco Nexus lab Hamburg / Berlin, 23 February 2009 which Cisco Learning solutions partner fast lane takes over the worldwide rollout of the official training for the Cisco Nexus family and develop further training around the nexus 1000V switch and VMware, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and virtualization design. For use in practical training, consultations and evaluation purposes in Europe the company in building a comprehensive nexus Labs invests nexus 5010 switches, eight MDS 9216i switch, as well as eight VMware ESX, equipped with ten Cisco servers including nexus 1000V. The Cisco Nexus switches provide a flexible and scalable foundation for modern data-center networks as powerful platform. More information is housed here: Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Fast lane is speeding up 1000, 2000, 5000 and 7000 the global launch of the new Cisco training products Cisco Nexus through its global training network. The company has already begun with the construction of the European Cisco Nexus lab. In the second quarter 2009 is the specific lab environment used to provide.

The realistic designed learning and presentation environment is equipped with ten nexus 5010 switches, eight MDS 9216i switch, as well as eight VMware ESX servers including nexus 1000V. The new virtual network link (VN-link) technology of the nexus 1000V allows the implementation of a distributed virtual switch in VMware environments. Thus, the management and configuration options are significantly expanded and improved. The Cisco Nexus product line allow the creation of an infrastructure that can cost-effectively scale and at the same time significantly improves the efficiency in terms of energy, budget and resources. The solutions support the transition to 10 Gigabit Ethernet as well as in the realization of a unified fabric. In addition, they represent an ideal base for changes in network architecture such as the introduction of virtualization and cloud computing, and Web 2.0 applications. Stable platforms contribute to a maximum availability with minimal or even no downtime as a result of Maintenance work at. All switches use the NX-OS software, an operating system designed specifically for data center and offers high availability, scalability, and flexibility.

Fast lane brief portrait: the global fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), Dubai, Sydney, and Tokyo is a specialist IT training and consulting in the field of high-end. Fast lane is one of the largest independent Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent Specialists at the customer connect core areas as fast lane services training and consulting.

The evidence of global warming have increased in the past year, according to one of the main centers of the world climate research. In the United Kingdom gathered some data from a series of indicators of climate, that leave statistics that are highly overwhelming in the case of global warming in the long run produced by the impact of man on the environment. The observational evidence across a broad range of indicators shows that obviously the world is heating up. In addition there has been a clear increase in the air temperature which already noted above, both the land as well as in the sea, you can see that the comments and indicators are consistent with the increase in greenhouse gases. The Met Office in United Kingdom gathered evidence from more than 20 institutions worldwide, including the National Center data climatic NOAA (NOAA s National Climatic Data Center) and NASA, to make its assessment of the effects of climate change and the increase in global warming Global. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from CBS. This database was taken from a variety of sources, including satellites, weather balloons, ships and ocean buoys, which reinforced the argument for climate change with human influence.

Increases were reported in the temperature of the sea water, humidity levels increase, the increase of the sea level on Earth due to the ice that melts, the decrease of glaciers and sea ice in the Arctic that makes that species of the Arctic under threat of disappearing are. The analysis confirms that the signs of global warming are as strong as they have always been. The improvement of the understanding of the factors that influence in the short and long term weather trends is helping to improve the predictions of the future. Despite the warming trend there is evidence that the rate of growth has slowed in the last ten years. Since the end of the 1970s, the rate of warming of the temperature on the surface, on average, increased 0.16 degrees Celsius by decade, according to statistics from The Met Office. But from 2000 to 2009 the trend was reduced between 0,05 and 0.13 degrees Celsius, despite emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) that continue to grow. Scientists do not know yet why the slowdown occurred, but say the natural variability of the climate system could be the culprit. A decrease in the rate of global warming is said to be common in weather forecasting models but despite this strong and notable effects of global warming and the increase in temperature are expected.

This overview has been created for it to reveal the content, you should consider optimal decisions about network marketing and make my video talk. My video talk is a company that really is restarted only recently. This focused on network marketing and provides extensive tools to its distributors which advantages give them to break away completely from the competition in the area of video marketing. The company is represented with its top products (except Africa) worldwide and grows constantly. Global availability plays a decisive role when it comes to build powerful businesses and networks. Furthermore all partners is a private back office available, focused on “Conferencing Services”, “Online Meeting Capablities” and other tools to create a unique advantage over most network marketing companies.

It is crucial to find a not too stressed to competition “niche”, thus faster and greater benefits can be exploited. Precisely, it is also extremely important to deal immediately with a new matter and optimize them to have an immense advantage over 90% + of all network marketers. However, the best product is basically useless if the person unable to promote it. The essential difference between a TOP person and a mediocre is the obligation immediately to undertake also to finish the project started and to take steps in the direction of freedom every day. Robert A. Iger has much experience in this field. (1) no single company can successfully make, as long as it is not a unique product, a unique marketing position and the right executives. This fact about my video talk is of clear advantage over many network marketing companies, and I think that really makes the difference. Usually that is the profitable aspect, why new distributors can build large stores and profits.

