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Although they have been considered under different perspectives by disciplines such as history, economics and angles. Sociology and psychology, each with its particular focus and without pretension of a full explanation, is the technological management, as a field of transdisciplinary knowledge and knowledge region, which combines and relates es-tos parcelados, through its recomposition and recontextualization knowledge, to build a better vision that incorporates the totality of characteristics of the process. What are its objectives, do goals?: objectives: 1. develop proposals and strategic plans, as well as programmes and scientific and technologically viable projects leading to a secure integral development of the region. 2.

Promote the use of technologies in productive processes, particularising its various components. 3. Facilitate the development of human resources for the strengthening of public and private institutions. 4 Encourage and create synergistic spaces for interaction of generating instances of knowledge and technology in the public and private sectors. 5. Organizing opportunities for the deployment of young talent and consolidation of entrepreneurial proposals.

Goal: 1. contribution to the strengthening of the national system of innovation promoted by the MCT. 2. Design of a policy for the strengthening of units and centers of research, development and innovation in the region. 3. Implementation of networks of cooperation science and technology and innovation in the region. 4. Implementation of a system of assessment of units and public and private in the State research and development centers. 5. Project of creation of a technological park for the region. Activities of technological management when describing the technological management, are normally mentioned some activities such as: prospecting selection negotiating acquisition adaptation change generation (innovation) in each one of them is implicit learning by employees of the company. Often companies executives approve investments in technology, without taking into account that they must be accompanied with not less investments important in the process of assimilation of the same. This implies creating appropriate conditions so that their engineers and technicians know, understand, and learn to use it in the most productive manner. When enough attention to this matter, does not occur i.e. When you overlooked that it is a process of knowledge transfer, acquired technology (computers, software, etc.) is under-utilized or misused and the productivity of the company does not improve and in some cases, even worse Conclusion: technology management must see with new eyes. There must be a paradigm shift that will make possible to see her not as the process to achieve the best acquisition of machinery, software or implementation of administrative models or strategies, but as the process by which helps the company to acquire the necessary knowledge to achieve leadership in their business. Original author and source of the article.

New portal for city guide, tourist guide and tour guide. A month ago I put a new portal for city guide, tourist guide and guide, into the net. The target groups are: primary City Guide and leisure as well as secondary travel trade and hospitality. Described on the portal under the heading help / info “The idea” exactly, it was very prosaic reasons for the emergence of the portal Eureka! a coffee in the Florence – and my great appreciation for the guide industry. What wonderful things and secrets and details and curiosities can experience a guided city tour in one! What the city leader not from their city know! They show forgotten places, they pointed out details of certain paintings, they complement the well-known details of a famous building. You will find that nowhere in the book or not on the Internet. In any case, I have designed the portal, that the city leaders at the Center stand. You can arbitrarily and in detail describe their contact data, profiles, tours and special tours and always add / expand.

“In addition, under the heading contact” they can real and a link to your (if present) maintain Web pages and E-Mail addresses. You can upload your photos. You can their city environment attractions detailed in the section “enter, later any where the description of a landmark can complement or expand be. Attractions, the city leaders are likely to enter also suitable images. The good thing is that the author of a landmark description (i.e. a city guide on the Portal) is clearly particularly recognizable as linking to your own profile, i.e.: additional marketing and marketing their own services as a guide. And, if the requests from visitors for guided tours on the portal, then get the pending City Guide Contact data to the leisure/requests control, to win new customers. All mentioned features are the Guide for free on the portal will be available, as well as free is the membership, use of and registration on the portal.

The other column is intended for travel industry and hotel business. The travel agents or hotel owners can enter in appropriate sections brief descriptions of your services, with links to their corporate pages and screenshots of Web pages. They have committed but a backlink on their pages to the portal. Thus, the whole portal will benefit and thus primarily the registered City Guide, because at some point be more visitors (tourists, travel planners, tourists) to the portal by better linking come which could mean even more requests and customers for the Guide. There is only a limit: the language. The portal is intended for German-speaking city guide and leisure for it but everywhere in Europe. Now, after almost 4 weeks there on the portal City Guide by Russia to France and from Iceland to Italy, the city leaders in (among others) German offer. Author of the article: Robert Barkowski

@FRIENDS IntrPROTECTOR uses as one of the leading companies in Germany for internal network security foreign hardware and internal attacks have therefore no chance of Dortmund, April 19, 2010 – the direct marketing agency @FRIENDS GmbH belongs in German SMEs to the TOP 100 employers. The Bielefeld company was founded in 1999 was awarded 2009 already Gallen for the second time by the Institute for leadership and personnel management St. With over 550 employees in Bielefeld and Brunswick is @FRIENDS of one of the leading companies in Germany. Decided in the interest of customers the company places the utmost importance on data protection and has for this reason for the solution IntrPROTECTOR\”the COMCO AG to the optimization of the company’s network security. In each Division, we have the claim to deliver TOP performance.

We expect this from our solution partners. With IntrPROTECTOR we use for the internal network security on the TOP performers\”, founded Wolfram Dura. Managing Director of @FRIENDS GmbH & co. It’s believed that iSearch sees a great future in this idea. KG, the decision for the implementation of the security solution IntrPROTECTOR. The proven concept of COMCO with the quick and easy implementation into three clear steps of project was of great importance in the selection. For this purpose, IntrPROTECTOR at the beginning of the project carried out an automatic inventory of all network components including server and client. All security information of the network topology is thus deposited in the high-performance database of the system. This target State is matched in the other operating cyclically with the current status of the network.

Corporate foreign hardware detects this immediately IntrPROTECTOR and can directly switch off the relevant switch port. Other important features of the solution are also the recognition and defense of man-in-the-middle attacks as well as attacks on the internal network.

