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Mobile via iPhone app and stress-free network in the views of Nuremberg, June 24, 2010 providing Paessler AG for your network monitoring solution PRTG network monitor in an extended and equipped with new features iPhone app. iPRTG version 2 provides mobile access to the main functions of the network monitoring solution for administrators. Via touch screen, adjusting the parameters and monitoring settings takes place on problems in the IT environment now to respond regardless of the physical location. A rapid alerting and response to faults and failures in the corporate network requires that the administrator can permanently informed about the current state of the system. As soon as the responsible on the road and therefore not on his PC at work can be accessed, he loses his network out of sight. Users of PRTG network can keep their IT environment now iPRTG 24 monitor with the app a day at a glance. Stress-free monitoring of the corporate network because those responsible at all times and in every place about the status of the network, including bandwidth, availability and utilization to date, iPRTG lowers the stress factor of the administrators. Occurring deviations they be informed promptly on the basis of a message on their Apple Smartphone.

Users can display directly more information about the issue and decide what measures to be taken. In cooperation with the professionals of Paessler AG beyond content GmbH has specialist for iPhone and Web applications, iPRTG added in the version 2 even more useful features. An integrated status bar, for example, displays all relevant statistics directly on the top of the screen to the user. The homescreen”, almost the output page of the app, the favored sensors and devices and their respective (alarm) status represents. Comfortable, all sensor adjustments via the Smartphone can be managed. Using iPRTG is the administrator in being able to get through the hierarchy of probes, to move groups, devices, sensors and maps and charts to see or to carry out a targeted evaluation of the results.

For what do you need the social networks, these questions we can provide… So far it has now already: the renowned Forsa Institute had to start a representative survey to find out, is the XING of the most widely used platform of executives. Who knows in the scene, is hardly surprised about it: for every target group, there is now a well-developed specialized social network. XING is in Germany at number one for business contacts and networking based on career prospects. In the Anglophone world, LinkedIn is the matching network for the professional socialize. Facebook and StudiVZ serves students and young graduates as Exchange place for everything related to study and contact options.

Breaking, caused mostly by the inclusion of studies or a first job: Moving from family, separation of school and vintage classmates, is a form of organization is required, despite great distances quick insight into the life of the left behind allows. Ali Partovi pursues this goal as well. Social networks serve exactly this purpose, particularly in connection with new forms of social media such as Twitter and co. For the minimal older semester can be found through W-k-W or Stayfriends the possibility to find former schoolfriends. For students and teens MeinVZ or even MySpace is against it. The latter is a popular platform for artists, musicians and bands also, because there are also songs can be presented. Depending on the target group the user behavior specializes in networks so some special social. That in turn is important for companies that want to actively engage with these networks and uncover where potential customers. This may be but not superficial and spammassig: most users use much time and energy on maintaining their networks, this should be noted in contact recording and marketing activities: spam and intrusive advertising is as clearly inappropriate. Reputable companies invest just as much resources, time and effort as their customers in social media forms: the claim companies of the future Enterprise 2.