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Time telephone directories already far behind virtually all potential customers look for and find the company through the Internet. And if companies offering one type of service, at least two, it's a competition, fight which are designed to prodvizhentsy sites. Now the presence of the site will not surprise anybody, it is necessary that he was not only handsome and modern, but also held a leading position in popular search engines. Course of their work a long time I did research company specializing in promoting and creating websites. The resulting data is ready to demonstrate a wider audience. In this article, you will not see specific company name: This material is not intended to denigrate the members of this branch. Its purpose to inform you of employees who use the Internet marketers.

So, let's see, what and on what conditions offer the industry: "You pay only for results" Terms: You pay only for the attainment of positions in Yandex using key words. Pitfalls: the imposition of an unpopular move on needs. As a result, the conditions are met, and visitors and phone calls are not added. How to avoid: Be sure to analyze the popularity of queries that require reasonable forecast of attendance. "Promotion of a site at the request of indication of the price for query "Conditions: cost is calculated separately for each request. The cost is reduced, if not all requests are in the top 10 increases, if the positions were achieved in all inquiries. Pitfalls: in fact, referred to the "cost per zaspros" operates only within the request list.

I already wrote about the credibility (rating) according to Yandex Blogs. Ischital this figure, in principle, no interest. However, the people began to write, how to become an authoritative blog, go to 1000/3000/10000 best blogs, etc. etc. In many molding, this topic also has a place and be discussed by bloggers.

Therefore, I decided to share their experiences and observations. What good is a practical indicator of credibility? Honestly, no. It plays a role only for those blogs that participate in the system, ie post links to their blogs, they write paid posts for the money. There, yes – a key indicator of a blog in addition to TIC and PR (how to raise them and what they've written many times), and also the number of regular readers. Indeed the higher authority, the more the advertiser pays. In other cases, the index rankings – is only room for complacency.

I type a steep, in my blog the first thousand Russian-speaking blogs of almost 5 million. Since this puzomerka changes every day, you like her sledlite for stock price. The process of meditation can bring progress purely aesthetic pleasure. What better platform for entry into the top blogs? And why would seem Yandex set for all common indicators of blogs on which the rating of a blog: – the quantity and quality of links – the number of regular readers (friends, IF, subscribers, etc.) But in fact, have blogs hosted on different platforms, different initial starting conditions. If you look at the top 50 blogs, you'll see that most blogs are created on the platform LiveJournal, then go to blogs and independent blogs (multiple pieces).