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History of Mankind

Every time there have been big changes in the history of mankind, is an inertia in the vast majority of people to adapt to them. We are reluctant to change and we keep doing the same things, in the same way, until circumstances force us to change and to adapt to new realities. But there is always some visionary and adventurous people who become the pioneers of the new era. At the beginning they are vituperados, but eventually recognizes them. So he will also be with the computer was. Front our noses is being made a profound change that transcends everything we previously took for granted.

Like it or not, the Internet came to stay. Although for most people the computer is only a device similar to the tele, but more interactive, others have already recognized the profound impact that has caused, and that is going to cause yet, in modern society. Bill Gates was one of them. And became multi-million. Just think today you have the world at their fingertips if it has a computer with connection to the Internet. It has all knowledge of any topic under the Sun at your fingertips, 24 hours can relate instantly to any person anywhere in the world a day.

Truly, the sky is the limit of what can be done! My question today is does Ud and his sons prepared for the new challenges of the computer was? Do have wondered some time implications has had the Internet for your job, business, education of their children and even their personal fulfilment? Know Ud that that device your computer is a potential revenue generator? While many households already have a computer, the development of the Internet and its application in mass, according to the tremendous potential that has, is still in its infancy. The vast majority of people still live, think and be educated according to a time that no longer exists. Is Ud one of them? Discover the options offered by the Internet? Learn along with your whole family! Visit and You will immediately get a free e-book with valuable data about how to teach your children (and you) how to build a business. You also get support, inspiration and tools to take advantage of this revolutionary tool your computer successfully. original author and source of the article

Video portal launches regional portals in eight countries Google subsidiary YouTube n launches this week with own countries spending in France, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. YouTube wants to be more accessible for arranging audiences with this step and we look forward to a market launch in other countries,”said Steve Chen, one of the founders of YouTube. As professional content providers, including BBC, France 24, Deutsche Welle, KinoWelt Swiss television and the football clubs AC Milan, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich on board are. Chen remains very vague, however, in assessing to what extent the localization of the content can have debilitating advertising business of the platform ankurbelns. “Chen: we believe that the local countries sites can make relevant for the user the content and thus also the advertising.” In Germany delayed the launch of its own home page for copyright reasons.

Apparently the negotiations could German societies like the GEMA be closed in time. YouTube wants to transfer a lump-sum fee apparently GEMA. Meanwhile, Google is presenting a new feature in the search: search results translate with Google translate is in twelve languages. Thus, Google wants to tap new user groups. The service is available in Arabic, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Mark Scholl

The economy of social responsibility 1 SiB business week 2010 years the ISTM, AWS and EFA of the school of international business courses organize (Faculty 1: = SiB Economics) of the University of Bremen independently of each other overnight economic conferences. So the SiB Congress, the AWS forums and the EFA symposium could establish time as fixed dates in the calendar of the University of Bremen. 2010 is a brand new event concept now celebrating premiere. For the first time these three independent in the past study congresses along with other events of 1 to a faculty combines major event the SiB business week. This 3-day economic conference 2010 the motto: think global, Act noble which make the social responsibility economy straight at the present time intensified the complex requirements of companies felt, in order to ensure long-term success. Sustainable management obviously requires more than the achievement of the highest possible Return-on-investment. For three days national and international speakers from industry, research, and teaching in lectures and workshops will highlight the different facets of the subject and discuss current issues with the participants. Wednesday, May 19, 2010: Open University, followed by a faculty reception Thursday, May 20, 2010: SiB Congress and EFA-Symposium with subsequent SiB evening event Friday, May 21, 2010: EFA-Symposium and AWS forums with subsequent Alumniempfang the SiB business week is planned within the framework of a semester project work by students of the ISTM (International Studies tourism management) courses, AWS (applied business languages & international corporate governance) and EFA (European finance and accounting) in collaboration with a lecturer from the practice, as well as an Advisory Board of teachers of faculty 1, organized and conducted.

To the event, we expect more than 200 attendees per day. Among these are many representatives of both national and international economic and Science as well as students and Faculty of the school of international business are. We want to offer all participants, during the days of the Congress new ways to meet, to exchange experiences and to broaden the horizons. We appreciate your participation in the SiB business week 2010. Participation in all Conference events is of course free of charge up to the evening events on Thursday and Friday.