Look for my video Talk quite simply dazzling out! (2) a network marketing company is useless, as long as not the right executives are constantly behind the company. It depends in the truest sense of the word the FuRUNGSKRFTEN and distributors, to bring the company to the top. I know some people who are working very successfully in network marketing and have built up a solid and massive income due to their amazing feats, and these people are very enthusiastic about my video talk. It does seem that my video talk attracts leading personalities and top executives, and that it is absolutely necessary to bring to a swing immediately. 3) however is any company, powerless included my video talk if you don’t know how you market it, and this is so important that it can be replaced by anything. Your task as entrepreneurs is constantly increasing and thus a continuous growth process binding to declare. This is undoubtedly the key to success in any area of your life. When you have recognized this aspect, you have a clear edge over the competition! For a Turbo start and also for further details of my video talk click here. You can contact me at any time gladly: best regards, Gerald Gigerl (0043) 6509560466 Skype: exoticboy89


That much people have obtained one graninha buying products of China and vendendo in the Internet everybody already knows. But after all, as to matter of China? Exactly not needing initial investment to import itself of China, a time that the importer works through system of Drop Shipping, where the Chinese supplier delivery in the address of the customer and in the importer, so that the business is lucrative, is not necessary certain cares. To know and to trust the supplier are the greater of the investments, therefore its customers need to receive the products bought. A related site: Time Warner mentions similar findings. Another important point, mainly for who intends to buy of China and to commercialize the products saw Market Free is the delivery stated period, that can arrive the 25 days. The risk of tarifao when arriving in Brazil also exists. This tarifao, that can arrive at 60% of the value of the product commercialized in Brazil can be prevented since that if it has caution and good relationship with the supplier. As in all new enterprise, it is necessary to search the subject well and to collect information of who possesss experience in the subject.

GLOBALIZATION AND THE QUALITY Carlos Mora Vanegas "What is sought for the first time in the history of humanity is able to produce any product anywhere in the world, and that can be consumed by anyone, anywhere in the globe." Leonel Fernandez graduate program specializing in quality management and productivity of Faces, Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, considered the decisive role that globalization has generated in terms of quality and productivity so that firms whatever the type identifies the requirements that consumers demand towards meeting their needs, more involved scenarios where companies have given way to products, services with guaranteed quality standards to their disadvantage in their competition. a> for a more varied view. Within its curriculum of studies emphasizes that participants will be trained, handled the concepts of quality, yet its scope, impact, benefits, taking into account what is stated William E. Deming noted that Total Quality can summarized as: "doing things right the first time." Globalisation is precisely its advance in technology, new economic openings, more competitive markets, has caused the quality to become the cult to which are attached the greatest minds of the industrial world with a religious fervor as they did in their time . Emphasis is placed on considering as David Shanks says that there are three main factors that lead many companies to initiate international action: 1. the mature economies of the industrialized countries, 2.

the emergence of new geographic markets and business fields, 3. globalization of financial systems. To this must be added the importance that companies are fully identified with total quality, which ensures competitiveness, costs, quality assurance, competitive production processes, skilled human factor and management strategist, visionary, participatory and innovative.

Worth a look on its own horizons as Executive Search headhunters we are confronted frequently with same issues. What are the criteria in the selection of candidates have special relevance? What about recruiting in 10 years or which medium is likely to find the right service providers and talents? Find, in studies and articles for clues, inevitably encounter conflicting statements. No wonder, because each of these executive search experts has his individual experiences and possibly even that success. A recruitment consultant respects in particular expertise: his client may be a niche (technology companies / Hidden Champion) and requires special expertise to protect its competitive edge. Emotional intelligence and interpersonal compatibility is minor and if any secondary selection criteria. An other executive search consultant, for example, regularly occupied leadership positions for a large corporation, whose corporate identity fundamental Is part of the company.

Of course this headhunter pays more to the practised corporate culture of its top candidates. Both highly simplified examples are sufficient however to illustrate. The search and selection of candidates is to vote on several factors and may not be generalized or be broken to the smallest common denominator down. Executive Search and headhunting is high-quality guidance and advice, at least if it is carried out seriously and professionally. Advisor often lead astray or the opinion of some representatives is often incorrect.

