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Evolution and reasoning of the dividend Present situation of: Financial image Social stability Image of mark Variables of the company (exogenous and endogenous) worthy of mention Extraordinary events to comment Etc. Our RSC (Corporative Social Responsibility) The RSC More and more in this global surroundings, it seems advisable that we had to happen of purely economic surroundings, to one socio-economic one. Or he is the recommendable thing at least, and that from the human, ethical and professional point of view, begins to interest the society, and generally to the actors which they observe the enterprise activity, not only the WHATEVER of the operation result, but LIKE . We remember that the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is unique the average one to cover needs with the present, and without putting conditions to the future. They are quickly changing to the values and the form to manage, and mainly the COMMITMENT is gaining body and so we do.

More and more in the creation of products, bet to be used less resources and to generate less by-products and residues, all this like philosophical concept, and sometimes, and is the praiseworthy thing, before like economic concept. What perhaps it lacks sometimes, is measurement of these subjects: – Is moderate through the budget and from an accounting point of view the RSC? . – It is had disperses and although philosophically it exists, we are not able to give organization him, within our management, by quantification deficiency? . Memory of Internal Social sustainability Commitment affirmed with a policy of nondiscrimination, the company is manager of a diversity that enriches, proclaims the freedom of Association, rejects at any level of supplying the work carried out by minors, adding who fight directly against elMobbing in anyone of their expressions. Labor proactive health, and prevention of risks Respect to the privacy, and assets attempt of conciliation between the personal life and the professional Scrupulous trusteeship of the maternity Hours professional formation, previous exercise: 512 hours, present exercise: 834 hours Fixed contracts: 28 (previous exercise), fixed contracts present exercise: 30 External To relate activities of patronage, sponsorizacin, donations, and collaborations with NGO Attendance and collaboration with seminaries of the RSC Collaborations with the University Collaborations with the City council Economic Total sales, geographic distribution of these sales Total purchases, geographic distribution Expenses personal Banks, relation of financings Organisms public, payments Extraordinary activities Environment Over an exact respect of the effective legality and that affects to us, proactivity in order to improve our environment. Basic indication of the class of consumption of materials, energy, water, emissions of waste waters or material of remainder.

axanta AG: taxi company successfully conveys Oldenburg July 2013. A more successful business mediation for the axanta AG: The Oldenburg M & A specialist has found a buyer for the taxi company Vissel taxi from the Lower Saxony Visselhovede. For more information see this site: CBS. The continued existence of the company is therefore secured. Due to his age-related withdrawal Bernhard Ulbrich, previous owner of Vissel taxi, the axanta AG entrusted with the search for a suitable buyer. Already after a relatively short time, a successor could be found with the taxi Hammerschmidt GmbH. Taxi Hammerschmidt is the only competitor in Visselhovede and can now further expand the own position. Under, the axanta AG provides further information about the transaction at the disposal. Vissel-taxi was founded in 1986.

The company enjoys a very good reputation in the District of Visselhovede, located on the edge of the Luneburg Heath in the cities Bremen-Hamburg-Hannover. Vissel-taxi has many commercial and private clients. All the more Nice that the continued existence of the taxi and rental car company thanks to the new buyer is secured. The sale to the taxi Hammerschmidt GmbH took place on July 1, 2013 axanta AG in successful mediator Susanne Schnur, competent business broker of axanta AG, led the negotiations between Vissel taxi and taxi Hammerschmidt GmbH. Both sides found thanks to Susanne Schnurs mediating role quickly to reach an agreement. It again shows that the intermediary function of an experienced M & A Advisor is often decisive during the contract negotiations. Specifically, the role as skilled motivator and above all moderator in the negotiations, is an essential part of our success concept. Because only the first part of the task is to determine the appropriate buyers.

The successful conclusion of contract negotiations is at least as challenging,”said Udo Goetz, CEO of axanta AG. About axanta AG the founded in 2006 axanta AG belongs in Germany the market leader among the independent consulting companies in the M & A business. Her focus is on consulting and support small and medium-sized companies in the purchase and sale of companies, succession and quiet and active participations. In the focus are small and medium-sized companies of all sectors of the economy, which across comprehensive support the axanta AG through all phases. In addition to the headquarters in Oldenburg, Germany, the company operates branch offices in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt am Main.

Martin A. Rodriguez Salas. 23. The perennial philosophy is essential to fill the spiritual void of human beings and we must make a profound self-knowledge of our being in order to understand our mission in life. The message of the mystics. Consuelo Martin 24. The basis of any activity, to have a future and succeed, is love, is what makes us see everything differently, seeking to do good, giving ourselves to others without expecting anything, with this we are entering a stage of evolution of consciousness and sacred love. Damian Vicky Conclusions.