The historical roots of football go far into the past. Many ball games, which all have their own way resembles the modern game of football, have been handed down through the historical periods of time. As the oldest form of football is a variant (called Ts’uh-Coo), in China the 2nd Millennium BC. Physical exercise was used by the military. Was played with a ball made of strips of leather, was the first with feathers and later filled with air. The game enjoyed, over the centuries, even among the population growing in popularity. The time of the Ch’in Dynasty (621 BC. – 618 AD) marks the climax of the Chinese football variant. At this time, Ts uh-Coo a real sport. There were contested tournaments. A 25 Chapter heavy regulations designed. In the ninth century AD, the game ungeklrterweise fell into oblivion. Something of the original Chinese football is then apparently bergeschwappt to Japan. There was around AD 800th oneVariant, the Kemari known and still played today. The gameplay: 4-6 players stand on the circle and if possible try to time the ball with his feet in the air to juggle. This game was originally played in the temple precincts of nobles. In America, was among the Aztecs and Maya also a whole range of spread similar to football ballgames. On the rules is not known exactly. However, there is agreement about the fact that these games were very religious character. On European soil, it was the Romans who practiced a ball game called Harpastum in which it was received pretty rustic. This game spread with the Roman legions over Europe. Many ball games, which subsequently developed in Europe can therefore be considered as descendants of the Roman Harpastum. Finally, the football was on his way to England. A particularly spectacular way were the football games, where ENTERED 2 villages against each other. Spectacle of this kind it was from the Middle Ages until the 19th Century. In suchEvents counted, each party often 200-300 players! This however, things went pretty rustic. As a direction for the football today is one of the year 1963rd This year, 11 clubs met at the Freemason’s Tavern in London and founded the “Football Association”. This was the birth of organized football, with clubs and umbrella. The rules of football as we know it today were established 1892-1894.

He traveled early in the morning, testified before the UEFA Appeals Committee for more than five hours, and even gave him time to arrive and finish the evening in Valdebebas training. Jose Mourinho flew to Nyon accompanied by Jean-Louis Dupont (the famous lawyer of the Bosman case). The technician of Madrid defended what he has been saying since last April 27, day of the first leg of the semi-final of the Champions League against Barcelona in the Bernabeu (0-2). That he not accused anyone (that day struck an alleged conspiracy by UEFA so that Madrid did not come to the end,) but which is simply limited to ask some questions that had no answers. Listened to their arguments, UEFA decided to forgive him a little bit. Takes a party of five that had been sanctioned him (subject to how behave in the next three years), but keeps the fine against him (50,000 euros) and against club (20,000). Source of the news:: minimum cut for Mourinho

Impose artificial nogevye plate on its own started back in the 50s of last century. These days, practiced many different types of capacity, while crawling in great demand, acrylic and gel capacity. This article is recommended nachinayutim masters to obtain basic information, but if you want to become a true expert, then we strongly recommend you get training in the nails special school. This method of gel technology building on the right is the most popular method among other methods. These nails are practical and durable, the cost of such capacity as a pleasant surprise. Normal life gel nails – four months, though once or twice a month is not superfluous to carry out the correction, nail to nail not to lose its form. Another important advantage of this method – it does not harm the nail, under the gel pores are not clogged and the nail is well provided with oxygen.

The whole process looks like as follows: 1. For a start made artificial nail plate – it will be the basis for the artificial nail. Typically, the gel put on a special form, pre-mounted on a nail. Use the form is very difficult, but the end result is worth it: the natural look of the manicure and the end of its life is removed without any problems. 2. So, we have dealt gel for it to Secure the desired drying. Such nails dried under ultraviolet lamps.

During this process, in any case does not touch the nails – fresh gel nail can be easy to damage and ruin. 3. Once the gel hardened, give it a complete shape nail files and you can proceed to the final treatment: lacquer, paintings, crystals. Acrylic building long time ago, it was a dental acrylic was the basic material for building up artificial nails. Capacity with acrylic bit easier to master than the capacity gel process requires less time-consuming, which provides him popularity especially among beginners manicure. Artificial nails using acrylic done here is how: 1. Nachninaem with, carefully grind the nail – the resulting surface should be smooth, without any damage, it is Later a major impact on the quality of the application. 2. Anchoring tips on the nails. 3. Apply acrylic on tips. Thoroughly dry the nails as in the case of the gel under the lamp is not necessary, he quickly dries the air. 4. Process nail file, nail and go to the decoration of Acrylic nails are strong and durable, they are difficult to damage and they do not need adjusting. And yet, the process of building requires much little time when compared with the gel, is especially important for women in the big city. Artificial nails – this is a very popular service in beauty salons. If you want yourself to master all the intricacies of the profession and firmly take on this market, your place, then must go through training courses nail. In the meantime, we hope our article will help you form an idea about this process.