A situational analysis of needs is based on every personnel search, whether Executive Search executives or headhunting specialists / or specialists. The HSH + S is an internationally active personnel consultants in executive search management and human resources consulting. Focuses on the recruitment of experts and executives about the direct search (headhunting) up to the Executive Search. Contact: HSH + S management and personnel Consulting GmbH Helga Schweitzer mailbox 2014 67210 Frankenthal 06233 1256720

When money speaks, truth is silent. The world divided into the different countries that form it are pending from everything that can happen in the Copenhagen Summit where it will negotiate a new protocol that will replace the Kyoto in 2012. It may be the last chance to prevent a climate change that escapes us definitely hands. The Barcelona Conference will host between 2 and November 6, more than 4,000 delegates from several countries and international observers to arrive at a text of possible agreement at the Conference of the parties COP15 that will take place in December in Copenhagen. It will be held in Copenhagen from 7 to 18 December 2009. This Conference is organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change (UNFCCC), which organizes annual conferences since 1995… Governments members of the United Nations climate change framework Convention will need to reach a global agreement to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in order to stabilize the climate without harmful interference. The Executive Secretary of the framework Convention on climate change, Yvo de Boer, UN has commented, that the Copenhagen Summit in 2009 is very important to approve a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol m this is a unique opportunity to find solutions to the phenomenon.

In a press conference in Geneva, de Boer has insisted, that that meeting will be key for Governments to achieve a consensus on how to deal with a phenomenon that threatens to melt glaciers, leaving millions of people homeless and cause a humanitarian crisis never seen.We have a great challenge ahead just a year and a half. And I think that this is a unique opportunity to reach a global agreement on climate change. If we are not successful, we agotaremos the multilateral tracks for the solution of the problem.He added that industrialized economies are primarily responsible for and have the economic capacity to act, so it must lead the process.

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Agree that the decision to start his own business – is a strong step worthy of respect. Not everyone is decided on such a feat, right? And tell me why a person takes such a decision? What motive? Of course, each is its own motivation. Someone can not stand when they were commanded by superiors, for others it is important to manage their time at their discretion, for the third, it is important to look prestigious in the eyes of their friends and friends … all it has a right to exist. Jeffrey L. Bewkes pursues this goal as well. But mostly, all of us motivated by a dream. Dream to buy a new apartment or cottage, a dream to buy a new Mercedes, a dream to live on his own script and keep bright and interesting lifestyle, etc.

And it is clear that all this costs money, and money is not small. And if we do not harbor any illusions, we should understand well that the money to hire almost impossible to earn. Well, we have a dream, we realize that its implementation is necessary to create a business. But before we invest some money in the creation and development of their own business, we have so well understood that not every business can cope with a our task. After all, business is essentially the same is different, right? And by what criteria a person chooses a particular type of activity? In most cases, at this stage, the person operates almost blindly. Looked than one engaged, or on the Internet found "interesting" business plan, others are guided by financial investment (the more money should be invested, the greater the return) …

Tips for a virtual office staffing these tips help you make profitable and successful efforts in terms of virtual workers. Each virtual office has specific problems because your team is made by virtual workers who came from various parts of the world. The different time zones, the barriers of language, ethnicity and work habits can make management of the virtual office incredibly difficult. Here are some tips for your virtual office staff. 1 Know where to look. When you search for virtual workers know where to look.

You can search by your own account on sites like Twitter and ads or you can try a service of virtual labor as Guru, Elance, Double Click computer and others. Surely so you can find the type of person that you are looking for. 2 Looking at the list of independent workers. Many virtual workers feel ignored. So you have to look for are people who are used to working on their own and not become vulnerable to the perceived isolation. Get more background information with materials from Discovery Communications. 3 You can search equipped workers. You need to find people who are able to work effectively in supporting you. Therefore, you need a computer with the software that your workers need, as well as a good Internet connection.

4 Develop effective management techniques. Many of the classic principles of management are applicable in the virtual workforce, although productivity is more difficult. It is then that communication is essential. It is necessary to establish criteria for communication with your employees. Ask them what is your opinion about virtual workers, projects and assigned tasks. 5 Choose the appropriate management software project. If you launch the software on your own server project management or by subscribing to a hosted service, you have to choose between options that could include base camp. According to the industry, can even have options for project management adapted especially for each work. 6. Avoid exploitation. Many virtual workers are found in underdeveloped countries, where labour is normally exploitable. Virtual workers normally based his virtual office on moral principles which respect human rights. 7. To deepen your understanding Discovery Communications is the source. Monitoring of use of software. You can manage working time through electronic input and output records or you could opt for the use of solutions for time management, such as a variety of solutions that can run on your own server. 8 Encourage interaction. The virtual office is like a traditional Office, except that the people are very far away. As labour leader, you should encourage your virtual team to interact together, just as you would in any other company. 9 Searches for associated virtual workers. As director of a virtual office, keep in mind that you are part of a growing number of people who earn a living in non-traditional ways. The challenge of a virtual work force is, as you know, do the only job. Join a network so that you know more people like you. Before the end of keep in mind that the functioning of a virtual office is not an easy task, so use these tips to make you drive to your Office staff successfully.

