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Let me tell you that even though you are not engaged in lecturing professionally, any person who is involved in the business world, in business, in teaching or in public life, very often have to do presentations, speeches or otherwise, need, to be able to effectively convince. Tell me, as a man or woman of business, do not ever had that present their project, their product, a group of people in the company of your potential customer? Has it not had to make any exposure to a group of potential customers in a fair, at a Congress in a few days? Even, surely you had to present your product or your company in any forum in which four or five people gathered, around him, how you felt?, what would have happened in all these situations, if instead of feeling nervous, having to improvise and be precipitate, you would have known and mastered the techniques of public speaking? What would have been the outcome? If you are in the! business, in education or in the associative world, perhaps in public life and mastered the art of convincing its partners, will transform the results immediately and never again feel frustrated! Learn how to convince and sell their ideas, learn how to manage the body and verbal language, discover how to achieve excellent results in their presentations, with this German Diaz Sosa titled Conference: thus speaks in public, effective presentations, and sellers of high impact. Details at: original author and source of the article.

A marketing plan is essential for companies and must take advantage of the beginning of the year to relaunch it. Below we show you a ten commandments so that it can give a big boost to its marketing plan for very little money. Set realistic goals. It is important to be realistic with what you expect your business to achieve in 2011. With limited resources, is needed to focus attention on the things that are in your budget.

We must review the previous year marketing plan, to see things that have worked and how have been achieved. Take inventory of the marketing tools. It is not necessary to use new tools if not we can afford it, just have to give a different touch to which we have, updating them. Do not put all their eggs in the basket of social media. Traditional media still work. Social media are an important part of the marketing plan of small businesses and are key to connect with users. But we must not focus solely on them if you have a plan of marketing with a mix of medium that include different media. Adopt marketing of value added.

Find creative ways to offer your clients the best value for your money with your digital marketing plan. For example, give them a free informative ebook or a sample of a new product. Mutually use the benefits of marketing to maximize resources. Partnering with other companies is a good way to maximize marketing resources. Focus on feedback from customers. With the advent of social media, consumers have more power than ever to raise his voice and talking of a company on the Internet. There to listen to them and take advantage of their ideas. Do guerrilla. One of the most effective ways of promoting a business is the guerrilla marketing. We must find different ways to get to speak of his small company. On the Internet there are plenty of pages that serve as inspiration. Create an application for the mark. It must be evaluated whether adding an application to marketing tools, analyzing carefully if we need it and what we offer our clients. Follow the advice of experts. In his budget he does not hire a guru, but that does not mean that does not take advantage of their knowledge. Subscribe to newsletter, visit their blogs or follow them on social networks. It uses some resources of social media marketing. It has been shown that social networks are indispensable in marketing plans, however should have realistic objectives. It is best to begin by devote an hour a day to be on Facebook, Twitter and other similar networks. Original author and source of the article

Energy radio frequency alone or in combination with other modalities can be used in treatments for toning the body and eliminate cellulite. With controlled heating and the depth of the layers of fat under the skin, the tissue stretches and promotes blood circulation, which means that the fat deposits are drained by the lymphatic system. Avoid doing anything that might irritate the skin, such as sunbathing is recommended before treatment with radio frequency to eliminate cellulite.The treatment is virtually painless, although in some cases the doctor may apply an anesthetic cream during a short period of time before treatment. Some people may experience a slight reddening of the skin after exposure to the treatment of cellulite, but patients often return to work and normal activities immediately after the treatment without complications. The results of the treatment with radiofrequency for cellulite are often quickly from the first session. Treatments radio frequency against cellulite are at the forefront of safety and comfort for the rejuvenation and revitalization of skin. Its action in the deep dermis stimulates the production of collagen skin revitalizer, while leaving the dermis (skin) without any kind of secondary damage. This type of treatment is especially recommended to women between 30 and 50 years of age who wish to look several years younger without surgery or pain. If you are pregnant or present skin problems it is recommended that before you consult an expert to determine whether you can perform this type of treatment.

Business Goals

A lot of people, often in the put some goals, make a lot of mistakes, which are then simply demotiviruyut and destroy their desire to go to the goal. As if this was not the inspiration, but most people in the put their purposes of committing five common mistakes that are very negative impact on their lives. 1. The first mistake is something that just is not your goal. Very often I see people who set goals taken from other people do not understand that these goals fundamentally inconsistent with their real wishes.