If the provision of design elevations solved mainly by providing elevation of subgrade and base, all other requirements must provide asphalt. Modern Pavers have a hydrostatic travel drive and all working parts are equipped with automatic regulation of screed vertical (from a standard or a mobile copier and sensor of surface laid adjacent lanes) and the cross-slope (cross slope of the sensor). By type undercarriage pavers share on tracked and wheeled. Tracked Pavers – a machine for construction and reconstruction of roads, streets and airfields with asphalt coating. Wheeled Pavers are produced mainly 3 – and 4-axis: one or two rear axles with Pneumatic and two axles with rubber wheels located under the lateral otkrylkami hopper. I wheeled paver drive can only be done on pnevmokolesa, and maybe on all axes, which improves traction and stability of their machines progress. Practical Application of wheeled paver has shown that this machine for laying the upper (thin) coating layer, as well as for the repair of the pavement by laying an additional top layer of asphalt. Especially beneficial in the repair of wheeled pavers cover the way in laying a mixture of individual pickets and repair charts, as moving quickly from one place to another installation, do not require the use of trailers required for movements tracked asphalt pavers, as well as provide significantly higher levels of evenness, the cross slope and thickness of the coating compared to manual laying (distribution) of the mixture.

A special place among asphalt pavers bands occupy alloy broadening, were developed in the U.S In Europe, these works are carried out using mini stackers on crawlers. In general, the market advanced security asphalt is very wide and gives consumers (road organizations) the possibility of selection of machines for the most complex objects and construction conditions, including the ability to change the width of the stacking process production work, the use of sliding and composite working bodies, including the working bodies of the high-compaction. In recent years, thanks to the optimum ratio of price and quality, increasingly used in Russia pavers are made in China. With all the variety of Chinese manufacturers is a good choice products concern xcmg. This product meets all international quality standards, making machinery xcmg is widespread in almost all continents of the world.

Also in the last 3 years in Moscow, there were companies that work directly with Chinese manufacturers. Chinese mobile stands are becoming very popular with its modern design and well quality in traditionally affordable prices. Popular Western brands: – Maxibit (Sweden) – EUROstand (Czech Republic) – Expolinc (Sweden) – Octanorm (Germany) – Nomadik (Ireland) – Expand (Sweden) – Nimlok (UK) – Mero (Germany) – Expo Display Service, or eds (Switzerland) – Display Europe (UK) – itis (China) In addition to the producers themselves, designing and selling of mobile stands are engaged in advertising agencies and advertising production companies. Designing mobile stands Design stand – essential element of preparation for the exhibition. Think about the location of parts – the area where the samples are placed and the area where you can negotiate with clients. It is advisable to include in the exhibition and the so-called use on their show floor guest sweets and drinks, it also helps to ensure that visitors are more stops and gives the opportunity to start a conversation. Production technology mobile stand, or a provider to choose.

The technology depends on the type of provider to which you refer. Discuss in advance with technology vendors for ordering, try early to discuss details of the process. Correct technology of production of the stand from scratch, including design engineering, looks like this. 1. Familiarity with the supplier, its portfolio of technical capabilities. 2. Filling the technical specifications for developing a mobile stand. You asked to answer several basic questions: booth; desired type, number of jobs, necessary and desirable area, the number of open sides, additional equipment, your company logos and other graphic materials, and other issues.

