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Under the "reference" refers to the data presented in the technical documentation for production checked retardants or obtained at the primary testing (certification tests) of samples of materials and flame retardants. Be compared thermoanalytical characteristics and parameters, obtained only when completely identical conditions on the instruments of one class of accuracy. Simply speaking, every material has a set of thermal analysis curves and parameters unique to its formulation. It was established experimentally that any, even minor changes in formulation of the material result in a change in the thermal analysis curves and identification characteristics. You may find that Beryl Sprinkel can contribute to your knowledge. In this application, and is based experimental method of thermal analysis to identify materials for testing for fire danger (fire-resistance rating) and quality control of fire protection works. In the Federal Emergency VNIIPO Russia has accumulated enough experience in the identification of substances and materials by thermal analysis.

Published guide 'Identification of solids, materials and tools for testing of fire protection for fire danger' in which are described in detail the procedure for preparing samples for thermoanalytical studies, the technique of thermal analysis and comparison of the thermal analysis curves and establish the identity. Institute has a data bank that contains identification features more than two thousand substances and materials. For quality control of flame retardant impregnations responsible option is Kosovo or ash remainder of the sample. Certificate of compliance of the type and quality requirements of the applicable PTD NTD also entered in the act of controlling fire protection works. Thus, depending on the objectives of quality control fire protection on the objects can be made by visual inspection methods and rapid methods of control, control of thickness by means of measuring methods, control of the documentation or through their various combinations. The most complete picture of a fire-retardant treatment provides a comprehensive approach, characterized by the set of all the above methods and methodology to establish type of application material and the quality of fire-retardant coating by thermal analysis..

Well organized work space plays an important role in any company, whatever it was doing. And the ability to quickly find the need you the paper, it's almost not one of the most important criteria for successful business and work effectively. That is why the filing cabinet and bookcase – one of the most popular items of office furniture and storage facilities. Card file archive or so-called file cabinets are widely used in offices, hospitals, banks, libraries, hotels and other facilities for easy and systematic storage of various documents, catalogs, card files, drawings, work books, etc. Also for the record-keeping in filing cabinets are frequently used folders of A4 suspension. In principle, for storing and organizing documents, are also used shelves, which is very convenient to place the folder with the documentation, but have metal file cabinets have a great advantage over the shelves, they can protect documents from moisture and light. By the way, there's another kind of cabinets are also used in offices to store important Documentation – is accounting cabinets.

Like any other production equipment, furniture or anything else, the production data files also focuses on the demands of customers who need to office furniture and equipment were not only functional and comfortable but also stylish, not to spoil their whole interior. So today's manufacturers of such cabinets offer as many options for their design. Thus, even the most demanding and picky buyer can choose a filing cabinet that is perfect for his office interior. When buying a card index file, we must remember that they are different sliding rails, roller or telescopic slides. Boxes with telescopic rails are put forward almost silently, and they are much more durable than the roller guides. So, if your office is File cabinet is installed, your employees can easily find the required documents, not wasting a second of extra time on it to scroll through to find a whole mountain of paper documents, which, of course, will accelerate workflow and increase efficiency.