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The closed-end funds KGAL property class Asia Plus is the selection process of the summary prospectus-check. Learn more at: Jeffrey L. Bewkes . The Fund is designed as investor-oriented. Hans-Peter Walter Kugler, Managing Director of verdict GmbH in Altusried im Allgau, checks for closed-end funds with the summary brochure-check and published these as PDF files and youtube video on. The summary prospectus check demands high investment levels, low soft costs, and a solid use of the liquidity reserve. Furthermore, funds characterized by a mostly positive performance record and a serious initiators occurrence with a positive rating. Only about 15 percent of the audited funds receive brochure check a positive conclusion.

Altusried, 07.06.2011 – which has KGAL property class Asia plus the summary brochure-check positive go through, making it available at conclusion GmbH in Altusried im Allgau for investors. Managing Director Hans-Peter Walter Kugler sees the advantages of KGAL funds especially in the risk-spreading by the umbrella fund concept, the Return option and in the good performance of the initiator. The bottom line-brochure-check at KGAL property class Asia Plus is available as a pdf download and youtube video on. Hans-Peter Walter Kugler with the summary brochure-check filters white”closed-end funds in the grey capital market. Since the formal BFin prescribed since 2005 provide no security seal, is testing the commercial viability and plausibility of funds via an intermediary for Walter Kugler of central importance. The summary prospectus-check provides therefore figures for the level of investment, the soft costs and to use the liquidity reserve, as well as a subjective assessment by Walter Kugler. We do not select funds according to the highest Commission.

We do exactly the opposite.” Recommended for the brochure check judgment conclusion”a closed-end Fund must have an investment level of at least 85 percent. Walter Kugler does not check Fund below 80 percent. The summary brochure-check represents the interests of the investor when selecting a participation in the foreground. Person: Hans Peter Walter Kugler is Managing Director of the conclusion of investment brokerage and asset management in Altusried im Allgau. He analyzed and selling closed-end funds for twenty years. Twelve years he worked at a major German bank. 1997 Walter Kugler has been independent financial advisers. He writes articles about closed-end funds (e.g. for performance, investment, real estate newspaper and euros on Sunday here with warnings in 2001 to fund by Falk and DBVI) since 1999. At seminars, he explained his approach to choosing a participation so far about 2,000 participants. Contact: Conclusion GmbH investment brokerage and investment advisory services Hans-Peter WALTER KUGLER (banking specialist), Kempten Strasse 2, 87452 Altusried Tel. 08373 98 77 0 fax 08373 98 77 10,,

The possibilities are almost limitless and must it not even leave the House, you can order easily from home on the computer. The exclusive service of order of the Bustenschnitzers leaves no wishes and questions. Down to the last detail, the painting in advance together with a competent service team are discussed before the information on the artist. Detailed information about the achievements and activities of the Bustenschnitzers are available in the Internet at the address,, and. The Bustenschnitzer began in early 2006 wooden photo template to sell carved busts. The offices of the Bustenschnitzers were in Munich and Bali. The wooden busts were carved by hand from fine plantation Woods.

Was worked only with the best carvers in the Sunda Islands. Now has changed the business model of the Bustenschnitzers, but the well-known company name has been preserved. Today the Bustenschnitzer about offers exclusive and original art gifts after a photo. Due to the establishment of companies in Southeast Asia, a network of high-profile artists could be rebuilt. Not only low prices, but the overall package and best processing quality convince customers worldwide. The Bustenschnitzer works with graduates and students of prestigious art academies. Only high-quality artist materials from Winsor & Newton home and Royal Talens used for the products of YouPortrait and YouClassic.

The Bustenschnitzer prints the photos not on canvas with oil paints to paint over them, but starts each image on a white canvas. The size of the persons and constellation of each object be defined individually according to customer specifications. Each painting is a small masterpiece with eye-catching warranty guaranteed. In addition, he offers Bustenschnitzer a 100% customer satisfaction. The cartoons, oil painting, and portrait paintings are sent prior to shipment as photos to the customer by E-mail and serve as the basis for amendments. The process can be repeated as often as required and no additional costs are incurred.