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The MLM success depends more on our attitude than our capacity. To be able to form a large network, you need to first find and keep that motivation and enthusiasm for our MLM business. It is the same that we contagiaremos our associates. That is not learned of any side, each must develop and maintain it through the form that best serve you. It is necessary for us to find our own strategy to motivate us and generate a positive mentality, before attempting to associate with our distributors. How much deeper than our level of enthusiasm and belief in our business, the greater the possibility of us say Yes.

Education on the other hand, is crucial to give us aware that we are not sellers, nor professional prospectadores, but educators. Our job is to teach all people as we can that there is a better way of living and earning residual income.Network marketing is a business of education. At first, you can only reach with our display, but it later or sooner you will have that Educate, teach the business of duplication to those who really want to participate in it. It’s teaching people how to teach others to build an organization of people that use and share products and/or services. Our mindset should be prepared as well, although, of course, always possible to meet with people who have experience or that reaches them with very little to make a serious business almost without the help of its sponsors.

Our feelings as very few businesses in the MLM the emotional part plays a fundamental role. When the vast majority of traditional work only will be to develop a task many times not desired as a means to obtain a linear income, that sometimes does not reflect what really worked, and to comply with certain specific tasks already reached, in Network Marketing the emotions are skin-deep. Mainly, because our workforce is directed toward us, for our benefit and simply unmotivated, it is impossible to develop the MLM. As it tries to build a team, where each holds with the sum of small efforts of others (leverage), not possible to survive in the business if not feel pleasure, enthusiasm, attitude, honesty, heart and hundreds more feelings, because these are the same that we contagiaremos to each people to join our Organization, which in turn must do the same.It’s a business where you have to use the heart continuously, inviting those who truly share this philosophy and want to be our partners. Click David Zaslav to learn more. If you feel motivated by the MLM, you only need two things to succeed in it: never give up and to teach and convey to people who you want to be part of your team, this philosophy, this way of approaching the business with the heart. Everything else inevitably arrives only.

the small type ball mill in Our country has become a series and can meet the needs of various industries, but there is a wide gap with foreign countries in a large ball mill manufacturing areas. Does The maximum size of the gear traditional ball mill in the world is made to the company which headquartered in Metso Minerals Finland (Metso Minerals), its applied products specifications in the copper gold and silver mine in the Chi Li Aisi hole, Dida (hidden) is? 7.32 m x 10. 52 m, power is 448 kW which drived by two low-speed synchronous motor; its another application in the Telfer gold mine of Australia is? 7.47 m x11.43 m. power is 13 000 kW, drived by two-engine, built and put in to use in 2004. Ani Group s largest mill products in Australia s specifications is? 6.706 m x13.106 m, the installed power is 1000 kW. Do do The Representative type is Fuller Company products-? 6.70 m ball mill and the Finnish Fenma mxll.00 to mine pump pull (of Rauma Repa – the) for the company of the western Soviet Union I leaves Nickel Mining and Dressing Manufacturing Taiwan? 6.50 m x9.65 m ball mill, the gear is an integral whole with the simplified 9 650 kW by the motor ring.Machine prototype in Germany Wa Lanjie iron ore operation for five years for dealing with difficult to grind the ore to the maximum design capacity of 000 t / h.

Handled a total of 250 million tons of ore, the total cost of grinding to 30% reduction in. This oversize mill journal bearing instead of at both ends of the newly designed around the simplified large pad bearings at both ends of the mill will enable almost no load, extending bearing life. Although the large mill in proportion can increase the processing capacity of the mill, but it can also bring a variety of mechanical design and mechanical manufacturing problems, these problems will have even greater impact on the ball mill and SAG mill. to our country such a country whose industry development level is not very high, the large mill still has many difficulties nowadays.Therefore, the development direction of the mill should have been turned to the large-scale energy-efficient direction.