3. Development of designers of the stand. 4. Familiarize the customer with a project of the stand. 5. Changes to the design project approval. 6. If necessary, design of logos and other proprietary graphic materials. 7. Adoption of the proofs for the graphic panels. Do not neglect the proofs. Print quality is very important in a mobile stand, because is to demonstrate the wide picture and are stands. Practice shows that for large graphic panels preliminary examination on a specific color printing machine is highly desirable. 8. Letting the stand to the customer. Request that the Executive has taught you to assemble and disassemble stand, if you plan to install it yourself. Manufacturer of the stand usually takes a few days. Time to develop a design project can be 2-3 weeks, but it is highly desirable not to hurry and do not ask the designer do "-quick". Often, customers say that they need only make a label and insert a logo, but do not have a graphical file the required quality. Large format printing is done only! from the files of very good quality (large) logos should be vector, etc. The designer should look at your pictures, decide whether they are suitable for the job, if not suitable, sometimes redraw the logo or to find other suitable photo. If we add to the process of creating graphic design, and development of custom large exposures, the process reaches 10-14 working days.

Three films about Jason Bourne for three days – three of a film about Jason Bourne. I remember when a volley looked first two films, before the third was a half months. Agonizing suspense and the new series went to cheer. Pleasant meeting with an old friend, realistic fights, intrigue, etc. – Then it really was the right thing. But now, watching movies one by one, I realized that they were the same type in their design.

In each series, we get the standard set and without any innovation – a sure minus the director, who became a craftsman, rather than the creator of the new. Chase as if lifted from the same script, only different machines. In each series, there is someone who tending Bourne leads, closes, and women in this plan more intelligent and obedient than men. In each series, Bourne confronts tough man-killer, which is different from the other only slightly greater survivability. Continue in this spirit can be long. For this reason to treat with caution the 4th film of the series. Of interesting to note that Doug Liman directed the first film only, and then he only produced other films – the classic scheme of Hollywood (most glaring example – George Lucas and his "Star Wars"). A couple of screenshots that there is something a PC: I read the interesting facts about the film on Kinopoiske, learned a lot, like about Filipino combat system machetes – 'Extreme', as well as about the average length of the frame, which was 4 seconds, but I am most amazed at the number of people in the crew – 250! PS 2: Reconsider the Japanese movie "Monday", I'll tell about it later, it deserves single post! So, the beginning reminded me of the story of Bourne – the main character woke up and could not remember what happened and how he was here, in the course of the film we find out how he has come to such a life! Personally, I have after the movie belly ill a couple of days for sure!

Christopher Columbus taking possession of the Spanish.
However, the expansion which would be the atlantic the greatest success. To reach the riches of the East, whose trade routes (especially those in the areas of the Pacific Islands) blocked the Ottomans or monopolize the Italians, Spanish and Portuguese competed to find a new route than the traditional one, by land, through Middle East. The Portuguese, who had finished long before the Spanish Reconquista her, then began its first shipments in order to gain access to African riches and then circumnavigate Africa, which would give them control of the islands and coasts of the continent to open a new route to the East Indies, without relying on trade throughout the Ottoman Empire, monopolized by Venice and Genoa, with the germ of the Portuguese Empire. Later, when he finished his reconquest Castile, the Catholic Monarchs, supported Christopher Columbus who, apparently convinced that the circumference of the Earth was less than the real, he wanted to achieve Cipango (Japan), China, India, the sailing westward, with the same purpose as the Portuguese: independence of the Italian cities to get the goods from the East: mainly, spices and silk (the finest produced in the kingdom of Murcia from the Moors). Colon is most likely never reached its goal, but was halfway through the American continent and, unknowingly, to “descubrio ‘America, beginning with the Spanish colonization of the continent.
The new found lands were claimed by the Catholic Monarchs, with opposition from Portugal. Finally, Pope Alexander VI half, reaching the Treaty of Tordesillas, which divided the spheres of influence of Spanish and Portuguese 370 miles west of the islands of Cape Verde (the 46th meridian at 37 ‘) west longitude, being the western for Spain and Portugal to the East. Thus, Spain became nominally owns most of the continent with the exception of a small part, the East ‘which today is the tip of Brazil,’ which went to Portugal. Henceforth, this papal transferred along with the responsibility of evangelizing the territories discovered, was used by the Catholic Monarchs as standing in their colonial expansion.
The colonization of America continuing meanwhile. Besides taking the Spanish, which ended at the beginning of the sixteenth century, settlers began to seek new settlements. The belief that there were large territories to colonize new lands in the place discovered by the eagerness to seek new conquests. From there, Juan Ponce de Leon conquered Puerto Rico and Diego Velazquez, Cuba. Alonso de Ojeda toured Central America and the Venezuelan coast. Diego de Nicuesa occupy what is now Costa Rica and Nicaragua, while Vasco N ez de Balboa Panama colonized and reached the South Sea (Pacific Ocean).
Years later, under Philip II, this “Castellano Empire” became a new source of wealth for the Spanish kingdoms and his power in Europe, but also contributes to higher inflation, which hurts the industry peninsular. As always the most powerful economy, the Spanish, began to depend on raw materials and manufactured goods from poorer countries with cheaper labor, which facilitates the economic and social revolution in France, England and other parts of Europe. The problems caused by excess precious metals were discussed by the School of Salamanca, which I think a new way of understanding the economy that the other European countries take long to understand.
On the other hand, the enormous costs and unsuccessful wars to drag on the European policy of Charles I inherited by his successor Philip II, who led the financing with loans from bankers, both in Spain and Genoa, Antwerp and southern Germany , makingthe benefits that could be the Crown (the State, after all) was much smaller than those obtained later colonial interests with other countries such as Holland and later England.