The new holistic educators have a responsibility to give implement the new educational model as we passed and we're entering the dark to light, but is in us that this major change needed in education, this educational proposal lands, that will be gradually implemented in schools in the country, to form a new front of new human beings, we will be committed to live, to interact responsibly with our neighbors, the environment and our planet. This educational proposal is applicable in all levels of education, this educational option is to make internal changes, slowly but surely, the system is implemented gradually through simple activities to develop awareness in the educator first and then in children , then their peers, community, country, continent and planet. Holistic education is the tool we use to get out of the current problems worldwide, is the only one that integrates the databases to find the answer to the emptiness inside of human beings. Bibliography: – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2000) The spirit of education. Integrity and importance in holistic education.

International Foundation for Holistic Education, Guadalajara. – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2001) The education of the heart. Twelve principles for holistic schools. International Foundation for Holistic Education, Guadalajara. – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2001) holistic education. Pedagogy of universal love. International Foundation for Holistic Education, Guadalajara. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Robert A. Iger by clicking through. – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2001) A comprehensive view of education. The heart of holistic education. International Foundation for Holistic Education, Guadalajara. – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2001) Dialogues holistic. Holistic education and perennial philosophy I. International Foundation for Holistic Education, Guadalajara. – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2003) Learning to be. The birth of a new spiritual awareness. International Foundation for Holistic Education, Guadalajara. – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2003) Communities learning. Transforming schools into learning communities. Holistic Education Foundation, Guadalajara. – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2003) Pedagogy of universal love. A holistic view of the world. International Foundation for Holistic Education, Guadalajara. – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2004) Wisdom, love and compassion. Education II holistic and perennial philosophy. International Foundation for Holistic Education, Guadalajara. – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2004) The Way of the perennial philosophy. Holistic education and perennial philosophy III. International Foundation for Holistic Education, Guadalajara. – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2005) Education and spirituality. Education as a spiritual practice. International Foundation for Holistic Education, Guadalajara. – Ramon Gallegos Nava (2007) Spiritual Intelligence. Beyond the multiple intelligences and emotional. International Foundation for Holistic Education, Guadalajara.

The role of the robot is to simulate the behavior of the spider of a search engine like Google when you visit a URL, just the links you see and can index and to detect possible errors. Remember that this type of robots can not read the text or images Robot JavScript.El MetTags Analyzer also optimizes the website with the correct length. 8 – Use the Google Sitemap for your web pages are indexed by Googlebot whenever the content of your website to be updated or add new web pages. It is also a great way to make your website Google friendly and compatible. The sitemap is also compatible with Yahoo, and Ask Bing. Most times a page is rejected by a search engine or directory is because they have not followed the basic rules of search and information is incomplete, a mere list of words separated by commas, capital letters, use of phrases such as “the best, the only one.” Remember that a directory is not a classified section.

Once the web site meets the above requirements and is ready to send to the search engines, also following a series of basic standards of delivery. Do not send all pages of the website. Search engines have limitations in high and may penalize the site by spam or spam. Our recommendation is to send the home page. Search engines that use robots or spiders to index web pages crawled and follow the links found on the main page and include the rest of the web pages themselves. Most robots are able to crawl the web in depth. So it is sufficient to send only the home page to search engines.

The directories usually accept only as a site for domain but if you send two or three pages (most important) to a directory using a different category may be accepted in another category if they belong to the same domain. You should not send “mirror sites” to search engines, ie the same message but with different URL as it is considered spam. Active WebTraffic includes a database of auto engines for search engines that accept automated registrations and a semiautomatic data base that includes international directories and Castilian. In summary: No need to send internal pages or sub-domains Do not send pages under construction Always choose the most appropriate category for your web content Do not use titles that are a list of keywords Do not use too short or long titles, 20 to 60 characters is more appropriate. Neither use symbols to adorn the title. Do not use too short or long descriptions of 150-200 characters is most appropriate Use key words or short phrases in the content of your web page text content Includes interesting and relevant. Get external links pointing to your homepage You get the position in a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing depend on how you have optimized the website. By contrast, in a directory where the high is reviewed by an editor, the position depends on your directory listing will depend on the quality of the website and information intruducida in the registration form Directory: title and description mainly.

The iPhone includes a rechargeable battery that can not be replaced, similar to other iPods, but other than that of most Nokia mobile phones. If the battery reaches the end of its life prematurely, you can return the phone to technical support from Apple LG for free if the change is still under warranty, which wireless phones lasts one year and may extend to Verizon two with cellular phones the AppleCare service. If the iPhone is out of warranty, the cost of repair is 60 ‘plus 6’ of shipping around.
Since July 2007 other companies sell Verizon cell phones batteries for the iPhone at a price slider phone much lower than the original. The pack includes a small but an instruction booklet, but most of the new iPod models come cellular providers with the battery soldered therefore it requires a welder to put the new battery. This is not the case with the iPhone 3G it has a different battery that fits in a socket .
The battery provides the first iPhone, according to Apple, even seven hours of video, six hours of Internet browsing, eight hours of conversation, 24 hours of music and up to 250 hours if you do Samsung not use any application. The website of Apple said that the battery life is designed to retain 80 of its original capacity after 400 cycles of complete charge and discharge , which is comparable to the iPod battery.
As for the 3G plans iPhone is said to be capable of delivering up to seven hours of video, six hours of Internet surfing via Wi-Fi or 3G cellular phone plans through five, ten hours of conversation in 2G or five on 3G, 24 candy bar phone hours Music and 300 hours if not used applications.
A consumer cell phones association of the United States claimed to ATandT and Apple at the high figure that users had to pay to replace the battery. Although the price of this service were not available until the day they put the product to the sale, had already established a similar service for Apple iPods and several other companies.

