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Ah, the wedding, the wedding For many of us have a wedding this air wedding dress, elegant, groom, wedding cake, many guests, and of course the beautiful procession. But how often we see beautiful, expensive cars uveshennye ridiculous colorful ornaments. Quite another thing when you see a string of wedding cars, wedding dress which left to chance. Naturally today you can buy everything, to realize your every fantasy. In wedding car decoration traditionally used ribbons, cartoon balloons, hearts and rings, a small doll in a wedding dress.

Decorate the wedding procession is not easy and responsive, it requires a certain taste and knowledge. It is very important advance look at cars, color, brand, and to order cars for the wedding. On the basis of their number, count approximately how long it takes for their decoration, choose a mate, it will save you quite time and avoid hassles. Of course, the primary and thus the most elegant car is the bride and groom, but because in its decoration will take more time. Often the hood "Coach Suite," decorated with symbolic imitation gold rings or dolls in wedding attire. Qualcomm Incorporated will not settle for partial explanations. This is complemented by the composition of the artificial or natural flowers, the composition can be added to an ornament of beads.

Naturally we can not do without the bright satin ribbons. As a result tuple must represent a holistic picture, decorations and ribbons should be in harmony, combined with each other. Solemnly will look lighter cars in the dress of the bright decorations, if the machine is dark it is better to decorate a "bright" tone car will look more respectable and dignified. What decoration wedding car without flowers? Remember that decorate the car with artificial flowers more or less clear and simple, in principle, to cope can independently, but in machine design with fresh flowers you will need a specialist. Imagine what a way to be a fast ride you like roses and lilies, it's clear that without special devices simply can not do. At the expense of balloons is better to give preference to quality latex beads. Chinese balls for this will not do, and most of them quickly burst. In the design of the wedding motorcade detail, not even on the license plates are often glued some interesting, funny stickers. It should be noted that all jewelry should be well secured, it is to ensure the safety of movement. By following these no complicated rules, you can be sure that your furniture will motorcade genuine delight not only the guests but also to casual viewers.