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For some time we have heard that the Volkswagen Polo could reach the U.S., but to do this successfully, it should be available in the sedan, as the Americans do not have a lot of fans hechbekov. Source: David Zaslav. Submitted Today in Russia polo sedan in 2010, can show the people in the U.S. that they expect. Hotter version of the Polo GTI was announced in Geneva this year, he received a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine to 177 horsepower. While Russia has been selected as a point of disclosure for Europe, the U.S. Polo sedans are likely to be produced in Mexico, to enable easy import and support the standard price somewhere below $ 14,000. If polo is really coming to America expect it early next year as a 2011 model year. As the smallest car Volkswagen, and with a more affordable price, the new Polo Volkswagen to help lure new customers.

Cheap polo sedan version is unlikely to be interested in Americans, but manual and automatic Tiptronic five-and six-speed are likely candidates for the transatlantic trip. Expected 1.2-liter engine with a turbine, which was borrowed from Europe to the U.S. Polo Sedan, although 1.6-liter engine, available in Asia and Russia, may also appear in the showrooms. It turns out that to conquer the world still want to, but somehow could not at first, and very greedy. German order again succumbed to the stable Russian slovenliness. In any case, it looks as though there is hope. Osluzhit promise orders in November and December this year. Well, advertising tool strong, but it is good time otherwise it may hurt to strike on the head, that is the image. Without the synchronization of production and marketing to work for us like, but what is normal for VAZ unforgivable VW. I sympathize with first customers.

Kumho is a Korean company, which was organized by the Institute of Chung Park in 1946. For many years, Kumho tires shipped only within the country, but not so long ago, the company entered the global market. Despite this she managed to achieve some success and in the top ten manufacturers of automobile tires. Over 36 million issued to date, this brand of tires. The Korean company manufactures tires Kumho variety of destinations and modifications. For cars, tires for industrial, agricultural and construction equipment, trucks, and sport cars.

Enterprises engaged in the production of tires, even for planes! Throughout his Kumho testing products at the sites of South Korea. The company consists of plants and Kwang Joo Koksang. Kumho company has made a significant contribution to the history of Korean and world shinostroeniya. They received from the European Committee for economic seal of approval E1. Kumho Tires are wide enough shopping nearby, which will satisfy almost anyone tastes. This winter, summer and winter tires, various classes and sizes. Y all tires trade markiKumho have all the necessary international certificates, each of the buses pass quality control. Summer shinyKumho.

An advantage of tires Kumho brand is that even in the cheapest models used the latest principles of rubber compounding and modeling new change in the most e deshovaya ..! Summer tires characterized by the absence lamiley. Rubber is characterized by low noise performance and well behaved at different coverages. Kumho Tires tangibly demonstrate its advantages in the rain, the car is not afraid of unpredictability of wet pavement. Because of the condition rather qualitatively assigned to water, but it excludes the possibility of hydroplaning. The vehicle equipped with tires Kumho, maintains stability of the exchange rate, even in contact with the wheels in deep puddles. Summer tires also have a high speed performance. Winter tires Kumho. For snow tires, equipped with spines, characterized by low levels of noise. This compares favorably with tires Kumho, from many manufacturers. Thanks to new technologies, the spikes on the tires do not work without sufficient for them to load. This allows them to ride on the pavement without the characteristic noise. Also, tires have good traction, and their relatively low price adds to their attractiveness in the eyes of buyers. All season tires Kumho. They have a high wear resistance, low noise and good grip on almost any surface. All season tires Kumho made for SUVs, family cars, crossovers and sports cars. Kumho Tires are among the best for tuning the car. The company pays great attention to design tires. In general, tires Kumho tires are qualitative, with good and unsurpassed design. Opted for them, the car owner will hardly regret it. They serve more than one season.

Shaanxi, Donfeng, Beifang Benchi, FAW, Howo, Camc, Hania steadily replacing GAZ, ZIL cars and other brands familiar to us. You can special from the heart Chinese applaud the hard work – a victory worthy of the Olympics. China special in a few months won the Russian consumer – by itself, low price and good factory body kit: at least the same power steering, well and active cooperation with well-known Western brands. For example, Liugong completes their machines are not spare parts or spare parts for MAZ MZKT, and Cummins and Kawasaki. Wheel loaders, bulldozers, excavators, scrapers – All these glorious representatives of the family machinery in growing numbers are beginning to arrive from China. Where once the main complaints were a huge number of cases of guarantee from the Chinese construction equipment – now this the situation is improving in his eyes.

Quality and service customers all manufacturers China, as if on cue, began to pay more attention. Buses There is also the Chinese all rosy (in contrast to their competitors). Holds the leading position until the mark 'Haiger "- with very good prospects in general for all the reasons the Chinese expansion. For example, a Chinese tourist bus with the European average units capacity (45 seats) is about 4.5 million rubles. Our 'Volga region "with the same European components will cost more than 6 million, and the Europeans – about 13 million Chinese And coaches are beginning to buy tour operators, rather than ATP, as earlier. In general, the conclusions of many who do not have Chinese passports, may seem disappointing. It is clear that the domestic market is a kind of buffer penetration in Europe – although it is that Chinese cars are unlikely to capable of such a mismatch of standards of quality and environmental friendliness, they learn quickly. In addition, the demonstrated ability to make contact with the well-known brands makes a great deal – now they agree with manufacturers of bridges and transmission ZF Passau Gmbh, perhaps tomorrow, a partner will record the lube and equipment maslorazdatochnoe Pressol. And you never know – maybe not too long from now, we contemplate on avtodoskah type declaration "Parts of MAZ, MTZ, MZKT, cars ZIL, GAZ. "- Will soon be replaced by something like 'Parts Dongfeng, FAW, cars – and another good, if not the characters!