In a recent interview with Nikkei Electronics Asia, wireless providers Sony chairman Howard Stringer talk about the future expansion of the PlayStation Network on the PlayStation 3 and beyond.
OECD Observer
I have no doubt that there is a role for (less) newspapers in the cell phones coming years, and that paper remains cellular coverage viable for specialized applications free phones print ( “Print Screen”, by Larry Kilman , World Association of Newspapers, in No. 268, July 2008). However, it is inevitable that the online accessibility and digital devices will move much paper in the long term.
Linux Devices
04 May, 2009 Proxicast is shipping a portable, battery-powered 3G and 802.11 a / b / g WiFi hotspot that runs embedded Linux. cellular phones
WITN 7 North mobile phones Carolina
A new survey shows a strong connection between body image and the real physical condition.


Wealthy residents of large cities tend to have a house outside the city in which they periodically or permanently live, resting from the noise of the city and enjoying the fresh air. Typically, this great house, where leaving for a weekend or a longer term, for example, for the summer. Life outside the city has its undeniable advantages: good ecology, lack of constant noise of machinery, lack of crowds on the streets and monotonous urban landscape, the closing horizon. Night in the city are not visible stars because of smog and street lighting. At night, do not open the window because of the noise of the streets.

But outside the city is another matter! Peace and quiet grace. And if the house is large enough to feel it comfortable, and with all the amenities, which used to civilized man, it becomes clear why everyone loves to rest in suburban homes. Particularly useful to take out of town children to grow up strong and healthy: gain strength in the open air, tanned in the summer sun, bought in the river, eat fresh fruits and berries. Enumerate the advantages of living in his house outside the city can be a long time. But let's not forget about such nuances as the need to clean the house and care for gardens.

The larger house and garden, the more time and effort required to maintain all in order. And what is the rest of this if you are always something to wash, where a loose, something to cook. And when do you or your child? Output – domestic staff. Depending on the wishes and abilities, you can hire workers who would come, say, once a week. But if you feel you are not deal and that the assistance you may need at any moment, it is better then hire domestic staff with accommodation. The best option might be hiring couples as domestic workers. A married couple can replace the whole staff. A woman can serve as nannies, maids, cooks. The man can work in the garden, as well as to perform some "masculine" household chores: fix a faucet, replace a light bulb, go for shopping. But you never know what may be required in the house? The advantage of a couple in front of just two employees who are in friendly relations is obvious: workers who are married to each other will not seek more to take the weekend to be with my other half. If the relationship of a married couple equal and they work seamlessly, helping each other, it will be the best option. Married couple, as well as other domestic staff, it is best to hire a recruitment agency. Because the Agency has a vast database of employees and can choose exactly those employees that you need.

HTML Translation

Notary translation, in contrast to the usual translation, features the following: 1.Neobhodimost external optimizing translation, ie Each page of your site in addition to the translated text contains a minimum of graphic elements. 2.Neobhodimost internal optimization of translation, ie In many cases a simple literal translation does not suit the client. In European countries, most web pages have a minimum text and maximum amount of information that allows you to more effectively promote their product on the Internet and is associated primarily with the need to align the text to "adapt" to search engines and therefore the best pages of the issue. Therefore, the layout of each web site aimed at promoting the West, in our company, working in close relationship, make at least three specialists – a translator, an expert in Internet marketing and coder. The main role in the working process, of course, belongs to the translator, since the foreign visitor will judge your company in the first place in the text. In our company, all translations are various web sites serve native speakers, which is localized site that gives a guarantee that your site will be well received by foreign visitors. Moscow translation agency will give the Golden Hind in connection with the above, a wide range of services in translation web-sites – from simple translation of HTML-pages to analyze the competitiveness of your products with the aim of writing unique content on a localized version of the site. Many writers such as David Zaslav offer more in-depth analysis. For automatic translation of specific Web site implementation of any large project involving technical interpretation of songs, we need a system of automated translation, such as a system of Trados. It helps reduce the transfer and unify terminology (with the single word database) used in the translation, the text segment, which prevents inadvertent crossing offers an interpreter and work with a wide spectrum Format: Word doc and rtf, online help rtf, PowerPoint, FrameMaker, FrameMaker + sgml, FrameBuilder, Interleaf, QuickSilver, Ventura, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, sgml / html / xml, including html Help, rc (WindowsResource), Bookmaster (DCF) , Troff.