Today, car body repair, we tend to trust a specialized service that offers a full range of services, from selection and purchase of spare parts that require replacement, and ending with their painting and installation. In doing so, we do not burden yourself with unnecessary trouble, saving personal time and in a few days (in severe cases, weeks or months) that my car is completely intact. At first glance, All right – our car is working again, and carried out service work on its repair by us are fully paid. But here we must remember that we paid the bill for repairs using new original spare parts does not guarantee that to increase profits in the repair of our car service will not be used for cheaper and probably less quality auto parts. For example, we order the replacement hood painting and This pays the cost of new original spare parts and servicing. When the machine is ready, not professional enough to be difficult to distinguish what spare part set, instead of our damaged the hood – original, non-original or used. And if the replacement of the original bodywork elements on a cheaper option may remain unnoticed for us throughout the subsequent operation of the vehicle, then through several months headlamp head light, replaced by a secret from us for non-original, can thoroughly spoil our mood.

What are the differences between original and unoriginal and used auto parts: 1. Original – auto parts, which in most cases are produced at the enterprises automobile concern, either from reliable suppliers, and are of high quality. These items have the highest cost of compared to all other categories (neoriginal and used). 2. Aftermarket – this concept is not always about the quality of auto parts, but body parts and optics of this category of low cost is made mostly the enterprise of China and Taiwan. Item produced in Asian countries may be different from the original geometry and mounting dimensions, which in turn may affect the clearances, it is also possible that the material will be of lower quality than the original parts.

3. Contract (used) – this is the original spare parts taken from cars, restore or maintain. For its appearance as distinguished from new (may be scratches, scrapes and slight bruising, which can easily be eliminated in preparing the details for painting), while in performance while maintaining the quality of new original parts. In the price range used Parts are located between the new and original neoriginalom. To date, order new parts, both original and unoriginal are mainly carried out through various online retailers. But if we want save money, it is recommended that you spend a little time and specify the cost of a few stores in our city, because they often buy spare parts at wholesale prices from the same online stores and can offer a more interesting price (in some cases, the discount can reach up to 50%). Also, some local stores will offer delivery straight into the arms or to the service in which our car is repaired, that will undoubtedly be a very convenient option, and help us save time.

