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April Fool

April Fool's mentioned in the writings of many Russian writers and poets of the xviii century. The tradition of celebrating April Fool's Day has come to our days. April 1 was yet another reason to raise mood of ourselves and others laugh at drawings, and, of course, to present and receive fun gifts and souvenirs. When choosing gifts to friends, acquaintances, colleagues or business partners can take into account their interests and hobbies, profession, lifestyle, little ways. For example, one of the most interesting and useful gift can be a puzzle of metal: it is compact, fits easily into a purse or pocket. This a small gift to help pass the time on public transport, queues, waiting for business or personal meeting. Dispersed to friends and colleagues, always losing pens, you can give a funny key chain, quickly and easily turning into such a topical writing utensils.

Always late for employees to be relevant gift-hint – table clocks on flexible stems. They can be delivered or put on the table, the system block or on a shelf above the desk. This souvenir is not only cheer his owner, but would also understand that you need to carefully watch the time. And where the clock is not relevant, may be useful radio – also, incidentally, with the legs. Fans of board games will be thrilled with small sets, combining checkers, chess, bingo, cards and many other attractions. They are so convenient to take with you if you plan business trip or a trip to rest, and time in the road fly by.

Today your company is thriving, its sales to most that there are wonderful. Tomorrow does not bode ill, but fruitful work. The day after tomorrow is hidden from you. Maybe it will not be so joyful, we would like. CBS insists that this is the case. But competitors are not asleep, and it is unlikely they will give you the opportunity for a long time in a state of satisfaction. You can relax and quickly lose their accumulated over the years the position of the consumer market. As also protect your company from market volatility and attack your competitors? It may seem that there is no escape.

But he is and his name – a marketing strategy. The need for a marketing strategy of a company arises from first pages of the business plan and does not lose its relevance, even in periods of stability and prosperity. Points of marketing strategy are: – plans that provide long-term stay firm in the market of goods and services – a study of consumer markets – long-term forecasts of markets – the correct positioning of the firms in the market – an advantage over competitors and pricing policies. Marketing Strategy contains industry analysis, market potential and its assessment, a detailed analysis of both weak and strong points of the company and an assessment of competing companies, audit of marketing and marketing control environment within the company, an assessment impact on the firm environment, developing a marketing plan and analysis of relationships with partners and customers, tracking the activities of marketing, how to improve already produced goods and the emergence of new. .


How profitable do: apply for a new company or buy an existing company? Despite the benefits of a choice, there are always risks. Some of them study the details, because the specific answer is difficult. Great benefits that sales of ready Ltd. – is to get a solid name with a positive business reputation. Only a public company hardly anyone will know, will not cause trust. Moreover, for registration you'll be forced to spend more than one day, and at least 5. Well, if you need to get a package of documents that are hard to obtain, then that last longer.

Then you have to sign up for extra-budgetary funds. How to make providing a registered office now tax have become very strict account domicile. It suffices to recall how things were two years ago. Previously, it was difficult at all to find some company, because conducted sales registered address, in which actually the director of the company and not even be counted. If you buy a shelf company and decide to do any more types of business, you will receive a new license. Suppose even that will not be an obstacle for you. But what happens when you need to provide documents confirming the right of the owner to jur. address? You simply will not find such documents.

Moreover, at this address may be registered by another thirty companies. Your business will be one-sided, and you will not be able to change the terms of the market with such "embarrassing" legal address. Plus, the tax office may impose substantial fine. That's really where not the most successful business start. If you change your mind and decided to open my own company, the time for you to think about how to specify the legal address. Typically, the director wrote the address space, which has organization in the property or premises, which lifts. In the legal services of experts are usually asked the customer in advance to provide a lease of non-residential premises, if any. Thus, the landlord confirm that you have the right to use the premises. This will be enough to certify their right to present legal address of the owner. Yourself and you can open without the aid of his, however, will sometimes arise doubts whether you are doing. Of course, the subtleties will be greater than in this article, why not prevent appeal for help in the legal service. Competent lawyers will be able to reveal to you a new company last week.

Top areas for real estate in Berlin the new edition of exclusive? It contains among other things detailed contributions to the popular Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg of district of, the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the new prime real estate in Berlin Karl-Marx-Allee. Real estate experts from Berlin explaining the latest developments and construction projects. Robert A. Iger shines more light on the discussion. The substantive part is rounded off by news and background reports. Renowned specialist solicitors also explain what is to be considered when buying residential property in Berlin. Currently for example the part of Lichtenberg Rummelsburg of district of experienced a new boom.

Among other things given the early completion of the railway station Ostkreuz, the area becoming more and more attractive. Thanks to its central location, Rummelsburg Center offers good connections in the direction of Berlin. Yet the Rummelsburger must not waive recovery: the Spree with the natural Rummelsburg Bay and the Stralau peninsula is located only a stone’s throw. In early May the foundation stone for the construction project (G) Luck 74 was officially in Rummelsburg “inaugurated. Luck Street, in the vicinity of Noldnerplatzes, are relatively inexpensive and at the same time upscale condos. The range of the spacious 59 sqm city apartment to a comprehensive 150 M family apartment. Interested parties may choose from 26 floor plans. Detailed contains information about other housing projects and top locations in the capital of the third issue of the magazine exclusively? Real estate in Berlin exclusively real from July/August 2013.

