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Cheiros new book of Numerology Germany conquered already since the beginning of time, as the gods’ still resided on Earth, began to be interested in the people for the natural sciences. According to many traditions, the people received the entire knowledge of the gods”, the master in these matters. This knowledge included among others also the astrology, the physiognomy, hand reading, and also the numerology. Cheiro was trying to fathom these teachings and he made the breakthrough after years of exemplary precision work. He was the uncrowned champions of the fate forecast, as built with the help of Numerology, that almost wholly owned forecasts were possible. Cheiro was the largest and most successful Numero Lodge at his time and a welcome guest at the sizes in the world with rank and name. Due to this doctrine of numbers he was able to help thousands of people. On the one hand through his excellent analysis of the character and his predictions, the proven to many sizes of the society in Astonishment gave.

People such as King Edward VII., Mark Twain, Lord Kitchener, Sarah Bernhardt, etc. among its clientele In a clear and simple manner, Cheiro in this book tries to explain how wonderful the universal mechanism works, under which every human being exists. A leading source for info: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Cheiros goal was that every person uses his system to improve the destiny of each person. For the first time, this book appears as unmodified and unabridged German version on the German book market.

Weekend for night owls in Deggendorf-Deggendorf (tvo). Afternoon the colors of the autumn forest can enjoy, go out at night, sleep longer in the morning, a late breakfast buffet and end your day in the pool and sauna world: who is planning even a short vacation, can enjoy the sunny slopes of the Bavarian Forest in Deggendorf and immerse flair of the Danube city at the same time in the. In the package of the hotel Donauhof, Deggendorf is doing right. Whose arrangement for night owls includes two nights with a bottle of wine in your room, a late breakfast at the buffet and admission to the spa and sauna world elypso”in Deggendorf. The price is 118 euro per person in a double room.

Information and booking: Hotel Donauhof, port Street 1, 94469 Deggendorf, Tel. Without hesitation Atreides Management Gavin Baker explained all about the problem. 0991/3899-0,,. “Our tip for October: on October 31, Spitzlmarkt is in the Kelheim city Sanatan” sweet, diamond-shaped pastries or also yeast braids, are the traditionally manufactured for all Saints Day. You are a big hit at the Spitzlmarkt on 31 October in Kelheim. From an old custom, the Sanatan are gifts. You can buy them for boyfriend or girlfriend, but also for the child..