Transport to short distances … The total time of the farm is 4 years and …
Hurricane Vince on October 9, 2005 at 23:00 UTC near Madeira.
The following areas tropical cyclones occur occasionally.
Oceano Atlantico Sur. A combination of cooler waters and vertical shear to make very difficult for the South Atlantic tropical activity record. However, there have been three tropical cyclones in this region. It was a weak tropical storm in 1991 off the coast of africa, Cyclone Catarina (also known as Aldonca), which entered Brazil in 2004 on land which has the force of Category 1 storm and a smaller, in January 2004, east of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, which is believed to have reached tropical storm intensity based on wind records.
Central North Pacific. Shear in this area of the Pacific Ocean severely limits tropical development, so it is not known formations of storms since 2002. However, this region is commonly frequented by tropical cyclones that form in the atmosphere much more conducive to the Northeast Pacific region.
Southeast Pacific. The formations in this tropical region are quite rare, when they are often tied to El Nino episodes. Many of the storms that come in this region have been formed in the far west, the Pacific Southwest. Affecting the islands of Polynesia in exceptional cases.
Mediterranean Sea. Sometimes thunderstorms will form structures similar to those of tropical cyclones. Some examples of these “Mediterranean tropical cyclone” was formed in September 1947, September 1969, January 1982, September 1983 and January 1995. However, there is some debate about whether the nature of these storms was truly tropical.
Temperate subtropics. areas beyond the thirty degrees of the equator are generally not conductive to the creation or strengthening of tropical cyclones. The primary limiting factor is water temperature, but increased vertical wind shear is also another factor. These areas are often frequented by tropical cyclones from moving. On rare occasions, such as 1988 and 1975 can be formed or strengthened in this region.
Lower latitudes. The area between the 10A and 10A N S does not have a significant presence of the Coriolis effect, a vital ingredient for a tropical cyclone. However, in December 2001, was formed Tifon Vamei andalusia southeastern South China Sea and entered land in Malaysia. Originated in a storm forming in Borneo, which moved toward the South China Sea.
The Great Lakes. A stormy that seemed like a hurricane was formed in 1996 in Lake Huron. Formed a typical structure with an eye at its center and could have been a short space of time a tropical cyclone. The weather in the tropics is dominated by the tropical rain belt, … Between the tropics and the equator, locations may experience a short …
– A short description … Biodiversity is created and stored in the Tropics. For a long time, it is recognized that the tropics have a higher …
These terms are commonly used to describe the weather in the tropics. Tropical weather is dominated by the movement of the belt of rain

However, ensure the weak fundamental data from the United States to keep oil prices at a low level. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The crude oil price has recovered slightly in the course of the day. The quotations for US light oil (WTI) to around half a dollar to almost 73 dollars climbed until the afternoon. Fixing the unexpectedly good economic data from China, impacted, in the wake of Europe’s stock markets also a plus has.

China reported a rising purchasing manager index, pointing to good growth. Yesterday, the once again significantly increased U.S. inventories according to American Petroleum had Institute (API) missed the oil price still a damper and allow to fall to around two dollars. Investors are now waiting to what extent the figures regarded by analysts as relevant the DOE DOE confirm the development. Should be clear here that stocks move in the vicinity of the current all-time highs. However, the difference between the price for U.S. oil and North Sea oil, which ranked at just under 76 dollars, with three dollars as high as since may no longer.

Commerzbank commodity expert Eugen Weinberg leads on the particularly unfavourable fundamentals in the United States”back. The recent losses of in crude oil prices, however, benefit German heating oil consumers. After the price cuts yesterday, trading today granted its customers discounts amounting to 35 cents. The 100-liter batch cost heating oil EL at a total quantity of 3,000 litres therefore 66,81 euro, which resulted in the collection of fuel level and oil Rundschau. This value is slightly below the average of the month of August by 66,86 euros. For comparison: In August 2009, the same amount cost average 57,52. in 2008, there were exactly 87 euros. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

People in the course of history have developed many interests and tastes for certain elements in particular. Among one of those tastes or hobbies for something in particular appears the aquarium, just as its name implies is the taste or liking for fish breeding in aquariums, where to some extent control aspects of life the even, but we must bear in mind that not only fish but any type of body that can live in water and can be controlled easily by humans. This hobby called aquarium, although it may be a little bit strange and yet for some people eat in the world, is a practice that takes place long ago in history, so much so that there are data going back to 2000 years ago when goldfish were used in containers or ponds for the purpose of beautifying a place, which is a clear example of the aquarium when using containers that would be the goldfish aquariums and ornamental purposes. Entering more on the historical development of the aquarium, it is worth highlighting the fact that from ancient China is done raising goldfish, in what appeared to be a ceramic deposits, but these days the control to the life and environment of the fish was very basic, not to say that at least they do not there were any systems that provide extra support to fish in such a hobble in those days used for aquarium fish species were very resistant, it should support issues such as the constant water changes because they had no means to maintain control cleaning the water in which fish were. This type of basic systems, in addition to archaic remained for long in history, until today, with the use of tanks, no clutch and you begin to notice the change with the development of modern aquariums or elements that keep track of aquarium water. The aquarium is now a hobby that has achieved high levels of knowledge and implementation of high-tech devices, which means a great sophistication, so much so that and can be considered a hobby but not a science, which knows about the topic is called aquariology. In the past the aquarium was not a hobby that had great boost to their training, they were not made available to the elements that allow optimal control of fish life, since it would not be offered more support to change the water keep the environment of fish is inadequate for their life and regularly gave them food for their livelihood, but now, there is a major intervention in the tank, because what is done with these is to try to completely recreate the environments in which the fish would live normally, which is an excellent example of what the aquarium, so artificially recreated ecosystems.

