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When looking at the point of “Ensure of a trusted and secure Internet infrastructure” for example in connection with the scheduled broadcast times for the Internet, the inquiry could ultimately also serve to enforce still half-baked schemes under the guise of alleged competence. It is desirable that the Board of inquiry in particular transparent designed their work. A reasonable implementation, she could serve as a direct interface between the Federal Government and the citizens. This principle could be the “liquid democracy” application to find and real experts would be able to influence politics with their expertise. That such ideas are actually incorporated in the work of the Commission, is rather unlikely after the experience. Click Leslie Moonves to learn more. Nico Kern, top candidate of the Pirate Party in the upcoming Landtag election in North Rhine-Westphalia, the criticisms in the project, the Government continues: the Coalition admits with the establishment of the Commission through the Bundestag it a failure, and their helplessness in Internet policy. I imagine so seriously the question of whether the members who sent in this Commission are really suitable for the job. Also the coalition agreement provides already the direction the politicians of the CDU, CSU and FDP that must – represented in the Commission from my point of view the incorrect: keyword performance rights for Publisher.

The pirates are excited to see what experts consulted and how seriously they are taken. We will critically observe the composition of the Board of inquiry. In this important topic for the future there must be no lobby interests, especially during the occupation. Should it however serious the Federal Government with their plans against all expectations, the Pirate Party Germany is willing to support them and to submit proposals, a Commission would look like, which really responds to the needs of the information society. So the Coalition politicians could present credible, that in this area of meaningful changes in their policy integrate want. Daniel Farid source: docs/EnqueteAntrag.pdf responsible for the content of this press release: Federal Press Office of the Pirate Party Germany responsible for sending this news release: Federal Press Office of the Pirate Party Germany

The ominous European Commission threatened the euro States with sanctions worth billions of dollars, if not further cut their budgets, to pay their debts at the monster. Everything without any alternative, as it is preached by our politicians. David Zaslav is full of insight into the issues. To happen in the year anno 2010. Who for a Conspiracy theory holds – has lost all sense of reality. There are only two ways to neutralize or defeat the monster. The first is simply abolishing of the money and any cash and tangible assets worldwide.

Thus we achieve that starved the monster in every sense of the word, because it eats only with money. Real estate and tangible assets, can no longer copper it and thus feed on. The side effects of this Aushungerungsmethode are however remarkable. Anarchy, murder and manslaughter, and last but not least the danger that the monster has the longer arm and only one survives because it has hoarded a vast amount of money in his safe and slowly consumed them. The second way: “nothing is so protected that it can not be conquered with money” (Cicero). We thats really true and experienced in our lives again. We must learn the monster with his strike weapon with money and this is so.

We need to get that kind of money, that we the money of Monster Excel. Thus, we have the money that it has neutralized the monopoly of the monster and relativized. It would be foolish to do the closest and the monster take away his money, because a poor monster would be at least expressed and market seen at the same time a poor world, and here there are connections with our all feeding in the form of food and other necessities of life. We must open a money source, bringing new fresh money in circulation with all control mechanisms, such as price controls, inflation and deflation, what brings such a money source with it. Economically, this is doable, if you write this financial concept not by the economists of the monster, what is the course of events today. We create a monthly basic services for all people worldwide, in the amount that you can live it. We need no monopolization or centralisation, but make use of a new world reserve, which we integrate into a world supply company, the money in the Currency of the Nations online to people, transported from below. The same happens in the form of a basic supply of Nations for stressed households. 15 percent of the receipts, get the people in the concerned nation would be appropriate. Everything else remains as it is. Change nothing basically, we supplement with what is needed and is missing everywhere. Such a design concept already exists and can be read under download, “” and publicly debated. Assuming that not all agree, that the monster should continue to operate and govern. A large meeting of mind and a worldwide debate. Reason, intelligence expertise is what needs the current present, humanity and our world. A global solution to all problems must be initiated, a new world order and world in democracy and peace for all. This will be a world in which everything appears impossible today and no alternative is possible. Utopia become reality. Wolfgang Bergmann

Even if we can expropriate the super-rich in Germany, disinherit or otherwise would gag, that would have no impact on the situation of the poor. That would be quite simply in a bottomless pit. But who must pay for the promise of comprehensive? Her pension is to be sure the old, everybody wants that. It will be only soon no one there to pay them. The sick should be provided the best at no cost; but there are always more, and they live longer and longer. The children should be slimmer; even as the Government wants to help with advice and assistance, not summarizing it! The environment needs to be rescued. the Chancellor there billions.