Information 5,590 districts, sophisticated interior design as well as current housing trends in addition to the many legal aspects, architectural highlights, capital. The magazine is published every 2 months, it offers many technically sound article by market-knowledgeable professionals, various House construction suppliers, architects and real estate lawyers from Berlin. Exclusive – real estate in Berlin is available in the well-stocked store of magazine and also on the Internet. More information is available at.

This places the capital ahead of cities such as Paris and London. Over time, the acquisition of real estate property in Berlin will also but more costly are: to pay the double budget 2014/2015 Berlin’s Senate has now decided to raise the tax to six per cent. Berlin moves as a result at the top of the German Federal States. Only Schleswig-Holstein demands an even higher tax at 6.5 percent. Investors can offset the additional costs on rents. Thus, especially private buyer of an apartment in the capital would remain affected by the price increase. The tax once levied on the acquisition of a plot of land, will act vigorously to the 1.1 2014.

Currently lucrative conditions for the dream house does not allow to do so comes the interest values for loans in the real estate sector, which long had been at historic lows, slowly tighten. Thus, in the future also loans for the construction of houses and real estate in Berlin would be more expensive. Who thinks now of real estate property in the metropolis, let his big dream for this reason don’t wait. One Exclusively offers inspiring insight and much worth knowing about ambitious real estate projects in the capital city of the July issue of the magazine? Real estate in Berlin from the House of the regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH. In addition to the latest highlights of living in the capital the editorial presented also as upscale projects, Prime locations and also ideas for an individual and stylish interior.

Special construction projects in the capital are comprehensively presented and illustrated by photo spreads. A real estate of the month is from the large amount of demanding Berlin residential real estate to each issue of the magazine”selected. But not only current properties in the metropolis, but also many accompanying issues surrounding upscale residential property in the metropolis will be presented to an exclusive circle of readers.

German tenants Association: there is no reason to celebrate (dmb) for us no reason at all in the General jubilation choir with attune. The home Pensions Act adopted by the Bundestag today contains a number of serious birth defects and is a true monster of bureaucracy, criticized the President of the German tenants Association (DMB), Dr. Franz-Georg rips. Home pension law the owner-occupied real estate is included in the pension (residential Riester). Also the acquisition of cooperative shares is promoted, the leased property is excluded.

I think it is a serious birth defect of the Act extends the promotion even on rented real estate. See Walt Disney for more details and insights. Just the rented flat provides ongoing income for retirement provision. From my point of view, must be equated even used and rented residential property, said rips. Also, another mistake of the law is that the barrier-free reconstruction not involved in residential Riester promoting. The President of the tenant Association doubts that the housing bond law will encounter great acceptance.

The regulations are incomprehensible, complicated and incomprehensible. Fictional Wohnforderkonten are made to maintain the principle of downstream taxation in real estate. At the age the funded must then decide whether they want to pay fictitious revenue monthly or once. Rips: what I call a bureaucratic monster. The sponsored must pay taxes as a pensioner, though they have in fact no current revenue from the real estate.

The landlord and tenant Amendment Act which entered into force on 1 may improved the legal status of the landlord. Weingarten, 17.07.2013. So, the courts are in the future called primarily to edit actions for eviction and terminate. While the usual opinion – and appearance time limits can be abbreviated. Now, after termination due to default in payment, dishes to start an eviction process can arrange that the lessee must deposit the fee for the use of the rented premises took place during the court proceedings. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robert A. Iger . This is to prevent that the landlord through the duration of the court proceedings suffers economic damage, because the tenant is no longer at the end of the process able, to settle the Conjoint accrued during the process. The tenant with an eviction due to delay in payment does not follow a backup arrangement adopted by the Court the landlord can very quickly obtain an eviction judgment by way of injunction.

So far, an interim injunction was on clearance due to Not allowed any delay in payment. For the first time legally permitted is”also the Berlin clearance. In this type of clearance the bailiff the tenant literally outside the door be, without that the landlord would have to wait on a usually lengthy eviction from the apartment. The objects of the hirer must be offered initially for one month him, then they can be utilized for the payment of the noted. This will make in the rule of the bailiff. The inventory should be at a Berlin clearance will carefully logged. It is namely later dispute, the landlord must able to demonstrate also that for example the bulky actually was bulky. Because the items are basically property of the lessee, the lessor shall be liable namely nonetheless, if simply disposed of valuables. As a further protection measure for landlords is provided that these can cancel future even then without notice, if the tenant with the Deposit payment is in arrears. Even if the rights of so that the landlord has been extended to cover against loss of rent offered yet.