This article reviews the origin, evolution and present of the gypsy tarot, as well as some of its salient features. There have been representations of the mysteries of ancient Egyptian temples tarot. Some scholars argue that she was born there, under the protection of Hermes Trismegistus. Others argue instead that originated in India or China, as beautiful cards have been found east of thousands of years old. There are Tarot based on Kabbalah, or the Celtic calendar. But undoubtedly, the town has always been linked to the mysteries of this practice has been the Roma. The gypsy tarot may confirm the theory of the origin of this mancia Hindu, as the Gypsies came to Europe around 1417 from India. In his eternal wandering, however, we know that used to cross Egypt.

Nothing is safe, thousands of possibilities surrounding the origin of the tarot. It is known for certain that this town was free, happy and rebellious the first to bring the tarot to the West. The gypsy tarot fascinates Europeans so that shortly after his arrival as the Gypsies have a reputation for great fortuneteller. Gypsies have frequently been persecuted and despised for his particular way of life, but the gypsy tarot has always aroused great interest. His wisdom, in line with the gypsy traditions, is eminently practical and oral transmission. There are no gypsy tarot treaties. Simply, the daughters and granddaughters have grown up watching their mothers and grandmothers to pull the cards. And each one has brought the knowledge of their own experience, in a chain of untold wealth.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, the Roma were significantly reduced their chances of earning a living, and practice of tarot intensified. It was a time somewhat obscure for the gypsy tarot, because not everyone had the necessary knowledge and training. Today, however, the Roma have returned to the splendor of its tradition fortuneteller, who says that only the best can practice. Today, gypsy tarot again hands of those wise women called “tarot card” the cards, and treat them as a member of the family. With the confidence of a daily direct treatment that teaches more than any book. And that ensures that the letters, knowing heard and respected, who will offer advice and consult these predictions more valuable to their present and future.

Already we have received instructions from the CCAA, referring to Camp Hope in them shows the great concern of the Chinese authorities for the rapid expansion of Influenza A, the beginning paracer exaggerated but be aware that we will be with institutionalized children, one of the groups most at risk from infection. I copy the translation of orders received: Preventive measures against influenza A during the Journey of Hope I. For the staff of foreign agencies 1.Persons adoption agencies in the U.S. and Spain to designate Trip activities should be those who are not sick with influenza A or influenza symptoms do not have contact with similar people. 2. Persons appointed to the activities should enter China with seven days notice minimum (for example, must leave the country on day 2 if activities begin on day 10). Before the trip and during the flight must be protected and saved from any intimate contact with patients with influenza A or influenza-like symptoms. 3.After determining the travel program, inform the China Center for Adoption (CCAA), the date of arrival, flight number and your accommodation in China. 4. After entering into China, will reduce the outdoor performances and undergo quarantine awareness inside. Every day, after rising and before breakfast, are taken and will point temperature results in a register of the activities presented by the organizers of the CCAA for confirmation. Those with a temperature above 37 degrees, they must inform the CCAA and undergo observation at home. Those who also exhibit other symptoms should give timely information to the provincial adoption center to help them consult with your doctor. If cases of confirmed or suspected influenza, will be canceled all activities. II.For staff from within the country Workers in the CCAA, the welfare institutions and children who participate in the activities, temperature should be taken on two consecutive days prior to these dates. Those who are above 37 degrees should inform the CCAA. Depending on the case, they suspended their participation and are subject to quarantine, recognition and treatment. III. During the activities All participants in the activities, counted room temperature should be taken inside and publicize the results every day before breakfast. Those with normal temperature can have breakfast on time and take part in the activities of the day.Those who are above 37 degrees, cough, sore throat, body or head, chills, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle pain, pink eye, etc.., Should inform the organizers of the activities and subject to isolation in the field, and the roommates will also have to do the same mask set. Children who are above 37 degrees and the same room will be brought to welfare institution for isolation and treatment.