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Good afternoon, this article focuses on the monetization of the forum! How to make money online? What you need to make the forum? These questions asks himself every owner of the forum on the network Runet'a. In today's article, for many I can not tell something new and super natural. Let us examine the pros forums. 1.Mnogo place 2.Ogromnoe number of pages. (Even on the forum without the content pages of over 100) These are two very useful item. Even if your forum is very small attendance you will easily be able to earn good money, spend it or run back to the promotion of the forum, too. (your case) I think many owners of this forum have tried to advertise various advertising companies, but a lot of advertising for the forum, it is roughly speaking, death and loss of users. That is why advertising is practically nebudet, and revenue is a good amount.

Get down to business. I suggest to you, or rather insist, urgently sell contextual links. (Many also tried to suggest to rent a place, but few people are wondering if the attendance is very low.) But not everybody, let's exchange links with easy sell your space! Of course the cost of these options is very small, but by selling links from all pages (and you'll have to do it) you'll earn about $ 100 per month based on what your forum 1000 pages (and this is very new and small forum). To start earning you only need to register at one of the exchanges, and wasted no time to place their code in their own forum. (Time is money). After indexing the price will activate all links and pages. It takes about an hour. The site has detailed material to work with Exchange! Successful you are earning!