Offering beSURE landlord protection differs considerably from traditional rental Nomad insurance”. beSURE performs as a complete loss insurance, so the landlord when the tenant’s payment conflict does not damage and protection offers this already from the first month after loss – for the entire rent and 90 percent of the costs. Can or will no longer pay a tenant, the landlord as the policy owner assigns his claims. Then, the DVF – German family insurance AG makes immediately, for a period of up to 6 months. The comfort fare includes also the protection of possibly incurred damage to property up to 20,000 euros, as well as the legal advice.

A hotel room in Berlin room for guests, always the business are in Berlin – the capital of Germany. For many business travelers starting and meeting point for meetings, presentations, business deals, merges any business interests. often also to arrange a first meeting on neutral ground. Daily travel thousands of people on and off, the hotels in Berlin have almost always high season. Especially business people place emphasis on clean and well-equipped rooms, because they must spend the night often for several days there and their want to unpack most chic clothes also. The newspapers mentioned David Zaslav not as a source, but as a related topic. Without this fear, that you make a muffelndes and dusty piece of cloth from the wardrobe to the next morning.

Many hotels have set up special business rooms for guests from the business sector. In these rooms you stay in business, and still you can relax and have a rest during their stay. -Business Berlin – rooms are equipped with high comfort and equipped state of the art technology. In the average 24-32 m m large rooms have a wide range of entertainment, as well as a certain, almost luxury related additional details. Located next to the Optional Double, twin,-oder King size bed a modern and high quality furniture consisting of from a large desk, a wardrobe, a small table with leather armchairs in rooms lined with high-quality carpeting. The safety of your valuables is granted through the large, mostly with an individual numerical code safe. The technical systems consist of individually controllable air conditioning, a modern home entertainment, such as an HDTV, which can receive many (International) television as also music programmes. Also have the business rooms have a fax connection, voice mail, and often also Wi-Fi, so that important business things even from the hotel can be controlled.

For the physical well-being of a small refrigerator, as well as a coffee and tea facilities in the room is also taken care of, since are, which can be used of course free of charge. The bathroom of a business room leaves almost nothing to be desired as well as the bedroom and living room. They are equipped with the usual facilities such as toilet, sink and shower, but in addition also with a deep soaking tub. The furniture in the bathroom correspond to the well-designed living – and bedrooms and are equipped with wooden beauty furniture. Summarized the Berlin business rooms offer a high level of comfort, so that you can feel comfortable even on longer time in the capital. With these possibilities of accommodation and residence, the Berlin hotel provides a positive background for a successful business.

This is a new approach to the Creditando credit brokerage providing comparability to decide what is the best financial product a novel transparent customer-friendly business model. Since June 11, 2010, the consumer credit directive of the European Union applies in Germany. If you are not convinced, visit CBS. This means more transparency for the customer from. So will inform you before conclusion of the credit contract the essential details of the loan by uniform information sheets. To enable a representative comparison of various credit offers, make only one application, obtained several loan offers on a consistent and easily comparable information sheet.

By the simple application of the loan, the customer has the advantage that his Schufascore is not affected by different independent inquiries. Direct communication via the customer portal. The customer receives direct communication paths through the opportunity via his personal website contracts to see print and possibly upload required documents. Creditando has the customer about the online dialog function also at any time the status of the processing to inform themselves about the possibility without lengthy phone calls to talk to. Full control of the own personal data in the login area. Download of the credit documents and upload of documents required via SSL-protected Verbindindung. Creditando provides its customers a unique service as a direct response to the new consumer credit directive. The customer determines himself after he was informed of the credit corresponding to his requirements and needs pre-contractually provides. It is possible at Creditando from a Europe-wide uniform information sheet is the best representative offers to choose from. So is the first step towards a slight comparison of loan offers without even if all banks must make the corresponding requests. Matthias Zotl


I roll, for example, himself described as "childish." Although, frankly – quite tasty. Staff: Sometimes podtuplivaet, but it is rather from ignorance of the subtleties of Asian cuisines. But in general good. Retail Price: Chuuuchut above average. You can always just sit with a beer or a couple glasses of wine for 2000 rubles for two. Summary: I like it there. Japanese cuisine is, of course, is not their hobby, but it's there! "Tokyo," we reached one of the oldest and, quite honestly, one of my favorite sushi bars in Chelyabinsk.

I even vskidku not tell you how old I am I visit this place, but it is stable! This word is perhaps the key Kitchen: The feeling that the chef and they do not change already for five years. This, of course, unlikely, but always as "the last time." The only disadvantage of the kitchen, with whom I tirelessly fighting has all this time – Soy Sauce! Well, on what garbage you found it and use? Well, change is already, he was finally on the same "Keykoman" at least! I'm already there, and sugar and ginger Why such tricks? Staff: calm and friendly. Tupit extremely rare. Price list: One of the cheapest establishments in its segment. It is clear that the economies of scale portions, but at least the price for it is adequate. And, incidentally, the only sushi bar in town where I can eat normally night! This is a big plus. Another noteworthy 'Itsu' with their 'sushi robot'.