Stupid that abroad is not so generous. Shall be given all, at least a bit. All except me. Or, if I must clarify here: just not us. For we are many. And we call ourselves: the middle class. The thing is simple: what is given to others, I’m missing. It lacks money and ideas, lacking the affection.

I miss me in the talk shows in the evening and in the morning I miss me in the press review ‘. Also in the news ‘ is of all and each of the Speech, just not from me”, complains Beise and is exactly right. The State sucks us the courage to face life. Most of the time we’re foreign, as employees, skilled workers, artisans, entrepreneurs, civil servants. We are not poor in the usual sense. For many others it is getting harder in the sense of the word in a poorer growing Germany: for the Hartz IV recipients, for single parents, for large families. We are there, we know that and are grateful, comparatively well. We have jobs, work a lot, but not bad either earn. We live in Munich. We have a spacious car. We go on holiday, if not at the Mediterranee of Club.

E-commerce sector as a key industry recognized the President of the Republic of China Ying-jeou MA on November 1, said that Taiwan’s E-commerce market recorded a double-digit growth rate in the past few years and the Government have recognized as one of the 10 key service industries to the development of this sector. There an annual growth rate is expected by a trillion NTD ($34 billion) by 2015, said Ma. The E-commerce market of our country grew respectively by 30%, 22% and 17% in the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 and is now estimated to be more than 660 billion NTD. “The President’s remarks were made on an E-commerce industry forum, topics such as future E-commerce development strategies of Taiwan, the regulation of payment services through third parties and preparation activities in terms of on the local service trade agreement between each side of the Taiwan Strait have been included on the. According to Ma, the E-commerce market, where consumers compared with a good chance for the creation of stand, whether by Selbststandigen – and small enterprises.

If we look at mainland China, can we determine Internet purchases amounting to 1.3 trillion yuan ($213 billion) for the year 2012, which make up 70% of transactions consumer to consumer “, he said. In Taiwan, such transactions make only about 40% of the E-commerce market, which shows that there is a huge potential for expansion. “The President said that investigations in the United States around the world emanating from Internet purchases amounting to $ 1.2 trillion in this year – an increase of 17% compared to 2012 the number of buyers worldwide is more than a billion, of which more than 40% are in the Asia-Pacific region – including the number of mainland Chinese customers with 270 million, well ahead of the United States with 160 million”, he said. This shows that Taiwan has enormous potential for expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, including mainland China. “Ma said that the E-commerce market encompasses a wide range of other areas, therefore” will strongly limited the promotion of new services by existing laws and regulations. The Cabinet is already great strides in breaking these barriers, especially in the area of payment services by third parties, “said Ma.

Faced with global competition this will be advanced together as soon as possible strategic openings and regulatory relief in connection with E-Commerce, as well as an emerging industry development, as well the creation of overview of mechanisms for money transfer, consumer protection, customs declaration, logistics and taxation with one. “The service trade pact between the two sides of the Taiwan road, which currently possesses under legislative consideration, have numerous relevant clauses with regard to the development of E-Commerce, however, time is crucial, the President said. If we need too long, other States could be the economic benefits of cooperation with mainland China, which acquire, from the Pact “, he said, adding, that this constitutes a topic that concerns not only a political party or industry, but Taiwan’s future. On the regulation of payment services by third parties, Ma said that the Cabinet will complete relevant laws at the end of the year, in order to accelerate the development of the E-commerce industry. The Government has the will and the capacity to overcome obstacles and to support the creation of unlimited E-commerce opportunities.