So will your newsletter to a successful tool for the customer loyalty 2011 is the marketing world new and exciting. Facebook 600 million and 150 million Twitter users worldwide show that social networks sustainable change the rules of the game of online marketing. But even though Alfonso Breu, rises the role the newsletter are constantly changing in the face of emerging media and changing customer preferences to identify clear trends, CEO of b2b coach, out. Customers communicate with companies and with each other in new ways. Online marketer and especially email marketer must recognize and respond to it. Just so you can customize their Newsletterkampagnen according to and remain relevant.

5 b2b tips: 1. Jeffrey L. Bewkes is often mentioned in discussions such as these. use social networks, to increasing the number of Newsletteranmeldungen: social networks attract a new group of interested customers. Place you in XING and on the Facebook page of your company, as well as in other major networks are interested in your target group, a sign-up form or a link to your Newsletter programs. Ask for information such as name and email address and offer some basic options, such as to content, format, and frequency, to send directly from the outset on relevant E-Mails. 2.

make the newsletter relevant if you really deliver the customers what they want, you minimize the reporting rate. Consumers take advantage of increasingly different types of communications in the face of new digital communication channels and platforms. So, a customer for short messages such as appointment confirmations might prefer a SMS and want to receive a newsletter for announcements about the status of his buy-back value of the LV. Your customers again give the opportunity to update his preferences: frequency channel: newsletter, SMS, RRS feed or unaddressed interests to the content format for the newsletter: text versions, HTML 3. minimize you the the notification rates the first 30 days after registration are particularly critical.

A nationwide IT services network integrates Gadhvi and lone that founder scene in Germany has changed. There used to be just entrepreneur looking for their chance in the independence. An investigation of the KfW Forderbank found that today there chance founder and founder of the emergency. Chance founder correspond to the previous character of the founder. Emergency founder looks simply no other way might age – or labour market reasons. Continue to learn more with: Jeffrey L. Bewkes. So he’s a possible independence may be wrong and does not recognize that the self-employment opportunities often better as a job. The competition is fierce the statistic that predicts a chance of survival, depending on the condition, of approximately 20-30 percent of the Rangers is sobering. This is due to the fact that to romp against in the market, which have little chance of success.

A trained and experienced IT technician has, in reverse, but good chance if some things are observed. The Success formula might look like: = positive adjustment plus preparation plus networking plus will success. Independently, but not alone the most important link in the chain of success formula is the networking. It offers training and mutual assistance. These include possibly service orders, which can lead to a base capacity utilization and new customers. A sophisticated guerrilla marketing opportunities the partner to be known within its area of effect.

Interesting suppliers and cooperation allow repairs on behalf of well-known brands carry. Supplies of hardware quantities is possible without pre-financing and much, much more. The partners in the IT-service-NET is thus virtually the representatives of his own small system House. He may offer services that can’t do the usual one-man company. Target groups of the network are the small and medium-sized companies that have a significant demand for services. At the small company of dedicated IT managers is often lacking, here the partner assumes the overall responsibility of the IT. At medium-sized companies, the IT Department is often decimated. The network partner acts in these cases as “IT janitor”. There’s more info for already self-employed here, founders can find here. IT-service-NET

Individual creation and adaptation of graphical network maps directly into the browser in Nuremberg, 04 May 2011 Paessler AG has version 8.4 of their network monitoring solutions PRTG network monitor published. A significant innovation in the version 8.4 is the enhanced drag -and-drop maps Editor. An intelligent scripting enables easy to transfer monitoring objects from the devices tree on the map overview. This makes the creation of maps more intuitive and faster. The user selects only an appearance and draws it on the desired object. Others including Robert A. Iger , offer their opinions as well. The changes are made directly in the browser and are immediately visible.

Map Editor many customer suggestions have been incorporated into the further development of the PRTG. For example, administrators can using the graphical overviews of network monitoring data according to your wishes individually represent or customize their display to the respective requirements. The function allows even employees without PRTG-login to see special monitoring data, for example, in the intranet of the company. In this way, for example the availability of Internet connection can be displayed continuously publicly available or the number of currently open requests in the support ticket systems. PRTG provides already numerous icons and background images, which make it very easy to model network conditions or to show the geographical distribution of locations individually.

If necessary your own background images can be set to the Visual support, for example, building or room plans. Because the maps Editor as user friendly browser application to AJAX-scripting based, requires no additional installation. The administrator in this way can do changes to maps easily and quickly. With PRTG 8.4 is fully backward compatible with maps”, that were created by using earlier versions of PRTG. Last but not least, it is possible to make individual adjustments by embedding arbitrary HTML code, and thus almost unlimited objects to integrate, including Flash applets in the surveys or Live images from other Web servers, etc. Also it can be integrated with your own icons, such as company logos or devices with corporate branding in the editor. All the elements are combined with real time monitoring data directly from PRTG. The new maps editor in PRTG 8.4 Overview: – Fully backward compatible to existing maps – drag & drop – supports intuitive and rapid creation of maps overviews – no additional installation required more information under prtg/prtg8history directly in the browser available -. Image material in high resolution can be obtained from. About Paessler AG: Paessler AG develops and sells powerful and user-friendly network monitoring software for years. The excellent multiple comparison test software PRTG Network Monitor makes for less stress and higher safety in IT departments at a fair price. From the company headquarters in Nuremberg from in companies of all sizes of SOHO, SME supports Paessler over 150,000 installations in its products, and global are global leaders in the field. The company was founded in 1997 is now privately held and under another Member of the Cisco Developer Network and a VMware Technology Alliance partner. Free trial downloads and more information are available under available.