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Cartilage is a connective tissue that is located in the skeletal system of animals and humans. Read more from Alloy Enterprises to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Shark skeleton is composed mainly of cartilage, making it abundancte for medical research and for the creation of plug-ins. Important compounds such as glycoproteins, mucopolysaccharides and calcium salts found in shark cartilage are used as conventional and alternative methods for the treatment and the fight against cancer. John Prudden, surgeon and researcher in New York, began studying the use of cartilage in the 1950s. Their study involved him to give cancer patients bovine cartilage to see if it sanaria the wounds and to treat this cancer.

Its study concluded that more than half of their patients had tumors. Since then, the cartilage in many types of animals, including sharks, have been studied. Medical research discovered that sharks do not develop cancer as the human. This discovery began with the theory that a shark system was capable of preventing cancer. Although sharks are not completely resistant to the disease, because their bodies are mainly composed of cartilage, what makes cartilage easier to obtain and study. The marketing and sale of supplements of shark cartilage made even more popular after the release of a 1992 publication, sharks don’t get sick from cancer. However, new studies and investigations have not supported the evidence that shark cartilage is an effective treatment for this disease. Although studies have been made, very few have gone to be published with conclusive evidence.

People who support alternative and conventional medicine methods also support the use of shark cartilage. Shark cartilage contains proteins that stop the process of the blood vessels are developing. Tumors need blood vessels to grow and survive. Cut off the blood supply to a tumor limited nutrients which receives and makes it shrink. It is believed that taking shark cartilage supplements a person can shrink cancerous tumors in the body and, possibly, put an end to the disease. Shark cartilage is available in the form of powder and tablets and can be taken as a dietary supplement. These supplements are usually taken orally, but if a person dislikes the flavor to fish that leaves in the mouth, the shark cartilage supplement may be given through an enema. One of the products of AE-941, shark cartilage is a concentrated form of extract of shark cartilage that is being regulated by the food and Drug Administration (FDA) Administration and is in phase of becoming a new drug. This new drug is being used in studies through carefully controlled clinical trials unlike shark cartilage supplements previously sold.

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