How to approach this issue, says Alexander Gavrin, Director General of Science and Technology Center "Russian technology business": Reasons for increase in salary may be several, but separate they can be in two groups: formal and informal. First, we discuss formal reasons. In a question-answer forum Leslie Moonves was the first to reply. When you get a job, then the stipulations that have considered it acceptable. Russian legislation provides that the employer and employee must sign a contract – it is there spelled out conditions under which the possible administrative growth, as well as the payment system of your work. If done correctly, the conversation about salary increase becomes meaningless. You own an instrument of calculation, according to which themselves can be considered as you have earned in the current period. That is, the more clearly spelled out your evaluation forms labor, the more likely to avoid conflict or ambiguous interpretations in the future. But if you work and can not see its growth, before the authorities blame, try to objectively evaluate yourself by answering simple questions: I am engaged in self-education? Is my education office, and whether it is time to think about such things is not quite pleasant as distance learning on the profile or professional training? Do I understand from does the money for my salary? How is the salary of the total flow of money flowing to the account of the organization? Do I think an organization where I work, my? Do all program development Personnel, adopted by the company? And it is not worth it to join? Interesting for me all the events happening in the company? Do I know the strategic prospects of the organization? Try to check prices on currently in the labor market. nt Partners). informs about the latest messages to the theme, business, financial market and economy and the most elementary contexts explains was launched 2009 at the beginning of the year, to give the possibility of economic and financial market interested parties become acquainted with important economic relationships in terms of Central Bank decisions and economic indicators, and to be able to understand better. After 20 years of banking experience in the financial sector and an additional qualification as in business administration with a focus on finance at the BWA St.Gallen I made, light in the darkness of the world of interest rates and economic barometer to bring it to me. The focus on the development of the financial markets on the basis of the published economic indicators, as well as the interest rate decisions of the European Central Bank (ECB), the US Federal Reserve (fed) and the Bank of Japan (BOJ) subjected to scrutiny. can be the most important economic data from the euro zone, the United States and Japan of the past months and the individual developments overlook at a glance. To broaden your perception, visit Robert A. Iger . In addition is entered in a newsletter that appears every 6 to 8 weeks depending on the market situation on the recent economic circumstances.

It is in the foreground, to make observations and comparisons, which are not otherwise to be found in the media landscape. The goal is to be first and foremost, to pack this complex subject understandable content and to increase the general understanding. I would be glad if this part would succeed me with For constructive criticism, suggestions, tips, and the like, I’m very grateful and responsive under.

First trends of current year study titled “Practical advice” doctors are increasingly the need to consciously, that a high-quality medical care with a similarly oriented practice management is feasible. But in many areas of practice management, because they feel insecure practice owner and seek assistance. An in currently to the investigation carried out in the third year of the Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategy development (IFABS) deals with the market of the practice Advisor. For three years, the Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategizing (IFABS) examines the market for practical advice. The needs for support expressed by physicians for questions around the topic “Practice guide” has grown reticent, but continuously during this period. Physicians, rely on a wide, but as a whole always unuberschaubareres range of helpers. In addition to consultancy, specialising in the health care system, pushed into the last years more and more many in the market, especially in connection with the introduction of quality management systems in medical practices.

Today, practice software provider, social media consultant and Web Designer as well as medical associations, federations and Kassenarztliche associations offer appropriate services. Sales representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, which are advising in special bars, or in addition to their normal duties of information to be added. “This development reflects the trend that Pharma consultants from a medical perspective in the field of information” almost completely replaceable are in services such as training or practical advice but hardly. Regional customer satisfaction analyses confirm that practice consulting services are an important parameter, to create sustainable quality of care, an aspect that is seen also by the Advisory Pharma speakers. Their activities are mainly: – practice management consultancy – O – tions consulting adherence development consulting. Currently running the Praxisberatungs market survey for the current year and the first trends are already visible in comparison with the previous year: the professional practice consultant quality deficit, complained of by doctors is not so pronounced, the suppliers have significantly improved after in terms of “Practical know-how” and audpfgerustet. Hedgehog-supporting consultations take off significantly, marketing support will, however, increased demand, however the practice Organization continues to be the number one topic. The satisfaction with the performance of the pharmaceutical consultants has fallen overall.

The reason: now more companies and employees consulting services offer it, the level of tenders has deteriorated but clearly according to the doctors. So, such as patient surveys are offered, which are evaluated and discussed on this list with the holders of the practice by tally. Such services are significant concessions at the prices mostly free standpoint the physician but also without substantial benefit to the practice work that make professional consultants. Negotiations can be Advice to the part costs up to 30%. Source: bit.