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Everyone knows that in the sport of high competition, the demand to overcome others is enormous. Harder, or how much greater are the physical requirements of the sport in question, most likely there is that there are cases of doping. Doping or doping is defined as the administration of a substance in abnormal quantity or by an abnormal route to increase in an artificial and dishonest way the performance of the athlete in the competition. There are various methods of doping, and in this case science is always going one step ahead of the rules. In this way, products that do not are designed positive in existing controls to date, or that are not included in the lists of banned substances. One of the best-known is erythropoietin, known as EPO, which stimulates the creation of red blood cells, which increases physical performance, to get more oxygen to the muscles.

Improper use of this hormone has been detected too often in cycling, one of the sports most hard and demanding. At the time there was even some cyclists who suggested the possibility that, given that there would always be cases of doping, and some of them are difficult to detect (they have come to make blood autotransfusiones, and refers to gene doping), attempting to allow its widespread use, this way to equalize the conditions of the competition again. This possibility was discarded by the physical consequences that could arise from the same, since many of the products used are harmful to health, and in other cases the effects that may have in the medium term are unknown. In addition, moving large amounts of money around doping, and somehow it would legalize all this framework, while playing with the health of athletes. However, it is not this aspect of which wanted to talk now, but the parallelism between doping in the sport and what I have dubbed economic doping.

Problems of climate change is important for Russia. Russian Duma discusses the rules for providing environmental information. New environmental technologies take root in Russia. Melting permafrost is serious threat to Russia. The Great Lakes are experiencing hard times. Mammoths became extinct due to a number of reasons, and giant deer in Ireland from starvation. Scientists have learned bacteria convert carbon dioxide into fuel.

Based on the pumpkin and zucchini scientists create the most useful vegetables of the future. Photofact week: wildlife in the heart of Europe and the horrific pictures of pollution in China. Overview of events for the week of 16/11/2009 to 22/11/2009. Problems of climate change is important for Russia on Russia-EU summit, which took place on November 18 in , one of the key themes was the fight against global warming on the planet. Between the parties to a dialogue on the preparation for the un conference on anti- climate change, which will be held in Copenhagen in December. It should be decided by the international arrangements for the period after the Kyoto Protocol. Speaking at a summit in , the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia is a very important issues of climate change. Medvedev said the climate meeting in Singapore, and hoped that the measures taken while the interim results are encouraging Participants in the way of developing post-Kyoto measures to protect the Earth's climate. The Russian President also drew attention to the problem of the Baltic Sea environment. At the EU-Russia summit, Dmitry Medvedev made another loud statement: he said Russia will strive to reduce their 2020 emissions to 25%, not 15% as previously planned.

St John Chrysostom

And once other people know that we whom and how much was given, when one could do without it, this person has already received his reward, just other people praise him. On the contrary, the holy and righteous people almost always rises abundant slander the Devil attacks on them by the people. We remember the examples of St. Macarius the Great, St John Chrysostom, St Athanasius, St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, st. Seraphim of Sarov, St.

Simeon, St rights. John Kronstadt, and many others How would they be armed with the devil! Have them on only positive feedback. No way! The world can not hate you, but me it hateth, because I testify of it that its works are evil (John 7, 7). Saints reprove the world with their lives, they have their lives involuntarily opposed themselves to the reigning evil and the devil and the people rose up against them. If a person thinks that's 'faith without works is dead' and so good that I'm helping everyone and people are grateful and if there is such a person the rest of gratification, it is a very dangerous path. Conversely, if a person lives pleasing to God, it must necessarily be slander. And the life of a holy and righteous, the more bad luck.

Man goes up the Beatitudes and reaches, and this: "Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you and persecute and otherwise wrongfully revile for me. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you (Matthew 5, 11-12). Further, often the expression 'faith without works is dead' is understood only in the literal sense, that here we are helping and that's our business. But wait, what about the saints, monks and others who could not do abundantly material charity, surely, they did not have affairs? And how did they become saints? Of course, the same things they had and they worked abundant alms. But not much material as spiritual! What a high degree of charity – Prayer! And the prayer is not just for himself but for his neighbor for neighbor, for the fatherland, for the strengthening of Orthodoxy, finally, the whole world! This is a great deal! And business – is not only our business in the usual sense, but this is our prayer and doing. Prayer is the world! We read in Revelation: And another angel came and stood before the altar, having a golden censer, and was given much incense, that he had the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne (Rev. 8, 3). That is especially pleasing to God, this is the case especially pleased – our fervent prayer and clean! And the prayer of the Psalter – the same spiritual charity and a very big power! At the same time, if you can do matter of charity, we must do everything possible! Of course, it is important and reasoning. And of course it should be against the background of humility and constant prayer, as taught to us apostles. All our actions should be sanctified by prayer. And not only affairs, but also thought. Important deed of mercy – in the usual sense and prayer feat. If it is, then it will be some thing and say, 'faith without works is dead' will be more than appropriate. And at the same time, no and contrary – to be continued samoukorenie, humility and repentance!