Also, often we find ourselves under pressure of people around us, a society which presents us with certain goals in life are the goals that we do not want reach. Or when our parents put us in front of any goal without even asking whether we them or not, for example when you want to become a successful entrepreneur, postorit your business and your parents make to become a simple worker. In these cases, I just used your advise, do not listen to other people, do not let them put you in front of their goal, the only person who has every right to run your life is yourself. Set those goals you want to, but not those who imposed to you by others. 2. The second mistake, there is no specific goal. Goals I want to go to a decent income is not a goal, a goal I want to buy a BMW is not the goal, the goal to pay all the debts is not the goal.

The Samsung Galaxy S is a smart phone with Android operating system was announced by Samsung in March 2010. He has an 8.16 1 GHz Hummingbird processor memory GB internal flash, 4 inches with 480 800 pixels Super AMOLED (PenTile) capacitive touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera (on some models) a front VGA front camera. The base version of the phone, the GT-I9000, was quickly followed by variants models in which it is possible to make any operation how to send free SMS. Also includes presentations such as Epic 4 G, Captivate, Vibrant, and the Fascinate. The Samsung Galaxy S has a PowerVR graphics processor which is responsible for generating 90 million triangles per second, which leads him to have more rapid market graphics processing unit, rather than on any other Android phone built to date. It has been the first to be certified by DivX HD Android phone, also with 9.9 mm is the thinnest Android phone currently to the for sale. It is much thinner than phones like iPhone, cell phones Sony Ericsson, and others. Since October of the current year, Samsung has sold more than 5 million Galaxy S phones worldwide.

The Galaxy S was named the Smartphone of the year for Europe by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) in a few awards 2010-2011 delivered since they are responsible for highlighting the most innovative and outstanding market technologies. The phone was initially released in Singapore on June 4, 2010. Before the end of its first weekend on sale in Singapore, Singtel became the exclusive provider to sell the device in this Asian country. On Friday, June 25, 2010, the phone was launched in Malaysia and marketed by the company Maxis South Korea. Then it would be released in the United Kingdom, Europe and parts of Asia in June 2010. It was released in Australia in July 2010. In general, the product launch program has been launched in 110 companies in 100 countries of the globe, at the same time. They also have released variants known as Epic, vibrant, Samsung fascinate and Captivate, which went to market since June and until September 2010. Original author and source of the article

Mao Zedong

If the horoscope destructive, then respectively, and events during the reign of this ruler will be negative. Central aspect of the destruction of tau square Uranus, Saturn and Pluto in the horoscope was Herbert Hoover's 1931 U.S. president, in whose reign the country joined the During the Great Depression. The same point was in the early 1930s when the Great Depression in the U.S., as well as in the beginning of this aspect of the 2007 – 2008, at the beginning of World Fin. the crisis is of our time. So the role of a leader is ambiguous in this situation! In other words, I have found in their analysis of several astrological arguments that are correlated with different important historical moments in U.S.

history, who speak in favor of the truly complex and contradictory fate America and the world cap. system. Not for nothing that came to power and black leaders. The dominance of China. Over the past few years, China has become the dominant country, not only in the military – political, social and strategic, but also in financial and economic aspect.

This process will intensify and will enable China to become even more powerful country in the world. Chinese horoscope is based on October 1949 when the Communists took over, led by Mao Zedong. It is the main vibration position of Jupiter and Saturn in the signs of Virgo and Capricorn in the triad. The motion of Pluto over the next 12 years on Capricorn increase Chinese presence on the world stage, and its dominance will be obvious. China's rise in the face! Why this is happening precisely in this period? This is due to the passage of Pluto in Sagittarius 13 years. Pluto, which completes its cycle in this sign, are joining forces center in China and state becomes strong. When Pluto was in Sagittarius in 221 BC China's first emperor Qin Shi Huang Di, united all the states on China's territory and created a powerful empire under the control of one ruler in 221 BC Next a more successful attempt to unite and strengthen China was implemented during the reign of the Mongol conquerors of the Yuan Dynasty in the mid 13 th century. When after the capture of China's all small states on its territories were united into one state. It happened at the end of the cycle of Pluto in the sign of Sagittarius. The position of Pluto in the sign of Sagittarius for China is epoch-making significance. This vibration is the key and has a strong influence on socio-political and economic processes in China. When Pluto was in opposition in the sign of the twins to the natal Pluto in Sagittarius in 1912 fell last Chinese empire of Qin. In 1644, when Pluto is again the sign of the twins to natal Pluto in Sagittarius has fallen Ming dynasty in China and came to power the Qin Dynasty. In other words, these processes of interaction of distant planets on the fate of entire nations are crucial not only in historical but social and political aspect. So I think maybe the story of the film "The Art of War" with Wesley Snipes is already implemented and America lost the battle and the breeze from the east peredul wind from the west, in the words of Mao Zedong? Konstantin Semenov