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Although they have been considered under different perspectives by disciplines such as history, economics and angles. Sociology and psychology, each with its particular focus and without pretension of a full explanation, is the technological management, as a field of transdisciplinary knowledge and knowledge region, which combines and relates es-tos parcelados, through its recomposition and recontextualization knowledge, to build a better vision that incorporates the totality of characteristics of the process. What are its objectives, do goals?: objectives: 1. develop proposals and strategic plans, as well as programmes and scientific and technologically viable projects leading to a secure integral development of the region. 2.

Promote the use of technologies in productive processes, particularising its various components. 3. Facilitate the development of human resources for the strengthening of public and private institutions. 4 Encourage and create synergistic spaces for interaction of generating instances of knowledge and technology in the public and private sectors. 5. Organizing opportunities for the deployment of young talent and consolidation of entrepreneurial proposals.

Goal: 1. contribution to the strengthening of the national system of innovation promoted by the MCT. 2. Design of a policy for the strengthening of units and centers of research, development and innovation in the region. 3. Implementation of networks of cooperation science and technology and innovation in the region. 4. Implementation of a system of assessment of units and public and private in the State research and development centers. 5. Project of creation of a technological park for the region. Activities of technological management when describing the technological management, are normally mentioned some activities such as: prospecting selection negotiating acquisition adaptation change generation (innovation) in each one of them is implicit learning by employees of the company. Often companies executives approve investments in technology, without taking into account that they must be accompanied with not less investments important in the process of assimilation of the same. This implies creating appropriate conditions so that their engineers and technicians know, understand, and learn to use it in the most productive manner. When enough attention to this matter, does not occur i.e. When you overlooked that it is a process of knowledge transfer, acquired technology (computers, software, etc.) is under-utilized or misused and the productivity of the company does not improve and in some cases, even worse Conclusion: technology management must see with new eyes. There must be a paradigm shift that will make possible to see her not as the process to achieve the best acquisition of machinery, software or implementation of administrative models or strategies, but as the process by which helps the company to acquire the necessary knowledge to achieve leadership in their business. Original author and source of the article.

New portal for city guide, tourist guide and tour guide. A month ago I put a new portal for city guide, tourist guide and guide, into the net. The target groups are: primary City Guide and leisure as well as secondary travel trade and hospitality. Described on the portal under the heading help / info “The idea” exactly, it was very prosaic reasons for the emergence of the portal Eureka! a coffee in the Florence – and my great appreciation for the guide industry. What wonderful things and secrets and details and curiosities can experience a guided city tour in one! What the city leader not from their city know! They show forgotten places, they pointed out details of certain paintings, they complement the well-known details of a famous building. You will find that nowhere in the book or not on the Internet. In any case, I have designed the portal, that the city leaders at the Center stand. You can arbitrarily and in detail describe their contact data, profiles, tours and special tours and always add / expand.

“In addition, under the heading contact” they can real and a link to your (if present) maintain Web pages and E-Mail addresses. You can upload your photos. You can their city environment attractions detailed in the section “enter, later any where the description of a landmark can complement or expand be. Attractions, the city leaders are likely to enter also suitable images. The good thing is that the author of a landmark description (i.e. a city guide on the Portal) is clearly particularly recognizable as linking to your own profile, i.e.: additional marketing and marketing their own services as a guide. And, if the requests from visitors for guided tours on the portal, then get the pending City Guide Contact data to the leisure/requests control, to win new customers. All mentioned features are the Guide for free on the portal will be available, as well as free is the membership, use of and registration on the portal.

The other column is intended for travel industry and hotel business. The travel agents or hotel owners can enter in appropriate sections brief descriptions of your services, with links to their corporate pages and screenshots of Web pages. They have committed but a backlink on their pages to the portal. Thus, the whole portal will benefit and thus primarily the registered City Guide, because at some point be more visitors (tourists, travel planners, tourists) to the portal by better linking come which could mean even more requests and customers for the Guide. There is only a limit: the language. The portal is intended for German-speaking city guide and leisure for it but everywhere in Europe. Now, after almost 4 weeks there on the portal City Guide by Russia to France and from Iceland to Italy, the city leaders in (among others) German offer. Author of the article: Robert Barkowski